you're losing touch (new friend!)

// @CENTIPEDEPAW @TWITCHPAW HERE IT IS! I thought maybe Centipede could post first with bullying Butterfly and Twitch comes in after that?

The meeting has just ended and the newly named Butterflypaw is practically shaking in her pelt. A journey? To the Twolegplace? The last thing she wants to do is disappoint her brand new mentor (especially when that mentor's her leader!), but how in StarClan is she supposed to do this? The tortoiseshell likes safety and familiarity. She only recently got used to living outside of her twoleg nest. Now, she's not even a full sunrise out of the nursery and she's expected to accompany a patrol of cats on some expedition to someplace that will help them. None of it makes sense to her! Wide eyes shift towards the camp exit, fearing whatever may be lurking out there. I don't want to be an apprentice!
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