YOU'RE NO FISH // elmbreeze

It had been days since he had been shot by a paintball from one of the thundersticks that the twolegs wielded, and during that time he had been cursed with sporting a rather obvious pink splotch on his rump. It was... embarrassing. Licking it off remained a futile effort due to the truly disgusting taste that the paint left behind. Washing at the river was truly his only option. The only hassle was that he wasn't particularly keen on water, never had been.

The thin warrior steeled his nerves and braved a trek down to the river that cut between ThunderClan and RiverClan's territories. He found himself by the high edge that over looked the river, but as he leaned over to examine the water below the soft soil that made up the bank crumbled under his weight and sent him plunging into the river below. The tom frantically thrashed and scrambled for the surface, gulping down air whenever he could. By a stroke of luck his claws found purchase on a rock jutting out of the water and he was able to haul himself up onto it, gaining respite from the water's pull.

And there Sunnyday sat, wet and shivering, and too afraid to make an attempt for either bank of the river. "This isn't my day."



Truth be told, Elmbreeze wasn't overly fond of swimming. At least not any longer than necessary. He was certainly not one of the RiverClan cats you would find splashing in the water or swimming out to sun himself on the sunningrocks to enjoy what little warmth the sun still provided in these colder months.

It was by chance the seal mink tom would come across Sunnyday sat there looking wet and thoroughly miserable. Elmbreeze had never seen him around before so assumed he was not a RiverClan cat, and clearly not a cat who was familiar with the river. Luckily for Sunnyday, he had been discovered by one of the most relaxed cats in RiverClan, and a tom who was certainly not afraid of meeting cats from other clans or ignoring border markers. "Hello there," Elmbreeze called out, keeping his distance for now in case the older tom was not looking for company. "Did you mean to go for a swim?"

Oh no... Sunnyday lowered his ears in growing embarrassment as he turned his attention towards the RiverClanner on the other bank. Already he was beginning to brace himself for the potential onslaught of quips that would be made at his expense, how ThunderClanners weren't destined for the river. But all he got was a jest that seemed more friendly than malicious, and it worked somewhat to put him at ease. The tom offered up a nervous grin as he squeezed his eyes shut. "N-no, not really. I had a lil slip in my pursuit of a bath." He explained as he opened his eyes again and gestured with a swing of his head to his paint splotch.

Looking between the two banks he came to realise that the RiverClan one was so much closer than that of the ThunderClan bank. It left him in quite the predicament. "Um... can I be honest with you? I don't know how to swim. I don't think I can make it back across the water to my side of the river." He'd surely be swept away to his death if he even dared to try.​


Well, at least the tom seems in good spirits, given the situation had found himself in. Elmbreeze imagined some of the other clans would probably just complain if they took a spill in the river or were forced to swim. "A slip? Looks like you took more of a dive to me, friend," Elmbreeze titters, more to himself than at Sunnyday.

When Sunnyday asks if he can be honest, Elmbreeze's ears twitch and he inclines his head to listen, completely serious as the ThunderClan explains his predicament to him. Once he's done speaking, Elmbreeze casts a glance over to where the ThunderClan bank is before turning back and nodding at Sunnyday. "I could help you cross, if you like?" He offered.

"I suppose, heh!" Sunnyday exhaled a soft sigh as he clung to the rock even tighter than before, as if fearing it could disappear away from under him at any second. When the offer to assist him came he could barely subdue the look of desperation and relief. It was a blessing that good cats still existed, a pleasant contrast from some of the recent dramatics involving the other clans. "If it's not too much trouble, I would be most grateful! I'll definitely owe you a bird or mouse for this." With luck his ordeal would soon be over.​


"I'd take a mouse!" Elmbreeze responds heartily. "Don't get to eat much of those in RiverClan as you might imagine." Elmbreeze waits a moment before padding towards the water's edge and slowly stepping into the river, showing little concern about the water rippling around his legs. He moves through the water with ease, calmly swimming close to where Sunnyday is clinging to the rock. "Okay, just slowly walk out to me," He advised. "Once you're in the water just stick close to me and I'll tell you what to do! It'd be better if you get across yourself but if you find yourself struggling I'm happy to drag you across if needed!" He chuckles.

Sunnyday gave a nod of agreement as he noted that he'd have to hunt for a nice, big mouse for the helpful RiverClanner. In mesmerised awe he watched as Elmbreeze entered the water with such skill and calmness, something he surely lacked when confronted with such an element. Swallowing with evident nervousness he made his slow descent back into the river, but as his paws lost the comfort of a solid surface beneath them he felt the panic wanting to surge back up again.

But he fought against it. Gritting his teeth, he tried to focus on Elmbreeze and he studied how the other was moving. The ThunderClanner attempted to copy the other, even though his forepaws splashed about like that of a new kit flailing. At least he was able to keep his head above the water this time. "O-okay... am I doing it?"


As expected, Sunnyday didn't seem particularly enthused about having to get in the water again, but Elmbreeze had to give credit where credit was due, for the older tom did eventually join. His attempts at trying to swim were not as refined as RiverClan cat but it was a good effort and at least it meant that Elmbreeze wouldn't have to literally drag him back.

"Yeah, that's it!" Elmbreeze cheered. "Good job! Just give me some nice, long stroke okay? We'll be across the water in no time!" Despite his own enthusiasm, he recognised that Sunnyday probably just wanted to get this over and done with. "Stick close to me whilst we cross. If you find yourself struggling just let me know."

The praise was refreshing and just what he needed into order to keep him moving, though he wouldn't deny that the process of swimming was placing a strain on his limbs. He was beginning to understand why RiverClanners could be quite muscular and blessed with stamina. "Maybe I should do swimming more often", he mused privately.

Sunnyday slowed his forelegs and instead began to move with steady, low strokes with his paws. It certainly beat his earlier flailing and he swore that he was moving faster despite the slower movements he was making. Fortunately his woes were over the second his paws found the shallower waters and he was able to stand instead of swimming, now forever thankful for having long legs. It was a short trudge back to the shore and he proceeded to haul his sodden body up onto the grassy bank with a sigh of relief. "Goodness! How do you RiverClanners manage it? My whole body feels like it's on fire." He wheezed before he flopped down on his side in exhaustion. "But thank you, I truly mean it. I wouldn't have managed that without your help."