FEED THE FLAMES / gathering announcements 9.15.22

It seemed like every time she set paw in the Fourtrees, things had changed. This time, her Clan entered the clearing with singed fur and reeking of smoke and asphalt. They had been taking refuge beneath the Thunderpath so they were the first to arrive. Behind them, smoke still curled in the horizon as it marred their territory with a scar that would take moons to heal. She was tired. So very tired of all that had happened these past several moons. The fire was like another slap on the wrist.

Briarstar took her spot atop the large boulder in the center of their sacred clearing and curled her tail around her paws. She did not possess the regality she had come with last moon. She sat with her shoulders hunched and her eyes squinted as she watched what took place below her. The Clans mingled, chatting and sharing tongues. She wondered if this past moon had been just as rough on the rest of them. She made no effort to greet her fellow leaders as she was joined on the rock, not because she harbored any ill-will against them, but because recent happenings made her want to be anything but chatty tonight. She wanted to say her piece and escort the Clan back to their hideout.

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The stale scent of ShadowClan and ThunderClan's incinerated territories are opaque on the wind. Blazestar keeps his breath held as he leads SkyClan into the Fourtrees clearing. His paws are sore, and he walks with a slight limp - his back haunch is still sore to the touch, still not right, and putting weight on it causes him to wince.

Still, he would not miss out on this Gathering. No. He had to expose Sootstar for her misdeeds against his Clan. He had to make it known that she was a murderer leading a Clan of immoral warriors who would kill others for stepping paw on the moors.

He looks tired. He feels tired. With a clumsy leap, Blazestar staggers onto the smooth rock. He gives Briarstar a look, but he does not acknowledge her. It would have been wasted effort, an act of futility. He pulls himself to the far opposite side of the great rock and tucks his tail around his paws, staring emptily into the gathered cats below.

His journey into the Twolegplace had been for naught... had done nothing but take him away from his mate while she had almost died to fire. He supposes he'll have to thank Cicadastar for helping ThunderClan...


− ♱ ABOUT : the moon was high. a shadow flits over the silver horizon, silhouetting a molly shaded in tones even darker than the star - studded sky above. briarstar’s position draws his attention away from where he chats amongst the crowd, hollow cheeks brimming with the aching of a long - worn smile ; he’d strode in alongside his lead warrior, cackling along to something they’d said with foxpaw instructed to follow at his heel. it was the first gathering for a majority of his apprentices, and he had instructed the eldest of his clan to form the outer walls of their outing patrol to keep the rowdy youth in line. they were brimming with excitement — he could feel it, electric in the air as they bounded after trusted warriors. the mottled tom himself has been decked in shell and feather, woven into the river - sleek and curled pelt. a cicada husk hangs from just beneath an orbital ear, courtesy of darkpaw and flowers of purple and ivory tucked gentle into the slim slope of his shoulders from frostpaw. ornate, perhaps, a little excessive . . the brilliant sunburst yellow flowers tucked haphazardly along his upper arms certainly seem almost too warm for his monochromatic coat. a little celebration, for their first time to the fourtrees.

on his other side had been emberstar.

they’d stumbled upon their evacuated cats smoke - singed and wheezing by the riverside, soot dusting their autumnal coats. the point molly had not been one lucky enough to make it to the rivers before flames enveloped their territory, burning through the forest wrath - like. she’d been taken, one life down, just the same as him — a supposed eight more to go. after a rescue patrol to the blazing camp, thunderclan had taken residence amongst the waters. a few short moons ago, he’d have never entertained it. the bubbly leader charmed him ; her spirits, her willingness to smile in the face of danger, the face of death. while the larger numbers made it more difficult to ride beneath the watchful eye of the twolegs and their boomsticks that haunted their lands, harbors them now upon his drained island. around him, an orange figure flits between his paws, “ ashpaw, find willowroot and sit still. it’s about to begin. “ the man chastises, watching as another, larger figure lumbers his way towards the rock. blazestar, looking worse for wear, massive shoulders sagging beneath the weight of whatever he now carries. an ear twitches, an almost - contempt flaring within his narrow chest before he squanders it, shame prickling beneath his fur. cicadastar shakes his coat, giving his chest a couple of quick licks, the orange flower tucked into his fur from pumpkinpaw bobbing with the movement. his prejudices were unfounded, now. he thinks of beesong. he thinks of those who followed him to the river. he releases a sigh.

he finds the thunderclan leader, gives her a quiet smile. it was time.

with a great leap, the too - tall riverclan leader would take his position amongst the rock, orbital ears and lanky figure casting a shadow looming beneath. moonlight bleaches him, beaming in a halo of brimming ivory. settling alongside briarstar, the man can smell the heady scent of burning bark and fear lingering amongst her dark coat. a frown pulls his maw and he thanks the stars yet again for the rivers that surround his home, his camp. the thought alone nearly forces a shudder. tonight, though, the molly did not seem to be in a talking mood. instead, cicadastar simply bows his head for a brief second, keeping his icy gaze cast out towards the sea of bustling felines, “ my condolences, briarstar. “ he speaks quietly ; though he knew not of the damages inflicted upon her land, it had come from upwind, and it would haunt him should he say nothing. it’s then that he clears his throat, straightening up and letting his glossy tail fold over pristine, water - polished ivory paws. much had happened since he last stood here, bitter and recovering from the attack lain upon him by that horse - stinking minnowbrain living just over the gorge. no longer was he sunken in, not do deep bags of exhaustion hang heavy beneath frigid luminaries. health shone in rivulets of gleaming alabaster and ebony, diet of fish and brutal exercise keeping him well - fed and thriving, trim beneath thick curls.

glancing towards where his clan gathers, drifting over the youthful faces beaming up at the leaders as they gather atop highrock, there is nothing but pride.

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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WindClan is as strong as it's ever been, perhaps not the most unified, but they were strong and StarClan did it show. They were not plump, yet notably well-fed, StarClan had blessed them with pleasant hunting that they were hoping would last throughout leaf-bare and into new-leaf. Regardless, they were thankful for this blessing and most certainly taking advantage of it.

Now with a full team of high-rankings at her side, all but their medicine cats notably marked with a diagonal slash on their chest (Sootstar with five) they proudly wore this badge of honor into the gathering. Sootstar casts her clan a prideful look, "We all look splendid tonight." She purrs to them, the pride she held for her clan practically radiating off her fur. Sure... they had some bumps in the last moon... but they still stuck together. They were still WindClan through it all, and Sootstar was still queen of wind and hills.

"Everyone behave, don't mingle with SkyClan. Don't push buttons." Whispers the leader. Shockingly this order didn't come out of predjudice (mostly) but genuine caution. She could feel something in the air... tension yes- but more. Something would be said tonight, she didn't know if it'd come from the King of Kittypet's maw or one of his mutts.

"Duskfire, you're with me. Sit at the base of the rock below me." With that word to her deputy, the tiny she-cat makes her way to the large boulder. Despite struggling with the leap due to her size, she shockingly manages to get up with relative grace. The first thing she notes is the scent of smoke, Briarstar's fur stunk of it.

Yes... the fire. WindClan knew more than most clans did about that, their tunnels proved useful for gathering such information.
A shame. She doesn't know how much of ShadowClan had burned, but at least a bit she imagined. Sootstar says nothing on it, better to not risk revealing she knew something she shouldn't.

"A wonderful night, isn't it Briarstar? Cicadastar? How many moons has it been now since our great clans have risen? I have the utmost joy tonight seeing our successful clans, happy and strong." She smiles to the two, ignoring Blazestar intentionally, of course. They both knew their positions with each other, why pretend formalities? The flame-mask tom could in-turn ignore Sootstar all he wanted, she didn't wish to mingle with him nor his kind.

At the side of the Riverclan leader, Emberstar entered the gathering with her clan in tow. Next to the tall, smokey tom she looked even smaller than usual. A tiny molly even more decorated with scars than fur, now that a long burn spiraled down from between her shoulders and along her back had been added to her collection. Her movements were slower, without the bounce that had once been in her step, almost careful now. There was a clear effort to her smile that hadn't been there before.

Like the other leader beside her, her pelt was decorated with flowers and scales and a whole assortment of trinkets. All thanks to the Riverclanners who had so kindly taken them in. Despite all that had happened, she was glad, at least, to know that she could rely on the other clans to come to her aid. This was how the clans were meant to be, she thought, friendly and ready to help each other out.

Emberstar returned the quiet smile Cicadastar gave her easily. The respect she had for him for helping her clan when she couldn't felt boundless.

With him, she nimbly leapt atop the rock with the other leaders. She gave all the leaders the warmest smile she could manage, nodding to each of them in turn. Though she couldn't help the extra shine in her eyes as she regarded Blazestar. It was good to see him again, after this long moon. "It is a nice night!" Emberstar stated brightly. Despite the fact that Sootstar had not addressed her, she decided to respond nonetheless. The only way they were going to get to know each other better, she decided, was by talking to each other. 'It's been two moons, hasn't it? Just gotta count how many gatherings we've had to know it." She observed with a laugh.
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Sootstar’s optimism was not shared this moon. Briarstar flicked an ear in response, tired eyes finding the other molly’s. “I’m glad both of your Clans are thriving,” she meowed, her voice as warm as she could manage. She was glad to hear and see WindClan and RiverClan had done well this past moon. She couldn’t care less about the other two Clans but Emberstar’s arrival made her jaw part in shock. Had the fire crossed into her territory too? It looked like the other Clan had faired far worse than the ones in the shadows. So far, the only injured they’d had were the ones on the patrol near the sycamore tree when the lightning struck and started this whole mess but at least they were safe and it hadn’t reached their camp. The flames were still setting the forest ablaze, but the frequent rain was starting to make them dwindle. She hoped to return home in a few days.

“I suppose we should get this thing started. I need to return to the rest of my Clan as soon as possible,” she said as she stepped forward and yowled to silence the last few chattering cats below her. “Good evening,” she greeted though it felt far from that.

“ShadowClan began the next moon cycle strong. We promoted a lot of new warriors and apprentices. Most importantly, we have a new deputy this moon.” Her eyes searched the crowd for the familiar dark, rosetted pelt of her son. “My son, Pitchsun, is ShadowClan’s new deputy. He is a strong warrior and will follow in my pawsteps to lead this Clan someday. I’m proud of him.” So maybe she was a nepotist but she didn’t care. Her son was the best choice for the job and her legacy would live on through him.

“This coming moon, my kits and Sandylight’s kits should be apprenticed. Before long, we’ll have many strong warriors.” She had not allowed the kits to come, solely because she did not think it was safe. They were on sacred ground, but tensions still gripped the air with teeth and claws, bitter tastes of old memories cling to mouths. They could come next moon when they were apprentices and had a little training.

Her eyes flickered behind her to the billows of smoke curling into the sky. “I’m sure it’s obvious, but ShadowClan had a fire a few days ago caused by a violent storm. Nobody was killed, thank StarClan. We have evacuated camp for safe measure but once the last of the flames are put to rest and I’m assured our camp will not be harmed, we will return. It appears this fire has also affected ThunderClan,” she observed, eyes finding Emberstar among the four other leaders, sticking close to Cicadastar’s side. “That is all from us.”
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Honeytwist has a bad, bad feeling about this gathering. Whether its the fact that she knows Sootstar is standing up there with the leaders, knowing the other female thinks she has done nothing wrong- or if its the fact that she had heard of the Skyclan grievance, her stomach aches regardless. She leads her newest apprentice Dandy besides her, seeks out the other medicine cats and sits with them. Her eyes show no warmth, something that seems to be happening more lately, and they’re distant, as if shes looking past the leaders upon the rock and in to the night sky itself.

Finally the burning stench from two of the leaders hit her nose and she reels, a small cough as smoke invades her senses, scrunching up her nose in disgust as she finally finds herself back to earth. She remembers her meeting with Bonejaw on the border between Windclan and Shadowclan, remembers the helpless face and the tears and her own eyes try to find hers, if anything a silent apology, any type of comfort.

She attempts to curl her tail around Dandelionpaw, protectively. By the end of the gathering, if they weren’t already, Windclan would be an enemy of perhaps many, if not more.

His excitement at his first gathering to meet the other medicine cats of the different clans is slightly dampened by what he knew was to come. Sootstar and Blazestar refusing to even greet one another spoke volumes in the matter of seconds and even if Honeytwist had not insisted he stay by her side he would have done so on his own. Both mismatched eyes scanned the crowd of cats curiously, but he had no real desire to wander off and mingle like the rest of his clanmates did. Maybe it was apprehension, trepidtation, the unyielding fear of knowing he was watching a wave come crashing down and could do nothing to stop it. When Briarstar began to speak he blinks in shock, recalling the sight of smoke from a distance in the moors and how Sootstar had taken the tunnels to investigate their secretive path near the marshlands. It was good to hear no one got hurt, but still. How terrifying. He hoped a fire never ravaged the hilly land of their territory, he could only imagine they were safe because there was not much for it to catch on the empty moors.
Scooting closer to his mentor the sepia point kneaded his paws anxiously and wriggled in place.

Ah, Emberstar... Sootstar cared so little for the Pine group branch off clan that she hadn't even noticed Emberstar's presence. Could you blame her? She practically blended in with ShadowClan, carrying the stentch of smoke on her bright-hued pelt. The ashen molly forces a smile, considering she was right in the face and acknowledgement of the ThunderClan leader. Yet verbally? She doesn't open her maw to utter a word.

Briarstar seemed quick to start the gathering, Sootstar didn't blame her. Her clan was in a blatantly vulnerable state, she wouldn't want to be here any longer than needed either if all she had to show were tired and coughing warriors... Throughout all the news she cringes the most at the mention of Sandylight, some days she managed to completely forget the she-cat and that part of her past... The reminder that her children had half-siblings running around in ShadowClan made her stomach twist into knots. So long as they never found out...

"My condolences to the affected clans of the fire. May StarClan help your clans torward swift recoverings." She meows, words and tone sounding genuine. In reality she didn't care, why should she? It wasn't WindClan that was suffering, and her clan alone was her top priority.

Sootstar rises onto her small limbs, she'd go next.

"WindClan is thriving. We continue to increase in numbers and grow stonger with each passing day. Moonshadow just gave birth to three healthy kits, Periwinklekit, Horizonkit, and Lilackit. Since we've last met, we also promoted numerous warriors and apprentices... I'd name them but- we'd be here all night." She purrs proudly, giving her clan in the crowd a warm look.

"Duskfire has been named WindClan's deputy, he sits below me tonight. He's only held the rank for about a moon, but he's already proven that leadership and directing suites him." She prays to the stars above he will not succeed her and she'll long outlive him... She envies Briarstar for being able to pass her clan securely down to her child. It's something Sootstar desired for herself one day.

"WindClan also has two lead warriors, WeaselClaw and Hyacinithbreath. All of my council should be recognizable with just a glance." They had scars to show for their ranks Afterall now... "Honeytwist has also choosen an apprentice to heal after her, Dandelionpaw. He sists beside her tonight."

"Aside from that, StarClan has recently sent us a dream. Blessing us with fat rabbits, we eat well and hope that'll continue throughout leaf-bare. WindClan hopes that despite recent misfortunes, the rest of the clans will recieve good fortune from StarClan soon." As casually as possible (which... isn't much) she boasts pridefully, "That is all WindClan has to share this gathering." And with that, she sits back down, keeping her posture prideful and tall.


The smell of so many cats would be overwhelming if she hadn't been used to crowds of this size already. She watches Sootstar announce their news, a simple flick of her tail behind her. With her new scar across her chest, she stood out alongside Weaselclaw, Duskfire, Honeytwist, and Dandelionpaw. She gives a wave of her tail to Dandelionpaw, a pitying look to the tom- but it's quickly replaced with the stoic expression she was best known for.

So tense, this place was..

− ♱ ABOUT : there is a tension, palpable in the still mid - greenleaf air. the tall felidae glances to his side, looking almost comically down towards the kittish blue smoke as she strides forward, lifting her chin to boast her clans prosperity. he thinks of briarstar as she speaks ; the dark molly’s exhaustion radiating from her in waves, even through her announcement of deputy. the man blinks, glancing towards her with a brow lightly furrowed. she had chosen a deputy? fine, he supposed. the man flicks his tail, rolling his shoulders back — hare whiskers had chosen her as his right hand, he supposed it was only fitting of her to do the same. and her son, pitchsun. what surprises him, however, it sootstar’s announcement. duskfire. cicadastar does not look at her as he steps forward, taking her position as he falls back in line aside their fellow leaders.

he clears his throat.

good evening, all. “ his voice is loud, clear, casting out over the sea of color underfoot, “ twolegs have taken up residency upon riverclan territory. activity is dwindling and they do not seem fond of anything past the falls, but i encourage everyone to be on alert. “ the man announces, first and foremost. he keeps this brief, quick. there is no reason for the clans to know of his life lost — skewered to a tree by one of the twolegs sharp rock - sticks, bleeding out into the slick ground underpaw. the man blinks, pale eyes going momentarily glassy before he fights to refocus them, giving his head a brief shake and flicking an ear at a petal that dislodges from one of his many decorative flowers, “ we have welcomed many riverborn litters since our last meeting — the waters are brimming with new life. spiderfall has just recently welcomed four kits : roachkit, amarylliskit, forestkit and leafkit. “ he nods in the father’s direction, a brief purr racking up in the back of his throat despite the disgust it brings to his tongue. the ebony warrior is under watch tonight, and he searches for him in the crowd, cool eyes consciously passive. riverclan was growing. now with dewkit, robinkit, roachkit, forestkit, leafkit, puddlekit . . they were drowning in youth, and the mottled tom could not be more proud of his thriving clan, regardless of spiderfall’s involvement.

i have welcomed two of the bravest, most courageous warriors of riverclan to my council : smokethroat and willowroot. both have gone above and beyond for their home, their people, and they should be addressed with respect — both a prime, shining example of a riverclan warrior. “ he does not speak on the topic of deputy. the spot beneath him upon the massive rock is empty, and he stands unwavering, expression set into a demure smile, “ that is all for us. “ he murmurs, glancing toward the flame point molly aside him. she would discuss their living situation — it felt wrong of him to announce on their behalf.

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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Emberstar's smile struggled as no one responded to her comment. This kept happening. Aside from Blazestar, the other leader's scarce seemed to see reason to acknowledge her. She hoped they were just not the cats for small talk, but the knot in her stomach was beginning to persuade her otherwise. Though, she consoled herself, that was beginning to change. She glanced over at the Riverclan leader beside her. He had been more than hospitable in her time in his clan. The pair had got along well, and she was all the gladder for it. Not that she wouldn't have still been thankful if he'd somehow been rude in the process of literally helping to save her clanmates lives, but it warmed her heart to know that she could count him as a friend.

Briarstar began the proceedings, and she could only wince at her tale. The fire had come from the direction of Shadowclan but she had dared to hope that the danger there had been less than in her own clan. She dipped her head in sympathy. Flicking her ear to acknowledge the other leaders words for her, and she was glad that they were not so estranged as to not be able to grieve for each other's tragedies.

Sootstar's account was relieving at least. It was good to hear that at least one of the clans was prospering, in spite of all that had happened in her own. One clan's success was a success for all the clans. "That's wonderful, congrats!" she whispered to the Windclan leader, wanting to give well-wishes without interrupting. She was completely oblivious to the tension that sat between them all.

Cicadastar was next, and she knew next to all of what he had to say. She had been able to gleam much of his clan's state from her time spent in their camp. Still, she smiled and nodded along.

Then he looked to her and she took that as her queue. "Thunderclan to began this moon off with success!" she announced proudly. "We promoted many warriors and apprentices and, learning from Blazestar, we promoted our first deputy! Howling Wind is a capable hunter and fighter - the latter I know all to well - and I could not hope to have a better cat to help me lead Thunderclan!" Emberstar's grin threatened to burst with pride. After a few moments, though, it faded. She had wanted to start strong, like the Shadowclan leader sitting across her had. The news she had to follow though, was much worse. "As Briarstar suggested, Thunderclan too felt the fire. It spread from Shadowclan territory and crept close to our camp and we were forced to retreat, but..."

Her gaze drifted down to her paws. "Some brave souls were lost." She stated simply, not adding that one of them had been her. That much was writ across her back.

Emberstar's eyes found Cicadastar, and a ghost of a smile returned to her. "For the time being, our clan has found shelter with Riverclan, and I cannot express my gratitude enough to them for sheltering us. Some of their number even aided in the rescue attempts alongside some courageous Thunderclanners, and without their valiant efforts more of my clan might have been lost. We are forever in their debt."
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The other leaders arrive one by one, and his frustration begins to mount. Sootstar’s boisterous greeting to Briarstar and Cicadastar especially causes the whiskers around his muzzle to tremble. The fire that shoots from his palpitating heart to the burning pads of his paws fans within his massive golden body.

The other leaders — sans RiverClan’s — announce that they’ve made cats their deputies, following in his pawsteps. Howling Wind, Pitchsun, and Duskfire — a scarred bengal who sits obediently below the tiny WindClan leader, rapt, alert.

StarClan, is she telling us she scarred these cats? Blazestar stares at Sootstar, stunned by the blatant admittance of barbarism. He’s sure now, WindClan is led by a mad queen, intent on violence to make her rule known, absolute.

He gives Emberstar a sympathetic look, Cicadastar and Briarstar a cautious one, before he steps forward. He is convinced now, seeing those scarred warriors… SkyClan has fared well this moon. Our deputy’s kits, Snowkit, Figkit, Greenkit, and Violetkit will soon be apprenticed. We welcome many new warriors and apprentices from outside our forest, cats who have come from all walks of life to pledge their loyalty.” His dark blue glare is defiant. He refuses to show shame for cats who devoted themselves to SkyClan, and would not look down upon them for their heritage.

Blazestar’s glare sharpens on Sootstar. ”SkyClan prospers in spite of the tragedy we suffered this moon. The injustice. Our warrior, Haze, died. Some of you might have known him as one of Rain’s sons.” He lashes his tail and declares, He was murdered in cold blood by WindClan’s leader, Sootstar! In a time of peace, WindClan has chosen to take a SkyClan life needlessly! When SkyClan went to Sootstar to discuss the incident, my patrol’s life was threatened by Sootstar and her warriors.

He turns to face the Gathering. ”Haze was a fine warrior, has siblings who now have to grieve him along with their father, while Sootstar sits and brags about harming her own Clanmates! WindClan is led by a violent murderer, and the forest deserves to know.

And then there is silence.


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Seems all of the clans hadn't been faring the best... WindClan truly was propsering in comparison. She's proud, they really had pleased StarClan, and in turn the gods and goddesses had blessed them with good prey. Sootstar vows that WindClan will continue to please them, and hopefully that meant WindClan wouldn't have to worry about prey this leaf-bare. She wonders if the other clans will earn their ancestors favor like her clan had any time soon.

Sootstar takes note that ThunderClan is residing in RiverClan land, leaving the forest WindClan bordered empty. With all of the smoke, there wasn't much she could do with this information though... ThunderClan land would remain untouched by WindClan, they were doing just fine anyhow.

Blazestar steps forward, going on about how SkyClan too had fresh kits and that SkyClan continued to welcome cats from all walks of life. Her inner-voice snorts, knowing very well that meant kittypet blood still continued to drip into SkyClan... Such cats had no place in the clans, especially in such numbers. But if SkyClan wanted to make their clan impure, Sootstar hardly cared... just didn't understand it.

Then Haze is mentioned, her breathing comes to a momentary halt.
Is he going to cross that line tonight? Was the edging question in her mind, how detailed about that event would he get? Would WindClan be mentioned? Would her name escape that tom's mouth?

He does.
She meets Blazestar's glare, her own lip curling in fury. Mild panic creeps up inside of her, but she does not run or leap down from the rock. She does not order WindClan to leave, she remains seated, paws glued to the rock. Most shockingly of all, she manages to not speak a word until Blazestar was done talking himself. Yet her cold gaze remained locked on him, if only looks would kill... I'd happily return all your lives to StarClan.

Sootstar rises onto her paws once more. "Clans of the forest, what Blazestar tells you is true. Haze died in a fight against me, but this tom leaves out vital information." she points her feathery tail at the kittypet leader, nose wrinkling.

"SkyClan does not border WindClan, Haze and the clan-mate that accompanied him trekked through fourtrees to get to the WindClan border. Yet when they got there they didn't stop, they entered WindClan land. Well... I found these cats on my territory and I wasn't pleased, anyone in my place wouldn't have been." She looks at the other clan leaders specifically when she says this. Briarstar herself warned last gathering that anyone who crossed her borders would face consequences.

"Despite my fury I did not attack on sight, I ordered them to get off my land, told them if they didn't I wouldn't fear to escalate it. Instead... what does Haze do? He insults me, calls me a murderer- for what? Not too sure... for fighting in the great war? If fighting in that battle makes you a murderer, than all of us on this rock are one. A majority of our clan-mates are. You ask me, "murderer" seems to be a title SkyClan cats like throwing around when they start shit and can't win it." Again she looks at Blazestar, emerald eyes burning with an undescribable fury. It toom every ounce of strength not to launch herself at the large tom, but it'd only prove his point... She'd not get a chance to shed his blood tonight, but she prays one day she will.

"After that, he attacks me before I can blink twice. So by now Haze of SkyClan has trespassed with another SkyClanner, insulted me, and attacked me during his time on WindClan land. I warned him to run off my land, told him it would escalate if he didn't, and instead of leaving that tom attacked me." Sootstar hisses, surely they were not all as idiotic as this tom? Surely they had some sense? Some understanding? "So yes, we fought, and he lost his life in the scuffle. I fought to protect myself, our honor, and for WindClan and it's land! I will not stand idle as a cat disrespects our borders, our honor, and our safety. I ask you all to imagine what you would've done in my paws with a trespasser already sinking his claws into you."

Haze had dug and buried himself in his own grave. He knew the potential consequences of entering a fight, let alone entering one with a cat bearing nine lives. A clan leader.

"The clans may think and judge all they want. You can tell me all you want on how I should've done things differently. But I am not a murderer for defending myself against an attacking trespasser. I understand Blazestar and his clan must be still grieving, but to attempt to defame me at a gathering? Absurd... I will hear no more of it."

Oh... and one more thing... "As for harming my clan-mates... the traditions and culture WindClan creates is for us alone to judge. My high rankings are proud to wear the scar as a badge for their rank, and as am I." she moves a paw to push aside ivory chest fur, revealing numerous fresh scars from her high rankings.

That was her bite back. All she could do was see if her words were enough to save her, if not... WindClan may be in solitude from the other clans for quite some time. Wouldn't be the end of the world... but she did not desire more enemies for her young and growing clan.


− ♱ ABOUT : emberstar is next to speak, and as the tall felidae steps back into his place alongside his fellow leaders, he lets his gaze drift. there is a bitterness, perhaps, that he lets rest — sootstar’s lead warrior, marred and even uglier now than he had initially been, bearing scars matching a smokes council. his gaze is lingering near the willow windclanners when ember takes her spot back at his side, drawing his attention from where it had lingered downward. she had thanked riverclan, and he nods his response, offering a small smile — one not long lived. the massive flame point takes his spot at the edge of the stone, full moon alighting his quietly golden frame in a sheen of blistering ivory, the exhaustion that had seeped into broad shoulders lifting momentarily as he moved to speak. unlike the skyclan leader, his gaze locks, unwavering — pale as the moon and twice as cold in this violent white light. he brags of looting more kittypets into his ranks, and despite challenging his biases the tortoiseshell chimera can’t help the quick, dismissive breath he lets out anyway.

and then the topic changes.

the injustice. out warrior, haze, died. some of you might have known him as one of Rain’s sons. glares like stone, a deep lakewater gaze that shifts back to focus on the tiny silver molly he now calls attention to. cicadastar frowns, blinks, wonders briefly if it’s the one he’d nearly taken with his own claws. the phantom memory of blood slipping through his claws forces him back to focus, forcing the thoughts below, he was murdered in cold blood by windclan’s leader, sootstar!

stone drops. there is a quiet ringing in his ears, a far - away look meeting frigid gaze — familiar to his clanmates, haunting still in its blankness. he’s vaguely aware of the way blazestar is still speaking. in a time of peace, windclan has chosen to take a skyclan life needlessly! when skyclan went to sootstar to discuss the incident, my patrol’s life was threatened by sootstar and her warriors. he believes it. he knows it to be true, and he is not surprised. blazestar brags of haze being a fine warrior and he has no qualms — he hopes the tom is resting easy amongst the stars, reunited with a father long gone but still watching. windclan is led by a violent murderer, and the forest deserves to know. cicadastar is suddenly exhausted, himself — a weight now sloping slim shoulders even further down, though his expression remains steely. far away. the forest deserved to know, and starclan, did they know now. there is a beat of silence before sootstar erupts, standing as if calm and strolling towards the edge.

she’s speaking, spinning a tale of the dead he could neither confirm nor deny himself.

after receiving my nine lives, i was attacked by a windclan warrior on my way back through windclan territory. “ there is a disconnect, the way he speaks. absent of its usual warmth, feigned or not. his accented vocals do not waver, nor clip with emotion, “ my attacker stands here, promoted today to lead warrior. in the moon since it’s happened, i have had unruly apprentices punished longer than he. “ the scars that now search violent across his chest was not punishment — he wonders briefly of coercion. again, the tortoiseshell supposed he would not be surprised. it’s then that he finally stands, nearing the edge of the stone so to be able to look down at the molly, contemptuous. patronizing. bitter, “ i was told he would be dealt with, though i see now a possibility for encouragement. be it a trespassing skyclanner or leader, windclan has shown blatant disregard for life — they are not to be trusted. “ they would destroy themselves amongst the moors, scratching too deep, boasting too hard their accomplishments. it’s almost laughable, though the way a curled tail lashes, he is as far from laughter as possible.

in this very place, shortly ago, starclan called for an end to violence. those who now reside closest to the moonstone are now those who most openly defies them. this behavior . . its an affront to starclan. “ she’s pulled her smoke fur to the side, revealing matted flesh of pink - white, puckered grossly against too - thin skin. he curls his lip, “ and an affront to eachother.

with a great leap, the river phantom would descend, landing in the spot of an absent deputy, “ riverclan, we’re going home.

  • / out!
  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

  • none.

One by one after her, the clans make their announcements. Things seem to be well with them all, a few trials and tribulations, but ThunderClan has taken the brunt of it, things seem. She does not care for their Clan, but so many lives were lost in the Great Battle that she does grieve that more have joined StarClan’s ranks in the fire caused by her territory. She was just thinking these things when Blazestar opened his maw and split the thin curtain of peace that lay between them. She remained silent as he spit his accusations towards WindClan, feeling momentary peace that the marshlands were no longer the subject of his Clan’s anger, but it did leave her to ponder. While Sootstar had once been an ally of Briarstar, there were things about her that always made her uneasy. Now, left to fester beneath the safety of power, she wondered what the she-cat was like now. Certainly proud, far too proud, but a murderer? Could she believe it? Her eyes darted to the wounds that marred her high positions’ chests. Unheard of, violent. Briarstar would never make her son and future lead warriors do something so horrendous to their bodies just so they’d be recognized.

Sootstar spoke next. She did not deny the accusations and revealed another perspective of the story. Briarstar’s ear flicked as she considered. She herself had warned that trespassers would be met with hostility, a fight surely heading her way if they invaded the marshes without her permission. Accidents could happen, death being one of them. If Sootstar’s story was true then that meant she was just defending herself and her territory, something that ended in unfortunate consequences of the SkyClanner’s foolish actions. But why would SkyClan provoke Sootstar, set foot on her territory, insult and attack her? There had to be more than Blazestar or Sootstar were letting on. One of them had to be withholding information, leaving her unsure of who to believe. She trusted Sootstar more than Blazestar, but as the leader showed her self-inflicted scars, she feared she had never really known her at all. Leading could’ve changed her… perhaps changed her into what she was being accused of. Time would tell, but for now, it was foolish to pick a side.

Then Cicadastar offers his perspective, reports another attack. A WindClanner again. Briarstar frowns, uncertainty in her eyes. She subconsciously scoots further away from the small blue smoke and stands as Cicadastar departs. “I will ponder the things said tonight, Blazestar,” she mewed, glancing in the tom’s direction. “But if what you and Cicadastar say are true, then ShadowClan looks down on the actions of WindClan and their leader. Marring your most trusted advisors is certainly a disturbing tradition I don’t think our ancestors would approve of.” Her gaze found Sootstar this time, her dull eyes hardened and full of disbelief at such a violent practice. “However, if what Sootstar says is true, then I cannot blame her. ShadowClan promised hostility if met by a trespasser. While my warriors have been instructed to drive any of you off that trespass without permission, we do not aim to kill. But sometimes accidents happen. Without the full story, I cannot say who I believe, but I will take everyone’s words into consideration.”

She stood and waved a dismissive tail to ShadowClan. “My Clan has more important things to worry about right now. We will be leaving, too, before StarClan decides to cover the clouds tonight in the face of this bickering.” She followed Cicadastar down from the Great Rock and gestured for her cats to follow her back to the tunnels.

Truly, the blue smoke was foolish enough to think for a split second that perhaps it was over. That her final word would cause the clans to see her side, perhaps she had hoped they'd see SkyClan for the weak and sensitive kittypets they really were. Yet thats far, far, far from the case. The RiverClan leader speaks, and his words only add to the attack Blazestar had verbally sent against her.

The Weaselclaw incident. Goddammit... she curses in her mind, silver claws flexing into the stone below. She's quiet for awhile, almost as if she wasn't going to offer any sort of defense for herself. Moments after Cicadastar's voice fades though she at last speaks. "Again, you- he leaves out critical information. Weaselclaw had just joined WindClan at that time, he had no idea who you were Cicadastar and thought you were a trespasser, so he attacked you, yes." Her tail lashes in irritation as the RiverClan leader begins to depart, "WindClan, I, Sootstar of WindClan, came to RiverClan's border to have him apologize immediately upon finding out. Weaselclaw was dealt with, he was punished and humiliated for what he had done. In the same turn, Weaselclaw is one of my best warriors... he is deserving of his rank and I am not going to hold it from him. All he had been trying to do was defend his home from what he thought to be an intruder."

Sootstar gives Briarstar a cold look, she may summarize that she'll take everyones words into consideration... but it wasn't concrete support for WindClan. The neutrality was enough for Sootstar to consider her an enemy, for tonight at least... and perhaps Cicadastar. She had respected the RiverClan leader, the best someone like her could anyways, she hadn't taken him for a cat to resurrect issues that had already been dealt with. All because a kittypet king opened his maw?

These cats were pathetic, Briarstar's land was in flames and smoke, Emberstar's land was in smoke, RiverClan loses resources each minute they shelter ThunderClan, and SkyClan... nothing but kittypets, and they looked down upon WindClan in this moment? StarClan was pleased with her clan, she didn't hear the others mention anything about a blessing from StarClan... it was only WindClan. StarClan's favorites, they were the last clans who've done any wrong.

"It's not that difficult of a concept. Don't tresspass onto WindClan land and you won't get hurt. Need to get to the moonstone? Wait at the border or clearly state who you are and your intentions to the first WindClan cat you encounter. WindClan won't be apologizing for being protective of each other and our home." With that, she takes a dismounting leap from the rock.

"WindClan, with me." She tells them firmly, best no one dared to make her wait... Once she had her clan-mates they would trickle out of the clearing, disappearing into nearby shrubs and foliage.

Contempt twisted neutrality into disgust. A carefully carved ice sculpture melted as her nose crinkled in distaste. Before the war, the blue mink had hunted through the lush grass of the moors. Critics, like Sootstar, denied it as a possibility. The fact that the blue smoke claimed the moorlands rubbed the she-cat the wrong way.

A lot of shit came to light and it made the medicine cat sick. Her teal eyes naturally scanned the WindClan apprentices: had they, too, been hurt? Bitter bile burned at her tastebuds. She batted those questions away. At least, for the time being. Her speech prompted an unfortunate situation for the medicine cat's.

"The path to the moonstone is not to be tainted red. It is a sacred journey. If StarClan summons, we respond. You are trying to deny access to the portal between the living and the dead. You're rules are not more powerful than the ones set in place by StarClan." She briefly glanced at Emberstar. Sorry, but also not sorry, for causing a scene.

Tail wrapped protectively around her burnt paws, she addressed the remaining four leaders before they could depart, "This must be properly discussed, especially between us medicine cats. We are not here to entertain this pissing contest." WindClan practically begged to be turned down when any medical folly became too much for their medicine cat team. Or for when their medicine reserves trickled low.

Hypocritical coming from the bloodied medicine cat who that stars currently spurned. However, she couldn't sit by and twiddle with a strand of grass while WindClan claimed sovereignty over the moonstone.

After hopefully imprinting more for the leaders to think about, the medicine cat joined the antsy ThunderClan cats who seemed eager to leave the open hostilities behind.​
There's tension as soon as WindClan enters the clearing, and Weaselclaw feels eyes on Duskfire, Hyacinthbreath, and himself, on the scars decorating their lean, supple bodies. He wears it with pride, meets every cat's questioning gaze with burning blue eyes. He sits with his Clanmates, focused on Sootstar but giving careful glances to each other other four leaders - particularly Cicadastar, the leader he'd attacked before this Gathering.

The leaders speak, though little of their news is of consequence to Weaselclaw. Twolegs by the river, fires in the forest. He seeks the deputies and lead warriors who are named with an interested eye, but otherwise only sits up straight as Sootstar names her council.

But then, of course, the kittypet speaks. Weaselclaw snorts, unsurprised at the accusations. That silver tabby had trespassed and attacked Sootstar when told to leave - what was she meant to do? "Just because we are not weaklings does not mean we are cruel," he mews after Blazestar accuses them of atrocities. He flicks his tail, irritable but waiting patiently for Sootstar's defense.

It's a good one - he gives her a proud look that only melts as the RiverClan leader speaks, finds him in the crowd. The mottled tom seems to continue to hold a grudge, and Weaselclaw smolders under the critical eyes of the river cats. Even Briarstar does not dismiss Blazestar's accusations.

"They're all a bunch of kittypet lovers, then," he says, voice a low growl. Sootstar's defense of him is solid, strong, and he glowers at the cats who dare cast him a derisive look. He had not attacked Cicadastar willingly, but like Sootstar with Haze, he'd been defending the moors from what he'd seen as a trespasser. A mere loner at the time, he'd not known what any of the other four Clan leaders had looked like...

Sootstar dismisses the other cats and leaps from the rock. Weaselclaw pads after her, holding his head high. He refuses to feel sorry any longer.

But as she takes her leave, the ThunderClan medicine cat speaks, challenging WindClan's assertion that they will not allow trespassers. Weaselclaw cannot help himself - he turns an angry look on Cinderfrost and says, tone gruff, "If you don't want to get attacked, you'd best do as our leader told you. Come to the border and announce your intentions. We will ensure you make it safely to the moonstone." His eyes glitter like ice chips. "Otherwise... watch your step."

With that, he follows his Clanmates.

/ out!

( ) in all honestly, willowroot really should've seen this coming. she's been apart of riverclan for a few moons now, a lead warrior, and still she cannot comprehend the cruelty with which her fellow clans treat each other. verdant eyes flick from leader to leader, at first watching with indifferent respect until blazestar steps up. this is a tom she knows very little about- truthfully, in her loner life, she had no interest in getting to know any of the housecats who would frequent the forest. still, she has no bias against them. for all she's heard, they moved here to be wild, same as any cat. whispers of 'kittypets' and 'lazy twoleg lovers' make her curl her lip, but she's never said anything about it. the clans are so invested in each other, yet pretend to not care. it's very funny when it doesn't lead to violence.

unfortunately, it usually does.

blazestar's voice rings over the hushed clearing, and the lead warrior, seated beside smokethroat, tenses, eyes narrowing. as the situation plays out, something churns in their stomach, chest tight as their concentration bounces from face to face. cicadastar finally speaks, voice booming with accusation, (will can remember the day he came home, bloodied, mind gone, anger the only emotion in his burning eyes), and they nod along, tail lashing unconsciously. they can feel rage in their chest as sootstar speaks, her voice snide and bragging. briarstar retorts, sootstar snarls back, and willow's standing, beginning to follow cicada out.

this is fucked. truly, she doesn't understand what the big deal with trespassing is. as she passes weaselclaw, he hisses out an irritable insult, and she almost turns, almost snaps. instead, she'll say out loud, intentionally to no one - "funny how a clan of 'kittypets' has more honor." passing finally, almost caught up to the rest of her clan, she overhears thunderclan's medicine cat, and her valid concern. a nod of respect is shot cinderfrost's way, turned sour when weasel shouts out again. "instead of attacking on sight, why doesn't anyone ask a fucking question for once?" this is also not aimed at anyone, but she does let her vocals ring over the crowd. "i get we're all protective, but accidents happen! this bullshit wouldn't be taking up our gathering time if anyone had used their brain and spoke before they leapt to conclusions." tail twitching irritably, she pauses at the edge of the clearing. "i know you're all smarter than you're letting on, but right now, it doesn't feel like it." with this, she vanishes, like the smoke she resembles.

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