— 92 moons | ages realistically on the 8th
— female | she/her | cisgender
— ThunderClan leader | former deputy "Howling Wind"

— Although short and stout, Howlingstar conveys strength and dignity in every aspect. Simultaneously, she is approachable and always has a loving gleam in her pale green eyes. Her pelt is dark brown, long and dense to protect her from the elements. Thick black stripes swirl and cloak her fur. Her chin appears dipped in white, stretching down to her throat as well. There is a similar white patch on her stomach. The toes on her front paws are also white, with her hind paws bearing larger white socks. After giving birth to her first litter, Howlingstar never quite regained her slim figure and now carries the plump, low-hanging stomach of motherhood.

— Gryffindor | Lawful Good | ISFJ "The Defender"​
— Right off the bat, one would be able to tell that Howlingstar is a deeply caring and motherly cat. She is protective of her family and accepting to all within her clan. She would not be described as a reckless cat, more-so as a careful and cautious defender. She is generally supportive of others, making her a patient playmate for many kits in the clan. When forced to, she stands firm in her decisions, demonstrating a fierce side of the mother that is not always seen by others. She is loving and kind-hearted, benevolent and rational. As an older member of the clan, the she-cat is quite wise and serves as a voice of reason more times than not. However, her truest weakness shines through when her kits are threatened; she will do anything, no matter how dangerous or reckless, to defend them and keep them safe. She is fearful of the unknown, of things that are first perceived to be dangerous, but curious and fascinated by unfamiliar things that are clearly not a threat. A silent observer at times, she awaits her opportunities with a calm and level mind. When standing up for what she believes in, she does so with ferocity and dignity. When angered, Howlingstar can be quite opinionated. She grows fond of almost any child she meets and will likely defend them from any threat. Noble, dignified and respected, she acts with the truest of intentions.

RELATIONSHIPS -- family tree
— Widow of Gray Wolf
— Biological mother of Hollow Tree, Little Wolf, Lily Pad, Cobwebtail, Jackdawflight, Raccoonstripe, and Graystorm
— Adoptive mother of Berryheart
— Mentoring Antlerpaw | previously mentored Sloestride, Pebblestep, and Skyclaw
— Friends with Briarstar, Emberstar, Blinding Star, Flycatcher, Sunfreckle, Flamewhisker, Blazestar, Owlear, Orangestar
— Distrustful of Cinderfrost, Sunnyday, Cicadastar, Sootstar
— Generally wary of outsiders; will typically not accept joiners into clan; adores kits

— Can powerplay friendly actions
— Underline attacks
— Physically strong | Mentally strong

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