BRACE FOR A STORM;; herb patrol

Things were happening around the territory, the presence of twolegs had multiplied tenfold and though in the past she had felt safe enough to go on her own to collect herbs despite not usually doing so, she didn't feel safe now. There was too much happening, too many cats getting injured - or taken in the case of Troutsnout, something so recent it kept Moonbeam on edge - and they needed herbs. Moonbeam couldn't ignore the fact they needed herbs, that she needed to stock up in case more happened, in case the twolegs started doing worse than traps in the territory and garbage in the rivers when it came to injuries.

"We're looking for yellow flowers that look like they have big round tops but it's actually a lot of little petals bunched together." She'd explain the look of the marigold to the group, paws motioning in front of her to show about how tall they were, how big the tops were on the plant she liked to be most stocked up on. When they all understood she'd nod her head and move out, a warning to be careful leaving her maw as they trekked on into the territory to find it.

It had taken a bit of time but they had a decent enough haul, eat cat carrying one or two of the flowers to make the trip a little easier to do. Flowers would drop from the medicine cat's maw however as the sound of rustling caused her to turn, the scent of twolegs quickly filling her nostrils in place of the herbs she had grown to love as she spotted the hulking beast coming towards them. "Run! Hide!" She'd shout the order to the patrol of cats, streaking off as quickly as she could to the reeds along the riverbank, crouching low as she watched with wide eyes for the twolegs.

They hid, successfully they'd all think. The sound of twolegs stomping away in what the patrol could only decide was defeat at being outsmarted by the cats. As each cat filtered out from their hiding spots however, there was one pelt that was missing, for Moonbeam's bright white pelt made it too hard for her to hide and as the adrenaline pushed her heart into her ears she didn't notice the way a twoleg came up from behind, grabbing her by the scruff as gloved hands wrapped around her face and she was tucked underneath an arm in just the right way where she couldn't fight back, couldn't yell for help, and she was gone.

RiverClan has no medicine cat to heal them.

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The twoleg presence had Claythorn on edge. She did not like their scent, their mannerisms- not too long ago she was absolutely pissed at the thought of them. When Moonbeam gathered them for protection during a patrol, she hadn't refused in the slightest- in fact, she was reaching at the chance to get another sight at the twolegs and ensure that Moonbeam would make it out and back safely. Her ears twitched as she was explained was she was looking for, and while she had turned to search for the marigold, they were snuck up upon.

Claythorn's eyes turned to snap towards Moonbeam, in the direction she ran off in as she headed for the trees. While she wasn't the greatest climber, she had more experience then those that swam the rapids. Claws dug into bark, and she hunkered in the trees while staring down. Her breathing was racing, heart thudding in her ears. Where was Moonbeam? Where was Moonbeam? Where was she?

Time passed, and she crept out, one of the first remaining to appear in an open space. Her head whipped this and that, looking for the moonlit color she knew well enough. ".. Where's Moonbeam." She asked those who showed themselves, words edging desperate. Vision snapped that way, and the other, before her mouth parted and she began to search for the milk-pelted medicine cat. Her head lowered as she tracked scent, a patch of reeds stomped down. The vile scent of twoleg. The last spot Moonbeam had touched.

Her head reared back, as if struck. "We need to go back to camp." She spat out, turning on hurried paws and heading towards wherever the hell Lichenstar was.
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Bronzeshine held the bitter flowers in her maw carefully. She'd say it was to preserve the integrity of them, but really, if she didn't bite down too hard, she couldn't taste it. Eyes on a constant scan, she cursed the fragrant herbs for her lack of scenting ability. Generally that's important when trying to keep someone safe. Her tail lashed twice.

"Run, hide!" Moonbeam had screamed. Flashing pelts and reeds and flowers forgotten on the earth. She was under some bush, just shaded enough. She couldn't see to figure if everyone had made it to safety, but she hoped. Peering out carefully, joining Claythorn, the words died on her tongue. She had no quip to make this time. She simply nodded.

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.·:*¨༺ ☾ ༻¨*:·. Lakemoon’s lack of knowledge about herbs was predictable, the tabbies passion for combat and providing a different type of service to her clan solidified her path many moons ago. Still, the long-limbed warrior couldn’t say she minded tagging along on an herb patrol with their young healer today, it was a shift in her routine, something that usually sparked unease, but this task seemed peaceful enough. The optimistic light of new-leaf was not enough to dull the tabbies senses, not even the sunshine that beat down on a stormy hued spine. If she were by herself, perhaps Lakemoon would relish in the warm golden rays for a moment, but with the presence of two-legs breathing down Riverclans neck, being a part of a patrol made them more noticeable- vulnerable, in a way.
Moonbeam gives descriptive instructions that sound easy enough to fulfill, tasking the warriors to be on the hunt for bunched, yellow flowers. Lakemoon frowns for a moment, a distant memory of tucking yellow petals into brindled fur clouding behind azure optics for a heartbeat before the warrior forces herself out of the past, composure corrected in the blink of an eye.
By the time Lakemoon finds her way back to the patrol, two plush flower heads poke from the scarred warrior's maw, the stems leaving an earthy taste on her tongue. It looked as though everyone had about the same amount as she- slightly disappointing from a competitive standpoint, but hopefully their finds would satisfy Moonbeams inventory.
There’s a slight vibration under paw- heavy footed and one that shouldn’t have been there. Delicate petals are quickly dropped, scattered upon the arrival of the twolegs. Moonbeam cries out to run and Lakemoon does as she is told, becoming one with the reeds and the mud.
There is crashing beyond her hiding place, the tactless thumping of twolegs wandering loud for a
moment. As their racket begins to wane into still silence, Lakemoon emerges from her hiding place. The tawny blended pelts of Bronzeshine and Claythorn trickle out as well, their eyes wide with adrenaline. Lakemoon looks around, but there is no snowy flank in sight, her scent too muddled with the rest. Claythorn is the first to speak of their medicine cats disappearance aloud, and Lakemoon meets her gaze with something dark, grim.
Without their medicine cat, Riverclan was left vulnerable, there was no safety net to lean on, Moonbeam had whisked it away with her. Claythorn says they need to go back, and Lakemoon nods. “Stick close to shrubs, trees, anything you can use to hide yourself, we need to be quick but careful.” Lakemoon would be getting back to her kits, there was no other option.

  • LAKEMOON she/her, warrior of riverclan, 27 moons.
    lanky blue tabby with low white and navy blue eyes and a slightly twisted right hind leg. A large facial scar stretches from her right brow to her left cheek, and another crosses at her chest and stretches down the length of her stomach.
    daughter of Tempestmoon && Lilypad ࿏ sister to Wolfwind ࿏ mate to Lilybloom & mother to Snowkit, Graykit
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
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Her paws wobbled- unsteady, did her breathing roll in and out of her. Vision turned, searching for the white pelted cat even know, even knowing that she was definitely hauled away. Ears flattened against her head as she turned on hurried paws, flitting through the forest she was coming to know just as well as any other drypaw, stalking through aquatic-type underbrush with a mission in mind.

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  • CLAYTHORN she/her, warrior of riverclan, eleven moons.
    LH chocolate torbie with mismatched golden eyes, scars across her right cheek and over her left ear. cold exterior and threatening glares, built for stamina/battle and not swimming (tall/muscled)
    mentored by darkbranch (npc) / / mentoring no one
    no current love interest / / only child
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
    penned by dallas ↛ dallasofnines on discord, feel free to dm for plots.