− ♱ ABOUT : he can feel it. deepening, thickening with each long, rapid stride, river - lean muscle rippling beneath his sleek, curled coat. a heavy, red - hot heat that buries itself within his thick coat, dusting his bicolored form in a fine layer of soot. smoke hovers low along the treeline, threading between the burning embers along thick branches of massive, looming oak. the man did not know thunderclan territory well — what little time he’d spent in the forest ages ago, before the split, long before the war. he’s relying on faint memory alone, ivory paws pushing him further into the smoldering, collapsing trees. in the torrential downpour, the lung - threatening smog has lightened just enough to allow for full, albeit increasingly painful breaths. it’s only when the land begins to dip that he slows, frigid gaze casting wildly about the sandy gorge. fallen limbs lie strown across the former camp, riotous with flame and flickering char.

keep low to the ground — look for survivors. “ the man calls, tossing his head over his shoulder towards the band of warriors he’d brought with him. his strongest, fastest — most trusted. he hopes they are prepared.

this takes place shortly after the second evacuation thread, and is open strictly for all riverclan warriors and remaining thunderclanners. please tag to interact, cicadastar is open to help any stuck thunderclanners!
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  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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Vision ebbed and flowed like the river she sought. Soot painted her coat near black while cinders (how fitting) weaved between the charred strands. Red, smoke-stung eyes stared absently forward as she marched.

Right paw, left paw, right paw. Pain raged across her shoulders yet no longer seared her burned paws. In fact, her front paws felt numb. Previously they'd been on pins and needles but now? Now they felt fine.. The molly, in her stupor, managed to register that this sensation - this lack of sensation - wasn't a good omen. For now, though, she remained unafraid of the consequences of her risky behavior. They didn't hurt anymore so that probably meant they weren't too bad, correct?

A familiar voice summoned her forward. @CICADASTAR. At the last gathering, she'd avoided his gaze and watched bitterly from the forest. However, present day, the sight of him caused the dam holding back her tears to break.

"Cica.." The she-cat had no right to ask him for any favors considering the way she previously acted. So, instead, she begged, "Please.. Please save my Roe."

"I need to rest. I'm going to lie down and close my eyes.. just for a little.." [/I]​
perhaps not the most trusted among cicada's ranks, her very being is undeniable. only a fool would leave her back, and as much as she hates to admit it, cicada is no fool. she is close to him, closer to him than she's ever been since she had threatened him. since he had taken her into riverclan and stripped her of her name and privacy. she is sure lightningstone is still watching her, even now. even as the smoke and embers groom themselves into her wispy pelt, digging in and claiming sanctuary. the smoke is in her lungs, her eyes are in a teary haze and yet she persists. the further she moves from her river, the more uncomfortable the woman becomes. unlike her higher-ranking comrade, she had never seen the forest aside from afar. it was only apart of her horizon. she had never left the river territory, and she hopes to never do so again.

she moves away from the star-blessed leader of riverclan, searching for anything in this wreckage. the fire consumes, heavy with greed as it keeps eating and eating. she keeps low, as cicada instructed. as if hiding from the seeking flames, looking for its next victim. her wanderings, moving fallen branches to check for any stragglers who hide beneath, turn up empty. it's not until someone calls cicada that turns buckgait's attention to a fading molly. the name roe slips from her mouth, and her searching grows hurried. but that molly needs to be taken, and she's sure that cicada, all great and powerful, knows the risks. to rest is to die.

she needs to find someone. she needs to get them out of the smog, the heavy coat of smoke that strangles the poor victims.

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− ♱ ABOUT : cica. it’s a familiar voice, lacking the same vitriol it had been dripping the last time it had met his orbital ears — but croaking. quiet. just a hair louder than the crackling flames around them, scratching just high enough to make out beyond breaking limbs and burning leaves, “ sal. “ that’s not her name anymore, he knows — but it falls from his tongue too easy, too casual. sal. days and memories of past come to flit over his minds eye, only dissipating as the smoke clears just enough to focus on the silver - blue molly. she was breaking — her voice cracking, a sob. he can’t imagine the terror, thinks of a time long ago when the darkness under her eyes were not so dark. she was haggard, injured, even more so than the war that had ripped through her, torn her soul and sanity to shreds with grief. her indiscretions do not cross his mind in this moment. the mottled felidae leaps forward, bounding around roaring flame, trying to keep low and cycle the air closest to the ground through already - straining lungs. the man glances around wildly — moss. she could breath through moss, should she have it, “ roe . . we’ll find them, we’ll — “ roe. the name sounds familiar, said in passing amongst the thunderclanners. roe. roekit, “ a — a kit. a kit. buck! “ as loud as his voice will allow with his limited lung capacity, his head pivots to find the brown molly, eyes wild, to call her over before his gaze is returning to cinderfrost.

she’s muttering, talking about resting, closing her eyes — panic surges in his chest and he is pressing himself against her, aiming to shoulder her weight and allow her to lean fully against him. he licks the side of her face roughly in attempts to rouse her enough to move, cringing at the bitter taste of soot and fire that clings to singed silvery fur, “stay awake for me, keep your eyes open. press your nose into my fur and breathe, im going to get you out of here — “ roe. roe. where would he be? “ the nursery — tell me where the nursery is, we’ll get roekit. ” he hopes she stays awake. he needs her to stay awake, to tell her where the kitten lie, huddled surely in smoke and soot. his chest feels ready to collapse, though not yet by smoke inhalation. he hopes it is not already too late.

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  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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It was inevitable that the ThunderClan cats would eventually return to rescue their trapped clanmates. Flycatcher was grateful that Cicadastar had offered help with the rescue, alongside other warriors of his clan. The blue tabby marched along with the group of assembled cats, River and Thunder both, as they approached the scorched remnants of the ThunderClan camp. He looks over the destruction of his home and for a brief fleeting moment he seems to forget about the smog. And then it hits him again, forcing a hoarse cough from his throat.

Not far from him he hears Cinderfrost beg Cicadastar to find Roekit. The RiverClan leader agreed to do so, urging the medicine cat to stay awake. "Don't worry, Cinderfrost," Flycatcher mews quietly to the silver she-cat. A tail flicks comfortingly over her shoulder. "We will find Roekit for you don't worry. Just stay awake for us, alright? ThunderClan still needs you."

With a farewell nod, Flycatcher inches closer to camp, keeping low to the ground and out of the worst of the smoke, as per Cicadastar's instruction. "If anyone is there call out!" Flycatcher yelled. His throat ached from the smoke so even raising his voice that much was a considerable amount of effort.
Cries outside the camp perked up Emberstar's ears, and she rose to meet their call. Though her throat felt the smoke all the more for it. Not all the voices were familiar to her, but right now that hardly mattered. She coughed, then rose her own voice to meet them. "I'm here!" she called as loud as her aching lungs would allow. The sting made her wince, but she pushed through. "There is a branch blocking the camp entrance, and I can't move it. I have Roekit and Stagpaw nearby to me." She told her would be rescuers, trying to recall all the info that might be helpful to them though the haze clouding her brain. As she spoke she glance around, trying to locate the two cats she had named. Last she had seen them, they had been near her, but it was possible in all the smoke and confusion she had lost them.

"There are also branches blocking the elder's den, and at least two cats trapped in there." Emberstar added, recalling what she had seen in all the confusion. "They need to be a priority, I don't know how long they can hold out in there." She felt a flicker of anguish in her heart. Even in her usual state, lifting any branches was nearly always out of the question. Skilled as she was, she had little in terms of strength. Now though, between burns and smoke inhalation, there wasn't a chance she would get any of them to budge. Not that she hadn't tried though. What else was she supposed to do while she was trapped here?

A tiredness had crept into her bones, but she ignored it. Though her eyelids fluttered and her legs ached, she kept upright. She had to help her clanmates, she had to.
✦ ★ ✦

All was dark and red, smoke billowed about, obscuring. He could not concentrate, could not think. He had never not had his mind, his logic, his tranquility, but maintaining concentration was- hard in this light, to say the least. Through crooked jaws came gasping wheezes, the smog unhelpful to his already weakened lungs, head bowed low to the ground. From the sting he was forced to squeeze olivine eyes tight shut, and take in what little clean air he could. His tail twitched from discomfort- Sparky's voice rang out, calling to someone somewhere.

"I can't- breaffe, ff-ery well..." A weakened voice, unaided in volume by Berryheart's crooked jaw slurring his words in a lapse of panic, scraped against his throat. Perhaps this would have been high time to raise his voice, but in his faintness and requirement for concentration the idea to shout for help did not quite aid him. But- he did need help. Quite desperately. Through the skin of his eyelids, fluttering squint, he looked for any familiar pelts- for his family, for anyone fast, for anyone. His mouth was dry, his throat burned, his lungs were aflame.

He had no intention of discovering what dying was like yet. There was still so much to learn.

Everything hurt. Her lungs screamed, her throat felt like she had swallowed embers. Beneath her, Koko was frozen to the ground in fear. She could feel the younger cat beneath her trembling, but that was the only way she knew the other Molly was still alive. The air in here was hardly air at all. The den was so full of smoke, she couldn't see Koko at all. Standing above her, she could feel herself loosing her grip from reality.. With each moment she grew weaker, until she was hardly standing above Koko at all. Embers from the branch that was blocking their entrance showered her back, but she did her best to twitch them away with her thick fur.

Every breath was forced...shear determination was keeping her alive. Her eyes slowly drooped shut, her legs shaking as she drifted forward, almost passing out. Her attention was briefly alerted as she swore she heard voices. "" she murmured, quietly than she had intended.


The sight before her is utterly overwhelming. Eyes blown wide at the tongues of heat and flames, she takes a deep, shuddering breathe before forcing herself onwards. She's promised to help - there are cats in need of rescue - kits even! Emberstar calls out to her clanmates from the entrance, speaking of where cats are out of reach beyond. "I'll help you lift it! Push your side and I'll pull and tug mine!" she calls over, hoping her pan will work- she has no idea how heavy or lodged the barrier may be, but she can't see any other way to go about it unless starclan suddenly gave them wings. Teeth and claws scrabble for purchase, mismatched gaze seeking out anyone to help. Smoke and ash burns her gaze and nose, the crackling roar of flames seeming to echo in her mind, but she can't worry about that now. She has to be strong.


It doesn't take long for cries of help to reach his ears. Flycatcher scans the area for a sign of one of his still missing friends but doesn't spot anyone immediately. Another rattling cough erupting from inside him distracts him for a brief moment, but as soon as he's shaken the cough he's back on the search. As he searches through the camp, he hears a weak voice call out, words slightly slurred when they hit his ears. An ear twitches and Flycatcher moves in the direction of the voice eventually coming across the familiar tortoiseshell form of Berryheart. "Berryheart! It's me Flycatcher!" The blue tabby tom calls out, before carefully making his way over to him. Berryheart seems alright at first glance - or at least there's no obvious injuries on first glance - though the tortoiseshell's voice certainly seemed strained and the fiery smoke would not have helped his breathing. "I'm going to help you get out of here alright? Can you tell me if you can move at all?"

the voices offset the roar for the licking flames, a swift movement to return to side the cicada. now is not the time for her petty emotions towards him. there's a child within these flames and it consumes her entirely. "i will get roekit. you need to get her out of here. i can find the nursery." hushed and hurried, she does not expect him to follow her word, but she still urges him. cats do not do well in this choking fog.

emberstar speaks about roekit and stagpaw, buck has to ignore a pang in her chest as she looks around the leading molly. any sign for youth, any sign of life. "i promise you we'll do our best to get them free, but i need to get to roe and stag." it's an urgency that cannot be ignored. if she's quick enough, buckgait is sure that she can reach the elders along with the young. even as the flames eat away at her strength and try to weaken her, she's sure on her feet and the muscle underlying her earthen pelt is anything but for show. "listen to me, stay close to the ground and lean against me. save your strength. i can get all three of you out." she just needs ember to guide her, it's all she has to do in these moments.

the smoke is heavy, coating her lungs in a sparse layer of ash. she misses the river. it's all that grounds her, the coolness it will offer her after this. a quick glance to the deeply colored tom who commands her. cicada is definitely feeling the heaviness of it all, he can't stay here long. none of them can. aligning herself with the pointed woman, buckgait makes a sturdy force to lean against.

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Koko's paws have betrayed her, and so has her words. She has gone practically mute at this point, wide eyes staring at the ground in terror. Flame is above her but its barely recognized by Koko at this point, its hazy, shes dizzy, shes gonna throw up and in the haze all she can think of is if Nightingale was okay. Had he escaped, or had he been condemned to death like Flame and Koko? The smoke invading her lungs has been long phased out and the pain was replaced with bitter acceptance.

Flame speaks. Shes not dead yet, they're not dead yet and theres a spark of hope. Finally she comes back to her senses and she coughs, coughs so hard she gags and then coughs more. Her paws still do not work, but her voice comes back, if only a little squeak. "I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry," a string of apologies leave her mouth, quiet, a croak, her throat hurts so much. Her body shakes and now her thoughts fill with the fear of Flame getting injured because Koko had ran the wrong way. Soot-filled tears fill her eyes if they hadn't already and they spill, break the floodgates. Then Flame begins to falter above her and it sends Koko in to a deeper panic, faster apologies leaving her mouth. This was her fault, her fault, she got them killed, they were going to die a fiery death.


The irony of suffocating from smoke was not lost to him. Breathing here was difficult even as low to the ground as they had crept and he found his face twisting into a perpetual snarl as he tried to filter air between his teeth rather than through his nose where the thick, heaving gray clouds threatened to drown him on dry land. As Cicadastar and Buckgait break off to help the ThunderClan medicine cat find her lost kitten, he turns to the fiery leader as she explains the situation. The dark tom's shoulder brushes Emberstar as he passes and he pauses to give her a sharp glance, silently willing her to go ahead to the rest of her clan already fleeing to the river but whether she did or not he would not know, his long strides carrying him swiftly through the tangled and burning mess that was once ThunderClan's camp. The dens are not terribly hard to locate and the yowls of cats fill the air so shrilly he almost does not hear the quiet 'help' that comes from the one nearest him. It is shrouded in burning branches and crumbling twigs, fire sparks around it like a halo.

It is too cramped to get a good hit in on the branches blocking the den at this angle, the way they had fallen meant his only choices were to just grit his teeth and struggle against it or lift his entire body up into the drenched darkness of the smoke that floats above like an ominous cloud; a brewing storm that only rained fire. Smokethroat pauses for only a moment before giving a hiss, "To hell with this!", and rising onto his hindlegs, holding his breath; his eyes tear almost immediately but he ignores them and drops his weight down onto the smoldering tree branch before him once; it trembles finally and he feels it give.
Encouraged, he repeats the act, using his large size and power to his advantage like he would to any downed foe; break them before they can get back up, repeat it until you had taken them out. Gradually the branch shatters, still partially blocking the den entrance but with enough of a space cats can wedge themselves out with enough effort. Smokethroat thrusts his head into the opening, shoulders catching at the jagged edges of wood and cutting as he wrestles his way in and spots the red tabby pelt of a ThunderClanner hunched over another smaller cat (an apprentice? a kitten? it's hard to tell).
"Hey!" He calls out roughly, voice hoarse and chokes back the cough as he waves a paw at @Flamewhisker and the cowering @koko beneath her. "This way-this way!"

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Glazed eyes watched the smoke dance in front of her, swirling against the black and orange background of night and flames, the gentle crackle of her home burning becoming white noise.
She can’t remember how she ended up on her flank, sprawled out against the dirt. Emberstar had grabbed her, and they were running… her mothers voice calling for her from somewhere in the haze.
Another branch, bristling with flames, came crashing to the ground, and she was thrown back.
She can’t remember much after that, truthfully. She was stumbling, Emberstar was still for a moment, and then had come back to life. How could that happen?
Nine lives… nine lives… nine lives…
The gentle changing that began in her head overrode what she was trying to think of.
Her chest burned, and her breaths were mere wheezes, much like the situation that had happened earlier that day, but this… this pain was different. She had meant to ask Berryheart, who had stuck by her side throughout the ordeal, who seemed to be so knowledgeable about everything.
Bleeding forepaws clutched at her chest, she had been torn from her mother for a second time, only briefly spotting the ashen molly as she had saved Emberstar.
She can hear the voices, distant and muffled, but she could hear them.
Roekit! Where’s Roekit?
Roekit! I need to get to Roekit!

The voices that called her name were unfamiliar, but urgent. Trembling, the amber tabby lifted her head, but quickly it came back to the ground. Too much work…
She parted her maw to speak, "mmere! I’m mright… ri…here!" Her voice was not able to call loudly, but she tried, oh stars did she try.
"mright ‘ere…" slurred and drowsy, she mumbled once more, eyes squinting as tears prickled at them. "mama… mright here!" She rasped, the burning in her chest cavity increasing with each word she struggled out.

[ trying to interact with @BUCKGAIT. or anyone who can hear her, calling for @cinderfrost ]


She could hear commotion outside the den. Someone was here to save them...Hope surged inside her, and soon light burst into the den as their savior broke through the barrier. Flame's body shook as a rough cough erupted from her lungs. Shakily, she leaned down to nudge Koko, trying to get her to leave. "C'mon...we" she rasped. Her fur was so dark from the soot and ashes, she was nearly unrecognizable. Her once fiery fur was the color of charcoal now, tipped with the orange that she was named for.

She would muster up what strength she had left, and would attempt to give the young cat a sharp push towards Smokethroat, before falling to her paws at the floor of the den. Whatever air he had let into the den was much better than what they had been trapped with, but she couldn't hold on any longer. The world around her started to blur even more, and she slowly felt herself slipping away into a world of darkness.

/ @Smokethroat & @koko

He forced himself in further, knowing he might need to grab a cat by the scruff but he did not expect to have a child shoved in his direction and the other cat present to simply pass out; he already felt lightheaded in here so he could only imagine how bad it had gotten for those present even longer. Without pause he craned his neck in to try and grab Koko by the back of her neck with a quick tug, shuffling backwards despite any protest to yank her out into the camp before going back in. That was the easy task done, fortunately or unfortunately, kits were not hard to toss about. Flamewhisker was much bigger than the other cat, but thankfully he was a big enough cat in his own right that she would not be a problem. After a moment of contemplation and not wanting to wait too long he opted to just grab hold of her scruff as well, filling his mouth with soot and ash that had lined the ginger cat's entire body like a cloak. From he fought his way backwards, tail lashing to try and drag her out of the smouldering den before it fully collapsed. If he could just get her to a clear spot he could probably put her on his back if the kit needed carrying. It would be tedious, slow him down considerably, but it was all he could think to do; from there the next stop was to the riverside where hopefully other cats would be present to help.
"C'mon-eyes open-!" He growled out the alarmed demand through teeth full of fur as he kept going, his words muffled but still coherent, "What's your name? Kit yours? Stay awake now! Talk to me!"

When they got back to camp he would be heavily debating asking Cicadastar to change his name; this was a little too close to home for his preferences.
"Kit can you walk?"

@Flamewhisker | @koko

The snow-thick pewter that had settled on the camp already, flame-feathered leaves falling to meet it, still clung to Sloepaw's throat. It made crying out for help a challenge, one he conquered with a brutish cough. The exhale shot fresh pain through him, but the tom managed to respond to the approaching voices. "Oi, in 'ere! I- ach- I'm with Howling Wind and Little Wolf." He shouldering one side of the apprentice den, its structure razed and roof akimbo. The fur the char ferns had fallen on throbbed, an agony unfamiliar to the former kittypet. In that moment, he wasn't ashamed to admit he whimpered with every shift of his shaking limbs. It was all he could do, after barreling into the den like a blind animal. You twat.

"Someone push from the outside, and maybe we can break through the wall?" Each word was smoked between blunt breaths as the apprentice desperately hoped that another cat was listening. The cruel memory of a warm bed, plied with the softest of textures and whimsical colours, taunted Sloepaw then. Tantalising scents, chicken and cream- oh, or those crunchy treats- coated his palette. Regrets clung to the panting cat, snowy cheeks smeared with ash.

A crash, an omen of clarity, put those thoughts violently to rest however. A distant branch, falling like all the others, tore away at his sugary reminiscing. The bite of twoleg shouts, the shattering of clay- they punctuated each and every one of those gentle souvenirs. No. He trembled next to his mentor and her daughter, flattened beneath the camp that had become home. By choice. Both of his lives had set his pelt ablaze with fear, spine so easily ruffled with unease. But in this one, he could learn to move past it.

Well, not if he died first. "We need to get out..." Sloepaw began weakly, ochre eyes all but shut against the smoke, the statement directed first at the mollies alongside him. Burning in his shoulder at its crescendo, the tom's panic rose with it."... Get us out!" Shout muffled by their surroundings, the frightful tone he used only further cloaked his crooked ears.

/stuck in the apprentice den with @HOWLING WIND and @LITTLE WOLF open for help (though a member of howlingfam will assist in their rescue)
All Howling Wind can think about as she huddles against her daughter and apprentice is how unready she is to die. She still has grandchildren to watch grow up. She still has to watch Little Wolf become a mother. She still has to see Sloepaw through to the day he stands beneath Emberstar and earns a name of his own. She has so much left. But she's scared, and she's weak. Her body shakes with coughs as she tries her best to lean away from the licking flames, her watery eyes squeezing shut as smoke invades them. "Help!" She yowls once more, after her apprentice. The call drags out another few hacks. "We're not going to die in here. We're not going to," She murmurs to her imprisoned companions, although she can't tell if she's talking to herself or to them.

// tagging @GRAYSTORM and @Hollow Tree but others are welcome to come help them too!
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A part of Mudpelt wishes he hadn't been called upon for such a dangerous task, but what kind of warrior would he be to neglect fellow cats burning? A dishonorable one, that's for sure. So he follows his leader closely, ducking his head as smoke already begins to burn his gaze. He sticks close to Smokethroat's side, following the lead warrior through the camp until he's able to get into the blocked off den to find two she-cats inside. "We need to get them out of camp fast!" He yowls through coughs, looking wildly around the camp as more branches tumble to the ground. Smokethroat drags them both out, and immediately the chocolate warrior can see they'll need help out. Luckily, he and his companion are both large cats. With a nod towards his superior, Mudpelt fastens his teeth into the younger cat's scruff and begins to pull. "We'll gef you ouf uff here," He promises through her fur.

// interacting with @Smokethroat @koko

He awakens from his fall, green eyes opening at the sound of others nearby.

The fire. They couldn't... They couldn't be here! What were they doing?

He makes an attempt to spring up onto his paws, an attempt to shout at them to follow. Unbearable pain shoots through his paw, through his shoulder. Finchcatcher hisses, his stance quickly giving out beneath him. The fire has already begun to diminish into nothing, he soon realizes - his former confines hardly a flicker of a flame. The branch that had once been his attempt at an escape route, the one that broke beneath his paws, was burned to nothing.

How long had he been out? Had those that escaped come home? Sort of, he learns, as unfamiliar voices follow suit.

Warriors from RiverClan.

This wasn't a homecoming. This was a rescue mission.

" 'M here..!" Finchcatcher calls out the best he can, his voice broken and raspy, a sound that surprises even him. A cough follows his words, lungs tightening with each breath he takes. He makes another attempt to stand, one slower than the last, but to no avail. He needs help standing, needs help getting out of here. He can't have left his brother in SkyClan, only to be immediately left to die in ThunderClan. He couldn't do that to Cosmospaw. "Please...!"
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