YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME? // kittypet collar

Kittypets had become a rare sight on WindClan, she suppose they've learned that the hills were not a place for them to play around in... It's why Sootstar had been so shocked when the stentch of kittypet had suddenly hit her nose, he ended up being this big ol' grouchy tom-cat with a loud bell collar. Sootstar hadn't even been the one to attack, he had sprung at her upon meeting her gaze.

A foolish mistake on his part. Sootstar did not hold back on hostile kittypet's.
Yet she did not kill him, it hadn't come to that... but she did have an ugly trophy to show for her victory. His precious collar and ivory claws had torn right off from his neck. Perhaps the damn thing had been his saving grace? The blue smoke wonders if not for the fabric if her claws would've slashed open his throat. Either way, he had been lucky, and Sootstarr hopes he remembers this day as a lesson. "And never come back!" She hissed as the tom fleed back acrossed the border, tail tucked.

Now Sootstar stands at the gorge, an orange collar in maw that wouldn't stop ringing. There was only one fitting way to get rid of this vile object, to make sure it was removed permanently from WindClan land. Allowing herself to stand at the very edge, she peers down, admiring the long fall. At the same time a pit in her stomach forms, she wonders if a cat would instantly die upon impact with the water below? Or would it be a slow and painful death? Would you feel every bone break?

She wouldn't find out.

The collar is dropped, and she watches as it falls, the tiny object fading into nothing.
"Filth." She quietly snarls.

Sootstar certainly hadn't needed his help in defending WindClan territory from the stinking, useless fluff pile that was the offending kittypet. The tabby warrior watches him flee with a snort, his blood scent tangy and sour on the wind. He notices Sootstar's prize - if one could call it that - a moment later, though.

"Lucky you," he meows disdainfully. "Ugh, that thing reeks."

But Sootstar isn't intending on keeping it or burying it, it seems. She grips it in her mouth, a blinding orange thing that jingles noisily with her every pawstep, and his heart begins to beat faster as she settles herself firmly at the edge of the cliff sweeping down into the gorge.

She drops the object, and it rings with every jostle as it drops into the abyss.

"Shouldn't stand so close," he says gruffly, trying to hide the worry sparking in his eyes. He remembers the loner he and Jaypaw had had to pull up from the cliff-face, the eyes rolling about in its head from panic. "We coulda just thrown it into ThunderClan's territory or something. Sure one of them might've appreciated it."

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Ring, ring, ring... what a terrible song! In moons on moor top Mallowlark had not often come across housecats, but he had seen them- he knew those infernal bands bound around their neck, wringing their throats out. Was it not strangling them, labouring their breaths? Perhaps there was something... distinctive in purpose about them. A squeeze that made it so kitty pets are not as adventurous or vicious as cats in the wild- some cease of blood flow to the brain. What a funny concept! Could, then, the Twolegs be the true villains?

Snickering upon his approach, bounding on charcoal paws, the large tom sprung on over, seeing the orange ring-of-fire go spinning over the gorge edge. Good thing collars had no bones- should a cat fall, you'd hear the crack for miles around, bones snapped and severed. What a sight!

Peering moon-silver, his gaze attempted to locate the thing, giggling a little overzealously at Weaselclaw's little joke about ThunderClan. It hardly occurred to him it was an insult- no, perhaps they'd like to have a go at chucking those things too! "Woah, you sure threw that far!" Perhaps an obvious observation, but a complimentary one nonetheless. "We should have a contest, some day- hah!" Unblinking, his eyes flared wider at the whim.
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"That sure was something, huh? Sure showed that kittypet. The small brown tabby trotted after his leader to watch her throw the collar into the gorge.

"Nice throw!" He said. "Wonder if the fish will enjoy it."

He briefly pictured a fish wearing the collar. Fishpet.

"Guess we better mark better, huh... Guess they didn't get the hint." He said, staring down the gorge. Man that was a long fall.


Echolight could recall a time where the moors were as open as it’s terrain- from the overzealous housecat to a traveling loner- but as she watched the grouchy old tom lunge at Sootstar, she finds herself wondering if they’d be burying him that day.
Fortunately for him, it would be a worn down strip of fabric that saved his life, giving him the chance to run home. "Well that was mouse-brained" she snorted, referring to the kittypet who had attacked first. She trails after Mallowlark when they begin to move once more, this time ending up at a gorge, where a single blue eye watched as the collar was tossed into the river. She supposed she didn’t feel any particular way, it had been the consequences to the kitty pets actions after all. A scarred ear flicks in Mallowlarks direction, "A throwing contest? Now that sounds fun" she agreed, her mind beginning to wander. Who would win that?

Regardless of her own opinions on the matter, she would watch in silence as the house cat ran. While they had made the mistake of crossing into Windclan and meeting Sootstar, she didn't exactly think the best course of action was being that aggressive. The situation, however, could have gone much worse. Luckily Sootstar seemed to be uninjured. "Its a good thing he didn't fall over the edge." She'd return, finding herself staring down to the watery grave below. Similarly to Sootstar, she wondered how it would feel to fall. Would one find themselves capable of surviving? Surely not. It wasn't plausible for anyone to survive a fall like that for long.

Shouldn't stand so close he says.
She gives him an amused look and daringly sticks out a single paw over the edge of the gorge. Oh... she could hear her father screaming at her from StarClan already, so she quickly retracts the paw and listens to Weaselclaw. She steps away from the edge, "You take me for a clumsy cat?" She jests, standing beside him as more of her clan-mates pool over to the scene.

Mallowlark was one of them, he compliments her toss (which she is unamused with) and a throwing contest (she is also unamused with this). His sister, Echolight, seemed to think it'd be fun though. Her nose twitches in the breeze, "Wouldn't be opposed, especially if its with kittypet collars." She says as a partial joke, but on the other paw... getting rid of twoleg garbage from WindClan territory wouldn't be the worst idea.

Ivoryflight says its a good thing the kittypet hadn't fallen, and Sootstar doesn't see how it was. One less kittypet- let alone a hostile kittypet in this world would've been for the better.... but in this moment she bites her tongue and keeps quiet.