The past few moons living in RiverClan have not been easy for Clayfur. From encroaching on the territory of other cats, to kicking those cats out, to adjusting to the struggles of living along a river, to the threat of twolegs and the injuries of clanmates, this clan’s environment has been ruthless. The dark chocolate tabby isn’t sure how he’s remained sane after all this time—perhaps it has something to do with his family. His family is the reason he’d come here to begin with, and they are the reason he bucked up enough to learn to be a capable warrior and fit into the clan as a true river cat.

Clay and Beetle are spending some time together today, and Clayfur thinks this is the happiest he’s been in quite a while. His family means the world to him, especially his siblings. A few small beetles skitter around a flat rock that lies at the edge of camp, their shells glimmering many different colors beneath the sun. He turns to look at his sister, hazel eyes wide with mirth. "Look! This one actually kinda looks like you!" He points out a particularly ugly looking bug with a white-capped paw, grinning brightly.

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( ) If Beetlesong were asked what she loved most about RiverClan, she would hesitate. She enjoyed being here, surely. Was it the clan lifestyle she thrived in? The fish? The leader, the worship of cats in the sky? That was all well and good. None were why she was there. The simple answer was family. The joy of days with her siblings, whether relaxing or out on taxing patrols, was all she could wish for. Some days Beetlesong questioned if she would even be a Riverclanner if not for connection- questioned if they ever should've left their old ways behind. Though, ironically enough, it was her family which rid her of that doubt. Clayfur, for instance, looked so natural exploring the edges of camp. This place was meant for him. If it were that way for him, Beetle determined, the same must be said for her. They all had made it this far. She would never have pushed through those doubts if not for it being the right choice.

The tortoiseshell would pride herself on how rarely she was wrong.

Almost as soon as she took a moment to revel in the familial ties that bound her to this community, Beetlesong heard Clayfur's words. Though to anyone else, his exclamation may have sounded like a simple observation, Beetle knew better. Uh oh. She only needed peer closer for just a moment to see what Clayfur was grinning about. "Hey!" she huffed, squinting at him with a playful glare, "that absolutely does not look like me."

"Y'know what though..." Beetle placed her paw in front of the unfortunate bug they had decided upon using to tease one another, waiting for it to crawl on top. As it did, she shoved the paw and bug next to Clay's face. "It does have quite a resemblance to you! Yeah, you've got the same... uh, eyes." Eyes? That was your best? Beetlesong wasn't quite sure she could even see the bugs eyes. She definitely had not won that particular interaction. The element of surprise won that for her brother.

"How many different kinds of bugs have you found?" she questioned, smirk returning, as she lowered the bug to the ground, "I bet I could find more." With that, her eyes lifted up from the bug skittering away and back to face Clayfur directly. The glare of excitement across her face made one thing clear. This was a challenge. She'd win this one.


Family had been the reason Frostpaw had joined, but it was not the reason she stayed. To her, Riverclan did feel like family compared to her own, except for the little ones of course. Frostpaw had just gotten back from a patrol when she noticed the two siblings talking about bugs and found herself drifting over in curiousity. Although she felt bad for bothering them in their sibling bonding moment, the thought of a bug watch had caught her interest so she approached. Her tail lightly swishing as she took a spot near Clayfur and peered over with a round look of curiousity in her gaze

"May I join in?" she asked curiously with a warm gentle tone in her voice and a soft smile on her maw. Hopefully the two would agree on her inquiries, remembering the fun she had making tiny nests with Peachkit and the others for the beetles a while back when the poor kit was dying from restlessness. She hope the little one would soon be able to join the others in being an apprentice and besides...What Clayfur and Beetlesong seem to be doing right now seemed...quite fun so she hoped they'd allow her to step in on their family bonding moment.

Beetle responds to his observation with a huff and a rejection, and the tabby only grins wider. He gives her a look. Innocent, wide-eyed. He’d never insult his dear sister, no chance. Not at all. But he should know that she isn’t going to let this go without firing back.

When she lifts the bug up to his face, he snorts. "Eyes?!" He squeaks—more of a quiet shriek—with falsified indignation, blinking slowly. His eyes do not look like a bug’s. Do they? "You’re named after them, they look way more like you!" His eyes track the bug as it skitters off, tail flicking with amusement. But then Beetlesong claims that she could find more bugs than him; he frowns, trying his best to fight a smile, trying his best to look offended.

He huffs, rolling his eyes at her words. He’s always up for a challenge, though, so he shakes his head. "I bet you can’t find more. I’m the, like, bug master. Bug king, maybe. I’ve found every kind of bug you can even think of." He puffs out his chest dramatically, confident in his ability to find more bugs than his sister. Because he’s the best at it, obviously.

The apprentice who approaches receives a toothy grin from Clayfur in greeting. He likes Frostpaw, he won’t lie. She’s among his favorites, out of all the RiverClan apprentices. "Of course you can join!" He says quickly, before recalling that he isn’t the only one who might need to agree to the idea. He looks to Beetlesong, putting on his most imploring expression. "Can she join in?" He looks back to Frostpaw and offers her an impish smile. "I bet neither of you can find more bugs than me."