WORDS OF THE WISE — dawnglare

"So... What do you know?"

Beesong asks as they step into the burrow where Dawnglare resides, craning his neck to peer up at the large tom. Admittedly, he'd been pretty shocked when it was announced that Dawnglare was SkyClan's medicine cat... The former kittypet never seemed too keen on leaving his cushy life behind. Maybe he changed his mind about sleeping with the bugs. A smile quirks his lips at the thought. The cinnamon tabby settles down, cocking his head in an invitation for Dawnglare to share his knowledge first.

If Dawnglare was StarClan's chosen, that must mean that he knows something about medicine. Or, if not, at least Beesong would be able to pass on his limited knowledge... But he hopes that isn't the case. He came to SkyClan first for a reason; that reason being that he isn't particularly fond of the other clans' councils. Sootstar and Briarstar... No. Even though he likes Honeytwist, Sootstar is all kinds of shady. Emberstar is sweet, but Cinderfrost? Whispers of her killing the ThunderClan leader did not fail to reach him at the last Gathering.

What a question.

A sharp breath flares from his nostrils, somewhat petulant as he ducks within the dip in the ground. It isn't quite ideal... cluttered with shining jewel and other such novelties... privacy, the thought rings pleasant in his mind, fickle beast satisfied with the safekeeping of such things... Safe, but not quite... spacious. He was not ready for visitors.

His lips press thin as he ponders their query, what did he know? His eyes are wide, unblinking. Honey - bee - eesong deserves his undivided attention. What did he know? His back hunches over ever so slightly, perfectly intent. - what did he know? "I know a great many things,” he vaguely answers.

An unsettling gaze flickers to the floor below, before it's back on Honeybee. His lips twitch upward in a strange sort of smile. "Why do you want to know...?” he purrs out, suddenly sensesless. His tail flickers behind him in an unheard sort-of-rhythm. "Gone so long and you - and you -” He licks his lips. Focus, nigh impossible. "Should I - should I? Why should I...

From his wealth of knowledge... what does he share? His eyes flicker to something important in the room. Beesong. Bees... "Honey...” he eventually says, eyes narrowed, but his smile there all the same. "Sweet from bees, dripping high in the tops, soothe your heart and soul...” His mind spins with memories, a throat soothed with aid from those little things. Another memory, somewhere inside. "The sicknessss... he hisses, expression abruptly turning furious.