pafp wolf in sheep's clothing ~ night time walk

( ) Ever since they had returned from staying in Riverclan's camp, Flame had found it nearly impossible to sleep all night. She could sleep for a few hours, but her dreams were constantly filled with nightmares of the fire. Guilt pricked her belly each time she jolted awake from one, nearly always walking at least one of her denmates. Tonight was another night of the same dream. She stood up sadly, and tiptoed her way carefully out of the den. This time, she didn't wait to see who all she had awoken, she was sure they were all tired of her getting up each night. They won't care if I leave the camp, they'll probably be thankful for the peaceful sleep. she told herself, before slipping away.

A part of her wished that Flycatcher had been awake as well. He was probably her closest friend so far, and he always seemed to say something to make her feel better. He's probably glad to sleep as well. The forest was becoming more familiar to her each time she went out. She had the area around the outside of the camp memorized, and she knew the majority of the forest between here, Skyclan, and the Riverclan border. She thought about exploring near the fourtrees, or the Shadowclan border, but she decided against it. Going into unknown territory at night probably wasn't the smartest move.

Instead, Flame headed in the direction of the Skyclan border. Once she was quite a good ways away from the camp, she smelled a familiar scent. A clanmate, and they were close. Who else was out and about this late at night? She hesitated, wondering if she should approach them. What if I get in trouble? Surely its alright to lead the camp at night to clear your head.. After a few moments, she padded towards the smell, until she spotted Little Wolf. "Hey Little Wolf." she called out quietly in greeting, hoping to not startle the other she-cat. "Having problems sleeping too?"

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