WORD OF WARNING // patrol return


Tired and aching paws arrive back at the makeshift camp. Hare, Coldpaw, and Weasel are all likely in tow and now free to disperse... The walk back has given the tiny cat time to think, and she's decided after such an encounter WindClan would need to be updated.

"WindClan! Gazes to me for just a moment." She yowls, a hint of frustration lingering in her tone. The woman had gotten so furious she had nearly begun to shake back near the wetlands!

Once she feels eyes upon her, she speaks. "As you all have been previously informed, Weasel unintentionally attacked Cicadastar on his way home from the moonstone. He had good intentions, but in the desire to keep a good stance with Cicadastar's clan we took him today to apologize. Even brought a gift!" A mistake. She now thinks it'd gone rudely unappreciated! "I didn't expect them to be pleased with us... but it is no joke when I inform you RiverClan's children-" She snorts at how ridiculous and humiliating it was for the other clan, "began to hurl insults at me? Kits, a loner, and a ShadowClan all at once on RiverClan land told me how I should lead my clan. How I should behave. How I should punish my warriors." A smile is on her face now in amusement.

"Cicadastar was reasonable himself, but it is clear to me after this encounter, RiverClan is a mess. When interacting with any of them that's not Cicadastar stay prepared, the whole lot is untamed and ill-mannered."

//just a fun little after drama post LOL

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Soot arrives back in camp and calls for a meeting and she blinks as she turns from her freshly picked marigold flowers, tilting her head as she picks up on notes of anger. She does a doublecheck on her flowers before flicking her tail and making her way over.

She cannot help but laugh as Soot delivers the news, the thought of Soot getting bombarded by little kits exclaiming indignation, she feels terrible but as Soot smiles in her own amusement, she shoots her a smile of her own. "Are you sure Cicadastar truly was in charge? Perhaps he appointed a secret council," she chuffs out light-heartedly, finishing with a slight chuckle once more. Perhaps her kits would cause this much trouble one day, though quite a terrifying thought, it warms her heart.
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Weasel pads behind Sootstar with eyes wide, shellshocked. Paws that had sucked into muddy earth have been thoroughly washed, and the fishy stink of the other cats cleared from his nose as he entered the moors once again, but the furious little faces of Cicadastar's Clanmates won't leave his head. He had hardly believed that the most reasonable cat in RiverClan would have been the leader he'd assaulted on accident!

He sits before their leader, somewhere near Honeytwist. She chuckles and remarks that perhaps Cicadastar had a secret council. "Even he was pretty angry," he says, an ear twitching. "I've never seen so many children with so many, ah... opinions? Including that Sootstar is fishbrained and I should be killed." He smirks, swishing his tail behind him. "Surely the WindClan kits will be better mannered!"


Oh, Sootstar looked mad- and with her patrol broiling behind her, he was sure this would be something good. Surprisingly, the more he listened the more that humour began to lilt her tone- the sort of haughty laughter that came with disbelief. Of course it lead to Mallow echoing her laughter, though his was more abrupt and shriek-like. A giggling banshee looming toward them, he settled beside Honeytwist, a louder laugh unmuffled by his shark-sharp teeth bursting out.

As if weighted, his head dropped to his shoulder in a blink-rapid movement. "Killed? HAAHahahah!! Imagine that!" What a hilarious concept! What would they have done- shoved him off one of the rocks? Kicked him onto the thunder path? Ripped his flesh from his bones until there was nothing less than a skeleton left? Such an overreactive punishment stung his stomach, and the image of Weasel murdered for a crime amended by an apology- oh, it was too funny!


To say Cold hadn't been impressed was an understatement for sure. When the dark furred tabby came stalking back into camp behind Soostar and Weasel, it was with the fur on his shoulders bristled in agitation and tail flicking behind him. As Sootstar went on to explain, the Riverclan cats were all over the place. Cicadastar had barely been given a chance to speak before half the clan -and a few outsiders as well- came barreling in with their own opinions. Cold hadn't hesitated to speak up in defense of his leader and Weasel, but he doubted there was a cat among them outside of cicadastar himself who'd been smart enough to understand what he'd been saying.

But the shecats words drew questions from the tabby, ones he couldn't help but think would be best answered sooner than later. Unlike Riverclan, Windclan had to present a united front, clear in their understanding of what was expected from them. And so he asked. "Sootstar. Say we meet some of these Riverclanners during a border patrol and Cicadastar isn't there to keep them reigned in. Are we expected to ignore any insults or taunts thrown at us?" he asked, curiosity plain in his tone as he waited for hr answer.

Personally, Cold could understand not starting anything with the Riverclanners, but if they came around looking to poke the bear with a stick, so-to-speak, he couldn't say he was against reminding them of just why they should respect Windclan.

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There's narrowed eyes as she hears Sootstar's return, and annoyance as her blue eyes shift over to Weasel. If this tom was so much drama, had caused the fight- would he continue to do it? Continue to make mistakes, to act first instead of think. It was unwise, and an easy pathway to a quick and painful death. She shakes her head, making her way over to stand with the rest of the gathering warriors.

Each statement was met with a nod of agreement, even as Cold asked what they should do if it happened again. She weighed the options in her mind, and then spoke.

"Ignore them and keep walking. Why argue with a bunch of entitled children?" She asked calmly, head tilting.


Sootstar nods at Weasel's comment about WindClan children being better-mannered, of course, they were. Owlkit and Shrikekit would never be so rude in the face of a leader, and she can't exactly see Honeytwist's children being ill-mannered either. Speaking of Honeytwist, she had spoken too, and shocking Sootstar acknowledges. "If so his secret council is a bunch of children and non-RiverClanners. If they speak for Cicadastar all the time, RiverClan was just as much of a joke as SkyClan.

Mallow merely receives an awkward blink. His laughing fit made her fur stand on the edge... was it really that funny? The blue molly doesn't react at all.

"I think for now Hyacinth is right. We will ignore them for now, but WindClan will only handle so much disrespect... They start saying anything too vulgar and you all are free to defend our honor." Sootstar didn't want bloodshed (shocking), but she also couldn't tell her clan-mates to take everything RiverClan's cats potentially threw at them.




In the weeks that Dusk had been a part of Windclan, he'd never heard much of the other groups. He knew they were our there, sure, other competiting clans that had their own territories nearby, but it seemed as if very little tended to happen with them. And so the copper and gold tomcat was curious as he came over to join the others, pointed ears angling forward to catch the small shecats words.

From what he understood, Riverclan was the group that lived closest to Windclan. They shared an actual border with the group rather than the divide that the river caused between them and the others, but Dusk had only glimpsed an actual Riverclan cat from a distance during passing patrols. It would seem that one had been foolish enough to get too close though, prompting a case of mistaken identity with Weasel.

To be completely honest, Dusk was sat in the middle when it came to where he stood on the matter. He agreed that the Windclanners were right to apologize and that it had been an accident, one that they should work toward making sure didn't happen again. But at the same time, he could understand the Riverclanners rage. He couldn't imagine that Soot, had she been the one attacked, would have simply let it go with an apology and a fish.

but dusk wasn't leader, and the problem wasn't his to solve. He only concern was dealing with the jobs he did have a say in, which really wasn't much at this point.

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Alright he got it. The fish faces were a clan filled with kits still Windclan had the biggest kit among them. Weasel brain. Only a kit would do something as mousebrained as attacking a cat on sight without even thinking twice about it. Talk about someone being desperate to catch a certain cats attention. Eww. Leech snorted as he rolled his eyes at the thought of romance, feeling almost triggered to bring that up but Sootstar had clearly already forgiven what the 'barn' cat had done for thier reckless mistake. Now they where focused on to belittle the water loving clan instead which he not exactly cared to join in on since he hadn't been there and why put energy and time on something that not really concernd him?. Leech would just stay under silence beside Cold, thinking his question had been a good one to ask for future encounters. Leech was not good at keeping his mouth shout when it come to cats that talked big and all of that but he would try to ignore them for the time being unless...they pissed him of. Everyone knew how not difficult that was. It would probably be for the best if he not run into any of this fish smelling cats.