THE LIGHTS THAT STOP ME || meeting 9.21.22

Though SkyClan feels as though it's in tatters, Blazestar has never felt so strong and rejuvenated. His limp, his sore leg, the life he's lost - inconsequential. The camp needs reinforcing, needs cleaning, after the little dogs had run house, but it's something that can be dealt with, can't it?

He's going to be a father. His Clan went to the Twolegplace and came back stronger, reinforced. Daisyflight had kept their camp held together even against the onslaught of hounds while half their warriors were away.

SkyClan remains strong, despite everything, and for once, there's optimism peeking through the gloom of his blue eyes.

His ascent to the Highbranch is painful and unsteady, and for a moment he wonders if he should just address his Clan from the ground. Once his claws are firmly into the bark, though, he exhales and gazes into the expanse of their camp.

"SkyClan! Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join us for a Clan meeting. We have much to discuss."

Blazestar seeks the new cats who've come with them from the Twolegplace, as well as Daisyflight's kits. Today will be their day to shine.

"Before our... discussions, however, we have some ceremonies to perform. Steven King, Tallulah, please step forward." He swings the end of his tail like a long, pale pendulum.


All of SkyClan's recent victorious were hardly what sparked excitement in the childs head. She was eager for something more personal... something life changing. Today was the day her life would change forever, today was the day she'd become Figpaw!

There is electricity in her steps as she bounces to gather under the High Branch, likely with her litter-mates giggling and chatting excitedly. Young Figkit couldn't help but be loud and let her giggles and high-pitched voice pierce the air around them. The elders had told her to try and take in every minute of this meeting, it'd be one she'd remember for the rest of her life, and good StarClan she was trying to!

The girl takes in the touch of grass against her paws, the smell of her clan-mates carrying the faint scent of dog, monster, and twolegs, the tired, grumpy, content, and joyful faces in the crowd. She takes note of the exact place she sits herself down, just several fox-lengths from where Blazestar perched himself.

She stares upwards with a big, cheeky grin. She does her best to listen as the soon-to-be warriors are called forward, but all she can think about is her own ceremony. What will it feel like when she's up there? Will she feel older once she gets her name? Who will be her mentor? Would they go out to train right away?

Oh... she hopes so!
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Since his first venture out to SkyClan’s territory, something in the back of the red tabby’s mind has told him that he somehow belongs here. The clan doesn’t hold ill will toward kittypets, not like RiverClan does, and he was quick to aid them when he spotted their clan’s familiar faces wandering the twolegplace. He hears the leader announce a meeting and is unsure whether he should join those cats who gather beneath the tree.

But then his own name is called, and the tom strides over to look up at the leader with wide green eyes. He’s been allowed to stay within the clan’s camp for a while, but is this the day that the leader finally kicks him out?
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( ) a familiar call for a meeting echoed around camp, the head of huckleberry peeked out from the medicine den where he had been visiting between breaks in activity to check on those who've gotten injured when those yampering dogs raided their camp, specifically baguette who he hoped would get the proper medical attention now that the patrol from the twolegplace had returned.

the tom slipped away from the burrow to join the rest of his gathering clanmates, his gaze sweeping over those who were called up by the flame-point and one of them was none other than his dear sister tallulah. it seemed like she might be getting her own fancy warrior name today, something huckleberry never seemed to bother getting.
( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )

Redstorm was not without his own injuries from the dog attack. Adrenaline kept him from feeling the full force of his injuries until the next morning. He had woken with all sorts of aches and pains, groaning as he pushed himself out of his nest, forced himself to hunt. Blazestar had left and had taken so many with him and so many here were far worse off than he was. There would be no rest for the flame pointed warrior. When Blazestar had returned, able bodies in tow, Redstorm had actually found it in himself to feel relief.

He is about to head out to hunt now, actually, though his aching muscles protest just every step, but the call of the cream furred tom stops him short. Hunting could wait a moment, he was interested to hear what Blazestar had to say about his journey, about the dog attack, about the gathering. Everything. This should be interesting he thinks as he sits and tips his head up to look at their leader, ice blue eyes focused on him and ears forward, alert.
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

At the call of her leader and friend, Deersong would be seen slipping carefully out of the den she had been sharing with Thistleback while she recovered. Looking back to see if the spikey-haired tom was following her out, she would turn and limp her way slowly over to the gathering spot. She would spot Redstorm looking worse for wear and would make her way over to sit beside him, having gained a new appreciation for him after his gentle concern towards her injury.

"Hope you're resting too, Red." Her voice would be quiet, it's usual coo spoked with both kindness and warmth. "Can't be having you getting under the weather." She would turn her eyes to her leader as two cats were called forward, Deersong assumed that they would be given their warrior names and she moved to half sit-half lay down so she could watch comfortably.

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Churro is called forth by Blaze's call and as Churro moves forth, guilt builds where there was once excitement. Its a callous thing and she finds herself turning her head to avoid looking at the injuries sustained while she had been locked up in her house. She had tried, tried so hard to get past those stupid ankle-biters, but the breed of dog they were, full of rage and unbridled anger at the world... She shudders, her twolegs had owned one like that long ago, they were mean as could be.

Churro spots Red, Deer coming to sit besides him and her chest prickled uncomfortably. Why did she feel like this? Was it guilt that she hadn't been able to get by the dogs, or something else? Feelings are confusing. She hesitates and instead of moving to sit besides him she finds herself walking the opposite direction to seat herself, by herself. Names are called and she turns her gaze on to the ones coming forth expectantly, a strained smile on her lips. She'd save her congratulations for when they actually were announced.
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Behind the twists of mocha and cream and unsteady wounded pawsteps, Thistleback lurked like a thorny shadow. Silvery optics watching her steps carefully should she stumble as she makes her way toward Redstorm. She settles herself to the ground, to which Thistleback flicks a razor-tipped white tail and rakes his sights across the gathered cats.

If one was to speculate beyond the grounds of what is necessary of notice and prying- it would seem, Blazestar was happier. Though obviously subjected to wounds and wear, Thistleback’s idle silver optics glint with a sort of regard in the way the ragdoll drags himself up to the high branch despite it. A worthy of notice feat. A hmph blows past his lips as he settles next to Deersong, finally finding comfort in allowing contact. An odd sight, as it was normal for him to slink in the shadows and watch meetings from the sidelines. To be with Deersong, was to be in her circle of socials and unconditional love she had for her clanmates. Where he was simply, static.

He subconsciously leans gently against Deer’s shoulder. Careful of her dressed wounds. " who in the devil is that? " his sights settle on a long-haired red spotted tabby. " Stephen King " the name settles on his tongue. " kittypet names are proper strange " he chuckles darkly to himself as he awaits the meeting. aiming to place his paw over Deersong’s, a charmed visual and warning he hoped her attacker from those nights ago would see, if they were even a Skyclanner themselves. A nonverbal dare and toothless snarl toward the unknown assailant . He wasn’t thinking about what Deersong might think of it. This- public display.


No amount of weariness or stiffness in his joints could stop Sharpeye from ensuring his attendance to the meeting. It felt good to see Blazestar back and it brought with it some feelings of relief. Perhaps now the stressful times could remain behind them. Though perhaps that was merely wishful thinking. Still, he wanted to remain a little hopeful.

As he joined the growing crowd he couldn't help but take note of the new faces among the ranks, likely those discovered during the recent excursion. New life was always a good thing, but could they all be trusted? Some looked rough around the edges. However, should he really be judging? He had once been a rogue from faraway lands, hardly a looker with mussy fur. Yet here he was, a SkyClanner, welcomed in and given a home. This was a rare place where judgement could be set aside and replaced with acceptance.

The smallest of smiles wormed it's way onto his features as he patiently waited for the ceremonies to take place.​
Blazestar waits for his Clan to gather, their expectant faces tilted towards his, and a thrill rushes through him - a thrill of pride. SkyClan is nothing like it was when he first declared himself leader. Those who had lost so much, including their identity, thrust under the leadership of a kittypet with no idea how things should be run.

But perhaps their losses have strengthened their bond, along with their victories. The Ragdoll has to stifle a purr as he observes them. His Clanmates, his friends and family. Missing only one, soon to be many.

He clears his throat. "Stephen King, Tallulah, you have chosen to put a paw in both worlds and serve SkyClan as a daylight warrior. We welcome your strength and dedication. By the power invested in me by StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Stephen King, you will be known as Steveheart." He tilts his head toward the red tabby. "StarClan honors your curiosity and your bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan."

He glances to the fluffy torbie at his side, the pale silken collar dangling on either side of her delicate throat. "Tallulah, you will be known as Tallulahwing. StarClan honors your ferocity and your spirit, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan."

He will wait for his Clanmates to cheer for the newly-dubbed Steveheart and Tallulahwing, and he wrinkles his nose in humor at the way the names sound coming from their mouths. The kittypet names that become warrior names are so mysterious - who knows what any of it means. It's almost as though they're from another world entirely, rather than from just the Twolegplace.

He finds Daisyflight's kits next, groomed with shining pelts and bright, excited eyes. He nods to each of them, pride bursting from his heart and setting his blue eyes ablaze. How proud his deputy must be! Will that be him someday soon, sitting on the Highbranch and giving names to his own sons and daughters to continue SkyClan's legacy?

There's a brief thought, Or ThunderClan's? that crosses his mind like a wisp of cloud before a burning sun.

"Violetkit, Figkit, Greenkit, and Snowkit, please step forward." He nods to each in turn. Then, remembering the young kittypet who'd followed SkyClan back from the Twolegplace, he spots another in the crowd: "And Luna."

"Violetkit," he begins, "from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Violetpaw. Your mentor will be Steveheart." Dark eyes flick to the daylight warrior, and he nods for them to touch noses. "Steveheart, you are ready to take on an apprentice to solidify your place in this Clan. I expect you to pass on all you know to Violetpaw."

Realistically, what does Steveheart know that Violetpaw doesn't? Blazestar admittedly isn't sure, but he moves along without dwelling on it too long.

"Snowkit, from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be Snowpaw. Your mentor will be Deersong." He nods to Deersong in the crowd. "Deersong, I expect you to teach all you know to young Snowpaw."

The little red tabby she-kit is practically bouncing on her paws. Blazestar attempts to hide his smile. "Figkit, from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be Figpaw. Your mentor will be Tallulahwing." He waits for the torbie and Figpaw to touch noses. "Tallulahwing, I expect you to teach all you know to Figpaw."

Blazestar finds Greenkit next. "Greenkit, from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Greenpaw. Your mentor will be Churrodream." The tawny warrior is a good match for little Greenpaw, he feels. "Churrodream, I expect you to teach all you know to Greenpaw."

And, finally, Luna, who travels as Harpyfall and Churrodream do, looking at him expectantly. "Luna, from this day forward, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lunapaw." He flicks his gaze to Batshriek. "Your mentor will be Batshriek. I expect you to teach all you know to Lunapaw." Part of him had wanted to give Lunapaw another daylight warrior as a mentor, but Pantherpelt, well... after the way she'd abandoned their patrol, he does not think her capable of instilling any sort of loyalty into an outsider.

Blazestar would normally have moved from his post at this point, but he does not. His paws stay rooted to the Highbranch, and he inhales sharply before letting the breath go in a soft puff between his jaws. "SkyClan, we returned from the Twolegplace exhausted, but stronger. We have made friends and bonds that SkyClan will benefit from for moons. We've experienced hardship, but look at us - we are prospering regardless. In fact..." He pauses and gazes almost bashfully at his enormous paws. Some of you may know Little Wolf, a ThunderClan warrior and the deputy's daughter. Prepare to see more of her in SkyClan's camp - she is expecting my kits. She will not be driven out or harmed. All of you are to treat her with dignity and kindness when she and my kits visit." He grooms his chest, anxious under the gleaming eyes of his Clanmates.

"ThunderClan is our friend. ShadowClan and RiverClan are existing peacefully, as we are, it seems. But we were all at the Gathering. We cannot - will not - forget the atrocity that WindClan has committed, and continues to commit against other Clans." His smile vanishes. The Gathering still hangs over him like the scent of smoke over the forest. "We must not allow ourselves to think the matter has been solved. Sootstar did not like being humiliated, and because the other leaders looked to her critically, I do fear for everyone's peace. SkyClan must remain strong - and prepared."

He finds a red-pointed tom in the crowd, a longhaired cream feline, and he nods to both. "This is why I have chosen to implement lead warriors as Cicadastar and Sootstar have. These cats have shown themselves to be fierce and loyal, but disciplined enough to help Daisyflight and I maintain peace."

After a heartbeat, Blazestar meows, "Deersong, Redstorm, would you join our ranks as lead warriors?"


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He is pleasantly surprised when Deersong comes and sits next to him, he had never considered himself close with the cream-colored molly but he finds her decent company, and she had proven herself a fierce warrior in battle, earning his respect. He smiles at her and dips his head in acknowledgment of her words. "I hope now that Dawnglare is back, you can get that leg properly looked at, we need you back on patrols" he purrs light-heartedly. He notes when Thistleback comes and sits next to them with a twitch of his tail, a polite greeting but he does not speak to the black and white tom. He does however note his closeness to Deersong, his paw placed over hers. It makes him feel something - longing although he doesn't know it. It's a hollow feeling, the want of someone to be close to like that. It makes him feel like a kit again, wanting to curl up next to his father, be enveloped by his long silky pelt.

His gaze is wrenched upwards away from the two touching paws and to a familiar face. He sees Churrodream and is about to let out a purr, it rumbles in his throat but dies when she walks past him, a sour look on her face. His brows knit together in confusion but he does not move to sit next to her. If she wanted space then fine - far be it from him to go where he was not wanted. Besides, the meeting was about to start.

Words float through his ears, names changed, apprentices and warriors made. He smiles encouragingly when Churrodream goes to greet her new apprentice, he knows that she will make an amazing mentor. He wonders what he possibly could've done to make her mad at him, why she had deliberately chosen to sit away from him. When Deersong comes to sit next to him again he flicks her with his tail. "Your apprentice has some pretty big paw prints to fill." He says in a way of congratulations. He casts one last forlorn glance in Churrodream's direction before he turns his gaze back to Blazestar, waiting for the next part of his news.

His journey. He had been waiting for this. The reason why Star Clan had pulled them away. He narrows his eyes, friendship? Blazestar had taken valuable warriors away from them to go find friends? He cannot believe his ears but he purses his lips. Maybe there was something he was missing. Maybe they would be invaluable warriors who would strengthen their numbers. He hopes so, or else Blazestar's journey would be for nothing. The next part is even more confusing for him. He had no idea Blazestar was even seeing a Thunder Clanner but he supposes kits are always good news, no matter who it was who was expecting them, and he didn't really see anything wrong with it if Thunder and Sky were friendly. Who knew, maybe Thunder and Sky could form an alliance from it?

He agrees on the next point, Sky Clan must get stronger, better. He digs his claws into the grass below him at the mention of Sootstars name and he has to suppress a growl from forming in his throat. The next words are what snaps him out of it though. Lead warrior? Him? With Deersong? He blinks in surprise and pushes himself to his feet "I would be honored" he says, dipping his head "I hope I can prove myself deserving of the position" he silently wonders what had prompted this if he really was the best fit. Surely there were more qualified warriors? But he would not argue on this.

While nowhere near as enthusiastic as his sister over the meeting, he was there and smiling in his eternally patient way regardless. The blue and white dappled tom found @FIGKIT in the crowd of cats and promptly sat himself down beside her with a friendly shoulder bump but said nothing. Becoming an apprentice was a little overwhelming of a thought so he had not really let it linger for too long in his mind. It felt like too much, if that made sense. It felt like his little world was expanding far past his scope of understanding and that outside of camp there was nothing but unlimited space and things that he would never hope be able to see all of before he grew old and passed. As a kitten he'd not bothered thinking of it because he was not permitted out of the camp but now as an apprentice the radius of places he could go around him was widening and it would continue to widen as he got older. It was a little dizzying.

He hears his name, his siblings name and one by one he listens in as they are given their new suffix and a mentor to train them going forward. Snowkit-or rather-Snowpaw, does not linger much on his siblings mentors as he trusts Blazestar to assign them cats who would treat them well but its his that has his ears pricking upward in delight and amusement. Deersong, he was only a little familiar with the pretty cream she-cat but what he had seen he was fond of and she seemed very nice! And Blazestar seemed to agree, naming her and Redstorm as lead warriors, a rank he was not familiar with but it certainly sounded very cool. He wondered if it was anything like his mother's duty of helping upkeep the clan?
His golden gaze scanned the crowd for her and upon spotting the molly he raises a paw in a single cheerful wave before wandering over and catching the tail end of Redstorm's remark. Big paw prints to feel? Well, of course. His paws were much smaller than Deersong's and he raised one to examine curiously before setting it back down and finishing his friendly approach.
"Congratulations!" He mewled out, white paws shuffling excitedly, "You're both going to be great lead warriors!" Whatever those were! His attention shifted proper to Deersong, "I'm so excited! I can't wait to learn stuff from you!"

A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deersong would purr softly as Thistleback took a seat at her side and then placed a paw on hers in a public display of their closeness. It surprised her, but she melted into it happily as the meeting began. New warriors were named and she called their names loudly along with the rest of her clanmates as they took their new spots among the clan.

New apprentices were called next and she would sit up a bit straighter from the surprise of being given one. Blazestar would continue without much pause and announce his impending fatherhood. A loud purr of congratulations would rumble from her chest and she had to fight to not steal a look at Thistleback at that moment. She couldn't help but wonder, however, her name being called again would quickly pull her from her thoughts and she would blink in surprise as she and Redstorm were named 'Lead Warriors' of Skyclan.

Her half-lidded gaze would only glimmer with joy as her new charge, Snowpaw, hurried towards her and she would greet him with a gentle touch of her nose to his forehead and patted the earth between herself and Redstorm. From that day she would ensure that the tom was not far from her side. She would look back up to Blazestar then, her leader, her friend, and after Redstorm spoke she would also with a voice as clear as crystal and just as strong, "I also accept this fab honor. I'll do everything I can to make Skyclan proud."

Looking down at her apprentice as he congratulated her, Deersong couldn't help the purr that thundered from her and she would lean against Thistleback as pride filled her with warmth.


New apprentices, new life in the clan, new warriors, Blazestar has a girlfriend- BLAZESTAR HAS A GIRLFRIEND? She had glossed over the fact and had to come back to it, she blinks and an ugly laugh falls from her mouth, there's widened eyes and a paw goes to cover her maw as she snickers. Its definitely gonna be apart of her next tease- she respects him and all, especially since he's a leader and all- but oh my goodness! She never thought it would happen! Good for him, a soft smile spreads across her face, albeit somewhat bitterly. He'd be a fine father, was a fine leader, she had no doubt about it.

Her name is called and she looks up again, from where her gaze had drifted to the form of Deer and Red. An apprentice, eh? Her eyes wander back to newly named Greenpaw, offering a quaint smile that just barely seemed to fit her face. "Ay, cariño, ready to learn from the best?" light, teasing- she was far from the best and certainly did not feel like the best right now with such an uncomfortable, heavy feeling in her chest, but she'd fake it for the sake of the child, Daisyflights child, he's under her care now. "We'll go out as soon as I take a walk, si?" Churro needs to get out, but she touches the kiddo on the nose with hers, a silent vow to keep him safe.

Then there's Redstorm and Deersongs names being called out and her smile falters, breaks. The feeling that had temporary lifted is back again and its back with vengeance. Her stomach twists and her chest tightens and shes looking with wide eyes. Fur prickles and its like she wants to scream. No congratulations fall from her mouth, they can't, shes frozen there and just as quickly as she falters shes back with a pained smile. She prays, that if Starclan really existed that they'd strike her down right where she stands.

They don't and shes left sitting there with her eyes turned towards her paws. Later, she'd seek out Redstorm in private, tell him how happy she is for him- but for now she remains quiet, she feels like shes gonna throw up, scream, ears flatten against her skull.

Today was the day!

Greenkit sits alongside his siblings, crooked ginger tail thumping against the ground in excitement. Today was the day he'd become an apprentice! He hopes his mentor is nice, hopes he'll get to explore outside of the camp, hopes he'll learn so many new things!

One by one, his siblings get their apprentice names, get their mentors. And then, finally, it's his turn.

The ginger and white kit becomes Greenpaw, and is assigned Churrodream as his mentor. Big, green eyes scan the area for the fawn-furred daylight warrior, and, there! He greets her brightly, eyes growing wider at her words.

"Are you really the best?" he asks his new mentor after they touch noses. How cool! He gets to have the best warrior as his mentor! That means he'll be the best warrior when he grows up, right?
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The silver warrior sits among the crowd, yet another meeting called to order.

First, it's new warriors - Steveheart and Tallulahwing. Then, it's Daisyflight's kits - the rest of them, at least - becoming apprentices.

Squallmist joins in cheering for them, and then, Blazestar speaks of the journey. It's one that still brings annoyance to his chest at the mention - of what seemed to be pointless, of what ended up being more dangerous than what it had seemed - though, Blazestar was right, they'd met many a face there, including Steveheart himself. Though, Squallmist doesn't expect what comes next.

Blazestar's expecting kits. Oh, stars. Good luck with that one.

Perhaps he'll be a good father, though. As much as Squallmist hates to admit it, the flame-point is shaping up to be a decent leader. He wouldn't say he's better than Rain, though. But, still decent, he supposes.

One more announcement - Deersong and Redstorm are named Lead Warriors. He looks over at the two, at the seemingly important rank that has been given to them. Though his name isn't called, his brother's was. And, he supposed that was enough. Rain would be proud of him, and for that, he'll be glad. Their legacy would live on, after all. Though a bittersweet sadness begins to creep in, he reminds himself what happened the last time his name wasn't called, and tries his best to remain composed for his younger sibling and his friend.

"Congratulations," he says to his brother, to Deersong, a bow of his head to the two.

They would do great.
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The spotted tabby all but deflates as the leader continues—he’s not being kicked out, thank the gods. He rolls his gaze up to the sky, mentally thanking whatever higher beings are apparently looking out for him. He’s being accepted into this clan, a clan full of cats much braver and more capable than himself. They’re accepting him as one of their own, even if he plans to travel back to his home every night to eat regular food that isn’t freshly killed. He prefers his meals to not look like something that had been alive only hours earlier.

The smile that graces his face quickly twists into a much less graceful expression; the subtle downturn of his mouth, the wrinkle that forms above his eyes. That name. It’s horrible. He hadn’t realized that the leader would change his name, and much less expected to hear Steve leave Blazestar’s mouth. Oh, gods. He’s stuck with this now. The freshly named Steveheart listens to his new clanmates chant both his and Tallulahwing’s names, and his indignance fades just as quickly as it had come. Their names sound so… silly. Especially coming from the mouths of these clan cats who have names like Redstorm and Daisyflight.

The next order of business seems to be naming apprentices—which Steveheart knows about, but admittedly only knows that they’re young cats in training to be warriors.

And—oh gods, the leader is calling his new name. Oh gods, he’s being told that he’ll be playing mentor to a Violetpaw. Oh gods, he’s going to die. Right here, right now, he’s going to drop dead. He doesn’t know the first thing about being a warrior!

But he seeks out the child he’s meant to take as an apprentice, eyes landing upon a dark blue pelt. His steps are heavy as he trods over to stand just before the younger feline, smiling brightly down at her. "I’m your mentor now, I suppose! My name’s Stephen—uh, Steveheart." He shifts from paw to paw then, unsure of what else he’s meant to do. He’s really just been carelessly tossed into this whole clan business, hasn’t he?

The announcements go in one ear and out the other, the little girl cannot help to not care in this moment. Usually, clan politics and events intrigued her... but this meeting was going to change Figkit's life forever! She couldn't help but hyperfocus, to prepare with excitement and anxiety filled breaths for her name to be called. She couldn't mess this up, her siblings couldn't mess this up.

This must go perfect.

Violetkit, Greenkit, Snowkit, and yes, Figkit make their way forward in the crowd as their names are called. Figkit can hardly stand still. Greenkit is made into Greenpaw. Snowkit is made into Snowpaw... Violetkit, Violetpaw. And for the marmalade child, she is renamed as Figpaw. Her mentor? One of the new warriors, new cats of SkyClan, Tallulahwing.

Figpaw looks up with her with big, orange eyes filled with awe. While some cats may be disappointed to get such a new member of the clan as their mentor, Figpaw was not. Tallulahwing was new and exciting, a whole new cat she got to learn about. Blazestar had welcomed these new cats into the clan for a reason, entrusted them with apprentices for a reason, it was enough for Figpaw to have confidence in Tallulahwing.

Her little pink nose would touch her mentor's.

"We're both going to teach each other so much!"

Daisyflight's mouth was set with pride, tail folded just right atop her paws. Her kits were named apprentices, something she knew they had been excited for. Seeing them lined up before Blazestar, pelts groomed neatly at her paws, lifted her spirits. So far they had come, as kits born into the forest. So different from her own childhood. The time had soared by, clouds ablur across the sun as it met the horizon night after night. There was a little bit of gratification for herself too- to have kept them safe in the face of so many dangers. Even without the aid of their father.

The queen let a purr in her throat roll openly, meeting each of their gazes as they were called forth. Creased eyes roamed the clearing for Butterflypaw, giving her eldest a little wink of acknowledgement. All of them, all she could have hoped for.

Their leader's announcement of his own kits pulled the molly from her pleasure, however, a sour shock tugging her eyes wide. Ah. Love, it was such a tricky, wicked thing. She had her foul run-in with it, but Daisyflight wouldn't ruin another's chance. Holding the air within her lungs in fiercely for a moment, lids slid shut, she let her fears condense into righteous wariness. She would be vetting this, 'Little Wolf', there was no doubt. Reluctantly, she acknowledged Blazestar's happiness was of great import to her.

The call for the lead warriors to join their ranks drew another smile, a mutter to each following it, "Congratulations! I'm glad to have you both beside us." And she meant it. Deersong's quick reactions to the dog attack had earnt further respect from the deputy, and Redstorm was a reliable force in the clan. Having one of Rain's descendants soothed something in her too- a roundabout nod of gratitude to the past leader's achievements. Proof that his colony had held strong and fostered the community he had worked so hard to promote.

/HUGE congrats to Jay and Zaeya!! so happy to have you onboard <333
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They had returned to a worse version of Skyclan, bringing back the ticks clinging to their pelts in the form of more cats, lovely thing. Blaise grossly overestimates the outcome of their journey (After a grueling list of names. He flashes a look of pity to Churro, assigned a kit their mother deemed greenpaw in the form of some evil, lifelong prank. How Blaise thinks well of a deputy who sets their child up for failure, he will never know.) Something about kits is mentioned. He doesn't hear, doesn't listen.

What ensues is strange— a speech regarding their relationship with Thunderclan. Friends, why exactly? Sticking around for a few moments at the gathering? (Those moments he had spent staring blankly, sad static in his mind, eyes glazed with something he couldn't comprehend.) Why he wished to stay so closely with cats stinking of char and ash.....

Daisyflight put him up to this. Witch.

And this trend continues: unfitting candidates put into questionable positions. Lead warriors, had those been the ones bearing those marks? He'd think the title is to demand power and respect, and bestowed upon those two.... There's little he can say until she—

Fab honor? Dawnglare is taken aback, shocked by the blatant nothingspeak. What is a fab honor? Maybe she didn't sound like Daisy, but her words were worse. What the hell is fab??????? A groan— halfway pained, halfway exasperated— rumbles in his throat. Cursed place, cursed souls, Take him away, away...