You'll Be A Legacy // Birthing!


They Will Be a Legacy!
Jun 7, 2022

Sandra ✧ She/Her ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

To say she was uncomfortable would be an understatement. Belly rounded and swaying side to side, Sandra was over her whole pregnancy and ready for the kits to come already. She missed being able to sleep comfortably, groom her own body and sides, and not eat like she was starving to death. The rather skinny she-cat had grown quite a bit since she found out she was pregnant and it felt like she was only getting bigger with time. Though her wish would come sooner than expected as one morning, the sun had barely rose in the sky, she felt a sharp pang roll through her side. This has happened before but they had been phantom pains and had been going on since two days ago; but this was different. It was hot, running through her entire flank and making her shoot her head up. What was that? Sandra gave a confused look before laying her head back down in hopes for a few more moments of sleep.

Though it happened again- the same pain just fifteen minutes later and she gave a small whimper in her sleep. Shifting uncomfortably onto her other side and looked down at her belly. Eye going wide as she physically watched her side contract and roll with another shot of pain followed shortly after. Panic surged through her and made her breath catch in her throat, it was time. Sandra moved to get up in her panicked state and pushed a paw against the sleeping form beside her; Twilight.

"Twi-Twi I think-," Sandra gave a small cry that she tried to stiffle and collapsed forward as her legs shook under the force. No, Briarstar just had her kittens! Could it be time for her already? Sandra was terrified and wasn't sure what to do or what to think- so she looked to the one cat she trusted most; Twilight. It was a long and hard process, Sandra felt like she was going to pass out multiple times, but the soft cries that echoed through the den made it all worth it. Even if the little mews of Briarstars' own children muffled them, she new they where okay. They where breathing and alive.

A little tomcat that reminded her so much of Flint, the exact same blue-grey fur that was short and soft with a little white muzzle and feet. He looks just like him She thought fondly and nosed the little tomcat softly, "He shall be Granitekit, for Flints' legacy and blue fur," Beside the little grey tomcat laid another kit, one of cinnamon color with splashes of white like melting snow on sand. She reminded Sandra also of Flint with her white patches, but she was a dusty color rather than grey, "I will name her Siltkit, for her dusty brown pelt and after Flint," A soft lap at the little she-kits fur from Sandra and she looked at the other two kittens that now laid at her belly.

Another cinnamon kitten settled beside their siblings, quiet with a half white face and white mittens, and Sandra gave a fond smile before looking to Twilight, "I would like to name her after you- Twilightkit- for the strongest she-cat I know," Twilight had been there through Ashes death, Flints infidelity and now this; the bird of her children. Lastly there was a little kit that barely made a sound, very little in size and had crust across their nose. They where a brown tabby kitten with a whole white leg and that was it that marked their pelt aside from darker stripes. "They will be Sparkkit, in hopes they will be a spark among the clan," Sandra decided and curled tightly around those little bundles of fur. Oh Flint, I wish you could see them now. ​
The black and white she-cat is roused from her sleep as the sand-colored form nestled beside her shifts in her sleep. Twilight thinks nothing of it, settles back into her stupor.

But, soon, Sandra is awake, totally awake, and her voice is a choking cry. "Twi, I think-" And she tries to stand, collapses. Twilight's eyes pop open, her drowsiness eliminated by one short, guttural utterance. "Oh! Sandra, it's time!" She rises to her speckled paws, urges Sandra to lay still with her nose. "Lay on your flank, darling. It will make it easier."

Admittedly, Twilight has given birth only once in her life, and it was to a single kit. A relatively painless experience, from the tales she's heard from other she-cats, but that wasn't to say it was comfortable by any means. To think of Ash now, as she watches Sandra greet each tiny, squeaking body with motherly licks and coos, pains her as though she's been brutally clawed in the heart.

But even she cannot help but find the scene sweet and lovely. Sandra curls protectively around her children, naming them, despite everything, after her forsaken mate. Granite, Silt. Twilight's eyes glaze with concern, but they soften at Sandra's third kit's name. "I don't deserve that." She leans forward to lick Sandra's ear, gazing at the little cinnamon tabby kitten. "I hope... I hope she has a better life. We will give that to her. To all of them." The last is smaller, a tabby named Spark, and then that's it. Sandra's family is complete.

Twilight lays beside her friend, watching the kits suckle. Her mind is blank with love for Sandra, love for her children, the desire to help her and protect them. She blocks out the rest.

She has to.

Life begins colder and dryer than he wants. Tiny, with slicked back ears and eyes pinched shut, Granite shrieks as soon as his mother's tongue begins to stroke his fur. The indignity, the discomfort -- why this change? His fury results in repeated "mewwwl"s, demanding warmth and security from whoever could offer it.

There's a tail laid lightly across him, though he barely senses it. The main thing is that scent, that warm and enticing siren's call of mother's milk. He squirms his way towards the source and latches on with force. He will get his share. He doesn't know about competition yet, but he feels other bodies wriggle against him soon enough. He must feed the most, the fastest.

Granite comes into the world demanding.

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The sudden cry for Twiligjt also brought the dark scarred woman. Her eyes like molten embers as she made her way towards the pairing of mollies. It seems that this is to be another kitting. Something she just has to sit and look over. She isn't of much help in this situation and so she merely listens, hearing Twlight tell the other to lay on her side and it will make it easier. Does it? She's finds a bit of curiosity there but other than that she stays silent as the kits come. Her eyes closing after a moment just to take a break from seeing it all, again. Yet as the squeals begin she does the same as she did with Briar's litter and touches her nose to each one. Listening and trying to see if anything is wrong.

One of the kits is loud and demanding and she takes that as a good sign. Healthy. Another litter without a father though and the flickering anger grows in her for the once upon a time pine group. Now Skyclan. But she keeps that away from this now and nods her head. "Well done, I suppose."
It's not the first kitting he's been around for, and it certainly won't be the last. With the way Sandra's been looking for some time now, it isn't a surprise to suddenly hear the queen call out for Twilight, the other molly taking no time to rush to her side. Queens helping queens, the sort of closeness that he's missed in Shadowclan. The thought of more little terrors running around could have anyone's face lighting up.

"Healthy scraps," the tom muses, nodding to the balls of fur that now lie nestled at the queen's side. Some looked like their mother... others looked closer to their father, for better or for worse. The loud scrap resembles him a little too closely, if you asked him. Frog's Croak huffs, dismissing the thought in favor of addressing Sandra. A crooked smile spreads across his maw. "'Gratulations."


Unlike her brother, silt is quiet and still, limp - the world is cold and dark and loud, the air chilly against the damp of her fur, and she shivers. She only begins to stir when the scent of her mothers milk reaches her tiny nose, and its with slow, deliberate wriggles that she writhes her way over, maw opening and closing in soundless mewls. She finally reaches her destination, and a contented rumble leaving her as she suckles tiredly, her movements slow and lethargic. She wants to go back to sleep, tucked away in her mothers warmth as she is, and soon enough she's snoozing once more, belly full and content.
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