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Aug 7, 2022


Sometimes, even the king of boring could get bored. And right now that was the problem Quill was having. He was finished with his patrols for the day and his mentor was busy with something else -which he wasn't even that bummed out about since he hated having to listen to someone drone on about a bunch of stuff he barely cared about- but it meant that the chimera tomcat now had a bunch of time to kill and nothing to kill it with. For some reason any potential prospect he came up with was quickly shot down by that cynical voice in his head, until he just picked a spot in camp and laid there.

Flopped onto his side staring blankly ahead of him as he zoned out into his own thoughts, the only indication he wasn't dead aside from the steady rise and fall of his chest was the occasional mindless twitch of his tail tip. Quill had never really had friends. There'd been a group of kids his age back in twoleg place that he'd run with sometimes, but he hadn't actually liked or been close to any of them. Like everyone else, they were just good for passing the time when he got restless. They'd break into twoleg shops or harass the humans that were dumn enough to eat outside on restaurant patios, play chicken with the neighborhood dogs, and pick fights with any cat that looked like they might be easy to goad into an argument.

It had all been extremely stupid and pointless, but it'd had it's moments. He could remember grinning victoriously whenever he was the last to back down when facing off against a dog, could remember how strong it made him feel to knock around another cat. Not smaller ones though. And never ones that were afraid to fight. Fear took the fun out of it, and besides, he wasn't his father.

skyclan - male - 6 months - bisexual - homoromantic - single - very tall tabby tomcat with broad shoulders

A big yawn escaped out from Hawks when he stept out from the apprentice den just having woken up from a nap. Tired eyes scanned the camp around him wondering what he should do next. Windstorm was still out on a patrol and since Hawkpaw had been out on the dawn patrol this morning he had been allowed to sleep in which he for sure hadn't said no to. Now what to do?. Maybe he should eat something?. Casting a glance over at the freshkill pile he spoted something delicious with feathers. birds. Obiviously he was gonna eat now. Walking over over to the pile of food the apprentice picked a crow to eat. Next step was to found somewhere to eat and as his eyes scanned the camp over again it was then he spoted that dark chimera cat hanging out all by himself.

It was not unusual to spot Quillpaw by himself. Beside when he was out with his mentor or forced to be into patrols with others, the new apprentice didn't seem to have that many friends. He always was alone. That made them completely opposite of each other. Hawkpaw was rarely ever alone, always having cats hanging around him. For him if he wanted to be alone had to escape into the tree to hide away for a while if he wished to have some me time. He had no clue why he was so popular to be honest. Hawks didn't think he was anymore special then anybody else in this clan.

Being alone all time most be lonely though, right?.

" Sup dude, done with ya duties for the day?." Hawks stood in front of them having dropt the crow in front of thier paws. " How about we share?." He titled his head slightly, smiling casually at Quillpaw. He guess he had decided to hang out with them today. Would be a good opportunity to get to know them a bit better. Without even waiting for thier answer Hawks had already seated himself down beside them, eyeing the crow. " Maaaan, i've not eaten since yesterday!, i'm starving." he informed them perhaps to start a conversation. Needless to say Hawks had already start to dig into the crow, to take the first bite to eat, and while he eat he purred with delight. This was awwwesome.