YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE / meditation

Jun 8, 2022

Something Brook was self-taught in, she wasn't perfect at it by any means... but in her non-stop chaotic life? She had to learn of ways to cope, to lessen the sting.
Rain's death was a constant on her mind. At last, a feline who had loved her as a parent should... yet now he was buried in the dirt. Dead.
And she was a warrior of his killer.

She prays Rain can forgive her, but the song of the river tugged at her heart. It beckoned her... and staying in SkyClan with memories of him everywhere?
She couldn't... so after packing up Lightning she set out for her new home. Even if she was not all that pleased with who she must pledge her loyalties.

Inhale... breathe with your nose, not your stomach... exhale. Mindfully she felt her stomach rise and fall like a balloon.

No more crying. She tells herself as she takes another thoughtful breath, you're tough. You don't need to cry.

What do you smell Brook? What can you hear? What do you feel?
She wiggles her toes in the grass, she can hear the song of the river and the mournful cry of a loon in the distance. She smells the water in the breeze, she smells...

She wrinkles her nose, what the hell is that smell?! It most certainly had interrupted her grounding exercise... so much for lowering her anxiety.
Rising onto her paws she pivots her head around, not to look obviously, but to smell. Was it even worth investigating? She didn't want to have to touch it to figure out what it was... it could be vile like crowfood... or worse... someone had made fresh dirt nearby. She shakes her head in displeasure at the thought.


Lily did not mean to intrude. Had she realised Brook was having a moment of quiet reflection to herself, she certainly would have backed off and left the elder she-cat alone. Unfortunately, Lily came upon Brook by chance, and had not realised she had been sat there for some time and likely did not want to be disturbed. "B-Brook?" Lily called out the other's name quietly, before approaching the other carefully. "Are you alright?"
Beesong had been watching Brook after exiting the dirtplace with a hint of amusement dancing in aqua eyes. He didn't know what the hell she was doing, but he's tempted to sneak up on her and give her a good scare. Wriggling his haunches, the cinnamon tom lowers himself to the ground, slinking along towards the unaware she-cat until...

Rat's ass!

She pivots her head in his direction. Beesong shoots up with a laugh, his bobbed tail twitching. "You've got a good nose! Might as well get rid of those eyes of yours since you don't need 'em." Spoken as if it's a genuine statement, the only indication that he's joking would be a subtle quirk of his lips. "Hey, maybe we could start a charity for those in need of new eyeballs?" Beesong hums, bobbing his head as if to say, yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea!

Lily asks if the blue tabby is alright. Beesong gives a dismissive flick of an ear. While they do care about their clanmates' wellbeing, they don't want to ruin this lighthearted moment with the weight of sadness. They just wanted to live without the constant shackles of grief.