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Daisyflight was a little bored, truth be told. The dedication she had bent into her every action in the nursery to raise her little ones was now unfocused, lacking in direction. They no longer needed her help at all times, to eat or groom. Now, it was wonderful to see them all out and about alongside Gaia but... she'd be lying if she didn't miss it some days.

Her deputy duties had handily filled that void. That, and picking up some of her old pastimes. Namely, in the case of that afternoon, lying in the sun. The pale spill of the evening sun warmed the clearing, the mellow heat of the smooth earth making for a snug resting place.

Waking sleepily from her musings, Daisyflight glanced through hooded lids at the shapes around camp. Such a motley crew, did Skyclan promote. Kittypets, loners, clancats- from all walks of life. Blinking with amusement, she began to speak. "Everyone has had very different experiences. What's the most intriguing, or exciting, thing you've ever seen?" Laying her white chin atop a matching forepaw, she encouraged her sleep-wrinkled ears into standing to attention.

"I, have witnessed two monsters clashing in a firey spat. The twolegs, so skittish as they are, emerged from them in panic. It seems when monsters grow angry, even their peltless masters cannot stop them. Ended very quickly though..." The memory stang, the bitter taste of ash and oil soaking it. Smoke had risen from the corpses- like so much that the twolegs partook in.

Ma saw monsters fight? That must've been so scary! The girl winces at the mere thought of being in the presence of one of those beasts, let alone being at the scene of them fighting. Figkit has never laid eyes herself on one of the large, hard-shelled beasts, yet... for some odd reason she's never question, a very clear and vivid picture of one formed in her head. It was a blessing from StarClan that they only traveled on their thunderpaths and didn't wander into the forest, destroying everything in their wake.

"They fought and the twolegs ran? Twolegs don't run from anything!" She gasps in disbelief, nearly tripping over her own paws as she races to settle down at the scene. Figkit didn't sit still for much, but story telling? She just ADORED listening to stories of the past!

There's a phantom pain that flares up in her forelimb for some reason. Figkit appears antsy with that leg, but it was nothing to raise a brow at for most clan-mates. The red tabby never sat still.
"Crew losin’ c’ntrol of their monsters, eh?” Missy parrots, sauntering towards the small crowd with chin upturned. Her tail flows behind her with more grace than she’d normally care t’ muster, but she had somethin’ on the line this time around, didn’t she? "Can’t say I’ve seen such a thing! Far from where their foolishness ends, though.

She sits amongst them with a less than graceful thud, tortoiseshell fur fannin’ out around her paws. Jaws part in a sharp bark of a laugh as a little thing suddenly scampers over s’if her life depended on this very tale. Skyclan was full of things like this– sources of endless entertainment n’ rapture.

"Never run from anythin’? Naw, I’ll tell ya’ somethin here,” says she, a brow raising as she grins at Fig. "Out at sea? Big ‘ol sea-beasts, bigger than them monsters, but all flesh n’ bone. Could swallow me an’ crew in a single gulp,” she tells them. Strong as she was, she could admit when she was unmatched. Not a soul could stand up to those things, though. "’F crew gets a whiff of ‘em? Gone before ya’ can say ‘aye

Stories from adults who had lived long lives before the eve of his very existence would always be interesting. During younger days and nights, Twitchkit often asked for his parents stories- they had often spoken of Rain, who the chocolate tom only barely remembered, taking them into their group when they had nothing but each other. It was nice, but the tom never found himself getting much out of it. Their stories were perpetually short and tended to be about the same thing. By his fourth moon, he had settled with the fact that Tidespin and Ravencall were not the adventurous type. Which was fine. It was just... nice to hear a change.

Settled nearby, momentarily distracted from his nest-weaving favour, Twitchkit's ears flattened at the mention of monsters clashing in battle. He'd never seen a monster- obviously- but he knew what they were like, and he knew they were fast. For them to collide- would that not be catastrophic? Or perhaps... their huge bodies could bear the collision better than a cat could...

It was only at the mention of Missy's fabled sea-beasts that a comment was drawn out of him, hitched and trembled. "The sea's... far away, right?" It must be, because he'd never heard a voice like Missy's before, but he could be wrong and that possibility was enough to wrench his stomach with the gutting drop of worry. If he was anywhere near these things, bigger then monsters yet made of flesh and bone, he had to know so he could prepare for the day they inevitably walked on land and sought meals never-before-tasted by rapacious fiend-tongue.
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Missy was the first to approach, brindle pelt afloat in the sun-sweltered breeze. Blinking past the light, the calico tracked the new joiner's waltzing step attentively until all of a sudden she found the relaxed air split by her daughter. Fidgeting with excitement, Figkit's arrival widened the smile on Daisyflight's sleepy, pied face.

"Twolegs are inscrutable creatures, squawking with fear and fury in equal measures. I'm sure you'll see soon enough." She took her paw, gloved tall in snow, across the kit's little head in a soft ruffle. Then, taken in by Missy's actorly speech once more, Daisyflight listened in. The sea wasn't such a foreign prospect, however, she knew little of it. Only that it was a salted lake that lay in endless paces, home to the briny fish that the twolegs carted to their nests.

Intrigue plain, her neck rolled back onto a loose shoulder, directing her spring gaze to the mottled blue of the sky. There, she imagined rolling waves, tipped with crystal foam, smashing against the beast described. "I'd scarcely believe such a story if it didn't come from a reliable source like yourself, a cat on the sea..." Her tone was playful, deepening into a chuckle as she heard Twitchkit's tremulous query.

Rising back up from the dust, Daisyflight span to regard the coffee-striped kit. "Don't worry, I bet from even the tallest twoleg nest you wouldn't be able to see it." He always seemed to be quick to concern. She hoped his parents were better at assuaging that than she had previously seen.