YES, SIR! [patrol assignment]

Jul 20, 2022



Ever since Sootstar had called Dusk into her den the night prior, the tomcat hadn't been able to get her words out of his head. It wasn't hard for her to grow doubt within the spotted tomcat, the seeds already having been here from the start. He'd seen the way Hyacinth and Weasel and Pebble had looked at him when he'd been promoted, and his leaders confirmation that the clan was still talking behind his back was more than enough to make Dusk reavaluate things. The realization that thre were cats in the clan - not necessarily those named- that might want to run him out or kill him off just so they could ascend the ranks themselves was an eye opener tht he had to step up his game. If he wanted to be Deputy - which he did- then he had to act like it.

With far less uncertainty than last time, Dusk slipped from his nest, groomed his pelt free of any stray bits of moss still clinging to it, and then made his way to his spot beneath the meeting rock. It was that time again for patrols, and he didn't plan on wasting any of the day.

"Windclan, gather around for patrol assignments!" he called, tail curling neatly around large paws. He had already planned them out the night before and was confident in his decisions, and he hoped the other clans were able to keep their warriors in line when the border patrols went out.

"Weaselclaw, I'd like you leading the hunting patrol. Take your apprentice, Mallowlark, Jaypaw, Pebblnose, and Molepaw with you. " Size cats should be anough to bring back a decent haul even if half of them were apprentices.

"Hyacinth, you'll be taking the Riverclan patrol. Bring Coldpaw, Brightshine, Honeytwist, and Dandelionpaw with you" Since Riverclan was the group they had the most tension with and Dusk still wanted a strong front shown along that border, five cats -the second largest of the patrols- would tend to that border, and he hoped the sharp-tongue of Hyacinth and level-head of Honey worked in a positive balance rather than a negative one.

"Sootstar, you'll lead the patrol to Thunderclans border. Take Inkylotus, Leechpaw, and Shrikepaw with you." Thunderclan was by far the least threatening of the groups right now, so a smaller group of four was reasonable, and it would be a good chance for Sootstar to get an update on what their neighbours across the river were up too.

"Lastly, I'll be heading the patrol to the thunderpath that borders us and Shadowclan. Rosepaw, Pollenfur, and Melonpaw will come with me."

As always, patrol leaders are responsible for making their threads and tagging their groupmates in it. Border patrols can be posted in the actual clan they're border to encourage interaction between groups :) ​

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...ThunderClan? Really? The she-cat scrunches up her ebony nose in disgust, her second least favorite clan. Great.
At least they shouldn't encounter any trouble, Sootstar adored getting her blood pumping at all, but she was still recovering from her recent major injury... Besides, quarreling with SkyClan alone was good enough for her, for the time being anyways...

"Then we shall head out now. Inkylotus, Leechpaw, Shrikepaw, finish whatever your doing, then to me!" She begins to trot over to the gorse tunnel, "You lot have five minutes, or I leave without anyone not with me."


Hyacinthbreath hears the call from Duskfire, lifting her head from her paws. She'd finally gotten some sleep after Moonshadow watched over her for the night, leaving her refreshed and ready to work- eagerly so. She hops to her paws, sauntering over with a nod. Turning, she calls for the people of her patrol.

"Coldpaw, Brightshine, Honeytwist, and Dandelionpaw! Up and at 'em! We're headin' out in a few heartbeats. I suggest you prepare yourselves." She meows in caution, a flicker of excitement in her eyes. She was lucky Weaselclaw wasn't leading the patrol to RiverClan, another fight would break out quite easily, wouldn't it? She chuckles to herself, already heading towards the exit.

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He's convinced Duskfire has given him the worst patrol of all time. Mallowlark, the insane guy who digs in guts, and his kittypet apprentice; Pebblenose, Sootstar's stuck up and somewhat insane sister; Molepaw, who actually he can't find fault with; and Owlpaw, who's been so mopey since Honeytwist's announcement that he can't even get her to look at him hardly.

He sighs and flicks his long striped tail. "All those slated to go on the hunting patrol, to me! We're leaving now. I expect everyone, even the apprentices, to carry their weight today." He gives Owlpaw an especially a meaningful look. No more moping, he swears to himself.