hello everyone! i happened to stumble upon this site and decided to check it out! i’m toska and im excited to meet everyone! while i’m not new to roleplaying, it will take me some time to adjust to a new site and everything so please be kind while i learn! if anyone has any suggestions on clans to join or potential adopts to check out, i’d love to hear them!

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welcome to tt, i'm looking forward to writing with you! we're currently in the last part of a plot leading to the formation of all the clans (and the outline for that is here if you didn't already find it akakdbka). if you ever want to plot with someone, my dms are open (i'm also in the discord servers since i think i saw you pop in there).
welcome to tabby tales! i'm regina, an admin, and i play shadowclan's leader! if you have any questions about the plot, feel free to reach out to me :) we also have a plot outline here on the site, which i believe someone else linked.

thank you everyone!! i don't think i have any plot-related questions at the moment! i'm mostly getting adjusted to the site and planning characters! i'm looking forward to seeing you guys' characters!