. Wildflower .

Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - By now, the ashen molly probably reeked of herbs, the scent was heavy, and this marked a half-moon Wildflower had been confined to the den. Her road to recovery dramatically halted by a raging infection, only caught by the careful eye of Cinderfrost- despite Wildflowers juvenile attempt to conceal it.
Well, there were consequences to actions after all. Intense fevers, burning pain that ripped through her stomach, the strain put onto her body as it struggled to recover tugged her into a constant state of fatigue.
Today, however, she was finally able to get up, the heavy dressings that had covered her flank for a quarter-moon now diminished to a small patch of cobwebs to keep the protective dressing in place.
Carefully, she maneuver herself to the mouth of the medicine den, the soft breeze that immediately greeted her causing a small smile to grace her maw, she almost wanted to revel in it.
Still though, she was determined to avoid a harsh scolding, so she opted to settle on her stomach, leaning a shoulder against the side of the entrance.

❝ Speech. ❞


The glare of the daylight met bleary eyes as they creaked open, a stretch rippling the lean muscles beneath Berryheart's flame-flecked pelt. Splitting his crooked jaw a yawn swelled free, breath taken deep- oh, that was a lovely nap. His nest, sweet smelling from the flowers that lined it, had lulled him into the most wonderful dream... what a nap. They were never this wonderful in the marshes.

Dulled eyes of green rove their camp, and settled askew upon a face he had not seen for a little while, holed up and healing with their... ironically-appointed medic. Bumblebee, who still seemed a little weak as she leant against the den's entrance, smiled at nothing in particular. Or perhaps, simply something Berryheart could not see- though he doubted something amusing would have surpassed his attention so easily. A cursory glance was cast over his shoulder anyway- a test.

Nothing. Ambling over, he caught her eye and offered a greeting, a flick of the tail. "Are you hungry?" A question offered as monotonous as ever, though close attention would reveal the slight slant of a smile upon his broken jaw. She must be, if she was rising after his first nap of the day... and perhaps there was something that she liked on the fresh kill pile that he could retrieve for her.

Leafshade was just returning with a hunting patrol, a squirrel hanging from his jaws. His ear would twitch as he heard the sound of Berryhearts' voice and when he turned his head on pure instinct he would feel himself stiffen as his steel blue landed on grey fur.

So, Wildflower was well enough to be outside of the medicine cat den now, was she? Leafshade would blink at the pair and for a moment he felt something within him twinge. Why did Berryheart sitting alone with her make him feel more irritated than usual? What did it matter? They weren't even friends.

A snort would pass from his nostrils before he moved to take his catch to the prey pile, but then he stopped. This was a stupid idea. He knew it was, but before he could stop himself his slender frame was making his way over to Wildflower and Berryheart, dropping the squirrel between them and then just....walked away with only a scowl on his face.

He hadn't looked at the healing molly, didn't say a single word to either of them, but soon he was out of camp once more, the object of gathering fresh moss for a nest now on his mind.

"It's good to see you back up and about!" she stated warmly, giving Wildflower a wide smile as she made a beeline toward the warrior. "How are you feeling?" She had wanted to visit her more often, but her duties had consumed nearly all her time. The only time the two had exchanged words as of late was when she ducked her head in to check on Cinderfrost. Now that she seemed to be getting better, however, Emberstar wanted to make a point of encouraging her. Even if it strained her busy day.

She gave Berryheart and Leafshade both a nod of appreciation as they both helped Wildflower. It warmed her heart to see her clanmates taking care of each other. What a wonderful clan she had built.
✦ ★ ✦