FROM THE ASHES // watching smoke


Never have her eyes feasted on such a thing. Smoke seeped out from below the trees and covered the sky around ShadowClan territory. With intrigued eyes she stares and watches the heavy, gray air move with the wind. It seemed never ending, more and more of it just kept rising up from the trees, infecting itself across the marshland.

The blue smoke sits down and watches, her fur twirling in the cool breeze. She wonders what its source was, what was making the foul fog and polluting the air? Twolegs...? Surely, they could be the only creatures on this earth who could orchestrate such a thing. Wonder if it kills... if you touch it, breathe it... she wonders if the marsh land is filled with yowls and screams, a sound all too familiar to the wind queen.

The thought crosses her mind to send a patrol, aiding ShadowClan in such a time could reward WindClan, they'd be owed. Yet Briarstar's words at the gathering were firm, don't cross their borders, something she can respect. The spikey furred she-cat may not even want their help, perhaps they had it under control. Why risk her soldiers? It wasn't worth it. Once whatever was happening settled down, she'd have a patrol go over and inquire about what had happened.

For now...? Sootstar would take obtaining that information into her own paws.

"I think it's time we use those tunnels our dear Pebblenose and Inkylotus told us about." She meows upon hearing a cat approach. Yet her eyes to not meet theirs, no, they remain fixated on the distant sky.

//Sootstar is observing the smoke thats formulated over ShadowClan territory due to a fire ^^ When talking about the tunnels, she is referring to the tunnels that lead into ShadowClan land that Inky and Pebble recently discovered


What was happening in ShadowClan? Mismatched green and gold eyes lifted up to the skyline, the trees pointed upward like raised claws desperately clawing their way to fresh air away from the horrid swill of heavy black smoke and swilling clouds that encircled the area above.

Light, long strides carried him swiftly over to the ashen queen and as she spoke he slowed to a stop with a curious stare. Those tunnels? "Whatever for...? Did ye wanna check on'em?" He doubted that, it was probably just curiousity over what was happening which he wouldn't be surprised by given that the danger for one clean might slowly leak out into the surrounding ones. It was fortunate WindClan's flat moorlands were hard to catch with flames, it would take an unlucky strike of lighting or deliberate act to send the dry grass ablaze. Didn't make him any less uneasy but the hilly land of their territory was safer in his opinion, as oppossed to thick, flameable forests or easily floodable shorelines near rivers.
He hoped whatever was happening in ShadowClan was being managed well, he couldn't help but feel his stomach turn at the idea of cats being hurt. Maybe their medicine cat also took an apprentice like Honeytwist did; that would ease his concern. An extra helping paw went a long way.

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To the tired medicine cat, smoke was just another obstacle for her. On the streets of Paris, smoke was not uncommon but also lead to long term disease, especially the smoke left by the large rattling things that twolegs used to move around. Suffocating, choking black air that made your eyes sting. She didn’t like it.

Upon the voice of her apprentice she had risen to her paws not too far away from where she was watching it herself, arriving next to Soot and Dandelion. She stays quiet, a heavy breath leaving her nose before her ears slightly pinned back. “We better hope its not going to move over here.” a strained meow as her tail tip twitched, watching the blackened smog rise above the marshland forest. She does not quip about Soots or Dandelions idea of checking on them, part of her still despised Shadowclan for what they’d done to Rain. For uprooting her life. Perhaps if the battle never happened then she’d still be happy in the pine group.
"It won't - at least not right now. It's blowing towards ThunderClan," Owlpaw observed as she stopped at her mother's side, refusing to look the medicine cat or her apprentice in the eye, despite addressing the former. The wind was blowing south by the looks of the smoke and the way it ruffled her fur. If anything, the cats of the oak forest had more to worry about than the moors. Her mouth parted to taste the air, a hint of burning pine slipped into her lungs and made her cough.

The marshlands were her mother's former home and Owlpaw couldn't help but feel the slightest tinge of worry seep into her chest. Her grandparents were buried there, her mother had former friends there. Besides, regardless of Clan affiliation, no one should be left to suffer. She only hoped that the ShadowClan cats were fine. Sootstar's call for use of the tunnels would provide answer soon enough. Owlpaw itched to go find out for herself, but her build was too willowy to traverse the tunnels.

"Maybe StarClan's upset with them?" Hyacinthbreath asks in a sarcastic tone as she walks over, the sound of cats gathering- specifically their Leader- talking about using the tunnels. The smell of smoke is faint, but the sight of it in the distance is nerve-wracking. Honeytwist's words is something she agrees with; she hoped StarClan wouldn't punish them, too. It could stay over there.

"Do you want me to take a patrol of Tunnelers, then?" She asks calmly, expression lacking any real interest- she didn't see how going through the tunnels would help anything, but she assumed it was to stick their noses into ShadowClan's business. With the newly discovered tunnels, it was a little bit easier to do that. It'd keep them hidden by the smell of dirt, and Tunnelers were small enough as to not cause any issues with the dirt formation.

"May I bring Inkylotus with us, ma'am? His hearing might do us some more good. Even if I can't stand the guy, he'd be useful for this mission." She suggested, annoyed by her own words. She didn't like the guy, but she had to admit. Inkylotus wasn't completely useless if he put his mind to it. She'd never openly tell him such, however.



Dusk had never seen smoke before, and it wasn't really any surprise that the tom found his green eyes drawn to the curling black tendrils that rose from the forest on the other side of the thunderpath, black clouds towering skyward in ominous warning. "What's causing it?" he asked, tail twitching behind him in curiosity. There was still so much of the world he had yet to experience. How many other threats and obsticles would he come to face out on the moors?

Its still better. he thought to himself sharply, a reminder that no matter how he felt he could never forget that this was the better alternative. By far. He would face down turkey and farmers and mysterious fog over that room any day.

"I doubt I'd be any use in a tunnel. I can stay behind and make sure no trouble comes to camp." he offered, knowing he wouldn't do well in the confines of the ground and for once greatful for his unreasonable size. Though, he wasn't sure how he felt about Inky going into it. He knew the tom had been looking for a chance to prove himself and he wouldn't try and take that away from him now, especially when Hyacinth was right that he could be a useful asset, but that didn't mean he had to feel entirely okay about it even if he did want them to do well.

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i . information : smoke. it reflects in the youth's olive luminaries, alabaster maw set in a firm line where he's standing a few paces behind, staring upwards towards the rolling heavens. the smell is heady, thick in his throat and the boy is disgusted. hyacinth raises the inquiry of starclan' wrath, and he finds himself looking up with a pointed expression − a spitting image of his mother, attitude and all, " whatever it is, i want to go see. " shrikepaw states simply, coming up alongside sootstar not as her son, but as her apprentice. owlpaw mentions thunderclan and his eyes narrow, ears coming to slant towards his skull. while the thought of thunderclanner's suffering did not cross his mind for long, their grandparents were buried there. what if all the land burnt up? what would they visit? a bare patch of dirt? weird.

hyacinth mentions leading a patrol out towards the tunnels and his head whips up, almost offended. they were going too, right? he sniffs, " are we going out towards thunderpath? maybe it's a real big, angry monster. " he speaks, only half - joking as he finally finally looking up towards his mother. she was his teacher now, his mother and his leader. he was to learn the tunnels, and in his humble opinion, this was the best way to do that. he was certainly small enough − he thinks with a petulant side - glance towards his leggy sister − and he knew he was quick enough. a valuable asset. while he does not ask her directly for permission to attend, he still waits for her word, the only sign of restlessness being the repetitive tip - tap - tipping of ivory toes.

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Anxiety. It was the closest thing she could think of to how she was actually feeling. Glancing between her clanmates, she felt a mixture of emotions based around their reactions. Didn’t they care that Shadowclan could be in danger? What about the children? Surely Sootstar wouldn’t want to have that on her paws? Shuffling her paws, she would hesitate, jaws opened as if she was about to regret what she was going to say. “We have to do something! What about the kits? Surely we wouldn’t leave them to die?” Eyes darting between those of her fellow Windclanners, she was afraid she already knew the answer. Nobody seemed willing to help. Sootstar and the others were more concerned with themselves, than the welfare of the other clans.


Everything Stays

A sightless faced perked up from the crowd; him? Be a useful asset? While the air was thick with the heavy stench of burning smoke, Inkylotus wasn't sure how useful he'd be. Sure the tunnnels had become like a second home to him. A place he didn't feel left out or looked over upon, but yet at the same time how useful would he be when it comes to a fire? Though as Ivoryflight spoke up, he couldn't help but agree. What if Shadowclan was in danger? They hadn't done anything in terms of violence like Riverclan or Skyclan, so they had to help at least some what?

"I will gladly help the patrol, but Ivoryflight has a point. We should try to help Shadowclan, they could make for a good ally," Inkylotus spoke up from his spot in the crowd of cats watching the smoke drift by. He then got up from his spot on the ground to head over beside Duskfire. Sightless face giving a knowing look before address Hyacinthbreath, "We should move quickly, who knows how far the fire will spread,"


Check on them? Sootstar shrugs, she'd made her internal choice already. "ShadowClan can handle themselves." the woman vocalizes, her gaze unmoving from the overhead smoke. Dandelionpaw's mentor expresses concern in the smoke spreading, she doesn't reply, but her daughter observantly does. Sucked to be ThunderClan, Sootstar was glad the winds had once more blessed them. StarClan truly was protecting this clan.

"No, I will lead. I'd like to see for myself." Sootstar would inform Hyacinithbreath, and though she doesn't verbalize it she appreciates and values how quick to action her lead warrior was. "If it pleases him, he may join us. Otherwise anyone who can fit and knows how to keep quiet may join me. Shrikepaw, you'll come too." Duskfire notes he likely wouldn't be of much use in the tunnelers, but he quickly takes up the role of keeping an eye over camp. She dips her head to the deputy in agreement and approval.

"We'll go torwards the thunderpath, but we'll be going under it. We'll encounter no monsters." She informs her son, though notes his fear of monsters. Something they would have to tackle... there was no need to fear the large beasts. So long as you weren't hare-brained.

Ivoryflight and Inkylotus seem keen on helping ThunderClan, she gives them both a blank stare, "No. ShadowClan can handle their own battles. I wouldn't want another clan storming into my territory on the assumption we need their help." Her pelt bristles in irritation at the idea, if WindClan was ever in trouble they'd get themselves out of it... "It's just dark fog. I doubt it's killing them, let's not let our imaginative minds get the best of us." Sootstar cannot see the fire, and she's never been close enough to smoke before to truly know how sufficating and vile it was to the lungs.

The tiny she-cat rises to her paws and flicks a tail in beckoning, "If you want to investigate with me, follow. Again, if you can't keep quiet or follow orders stay behind... Shrikepaw, right behind me. Inkylotus, come with too, you can give directions."

//soot is dipping from this thread but it can still continue! ill likely make another open thread where they get nosy in shadowclan territory via the tunnels lol


Hyacinth can sense the tension in the air. It's thick, worriedly so- she glances over to Ivoryflight, cold expression never shifting. If anything, she looks kind of annoyed. Hyacinth's tail flicks behind her, and she mentally notes her own need to incorporate the molly in more things. She needed to learn her place, and if that took Hyacinth getting her involved in more events, so be it.

"Ivoryflight, stay in camp." She tells the molly, halting to consider a chore she could give her. "We need everyone to stay sharp. Make sure that smoke doesn't come closer to WindClan." She finishes, turning her gaze to Inkylotus. Then, flicking her eyes up to Duskfire on instinct, she sees the confliction in his gaze. Oh, so that's how it is.. She thinks to herself, noting the worry in his irises. She doesn't say anything on the topic, however, merely brushing her side against Inkylotus'.

"We're following Sootstar. Let's head out." Hyacinth informs the ravenette tom, following after their curious Leader. Weaselclaw was much too bulky for the tunnels, and she marvels in the idea of her being able to be by the Leader's side this time. I'll make sure she stays safe, bumpkin. She silently promises the copper and white tom, before she disappears into the distance with Sootstar.


Preparing herself to follow Sootstar on the patrol, Ivoryflight soon finds herself being told to instead remain in camp with Duskfire, ensuring the smoke didn’t reach camp. Sure she was disappointed, but to be directly given a task by one of their lead warriors? Ivoryflight was pleased that she had been selected. Doubt clouded her mind as she realized she likely wouldn’t be able to do much to help, but she would do her best to work closely with Duskfire in keeping the camp safe. “You got it Hyacinthbreath!” She’d call out as the warrior fell into line behind their leader, showing that she had heard the order. “You ready to head back? There’s bound to be a good hill near camp we can set up a watch on. Perhaps rotate out a few of the warriors back in camp to make sure we have enough eyes on the smoke?” Of course she didn’t intend on having camp left unguarded. In her mind, there would still be plenty of warriors to help guard the camp. Upon hearing his reply, she would turn and head back towards the camp.

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