camp you commited, i'm your crime // intro.




A soft bundle of fluff and fur hovers at the entrance of the nursery, all shy glances and innocent eyes. Roachkit is content to people watch today, to observe and learn and calculate. Riverclan is the only home she's ever known, and yet something has always felt off. Maybe it's her - or maybe it's them. Whatever it is, she knows she's never really fit in - but she doesn't need to. She's better than them in every way, and someday everyone will know it. For now though, the small kitten bids her time, practicing her smiles and wide eyes on the unsuspecting queens and warriors, wincing every time she slips up and says something out of the ordinary. She wants to be the perfect child - and if that means shying away and playing upon her anxieties to get her way, that's what she'll do. After all, even negative attention is still attention. A hard blink has her focusing on her task, eyeing a group of cats sharing tongues and conversating about something or other she can't be bothered to pay attention to, and with soft, hesitant pawsteps she ambles her way over. "E-excuse me? Do you... do you want to play a game with me?" that seems to be all the other kits ever want to do, play silly games, so she figures that doing so to would be the easiest way to 'blend in'. After all, before she can be outstanding, she needs to work on being perfectly normal.
the children of's hard for buckgait to even wrap her head around. she members when he was younger, less like an eel and more-so just bitter. the arrival of riverclan had changed the both of them, and she can never shake the feeling of the tom's potential maliciousness. but his children are separate from him. it does not matter they hold his blood, does not matter they are half-clan. buckgait holds no clan blood at all, it is not as if she can judge. simply hopes they don't take after their remaining parental figure. grow to be something better.

she's muttering something to @LIGHTNINGSTONE before a shy tune breaks her conversation. roach, a poor name for a girl so gentle. she simply hopes it was not out of cruelty that the girl had been named, but it is hard to see any other reason beyond it. the younger is asking for a game, and she desperately wishes to have mist or robin entertain her. it's...hard trying to share the same imagination and excitement, it's the cruelty of growing. "of course roach, but do you not want to play with the other kits? they won't bite." well...not out of cruelty anyway. buck simply fears that she won't be too entertaining. she never really is. she leans down to make conversation easier between the two, inviting roach further into talking with her.

Where theres fun to be had, Citruspaw was never far. In fact, fun was her middle name! Okay, not really, but she was a big fan of playing games, especially with the younger kids of the clan. She strikingly remembers the day Roachkit had been brought home by Spiderfall, it was a whole fiasco but Citruspaw had fawned over them lovingly- kits were so, so cute!

Roach had hesitantly approached Miss Buckgait, asked her to play a game, and immediately Citrus saunters over with an enthusiastic grin. "Do ya think you got room for one more?" she chirped in a question, folded ears perking up in excitement. "What game were you planning on? Oh, oh, we should play moss-ball! Or even, oh! Or even badger fights!" another question but ohhh, shes just so excited to play with one of the newest baby kittens!
Lightningstone's gaze shifts from Buckgait to the little kit that now approaches them, asking an innocent question of whether they wanted to play a game with her or not. He doesn't hear the last thing his companion says, instead lifting a brow in the child's direction. He allows a small smile to creep onto his muzzle and the quiet tom leans back onto his haunches to watch the three she-cats play whatever they're going to play - Citruspaw seems to have lots of ideas. He doesn't plan on playing with them, not unless specifically asked. The warrior is content to watch. "Badger fights - that sounds fun to you, right Buckgait?" He mutters, a teasing tone to his voice as he casts a glance towards the she-cat. He'd find quite a bit of amusement out of watching that!

Her face goes blank for a moment. So that's what she'd missed - buckgait was right, she probably should've asked another kit instead. It's such a stupid mistake, she wants to go back to the nursery and hide away in shame. As quick as it came however, the dark look is gone once more, replaced with a watery frown. "Oh.... The other kit's aren't.... well, I don't think they'd want to play with me," she says bitterly, and it's probably true - seemingly half the clan has been terrorized by her father, not that roach knows this fact, and it's something not easily forgotten. Jadeite eyes quickly move from the bobtailed molly to the bouncy apprentice who's joined the conversation, and with an exaggerated tilt of her head she finds herself echoing the other molly. "Badger fight-? what's that?" One silver ear flicks in irritation at lightningstone's interruption, but otherwise she pays him no mind. He's just the babysitter after all - where's the importance in that?