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Aug 12, 2022

Tiny paws excitedly thump against marshland ground, and in tow behind the tiny kit is her big brother, Prickle! They're a long way from home, but it does not seem to matter to Sweet, for a place with her brother is a place she could happily call home! The little tortie does not bother to look behind her, for she knows he'd keep up, cause after all they only have each other (though like before, it did not bother her much).
"Hey, I bet you I could race you to that tree over there, three, two, one, go!" shes full of giggles as she takes off before him. She knows its cheating, but she has little legs! She could never beat him in a fair fight! Before she knew it, they had crossed paths in to Shadowclan territory (though of course she didn't know, haha) and she'd giggle once more with the thrill of the race.

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the kit before him leads the way, prickle has no faults in this design. his heart alight with the sight of his younger kin prancing in excitement. he's simply happy to ensure a safe home for her. the tall weeds and pines were no longer safe for his little sister, he couldn't protect her in the way she deserved there. sweet...well...he believed that she deserved the world on a platter and more. it's simply his job to provide it.

he almost misses her call to action, too busy in his head for once. watching as she pranced away and a peal of rough laughter breaks from his throat. "why! ya' damn bug!" he says it all in a playful jest, a western tinge to his bark. his paws kick into action, furthering himself into the marshes as he takes after the delicately painted girl. laughter following him all the way, eventually catching up and shoving his head into her side. "didn't know i was related to a cheater now." a light tease as he lets her win, letting her experience the joy of first place. but the border is quick to close in, and the nerves are building.

he knows they don't like outsiders, he knows they won't like him, but they like the young. they like kits and those learning. and that's what he's brought. no cat is surely heartless enough to send him off without his kid sister.

Strictly now their borders were closed, the pine trees were to be cut off for anyone attempting to enter them and she too understands this. It's what her sister wants and so she says nothing about it. Doesn't refute her order. Only those young were permitted within their home and so she just follows the orders given to her. The molly watches them with a critical eye. Gaze narrowed but sharp as her claws flex against the ground. The bubbling laughter of a child does not thaw her slowly freezing heart as she stares. She rolls her shoulders, muscles pulled taunt as she readies herself for her sudden attack. But then sudden her figure hesitates as she hears Hare Whiskers words again. Her time for fighting is over. It's over. Her maw tightens into a grimace and she looks down to her claws. The same claws that have scored through enough flesh before the Great Battle. With a rough jerk of her skull the dark colored molly with piercing white upon her frame slips from the foliage.

Her gaze has not softened but her stance has as she looks from the child and to the tom who is with the young girl. For a moment she almost seems keen on telling him to leave, take the child with him but she doesn't. Instead she focuses on another question that lingers on her sharp tongue. "These pines belong to Shadowclan, so I'll only ask once. Why are you here?" It was up to Briar if he could stay, the question of the kid is already answered.
☠️ "An' spit it out quick!" ...what was going on, now? She'd only heard that familiar snake's hiss—sizing up some new face—but not her own this time. No, now she was on the other side, and she sure seized the chance to savor it, sauntering up with the gleam of threatening glee in her grin. Behind the hawkish glitter—he muses on saying... something else as he pieces together the situation. Scram, because this swamp sucks? Scram, because your kit's another stranger-mouth to feed? We sacrifice intruders? Bow and pray for mercy?

Ah, whatever. She was happy enough to stand, glare, and slither her tongue over flesh-flecked teeth, playing her mysterious-and-fierce-warrior part. He was clearly the most important and enthralling one out here, after all. Eagles didn't need a speech—neither did he.
She should have been with her kits this morning but an NPC had come to warn her about intruders. She had left her nest in the nursery and followed the scent of strangers that lingered in the wind. There she found a young kit and a much older tom, around the age of her first litter. Her ears flicked, frowning slightly as she studied the older cat. He can’t stay here, she said, hoping these were not joiners. The kit, however… in good conscience she could not let her stay out here alone if these were potential joiners. Which put her in a predicament because she knew that these two would likely loathe to be separated.

Her ears flattened and she came to stand at her sister’s side, watching and waiting for an answer from the two of them.
The borders are locked down, and Pitch could not be more thrilled with his mother's decision. Too long have they allowed strangers into their ranks, cats from unknown histories who could betray them within heartbeats.

"I would be prompt and honest with my response," coos the rosette tabby as he prances to his mother's side, a smirk encompassing his warning, his chin tilting. "ShadowClan is not known for their patience, love." The pet name is spoken with honeyed venom, the tom batting his eyes as innocently as a newborn fawn. Pitch leans forwards, examining the adult trespasser and ignoring the child; he would not waste valuable breath on threatening a kit barely weaned from milk.
You’re just slow! Hehe!” she sticks out her tongue playfully at Prickle as he hea butts her side gently, bouncing on her paws as she skipped in a circle. “Okay, okay! Next time you win! Yeah?” she nods excitedly, stopping and pointing at him with a claw. Obviously its not how racing worked, but she did like letting her brother win sometimes! Though unbeknownst to her he went easy on her, and there would be no competition if he actually sprinted.

But theres a sudden chill in the air and theres a scary looking tall woman and she finds herself moving to cower under Prickle’s legs, ears flattening as she did her best to put on a mean face. “These pines… belong to no one..!” her voice is shaking and she has no idea why she said it, but she tries to puff out her chest to look intimidating.

Theres more cats and Sweet hisses, way too overwhelmed, tears in her eyes as she cowers behind her brother even further. “D-Don’t talk to my big brother like that! He’s very cool and I will protect him! See, see? I got claws! I’ll beat all you up!” she unsheathes tiny claws, waving them in the air with a huff. “U… Uhm, Prickle, i’m sorry!” if she knew she was leading them in to a death trap she woulda picked a different tree to race to. “Please don’t hurt us..! I’m sorry I promise I won’t beat you guys up I was just playing.” the last sentence is a tiny squeak, her heart thumping hard in her chest as she begun to shake like a leaf in the wind. Her normal typical outgoing nature is now replaced with a fearful one, one that had overwhelmed the kit as soon as they began to spit obscenities.
the laughter slowly dies down, with the darkened marshes heading in. it does not take long for another to find the two souls, the molly that stalks the shadows holds no compassion, a rigid stance in front of a child as young as bothers him. like a pack of jackals, they all slowly emerge, barking and snarling at him. they don't like cats like him, and it's a harsh reminder as they glare upon him. at the very least, the child is spared these glances. that's all he cares about.

with her outburst, prickle is quick to remedy the situation. "hush, squirt." it comes off harsher than he intended, a stern look to the youngster. it's too delicate of a scenario to let her tongue run loose. he has to navigate this just right, and she won't be able to help. he covers her quickly, covering her from the world between oak-like limbs. unshaken in the moment of scrutiny. "we come from out yonder, sunnier side of th' pines." his words are slow and deliberate, eyeing the cats that surround him. he is no threat, but he isn't a pushover.

"it ain't safe out there no more, not for my kid sister. i heard some rogues talkin' about this place...i know y'all ain't fond of cats like me, but she needs protection." he doesn't like to beg or plead, but so far it feels like that's all he's been doing. their mother didn't survive long after sweet's birth, their pa passed prior. the moment he could he took her from the woods. they need this. "ya can see she got some spunk, but she's a good kit. we don't require much o' anything, just hoping to stay with y'all..." prickle is swallowing down as much nerves as he can. there's more at stake than just his pelt.
Pitch glances down his nose at the kit, barking a laugh at her outburst. "Oh, contraire, little spitfire!" He caws between chuckles, his tail lashing. "We have resided within the shadows for an eternity. Who are you to tell us that we do not own our home, when you have not lived long enough to taste the blood of your quarry?" The puff of her chest is endlessly amusing, his head tilting, the movement eerily slow. But the glow of her fire does not burn long. She cowers behind the older male, yet still has the audacity to spit threats. More laughter graces his lips, his nose wrinkling. How funny she is, claiming to protect her older brother when she's the one cowering behind him.

So, they're family, then...?

The tang of suspicion does not wash away from his tongue, still. His eyes remain narrowed, focusing on the older one once more. "You don't require much o' anything, apart from our prey," he retorts with a derisive snort, mocking the strange accent as he parrots the other's words. They are family, but Pitch must look out for his own family first and foremost. Prey is scarce in the swamp already. The two before him would be more stomachs to feed.

Pitch's eyes cut to his mother, momentarily, searching for her approval. This is what she would want, certainly?

Though her stance had been relaxed upon leaving the shadows her eyes are still guarded. The kit speaks about beating them up as she cowers beneath her protector. Her eyes glimmer with short lived amusement before she finally looks back to the tom as he finally speaks up. Slowly the white dipped molly takes a seat and she pulls her ears forward as he asks for shelter here with his little sister. Her own thoughts travel to her sister's words and she had that nagging to send them away. Send them back the way they had come but she tries to be rational about it too. With Sandra's litter and Briar's there is little room for rest. The kits need food, the oldest need food. Everyone needs food. It's a harsh balance that they are dealing with and she finally lets out a sigh.

The small kit apologizes, her words not being true and she turns to look at Briar then just the same as Pitch before she speaks. "We should allow them in. With all the kits that we have we need older cats. Hunters and fighters. A clan can not be ran with just children." There are so many of them and she almost curls her muzzle at the idea.
Briarstar's ears flicked in consideration. She was fine with taking in kits but older cats... she had given her word that they would be chased off. Yet now looking at the two of them, a young molly with her older brother in tow, she knew she could not separate them as much as she wanted to say 'We'll take the kid but not you. You're too old.' Plus Bonejaw might have had a point. Two litters of kittens had been born in ShadowClan and they took in young ones all the time. The truth of the matter was, they could use this tom and she knew how she would have felt if Hare Whiskers had told her he would take Bonejaw but not her into the marsh group. She sighed, ears flicking.

"The only reason I will allow you to stay is that I don't know what I'd have done if our former leader had turned me away but said my little sister could join instead,"
she said and glanced over at Bonejaw at her side. "Your sister will be in the nursery with the other kits, learning from her elders how to be a proper ShadowClan cat. You will become a warrior. You'll hunt for us, fight for us if need be." And that was that. The two of them were now members of ShadowClan, but Briarstar would be holding them to high expectations.