MOONRISE, MOONSET || Gathering Announcements 8.15.22

Hello all! This is the 'official' Gathering thread where leaders will share news and updates. The Clan leaders will all have a chance to speak. Everyone is permitted to post in here, but these posts should be relevant to whatever the leaders are saying! Reactions, comments from the crowd, etc are permitted, but please keep general chitchat and other posts to the other Gathering thread! Have fun. :)

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The shadows are burned away by the pale fire of the moon above them. A massive longhaired tom leads a procession of cats, blinking uncertain blue eyes and shouldering renewed fears. Tonight, StarClan willing, he will face the other four leaders in the forest. They will stand together where so many bodies are buried, beneath the souls of their departed who glimmer brightly above them.

The calico flanking him gives him a reassuring look before breaking off, addressing their Clan as though she were born to do it. He smiles, though it's slight, and gives her a nod before she disappears into the throng of cats. He turns to his medicine cat -- StarClan forbid he calls himself a prophet again where everyone else can hear him -- and gives a similar nod.

SkyClan has arrived. He finds his gaze straying from the crowd to the immense, flat-topped stone where he'd first laid claim to the pine forest.

As he'd done then, Blazestar bunches his muscles and leaps for the surface. He lands smoothly, flexing beneath thick, soft pale fur and gazing mutely at the cats beneath him. He thinks he can smell the scents of other cats on the breeze.

"Here they come," he murmurs. He will face the other leaders again. He sighs and steels himself as though he is facing an army rather than five Clans united under a full moon.

The last time she had been here, they were picking up the pieces. She was pregnant with her dead mate’s kits. She was broken beyond repair. Not much had changed since then but life went on. ShadowClan had grown. She’d given birth to seven healthy kits. She still felt broken but the pain felt more distance now, like a steady thrum deep in her heart than a sharp, piercing stab. Briarstar led her warriors into the clearing and found that SkyClan was the only other group to arrive so far. She flattened her ears against her skull at the thought of jumping up on that boulder to fraternize with their leader, but she didn’t have a choice. This was sacred ground now.

“Remember, don’t start any arguments… we’re here under the protection of the full moon,” Briarstar reminded her cats. She padded over to the large rock, drew a deep breath, and leapt on top of it. She found a spot near the edge, away from Blazestar as best as she could. Her paws shuffled on the rough surface as she watched and waited for the other Clans to pour in through the thick trees. They couldn’t come fast enough in her opinion. She wanted to get this over with.

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Hyacinth poked her head out of the trees, glancing around the clearing first before her eyes shot towards Soot with a nervous glance. Would there be another fight here, where blood caked the ground once? She shut her eyes, willing the thoughts and nightmares of blood caking her paws away. It wasn't the blood that bothered her- it was the excitement she felt because of it. She was happy in that dream, and that made her nervous. She was never the blood-thirsty type, but something within her struggled.

"WindClan has arrived!" Hyacinth announces, trumpet-like. "Feast your eyes on our leader, Sootstar!" She shouts, stoic expression turning to Sootstar herself. Was that a good enough announcement of arrival? Soot was blessed by StarClan, after all. She deserved this much.
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For a brief moment Sootstar meets her clan-mates gaze, a silent understanding occurs. Bloodshed or not, WindClan would be just fine... the only thing she feared for tonight were her children. Yet under the guidance of Pebble, she knew they'd both be just fine. Soon enough in front of all five clans, she'd get to show them off.

Hyacinth's announcement of her presence pleasantly surprises her... Rarely did the leader get bashful but the surprise was enough to cause her to lick down her chest fur, this is how she wanted cats to announce her arrival, was it not? Like Hyacinth's own thoughts, Sootstar was a leader blessed by StarClan. She deserved this. "Thank you" she mouths to Hyacinth, a brief smile before she parts to stand on the rock.

Briar and... Blaze sit. A flashback to the warrior of his she had just slain occurred, was he aware? Surely the news had to of reached his ears?
If it had, he wasn't showing any strong signs of hatred. Not yet anyway. Good.

With a powerful leap, she gracefully climbs the rock. Briar and Sootstar were friendly enough, right? She hopes so because that's who she's sitting by over the SkyClan leader.

"A good night for a gathering, I suppose. Hard to not imagine the stench of blood though." And think about all the bodies buried beneath us... a weary glance to Blaze before she sets her gaze upon Briar again. "I hope no offense has been taken due to my departure from the marshes. Perhaps not friends, but I believe WindClan and ShadowClan can be nice faces to each other. Yes?"

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She follows Briarstar into the clearing, a dappled shadow detaching itself from her leader. The black queen warns them: "Remember, don't start any arguments... we're here under the protection of the full moon."

Flicker rolls her eyes. As if they'd start problems! She doesn't know why Briarstar has such a low opinion of them. They're perfect angels, aren't they?

She's about to say something in retort to Briarstar when a silver tabby with a haughty expression declares that Sootstar has arrived, and they should all fall to their toes and kiss her muddy paws. Flicker bursts into laughter. "Y'all think so highly of yourselves out there on the moors, huh? Maybe I should grovel at your feet, too?"

Laughable. Sootstar must have done the same thing as Briarstar and Emberstar... it only stands to reason. She eyes the kittypet on the rock, thinks of Cicada. Do they all have the blessing now? Does anyone who calls themselves a Clan leader get to call themselves invincible?

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He was here out of a sense of duty and support, not to socialize. Frankly he couldn't be bothered to care about making relations with anyone outside of RiverClan and he certainly wasn't up chatting-he rarely was. Cicadastar's bloodied return to the camp and the following chaos of his announcement still hd him on edge somewhat so despite his unease at such clustered gatherings he came because the second claws were raised he would respond in turn. If a single strand of fur was cut from a RiverClanner during this event he would reply in tenfold; he would shred the perpetrator to pieces before the very stars themselves to make a message. While still struggling to understand StarClan, its decisions and the new foundation of which they were being established, he had rooted himself in for his part and made a personal decision to accept his the new arrangement as best he could. The river area was his home and so if RiverClan was to be then he would also be. It was as simple as that for him and he would kill to maintain it.

And that was why he chose to come. The newly named Smokethroat wasted not a second upon arrival to find himself a moderately secluded spot where he could keep his eyes focused on as much as the open area as he could while remaining mostly out of the way. Thankfully he settled himself near the edge of the clearing where the leader's would all be visible as would the main opening that allowed cats to spill in. It would do.

His ears prick up at the sound of an announcement being made in a tone that spoke of importance but when he turned he spotted the small and ashen figure of the WindClan leader being spurred forward by one of her own.
Smokethroat doesn't say anything, because he doesn't care to humor the affair, but his immediate thought upon hearing the Windclan she-cat announce their leader was: Oh, good. He wouldn't have noticed her otherwise.
was Sootstar? When he heard of the attack and the border dispute he imagined someone a little less…close to the ground. While he held his tongue and chose not to engage with the foolishness, the tortiseshell ShadowClanner near him made no such attempts and her words earned an amused shake of the head from the dark tom. Well, at least they had their pride about them.

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− ♱ ABOUT : shadows fall heavy on the riverclan leaders gaunt features, roman muzzle pushing through shadow - studded flora and into the brilliant moonlight ; four trees tower over those who had gathered already. skyclan, with their small, sun - pointed leader bearing eyes of molten aquamarine somehow brighter in the bleaching moonlight. the new leader, the next rain. the mottled tom’s throat tightens suddenly, razorwire pulling at his clicking esophagus — a throat not gaping, not seeping thick blood into the already stained battleground. the tall felidae feels his breath catch, frigid eyes darting down towards the cinnamon tabby at his side in quiet desperation ; the former pine colony cat was making out to be an immaculate medicine cat, he could not argue. cicada gives him a nod and, after one last glance back towards the sea of riverclanners behind him, he would step fully into the clearing. coat a glowing mottle of shadow and moonlit ivory, curls thick and sleek with river prey ; despite his attack by sootstar’s fishbrained excuse of a warrior, the man looked healthy. be it the food or the sleep beesong had forced into him during his bed rest.

still - healing scratches along too - long arms stretch with each step he takes, head high despite the burn of eyes he feels trying to melt the skin from his bones. pine colony cats. clanners. they were distributed, some even landing on his shores amidst the confusion after the great war. rain had offered his paw, outstretched and waiting, lakewater eyes shimmering with stardust — but that did not extend to his warriors. why the man had confided in him in his time amongst the fallen was beyond cicadastar, but the people knew not of their leaders forgiveness. the life that he had given him ; pain, tragedy and torment somehow building to greatness within him. he’d given him his ninth life . . but those who looked at him now knew only of death. of loss. the strength it took to flatten the nervous bristle of his pelt was nearly devastating, but the leader of riverclan still approached, leaving beesong’s side to step forward and peer towards the sky. there they were, save thunderclan. it felt unreal, nearly — his head buzzing with vertigo and the tom pauses, taking in a long, slow breath.

lithe muscles bunch and he lifts to the rocks surface with ease, his height making it far less of a jump than fellow leaders. the man settles aside sootstar, notably keeping his distance — though a quick, icy glance towards the smoke conveys only a simple hello. he didn’t want talk of the incident along the border. there was nothing he wanted more than for talk to cease of him ; he wanted peace, and more gossip about an attack would only alert those conniving against him to his weakness. his weakness . . the concept feels bitter on his tongue and suddenly, a charming smile dances wide upon rubberblack lips , “ ah, good evening. you both look well! “ accented vocals would ring, curled tail coming to wrap loosely over his knuckles. still - damp curls still brim with riverwater and he makes sure to stand his distance, flicking a droplet of water from an orbital ear as he looks down at sootstar. way, way down, “ mind the drip, we’re still drying off. “ he adds, tone riding on the tail of humor. they’d taken the river the way here ; most cats able enough to tread the waters and the stepping stones there if not, he tended not to think about the ever - present dampness of his fur. suddenly, his eyes cast down, searching the crowd for faces to settle on. briar was here, and if she was already atop the rock, surely . . blue luminaires squint narrow, brow furrowing as he peers for a familiar ivory spine and sunset eyes. perhaps she wasn’t here, yet.

snow - tipped paws tap rhythmically against hard stone, maw ticking downward. maybe soon.

  • CICADA ; he / him, roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − tall black smoke tortie chimera with icecap eyes and curly fur, homosexual
    − speaks with a german accent, former marshlander, penned by antlers

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"Heya!" Emberstar called out as she strode proudly in the clearing. Her gait is the same as ever, bouncy and carefree, almost childlike. There is more pride to how she carried herself now though, her head was held higher and her chest more puffed out. She was someone important now, and she knew that. More than that though, her clan has grown larger and better than she ever imagined, and now is her time to show that. Her eyes roamed the clearing, meeting every gaze that she knew would be on her and her clan with an eager smile.

It takes her only a few moments to make her way to the center of the clearing, and only a moment more to leap atop it. In turn, she nodded to each of them in greeting. "Nice ta see ya all again!" she grinned.

Despite her loud and enthusiastic warmth, it was more muted than when she had last stood in this spot. There was a hidden exhaustion to her that hadn't been there before. Evident only from up close. Seen in how much less she fidgeted in place and the tiredness in her gaze. Emberstar had only been leader for a moon, but that moon had overstayed its welcome. Though things were going well, the stress of her station was setting in. Especially given the situation with Cinderfrost.

Her attention is called abruptly to Cincadastar as he announced he was still drying off. "Keep away from me until you do then!" she told him with a laugh, scooting away from him playfully. The worry with which she appraised his damp pent, however, showed she meant it.
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There was a sense of eager excitement that seemed to be swimming in circles within the tom as he padded into the clearing alongside his clanmates. It was the first time he had left windclans territory since joining all those weeks ago, and the first time he'd set eyes on the other clas as well. He'd known about them of course, had even caught glimpses of their patrols while out with his own or during hunts that led him closer to the border, but he'd never seen them all. And as he slipped into the field with the other Windclanners, he realized he probably wasn't ready for it.

Green eyes widened a bit in surprise at just how many their were. If he'd thought the rooms and cages where he'd been born had contained a lot of cats, this was nearly triple that. He was greatful that the meeting place was open and spacious otherwise he woud hvae felt the claws of claustophobia begin to settle in.

He didn't part from his group though, not because he had anything against th e other cats but because he knew his social skills weren't the greatest. He had a hard enough time making friends even with the nicer windclan cats, and he didn't fancy his chances on making friends outside of the group until he'd managed to work that social akwardness out. Instead he remained observant, noting the way some of the other cats shot looks or sharp comments their way. It was a little annoying, but he didn't let it get to him.

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The first leader to appear is Briar, who leaps onto the rock alongside him and then refuses to acknowledge him. She keeps her eyes ahead of her, on the ShadowClan cats who filter in through the treeline, pretending like he isn't there.

He sighs, but says nothing. It's no use trying to earn their respect. He knows he'll never have it in this lifetime -- or any of his nine lifetimes, likely.

The tiny WindClan queen, Soot, clambers onto the stone next. She sits beside Briar with barely a glance in the flame point's direction. Again, he isn't surprised. He listens to the rabbit-scented she-cat greet her former Clanmate with a neutral expression.

The third cat to join them is the tall, mottled-furred Cicada, dripping with river water under the moonlight. He, too, acknowledges only Soot and Briar, and Blazestar's ears threaten to flatten. The nerve of them all... but he doesn't say anything still.

Finally, Ember joins them with a bright greeting. Blazestar finally relaxes, giving her a warm smile. "Ember! You look good. I hope the oak forest's been treating you well." True, she looked strong and her pelt was sleek, but well may not have been the correct word -- Ember looks tired, truly.

But the cats below them grow restless, and Blazestar clears his throat. He will assert himself, even if the former marsh dwellers will continue to choose to ignore him. SkyClan is just as good as their Clans. Better, even. We don't have those prejudices.

With a deep inhale, he pads to the lip of the great stone and gazes upon the bodies below them. He's massive, lionlike in the starlight with his rippling pale fur, and for once he feels as powerful as he looks. "Let's start what we came here to do, cats of the forest." He can tell by the antsy paws of the marsh leaders that they're uncomfortable, wishing they were home, and he himself is feeling the same way. Their scrutiny -- or worse, their complete disregard -- has stung him enough.

"SkyClan is doing well since the battle." He makes a concentrated effort to avoid looking in Briar or Cicada's direction. "We've plenty of prey, and our Clan is growing strong again, like it was when Rain was leader."

Briefly, he wonders how much he should share. Surely only enough to make them look competent? He continues: "I do have some new things to announce. I was Blaise when last we met and I renamed the pine group SkyClan. Since then, StarClan has visited me in dreams, and they've granted me nine lives. I'm now Blazestar." He can't keep the pride from his voice as he says, "StarClan also spoke to me and came to a friend of mine in dreams. We now have a medicine cat as well, Dawnglare." Dark blue eyes attempt to find the cinnamon and white tom in the crowd.

The last thing, he wonders if he should share... would the other leaders find him weak if he had admitted to picking a second in command? But, no, he reasons. All of them will need a way to choose who leads after them... otherwise, look at the mess SkyClan had endured with Rain's children.

He dips his head to the gray-masked calico in the clearing. "I've also asked Daisy Flight, a trusted SkyClan member, to be my deputy. She will assist me in leading, and she will take my place one day as leader." It's short, and it's simple, but it's all he needs to say. His love for his Clan, despite the toll it's taken on him, despite their hatred for him -- it shows in the gleam of his eyes and the set of his jaw.

Daisy Flight and Dawnglare will help him lead SkyClan to a better, more cohesive future. He has faith in them -- more than he does himself.

Exhaling, he withdraws, giving the other leaders a nervous look. He isn't sure what to expect now, but he assumes they'll want to share news as he has.​

The array of cats was overwhelming, and having already almost ran into two cats, Inky stuck to the sidelines. Eyeless face turned upwards as he used his nose to find his way around. He could pick up bits and pieces of chatter from cats as they greeted each other, some excited young apprentices nearby finding one another, Hya complaining about noise, and of course the leaders voices drifted from above. Was there a rock or something there? He wasn't sure but he also didn't want to find out by running straight into it either. Speaking of running into someone, this time Inky did actually run into a cat. A much larger cat that was well muscled, and he knocked into his shoulder with his chin.

Inky took a few steps back, shaking his head as now he has bitten his tongue, "I am so sorry! I didn't-," Then the scent hit him, hard to pick out amongst the thousand other ones, and he seemed to relax, "Oh thank the stars its you, Duskfire," He seemed relieved that it had been the deputy rather than some other cat because who knows how that would've went down. Probably a good verbal lashing or something of the sort, depending on whom he ran into.

The black cat took up a spot beside Duskfire, fur brushing the bengal cats, and curled his tail around him. At least he found someone he trusted and enjoyed being around.
Chatting has died down by now, all groups of cats turning to lock their eyes onto the five leaders who now perched upon the Great Rock. Howling Wind turns away from those she had been catching up with, old friends of hers from the marshes, and twitches her whiskers curiously. Blazestar speaks first, and the tabby blinks in mild surprise as she learns that, yes, he too has received nine lives to lead with as well as a star-blessed name, and he has even earned himself a medicine cat. So it's true - all of the clan leaders now have healers at their sides, as well as the same gifts granted by their loved ones in the sky. She draws in a breath, doing her best to process the information before she learns that the SkyClan leader has made another announcement. A second-in-command? A high honor to give to a cat. Instinctively, she looks around for this 'Daisy Flight.'
It's noisy here.

Even worse than the typical bustle of camp. There was no one spot he could stray towards in seek of quiet sanctuary, no, voices erupted from all corners no matter where he trailed. Loud, loud, no matter how he spins around and around. The closest thing he can do is stick to Blaise with cinnamon-tufted ears pressed flat to his skull. Uncouth, this lot.

Something has gotten into that plush skull of late. Blaise is quick to move, jumping high atop the stone that sat tall in the center, crowned by the branches of four great oaks. He nearly joins him— only to find his friend quickly surrounded by sickly smelling vermin. Ew. Here will do, tucked conservatively against the base of the rock. It's cool against his fur, sinking rough into the plushness of his own pelt Cinnamon and white locks fan across the ground. In this moment, he's far too preoccupied to fuss over the contact. His tail twitches across the ground, nervous jitterings

Boisterous, irritating, in one of the most unpleasant sounds he's had the displeasure of hearing, a wiry thing screeches Windclan's arrival. Surely they can't be so important as to demand such announcements if he's never even heard of a Windclan before. Empty-headed, insolent. Such noise upon the mother's stomping grounds, it's a disgrace. He shuts his eyes—

—opens them to the sound of Blaise, loud and clear. The other voices have died down to naut but foolish murmurings, petulant bugs. The call of his name was the only time he'd lift his gaze, meeting eyes with the flame point before lowering them once again. A hind leg scratches at his side, neurotic. He's uninterested in— and quite frankly doesn't care for the announcement of Daisy Flight. With how much Blaise fretted over other's image of him, he fails to see why he would announce such a thing to this swarm of flies. Whatever.
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Seeing the final wave of cats flood the clearing, led by the sun-baked Thunderclan leader, the deputy finished her conversation and strode towards the jutting rock. Mildly, Daisy Flight recalled the training session the flame-point had held in the pine forest before the battle. The hollow sensation in her chest deepened- so much had changed since then.

Mirroring those around her, chin to the starry sky, she watched the leaders intently. The negative space between each of them, taut with tension, was visible from her spot close to the boulder's base. It affected her too, though not to the same degree. While concern for Blazestar was present, the ex-alley cat had already let the territory spat slip down her spine like heavy rain. Was it forgotten? Absolutely not. But holding onto ill will and grudges had only strung along bitter claws in her experience. Vigilant planning was a world away from vengeful scheming.

As her leader began to speak the calico paid particular attention to his chosen words. The reference to Rain drew out a quiet 'tsk', a wince at the thought of Rain's childrens' opinons on such an announcement. She could only hope they would understand the need- the show of confidence. And then inevitably Starclan cropped up. Sharp lime narrowed to make out the other group's reaction. Did they share her distrust of the twinkling shades?

Her tumultuous postulations were stilled however, when Blazestar nudged his broad head towards her. Chalk-white chest swelling with a superficial confidence, she pressed her forepaws firmly in front of her kit-rounded belly. Might as well make a show of it, the queen grumbled internally, graciously dipping her charcoal snout in a diplomatic gesture. Now everybody knew. Perhaps the other groups had implemented something similar... privately she thought it was a rather good idea. The enormous turnout highlighted that their groups were growing, a second set of paws would become integral soon enough.
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Sootstar joined her atop the rock, putting more distance between her and Blazestar. Good. She would rather sit by a former, and hopefully current ally, than him. The taste of blood from the battle is still tangy on her tongue and seeing all of these cats that she had once fought reopens the wound and grief for her mate. She acknowledged Sootstar with a curt nod. "No hard feelings," she assured her with a slow blink, eyes drifting to the treeline as Cicadastar led his warriors into the already crowded clearing. He stank of fish and his pelt dripped as he leapt atop the rock to join them. "You were just doing what StarClan told us to do. I like to think of WindClan as a friendly face. RiverClan too," she said, tacking on the latter as its leader settled himself next to Sootstar. "You both look well. I heard you kitted, Sootstar. Congratulations. I had my litter too. Seven kits," she reported, wincing as she reimagined the discomfort and exhaustion from kitting such a large litter. "How is RiverClan?" she inquired of the mottled tom.

Their conversation was cut short when Blazestar took it upon himself to give the announcements from his Clan. Briarstar pursed her lips as she listened to the success SkyClan was having, bitterness still crashing over her like a tidal wave. She wanted nothing more than to see these cats fail, to run back to their twolegs and dirty alleyways. She knew StarClan would not allow that though, especially when Blazestar reported that he had received dreams and nine lives from StarClan. They, too, had a new medicine cat. And... a deputy? Briarstar supposed that a deputy was a good idea. After all, she was Hare Whiskers' right-hand and took over for him when he passed away. It only made sense, she reluctantly thought. She could not believe she was agreeing with a SkyClanner.

Blazestar quieted down, so Briarstar stepped up to give her piece. "ShadowClan is thriving as well. Myself and another queen gave birth to two strong litters of kits. We built our numbers back up after the split with strong hunters and fighters." She made no mention of prey. The cats of the forest did not need to know that they still struggled to feast on more than frogs and lizards. Their marshes were slowly recovering, an occasional mouse or bird made its way into the pile, but was quickly consumed by the growing kits. "I've also been visited by StarClan. I was granted nine lives and the name Briarstar," she reported. "My sister, Bonejaw, is our medicine cat." Her eyes searched for the familiar black and white pelt for her sister among the sea of cats below her.

"ShadowClan has established territory markers along the Thunderpath and bordering the marshes and patrols to monitor our new borders," she reported, her eyes sweeping over the crowd and then returning to the four other leaders who sat beside her. "We ask that the other four Clans respect our borders. Should you need anything from ShadowClan, stop short of our scent markers and wait for a patrol. Trespassers will be dealt with by tooth and claw. This is your only polite warning," she said sternly. Her dull gaze met the crowd again, a motherly fierceness in her glare. She had done this to protect ShadowClan's vulnerable, and she would do what she must to ensure everyone was safe.

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The chatter has died down for now, most cats turning their attention to the five new leaders assembled on the Great Rock. Although he had been chatting idly with some of the gathered cats, Fly had not missed the frosty reception Blazestar received from most of the other leaders. Only Emberstar being her usual cheery self seems to truly acknowledge him. It's a shame to see them treat the SkyClan leader as such, Fly thinks. It makes him all too well of the bad blood simmering beneath the surface of the clans even now, despite assembling under the pretence of peace. He listens quietly as Blazestar and Briarstar make their announcements, only finding the announcement of a deputy by Blazestar to be of any intrigue to him. Although that is not to say he ignores the words of Briarstar, quietly making a mental note of her establishment of borders.


Sootstar can't help but wince as Cicadastar leaps onto the rock, getting the water that dripped from his fur everywhere... Since leaving the marsh she has not fancied the feeling of wet fur, and RiverClan seemed to get even damper than the ShadowClan cats did clearly. She couldn't imagine living there, in the reeds, eating what... fish all day? They already began to reek, Sootstar would almost rather breathe in the scent of her barn cat soldiers.

A nod to Cicadastar is all she gives, she would be friendly with him. Sootstar did not desire for RiverClan and Wind to not get along, not right now anyways...

"Congratulations... Seven?" She echos, shocked, Sootstar was far from envious. Her own two were plenty enough for her, yet those were seven future warriors... That's where the envy was settling, had that been a hidden boast? The blue smoke happily goes along with the subject change, "I am pleased then. RiverClan too, is a friendly face of WindClan." A silent three-way pact, the former marsh cats. The non-kittypet leaders. How long would the peace between them last? Who knew?

Sootstar knew it wasn't permanent, and if it meant bettering WindClan? She'd turn on the both of them in a heartbeat.

Blaze starts the news, she scoffs and flattens her ears, uncaring and unlistening. Until she hears it... Blazestar, I gifted nine lives.
She just about falls off the rock, face first into the dirt.

Lives? But... those had been HERS! That had been HER gift from StarClan, why... why were these fools- especially THAT ONE, granted NINE LIVES?!
Invisible steam blows from her ears, she does her best to hide it, but it's clear she is displeased. Why would you?! She glances at the stars, that was my gift. Why would you bless a kittypet, play-pretend leader with them!? It was a stab to her pride... she truly wasn't as unique as she believed herself to be.

I'm still their favorite. She convinces herself, I lead the clan that rests closest to the stars. We sleep in no dens, we're closest to the Moonstone. They keep us close to watch over us, to protect us. WindClan is their chosen clan. If she wasn't in public, she almost might've started to cry tears of fury.
She maintains her composure, a deep breath.

This tom had a deputy, a kittypet second-in-command she doesn't doubt. Sootstar doesn't have the faintest idea who Daisy Flight is, and she does not care. Yet the assumption is placed immediately upon her anyways, Sootstar's opinion of her sealed.

Briar is next... or should she say Briarstar.
She declares borders around the marshland, smart... WindClan would likely follow suit. She was getting sick and tired of all these cats just waltzing around... Bonejaw was her medicine cat. Sootstar raises a brow, what had their medicine cat been doing in RiverClan then?
Interesting... she can't help but wonder if something was going on. In the bat of an eye she is weary of RiverClan and ShadowClan, was there an unknown alliance going on? Why had she not been invited in on it?

Briarstar goes silent.
Suppose... WindClan's turn?

"WindClan is strong and thriving, our numbers have grown rapidly." Sootstar bears a small grin as she casually begins to boast, "StarClan has named me Sootstar and blessed me with nine lives. They've also given us a medicine cat, Honeytwist. Formerly of SkyClan." She adds the last part to intentionally jab at the nearby SkyClan leader, I have one of your warriors. Ripped away from you by StarClan themselves, to my paws. Oh... she did not like Honeytwist, but she did like that she could aim a sly blow the King of Kittypet's way.

"I have had two kits, Shrikekit and Owlkit, the healthiest children I have ever laid eyes on." A lie, Shrikekit could appear quite sickly most days... "Honeytwist has also had her own children. Thunderkit, Marigoldkit," Shudder, "Lemonkit, Applekit, Cherrykit, Melonkit, and Rosekit. All strong."

"WindClan has nothing else to report. Our business is ours, but let it be know we are strong." Gracefully, she sits down. Now all she wanted was for the gathering to be over... WindClan's had their fun...​

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Tugger had told himself that he wouldn't care too much about anything the other clan leaders had to say. In fact, he was more preoccupied with the creeping feeling that he was being watched. The site of the Great Battle still made him nauseous and now that he was back at the base of these cursed trees, this graveyard, he could feel Amber's sticky blood on his chin again. He could still hear the cries of his fallen clan-mates echoing around him.

He hated it here. Could they -

Sootstar opens her mouth, her words falling on his ears as sharp as thorns. He hates her. He hates her voice, he hates her... medicine cat? His eyes narrow as she speaks of this newly queened medicine cat, Honeytwist. From SkyClan? He knows that Honeybee had left out to join RiverClan, but no other cat that he knew of had been picked out by -

Tugger's eyes widen and his gaze falls to the base of the great stone where the leaders are gathered. There she is, as beautiful as the day she left, soft cinnamon fur lightly curling in the night breeze. Fritter. Tugger's leaden heart drops into his stomach. She had left without a word, without so much as a soft good-bye, with his children in tow for her? For the half-sized mutt that had proclaimed herself queen of the moorlands alongside her merry band of rabbit-eared imbeciles that couldn't cut it in the forest? She couldn't even tell him that StarClan had spoken to her? She hadn't even asked him to come along? Was he not good enough for her new family? Did she believe herself to be above him now that she had special communion with the dead?

Had she even spared him a second thought?

Why didn't she say anything?

Why wasn't he worth that much?
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− ♱ ABOUT : ember arrived shortly after him, her little flame point figure cutting an ivory line through the sea of bustling felidae. she takes the remaining spot between him and blaze, regarding him with a laugh and a playful chime despite the way she eyes his damp coat. cicadastar was . . not a fan of kittypets. such was common knowledge ; and likely reciprocated, as he was sure some amongst the crowd still view him with paws matted in thick crimson, bicolored curled matted to his heaving form. despite it, he finds himself swallowing the ripple of agitation at being addressed so flippantly, icy luminaries darting down to find the curl - eared cinnamon tabby the stars had named his medicine cat. ember had earned her spot above thunderclan, no longer the pet he had so vehemently spoken against moons prior. for the sake of their clans, he would treat her with the same respect as the darker - toned mollies at his other side. the man gives a polite smile, dipping his sloped muzzle band perking orbital ears as briarstar speaks.

" seven kits! " he exclaims, his grin coming to broaden wide across his sharp - edged features," my, congratulations! you must have your paws full. i'm sure bonejaw makes a good kitsitter, yeah? " he jokes, the idea of a litter of kits crlambering their way atop the begrudging medicine cat. his brow furrows slightly, however, watching for a shift in his fellow leader's expression at the mention of her sister. after is arrival at the riverclan border, he'd been concerned ; for both bonejaw's wellbeing, and shadowclan's. while only the product of his own curiosity, he wondered how she handled the woman's return. the man redirects his attention outward, letting the mollies speak before the dark woman addresses him directly, " doing well. the waters have been kind to us, land bountiful. " the response is brief, though warm as it was, as blaze steps forward to call out over the crowd. his head ticks in curiosity, casting a glance towards sootstar as if to convey do you see this?

he begins strong, though refusing to meet his eye and − we've plenty of prey, and our clan is growing strong again, like it was when rain was leader. a cold chill blazes up the length of his limbs, dread filling his paws like stones in water. there is a distinct ringing in his ears that drowns the flame points next words, absent, too - wide blue eyes fixate unwavering upon him. unnerving without context, though he had not the ability to hide his hollow stare. he, too, had nine lives ; cicadastar had only assumed as much. rain had come to him, laden with stardust and eyes tender in forgiveness. it would only make sense that the tom would visit his own warriors, grant them the lives they were owed. he bites his lip finally, ripping his eyes away to face outward, into the canopies across the way. he speaks of deputies, to which the man stifles a scoff.

briarstar speaks next, tipping her head up and speaking aloud as he always has. he nods along, the mention of borders raising an eyebrow. it made sense, though the shores tended to serve as their own sort of border itself. the man makes a mental note to assign patrols to the furthest banks and around the twoleg bridge − he could never be too careful, especially with the strangers seeming to trapieze throughout thunderclan territory as they pleased. she mentions bonejaw, to which the man glances from the corner of his eye towards sootstar. her expression reads curious -- suspicious, the man's mind screams. the dread in his limbs increases despite himself, taking the moment to steel himself as the blue smoke steps forward, boasting her clan's strength and numbers. it was a near drone, tinnitus in his ears ringing high within his skull until . .

eyes were on him.

cicadastar lifts himself, curls dried and sleek with late greenleaf wind. he takes a step forward, his too - tall figure illuminated by the full moonlight, " hello, all. riverclan, as well, is thriving beyond expectation. starclan has blessed our waters with prey aplenty and life anew. " he paints a smile upon his maw once more, presenting himself kindly, warmly, despite anxiety crawls up the length of his spine, " i have been given nine lives, and granted a medicine cat : honeybee, who now bears the name beesong. named for their light, caring demeanor." his chin tilts up, " i have made the decision to make these names mandatory, a symbol of loyalty ; a new beginning. " his tail curls neatly behind him and suddenly, words fail him − he has nothing further to say, nothing he was willing to tell the public, " we are growing, strong and steady. we have found a life sustained on the waters alone, and we wish to live peacefully amongst ourselves. " he dips his head, stepping back into place alongside his fellow leaders, "i ask you all now for privacy. thank you."

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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It confused her that only one leader out of the other four deigned to respond to her greeting. The other three leaders were too busy with their own conversation, she reasoned, shrugging it off. She turned to the other flame-point eagerly, affixing him with a particularly warm glance. "It has been! Our new home is better than we ever could have hoped." She cheered, and really meant it too. Her clan and her territory were her pride and joy, however much managing them had tired her.

A comment from Briarstar caught her ear as she went to return the compliment that had been given to her. The Shadowclan leader was commenting that she considered Windclan and Riverclan friends like she wasn't even there. In a moment, the tom she had been talking to was forgotten. Bewilderment once again crossed her expression. "Uh, I think you forgot two of the clans." Emberstar commented with a half-hearted laugh. "Congratulations, though." She added with a nod, her eyes widening a little as the size of the litter set in on her. Seven. Wow.

Before she could turn back to him, the Skyclan leader was pulled away by the restless crowd. Telling them of the deputy he had apponted, Daisy Flight. An idea she quite liked. His voice is loud and confident, filled with a power that radiated from him. Nothing like she ever would have expected from the meek joiner she had first met back in the pine group. Once he finished his little speech, she spared no time giving him an affectionate nudge. "I see you're doing pretty well yourself, Blazestar." She whispered to him with a smile. Though they hadn't really ever known each other well, it was still apparent to her how much he had grown in his time as leader. It was reassuring to see that her former clan was in safe paws.

Once again, Briarstar's words gave her pause. The molly's talk of borders and her treats of what would follow were they ignored bothered her. They were meant to be keeping the peace, all of them. Not giving their clans reasons to start a fight.

Next came Sootstar and Cicadastar in turn, boasting of their own successes and accomplishments. The Riverclan leader's talk of new names intrigued her, it sounded pretty fun honestly. He also sounded warmer, friendlier than the two just before him and that alone endeared him to her. Even though his choice of territory still made little sense to her.

Then there was a moment of silence.

Then another.

She blinked.

"Ah, my turn now?" she laughed, an attempt to lighten the mood. A glance to the cats assembled below didn't find many faces laughing with her. Well, wasn't this a tough crowd.

"Heya!" Emberstar greeted brightly, meeting as many eyes as she could. "Thunderclan has been doing amazing this last moon! Our numbers have swelled with friends both old and new, and prey in the oak forest is plentiful! Life is well in our new camp!" she reassured the assembled cats warmly. Many of her clanmates had friends and family in other clans, she knew, and she wanted them to know that all was well. "From the stars I received the name Emberstar, and nine lives as well." That was all true. She had received nine, even if she had lost one already. "I also received a medicine cat named Cinderfrost who, uh, couldn't make it here today." That distinctly wasn't true. Cinderfrost could have made it, but she really didn't want to talk about why she hadn't come. "In other news," the subtlest redirection of all time, no one would ever notice she had done it. "I have begun a new training regimen in the clan! Less experienced cats - who are called apprentices - now train under more proficient mentors, with the apprentices gaining the -paw suffix until their training is complete." She explained eagerly, with a big grin. It was an idea she was quite proud of.
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