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Sep 19, 2022
  • The Sheriff had met someone nice the other day-- he had went and told the Sheriff some interesting things.

    "Wild cats!" The stranger-- the Sheriff considered him a good friend-- had said, and the Sheriff had been intrigued, "They live out there in the woods without nobody to scritch their heads, or even to tend to them elsewise."

    He hadn't said that verbatim, but it's what the Sheriff had heard.

    The stranger went on talking about the neighbor cat of his, a nice young molly with too much in her head-- you know the sort, don't you?-- and apparently she went on to live in the wild with those wild cats, and apparently come nightfall she would cozy up to her Housefolk, scritches and all. It sounded like a great-good deal to the Sheriff, who had made up his mind right then and there that he should meet these wild cats.

    But oh, he'd gone and made his Housefolk the spitting sort of mad at him.

    He'd thought, well, he should bring his new friends-- surely they'd warm up to him?-- something nice to eat, given that they live out there in the wild, and they don't have nobody to tend to them, and his Housefolk had brought home this chattering-type bird that lived up on the mantel, and...

    It had happened something like this: the Sheriff had narrowed his eyes at the bird. A green and yellow type, that went on talking in the same sort of noises that his Housefolk went on talking. Not natural, that was, and this bird narrowed its eyes right back at the Sheriff. Then there was a mighty crash, the sort that would shake ones bones all the way up to their ears, and before the Sheriff had known it he had toppled the metal box that housed that unnatural bird, and then he had gone and finished his work.

    That leads right on to the thing with his angry Housefolk. The Sheriff had suspected they'd be mad, but they were mad mad. He'd taken the bird, as it was for his soon to be new friends, and he ran right out the cat flap moments before a broom could come down on his back.

    So now the Sheriff walks in the type of place he would expect wild cats to live, with lots of trees and a smell like someone was around, little bird still held in his teeth.​
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Blazestar has never seen a bird that shade of brilliant sunshine-yellow before, and his eyes are round as coins as he limps close to the kittypet who carries it in their jaws. "You didn't catch that... here, did you?" He tilts his massive head, cashmere fur ruffled by a slight breeze. "It's the color of the sun!"

He focuses on the kittypet next, a jovial-looking red and white tabby who has padded into their territory with an air of expectancy. Blazestar flicks his eyes from the bird, limp between this cat's jaws, and meets a pair of mismatched eyes. "I'm Blazestar. You've found yourself on SkyClan territory. What are you looking for?" His tone is friendly but brisker than it has been in the past. Recent events have made him just the slightest bit wary of strangers.


Talk of birds the colour of the sun swept up Daisyflight's attention from the dreadfully boring pool of water she had been looking at. Spry in her approach, she slipped from the foliage behind Blazestar. Met with a cream tom, maw wrapped around bright feathers, the molly couldn't help but laugh. The unsubtle snicker morphed her ordinarily reserved expression, salmon nose wrinkled with mirth.

"Oh- sorry! Excuse my manners. That's a twoleg's bird, isn't it? I've seen them flapping about their nests, pesky little things." Reeling in the show of open amusement, she simply let her forest gaze roam the intriguing prey. "I've always wanted to catch one but- ah, it was too tricky without being caught."

Blazestar went on to ask about the stranger's intentions. His brusque demeanour was soon reflected by Daisyflight herself, a reminder of recent circumstances. Laying a chalk paw before her, she came to stand alongside her leader.
  • How wonderful it is that the Sheriff has found not just one wild cat, but two!

    They don't look as the Sheriff had expected them to be. He'd thought they would be ragged in the way paper gets after he's pissed on it, and skinny in a way that would make it easy for the Sheriff to count each and every one of the ridges of their spines. Instead they look like the cats the Sheriff has known, more or less. They aren't scarred beyond recognition, they aren't completely skeletal. The Sheriff had thought that they would be taller.

    "Nmpt!" The Sheriff replies, and then, remembering himself, drops the bird at his feet and tries again, "Nope! Caught it back home. My housefolk brought it in for me-- or well, not quite that, but if they didn't want me to have it they could have very well not let me."

    And then the first of the strangers introduces himself: Blazestar, he says. The Sheriff nods in a way that is painfully polite. He tells himself twice not to tell this new pal of his how strange his name is.

    "That's a strange name you got there," The Sheriff says, almost immediately, "And if you could believe it, it would just so happen that I was lookin' for you," and then the Sheriff nods his head towards Blazestar's company, "And you too miss."

    His chest puffs, "Name's the Sheriff. You see, I heard some things about some wild cats 'round these parts, and I wanted to see about meeting them, and maybe... being looped in? If such a thing could be allowed."​
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She stumbles across them by accident, in the midst of showing Greenpaw the territory and borders- she sure as hell didn't expect to run in to a stranger and an exotic looking bird. She flicks an ear, slightly remembering them from Mexico from when she'd prance the street with her friends and peer in to strange transparent boxes to look inside the housefolks dens. She stops Greenpaw from going any further, putting a tail out until the Sheriff explains himself and only then does she let her tail droop down.

"You know what thats called?" she points a clawed paw towards the bird, a slight test, a silly one- of course he'd know what a bird is. "It's a special type, you don't see them out here." she'd further explain, nodding at him before greeting the Sheriff with a large, toothy smile. "Hola, amigo! I don't see why not," she'd look at Blazestar, at Daisyflight, knowing they had the power to let him in or not. "I'm Churrodream, this is my apprentice Greenpaw." she introduces the kid with a bright smile towards him, raising her paws and giving them a shake as if she were showing off a big prize- in her case, her pride and joy, she enjoyed being a mentor with a passion.

The ginger and white apprentice had been following behind Churrodream with wonder-filled eyes. There was so much to see outside of SkyClan's camp! Greenpaw was so excited that he'd just about forgotten to pay attention to what was going on around him. He almost trips over Churrodream's tail, only to stop just in time not to - paws stumbling to a stop, curious eyes looking past his mentor's tail to see just what was going on.

It's a cat. A new face. Greenpaw wants to say hello, but would Churrodream like him to talk to strangers? He isn't sure.

But, the stranger has a strange bird with him! It's all sort of pretty colors, and, it's almost a shame that it's dead. He's sure it will be tasty - he'll have to ask whoever ends up getting to eat it - but, it must have made some cool sounds while it was alive!

The young apprentice looks up at his mentor as she asks him just what kind of bird it is. How was he supposed to know? He's never seen it before! Still, Greenpaw narrows his eyes at the feathered critter in the feline's jaws, trying his best to come up with what exactly it is.

"Green... Bird," he says, before viridescent eyes light up in excitement, "It's a Greenpaw bird! Like me!" It's unlikely, but Greenpaw's decided this bird shall be named after him.

And then, Churrodream decides it's safe to speak to the stranger, whose name is actually the Sherrif. Odd.

"Hola, amigo!" Greenpaw repeats his mentor's words. He isn't quite sure what it means, but it sounds neat! "Is your name really the Sherrif? Is that a warrior name? Were you called 'Thekit' when you were born?" So many questions, but Greenpaw had to know!
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