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// Anyone is free to join this thread, but it's pointed towards the kits of the clans!

Although Lavender and herself have talked about having kits, and she brought up the idea of Duskfire being their surrogate, Hyacinthbreath didn't actually think her mate would go through with it. So until the day where she could be a mother, she would keep to herself and the kits of the clan. Other clans, especially that damn rat Wolf from.. Whatever fucking Clan that demon child came from. She seats herself outside of the nursery, and lifts her paw up to reveal a large white feather.

"Come on out, kiddos. Let's get some exercise in. Wouldn't want you to be too out of shape before you become an apprentice, right?" She asked with a chuckle, a light-hearted motivation for them. "Though, you don't have to become apprentices anytime soon if you tell your parents, I think." She questions herself, then a soft grin takes its place on her face. She drops the feather, and it slowly floats in a circle above the kits' heads.


Her heart was broken and numb. Losing both her parents in under two moons was tough. Stormgaze was often a beaming light. Loud and playful with everyone in camp. But not so much recently. Since her father died in the big fight and her mother took off. She felt all alone and it was a little hard to stay positive.

But one blessing was she was practically all better. After being hurt in the fight herself, her bruised ribs took some time to fully heal. The young warrior had even been cleared to do whatever she liked again. Her green eyes on the other feline who was playing with kits. It looked like fun! Even if Storm didn’t feel like talking as much as she used to, she wanted to force herself to be playful again.

“Looks like fun!” she comments, hoping the kits were enjoying the feather that was provided.
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Watching Hyacinthbreath with the kits brought bad feelings to the young tom who was watching them like a hawk a bit away. There was many reasons to why this upset him so much. One of many was his distrust towards all she-cats and thier intentions with the kits. What if she hurt them?. If there was anything he wouldn't stand it was to let a kit meet the claws of a fullgrown cat under his watch...However. The biggest reasons out of them all most be how empty he felt when watching a mother interact with a kit, or a she-cat. It reminded him far to much about his own mother and how she never had smiled at him like Hyacinthbreath did towards this kit and she was not even thier mother!. Or how his mother never ever had played with him. It made his heart sting so much that he thought he would break. He didn't even have one memory with her like this kits had with Hyacinthbreath at the moment. The warmth of love.

It was then he snapt out of it to remind himself that this was not love. Love was not suppose to be warm and cozy. It was meant to hurt and to be nothing but a cold touch. Love was toxic, dangerous. He didn't want it. Sooner or later this kits would learn it too. Whatever Hyacinthbreath was trying to do here it was all fake, false, just an act to falsely make the kits believe they where safe and nothing bad would ever happen to them. That was just how mothers worked. That was how love worked.

Leech would briefly show his teeths in disgust before he simply turned his back on Hyacinthbreath and the kits, even Stormgaze who looked interested to join them. He would turn his back on them all from the safe distance he was laying on and grumbled to himself while he tried to shut them all out. Who cared about a feather anyway!. What a stupid game!.



Hyacinithbreath was playing with the kits, eh? Where had she been when hers were still in the nursery? Sootstar sure could've used some more babysitters... it always had been a hassle assigning someone to watch over her offspring while she attended to leaderly affairs.

...Likely because the blue smoke had been away all the time, whoever babysat was on duty from dawn to dusk.
At least times were changing, she could be around more now, especially for Shrikepaw as her apprentice. Owlpaw should be getting suitable attention as well with Weaselclaw, she hopes.

"It's an honor to start serving your clan. No child should wish to stay in the nursery any longer than they have to!" Sootstar chimes with a smile to any kits nearby, giving them some encouragement to join in with Hya.

as scared as he was of the leader, he couldn't just not say anything this time. what was so honorable about being outside of camp? it was terrifying! and stars, he felt so much safer next to his adoptive mother. she brought him comfort and understanding... something he hadn't had. he needed it. and he didn't see how he could get any of that by ... serving the clan.

"but it's safe! it's safe in there a-and outs-side of c-camp, o-or even j-just outside the nursery i-isn't!"

still a kitten, he was, though his young siblings were already becoming apprentice. it would have been embarrassing... had it not been for the amount of fear that he had thinking about that. he didn't want to be an apprentice. ever. it was just too terrifying.

"stars there's j-just... so much terrifying th-things that c-could happen!"

Hyacinth dips her head at the arrival of Sootstar, always eager to keep the woman company when she wasn't busy. Hyacinth's own apprentice was a hard working one, even if she was a bit tough on him. Her eyes blink as Bumblekit stutters out his fears, and Hyacinth lets the feather drop to the ground without touching it. She smiles, leaning down to meet his eyes with a gentle look.

"You're right, the outside world is scary. But if you have someone with you when you leave, like your mentor, you'll be safe. Plus, you're gonna learn to protect yourself." She meows, tail flicking behind her. "You'll absolutely love how pretty it is at night."