It felt like an eternity had passed since her last meeting. Then, all the news had been good, and she had held only excitement for the prospect of addressing her clan. How she had reveled in the excitement that announcing all her new plans had brought. Emberstar wished this could be such a meeting, where there was little of real concern to address, and they could all simply discuss ways to make their home better.

If it could still be called a home.

She hoped it could, though it was now haunted by the memory of the tragedy that had happened here, she was going to do everything in her power to make sure it could still be a safe place. Even if part of that meant her doing less. That's what her announcements were for today, she reminded herself as she stepped forward atop highrock. To keep her clan safe.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own pray gather around the high rock for a clan meeting!" she called out proudly, and waited for her clan to gather.
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A familiar call roused Sunnyday from where he had been dozing near the edge of the camp, and after a quick stretch he made his brisk way over to take a seat with the growing crowd. He lifted his gaze upwards until he at last had Emberstar in view, already eager to hear what would be said. Hopefully nothing bad or serious. Right now they needed something to help lift the spirits. The warrior offered up a warm smile as he pulled his tail around himself.​


So, Emberstar did these silly little meetings too?

At least there was some familiarity here, in how things were ran between SkyClan and ThunderClan. Silly little meetings to give out names, or whatever. Only, under a high rock rather than a high branch.

As Finchcatcher slowly makes his way towards the rock, he can't help but fear that Emberstar would give him another new name. Could she do that? Since his name was a name of a SkyClanner, rather than that of a ThunderClanner. Stars, Finchcatcher doesn't think he wants to be given another name. Not yet, at least. Like it or not, he'd only just gotten this one, after all.

The young warrior settles himself beneath the rock, green eyes looking expectantly up at his leader, awaiting the meeting's start.
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She was ecstatic. Cinderfrost had finally given her the a-ok for apprenticeship, and she had spent all last night dreaming of the patrols she was going to go on, the prey she was going to catch, who her mentor would be.
Wasting no time to scamper over as soon as Emberstar made her call, she excitedly sat down, antsy paws shuffling against the ground.


The call from Emberstar rang out across camp and soon enough cats began to gather below, Flycatcher among them. As he got comfortable, his fluffy tail curling around his paws, his mind drifted to what announcements Emberstar might possibly make. Certainly, some new apprentices to be sure, as well as the acknowledgement of Rabbitnose and Sunfreckle's kits perhaps. The fire was also likely to get a mention too he reflected. Especially given that her last announcement from the highrock had been to order the clan to flee.
She calls, and like the ants they all are, ThunderClan's cats scramble to surround her on the Highrock, their lifeblood, their queen. Her expression is dour, her pelt clean but thoroughly washed. She'd spent the better part of the morning scraping her tongue against the cream fluff, imagining the smoke scent embedded there for life. If not that, she thinks dourly, sitting beside Flycatcher without sparing him much of a glance, then it's got to reek of fish.

She had hated staying in RiverClan's camp, had despised being at the mercy of another Clan. Wet paws every day, eating only fish -- every warrior who'd approached her had practically breathed scales and fins onto her pelt.

Meadowflame turns a blank pale green stare onto Emberstar, wondering what the point of this meeting could be. Is there ever a point with the flame pointed she-cat? She twitches her tail, impatience writ across her body even if her mask portrays nothing.

Upon hearing Emberstars voice boom through the camp, Koko freezes with eyes as round as saucers, a racing heart and her breath catches in her throat. Instinctively her eyes wander to the treetops, for the familiar glow of embers and approaching death, for the falling branches covered in soot- it makes bile rise and shes unsheathing her claws and nervously scratching the ground. Does she flee, does she try to find Nightingale and Flame to usher them out of camp, not cower at the back of it? The thoughts make her dizzy.

A minute later and Koko comes to, puffed up fur lying down as she takes a couple of deep breaths. Right, the fires time was up a long time ago and vaguely she remembers splashing around in the river. Sheepishly she'd make her way over, deep breaths, steady, she sits and cocks her head up towards Ember.

( ) "Let all cats old enough to catch their own pray gather around the high rock for a clan meeting!"

This would be her first time hearing these words. The last time she had seen Emberstar upon the rock, it had been to give the evacuation call. Her pelt twitched as she recalled the day that they had left. It was unfortunately a scene that often repeated itself during her slumber. The fiery tabby waited a few moments, waiting to see if anything bad would happen after the leader spoke those words, but she watched her clan-mates gather underneath Emberstar, looking expectantly at the leader. This must be one of those meetings I have heard about.

She would follow the others, spotting Koko among the clan. The young she-cat looked uneasy, so Flame would go over to sit beside her. She would flick her tail and touch her shoulder reassuringly, before turning her attention to their leader.

He did not answer the call, but had heard it, choosing to shift to the edge of the nursery to peek out across the camp but not leave his kits alone. They were napping, currently, and he didn't want to disturb them so he made sure to keep his tail looped about the bundle of little troublemakers as he observed at a distance. It was a little hard to hear or see from this far, but Emberstar sounded in a decently good mood? He hoped that was the case, some good news would do them all well given the clan's recent disasters and if he missed anything important Rabbitnose would tell him he was sure. Sunfreckle settled back down to lay at the mouth of the den, still partially in his nest but head resting on his one, lone curled paw to get comfortable as he waited.

Nervous butterflies churned her stomach into an absolute mess. Though as stoic as ever, anxious thoughts marched across her throbbing head.

Why had she agreed to allow Roekit to begin her apprenticeship? Her stomach flipped at the thought. No, this was for the best. The child needed to learn to defend and feed herself. But what if something happened? Then she'd nurse her back to health unless.. unless she failed as she did all of her other precious and treasured loved ones.

Emberstar better give Roekit a competent mentor. Not just competent but patient and kind! Or someone strong who could protect her from the dangers that lurked in the forest. Or, or, or-

Was it too late to override her previous approval? ​
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Squeak Squeak

At the sound of Emberstar's call, Moth would approach our of curiousity. This would be her first meeting and her tail swished curiously, finding herself standing somewhere close near Cinderfrost despite her having gone around and been at least somewhere social with others, she still felt more comfortable near the one who had helped her when she first stumbled into Thunderclan.

Was it wrong to feel excitement? Was it wrong for him to be eager and proud in this moment to receive his warrior name, when Tornstride couldn't be here for it? Could he still enjoy this moment even if the mentor who had gotten him here had died just mere days ago? His corpse was likely still warm in the ground, and here he was, getting his warrior name.

His clan-mates must not find it wrong, otherwise they would not be giving him his ceremony today. Robinpaw does his best not to care and just bask in the moment. He couldn't let a tradgedy ruin a day he's been looking forward to for practically his whole entire life!

So with decently groomed fur, he sits down, posture tall and proud. He waits for Emberstar to commence the meeting, and eventually call his name.


She emerges from the nursery, or rather the charred remains of it, giving Sunfreckle a half nod and a polite smile as she passed him with a whisk of her tail. If the whole clan did not know she was pregnant before, they would now. There was no hiding that she was expecting kits. Her slowly growing belly and recent move into the nursery would be evidence enough. She would hear the whispers as she walked past, feel the eyes hot on her pelt, buzzing around her like flies.

She did her best to ignore them, coming to take her place at the front with the rest of her family. She takes a seat and licks her paw, drawing it over ebony ears in a quick wash. She would first look around for her mother, the brown tabby pelt a comfort, then she would tilt her head skyward to land dark green eyes on their leader. Her lips would press into a thin line and she would let out a soft hmm. It was not common knowledge to the rest of the clan who her kits father was but perhaps she should tell Emberstar? Unless her mother had already told. She could not be certain.
Looking over her clan, Emberstar took a deep breath before continuing. "Before we begin, I would like to share a moment of silence for all those we lost in the fire."

As her voice faded she did her best to still herself atop highrock. Compose herself with dignity and grace. It was what they all deserved, after all, even tough it wasn't her natural state. In her mind's eye, she recalled her mother, as she often did when she was trying to be more leaderly. How differently she had composed herself when she was teaching than when they had curled together at night for warmth. In mere moments, the solemn teacher had emerged from the body of her loving mother. It was that posture she channeled now.

This was the best she could think of, to honor the fallen. She was no good with words. There was no way she could think of anything to say to encompass everything she needed to, and her clan had already grieved enough. She hoped, this would be a good way to give them their moment.

The silence hung heavy.

Then, she cleared her throat. Now she would need more than her mother's posture, she would need her voice. "Now, since the fire Howling Wind," she nodded toward her deputy. "has brought to my attention that it would probably be better for the clan if I had someone take over some of my duties. That way whatever duties I still have can have more of my attention." Better for the clan. That wasn't exactly what had happened, but it was close enough to the truth for her to be comfortable. More comfortable than she would have been admitting that her deputy had talked her into giving up some of her responsibilities when she was found weeping in the leader's den. "Already, she has begun setting up patrols in my stead and those have gone very well. Expect to see her taking up more responsibilities in future."

"She won't be the only one."
Emberstar added. "As part of this I will be appointing Thunderclan's first lead warrior." For the first time the whole meeting, she grinned. It was always fun, giving someone who deserved it a reward. One of the best parts of being leader. "Flycatcher! Please step forward!" She called out.

// @Flycatcher will be Thunderclan's first lead warrior! The HP team is still actively looking for more lead warriors, but this is the one promotion we felt certain about for the time being! We would also like to shoutout the activity of @BERRYHEART @meadowflame @LITTLE WOLF @Flamewhisker @Sunfreckle @Tybalt [Stagpaw] @ROBINPAW @Sloepaw and @DEWKIT ! keep it up!

Jaypaw has no concept of meetings but hearing a yell from far off brings him forward and soon he finds himself following a river of cats to see Emberstar elevated and speaking. He squeezes past Thunderclanners as politely as possible until he's close enough to hear well and flickers an ear as he settles down.
His eyes move over all present until they stop on talk of a fire. Jaypaw hasn't left much of the main camp since he arrived and hearing about this, worse more that cats were lost, dampers his wonder. He swallows and flicks his eyes down. It's a raw reminder that he probably shouldn't be thinking so romantically about clan life, no matter the stories his mom told him.

Jaypaw is lost in that thought until he phases back in on names. Howling Wind, he'd heard of this cat when he arrived. Flycatcher he's unsure of and looks closely to see who moves forward at the call. "Lead warrior...," he murmurs to himself, unable to stop from being excited about that prospect despite his sombering thoughts moments prior. What kitten doesn't want to be a warrior, after all. Just like his dad. Well, maybe like his dad.


More cats gather to listen to what Emberstar has to say. Before the proper announcements can begin, Emberstar pauses a moment to reflect on those they had lost in the fire, asking the clan to share a moment of silence. Flycatcher was fortunate not to have lost any close friends in the fire but he feels the loss of his clanmates keenly. At his leader's words, he bows his head solemnly for a few moments.

When the moment of silence has passed, Emberstar begins to get to the main announcements. Her first one is some acknowledgement to Howling Wind, revealing that the deputy would start taking over some of her duties. Flycatcher thought that would be a good idea in the long run. It would give Emberstar more time to focus on the tasks she already had, as well as help ensure she wouldn't be overwhelmed in the future. At the mention of a lead warrior getting announced, Flycatcher's ears prick with interest. He's curious to see who they had in mind for the role, completely oblivious to the fact his name is about to be called. When Emberstar calls him forward, he freezes on the spot for a moment, staring directly up at her with a shocked expression. No, that couldn't be right, could it? But the leader still stares down at him and he knows this isn't some trick of his mind.

He nods slowly before rising to his feet and stepping forward. "I would be honoured to become ThunderClan's first lead warrior," He says.

Oh- he hadn't been paying attention until now. It was always a bother when these meetings got called right smack in the middle of a nap, re-orientation making itself entirely necessary. Just in time for the actual meeting to start he took rank, dappled pelt taking a seat beside anyone he recognised- he saw Scrappy first, and the humour of their similar appearances struck him only as he sat down. A languid tongue rasped across his white-toed paw, already wonky gaze heavy with drowsiness, he at least managed to smarten himself up in respect for the dead. The impact of their absence was still known, and the stain the smog had imbrued upon their lives would not soon be forgotten. He still felt the impact in the wheeze of his lungs, the coughs that now-and-then rattled his lungs. He held them in with all his might, for the moment. The deceased deserved it.

More joyous news soon found them, bounding energetic from the grinning maw of their leader. It was good that she was handing off the work... was that not what a deputy was for? Had she simply not realised it, or had she not wanted to overwork Big Mama? Whatever the reason, it was not his place to question... the attitude was set in place now, and how they got there was hardly important. And it seemed she wanted to broaden her horizons, for soon she called another cat up- to be a lead warrior. And it was Blue- a fitting choice, in his opinion. Blue was an enthusiastic warrior, and generally amicable... a good choice for keeping general good relations in their current climate. Oak-leaf eyes watched, fond and proud. They were allies in the Clan, of course, but Berryheart was beginning to think of him as a friend as well. His enthusiasm for honey-gathering had endeared him to that truth.
"Great!" Emberstar exclaimed brightly as her first lead warrior accepted his position. The approval of her clanmates only redoubled her enthusiasm. She had made the right choice, she was sure of it. Flycatcher was brave, kind, and a talented hunter. Just the sort of cat she wanted by her side. He deserved this promotion.

Though, that reminded her, there were other cats deserving of promotion as well.

"Now, Stagpaw and Robinpaw, can you please step forward? Flame and Leopard, please step forward as well." she called out, waiting for them to take their places before she continued. She beamed down proudly at all of them. "Do you promise to do everything in your power to keep your clanmates safe, keep their bellies full, and to keep them close as friends?"

Once they nodded their assent, she declared brightly; "Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your new names! Stagpaw, for your decisiveness, you shall be known as Stagstrike! Robinpaw for your confidence, you shall be known as Robincrest! Flame, for your skill at hunting, you shall be known as Flamewhisker! Leopard, for your ferocity, you shall be known as Leopardprowl! " she dipped her head respectfully to her newest warriors.

"Next, Acornkit, and Roekit, can you please step forward? Moth and Koko, please step forward as well." she asked, shooting reassuring smiles to the pair of kits among the four names she called in between her words.

"Acornkit, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Acornpaw. Your mentor will be Snowfur. I hope they will pass down all they know to you."

"Roekit, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Roepaw. Your mentor will be Flycatcher. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you."

"Moth, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Mothpaw. Your mentor will be Wildflower. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

"Koko, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Pearlpaw. Your mentor will be Little Wolf. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you."

Those were all wonderful pairs in her mind, and she puffed up in pride as she looked down at them. Though, it was a lot for her to put on Flycatcher at once. Even if he was one of her best warriors, he had become a lead warrior and gotten an apprentice over the course of one meeting. It hadn't dawned on her until this moment that it might be too much at once.

She'd worry about it later, she decided.

// @Tybalt [Stagpaw] @ROBINPAW @Flamewhisker @leopardprowl @ACORN @. Roepaw . @MOTHSQUEAK. @koko
The mighty she-cat looked uncomfortable among the crowd of many faces. Tensed muscles fluctuated beneath her skin with each movement. She remained remarkably still, sitting incredibly upright, yet also appeared to be in constant motion. Especially her golden eyes that constantly darted back and forth, inspecting the crowd for threats.

Communities this large didn't exist in the mountains she descended from. Even their family had been an oddity as blood bonds meant little when resources were scarce. Her family had been an outlier; tight-knitted and fiercly protective of their familial ties.

To know Tiger would grow up in such a relaxed environment loosened her muscles and alleviated her heavy heart. Still, becoming accostumed to "clan life" wouldn't be an easy feat for the battle hardened warrior. Though the bunch seemed friendly enough, she couldn't help but remain guarded among her peers.

Which was why it came as a shock when Emberstar called her name. Eyes shifted to and fro as she stepped forward. A hazing ritual, perhaps? She flinched at the thought. If she had to fight against these cats to earn her spot within the ranks than she would. She couldn't lose Tiger: not again.

Thankfully, the nature of her summons revealed shortly after they all stepped forward. "I do." she answered without hesitation. While unsure about this "clan setting", she'd make prove herself useful so that Tiger could grow without being in constant fear.

And then her new name was announced. She hesitated, head unconsciously tilting to the side. Leopardprowl. Come to think of it, these clan cats all had similar naming schemes. Did that mean she had been accepted? Just like that?

An unfamiliar warmth spread across her face as she respectfully bowed her head low to her new leader. Leopardprowl. The corners of her lips dared to creep upward, a small smile gracing her harsh features. ​
Acornkit had been waiting for her apprentice ceremony since she was born. Okay, possibly a hyperbole, but it was well-known that the brown tabby frequently claimed she'd be the best warrior in all of the forest. Nay! All of the lands!

Why, then, did she feel so sad? Though she smiled brightly, her usually animated eyes harbored a cloud of gloom. Her gaze searched for her family: Gamma, Mama, Big Sis, aunties, and uncles.

The face she searched for the most, though, was one that she'd never see again. The face that was supposed to be here with a big smile on their face and pride in their eyes.

Still, Acornkit - no, Acornpaw smiled as her nose brushed against her assigned mentor's. ​