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Aug 9, 2022

Sunfreckle x Rabbitnose

Sunfreckle was born Sunny and was a shelter cat his entire life, when he escaped he nearly died alone in the wilderness until Rabbitnose (then Rabbit) came across him and saved his life. The two immediately grew close, living together and helping one another and eventually joining ThunderClan as it was newly forming; without any real discussion they became mates and are extremely devoted to one another.
The kits were an accident, the timing of their arrival was terrible (after the fire and before leafbare began) but they will be loved all the same and fretted over by protective parents. They will be worried over the entire duration of leafbare. During this time the kits will get sick, as will Sunfreckle but they will ultimately survive though it will make their parents even more overprotective than before.

  • This is not First Come, First Serve but it will also only be open for a little over a week (might pull early depending on apps) and then I’ll determine the birth date.
  • You do not have to STRICTLY follow the genetics but as long as the appearance looks like it works between the parents then that's fine!
  • Name list is at the bottom, it's not required but it's preferred!
    • Or at least the same 'vibes' are preferred!
  • These kittens will be ThunderClanners and raised in ThunderClan by loving parents who are especially doting and affectionate.
  • They are born in leafbare, so kittens may have a tendency to get sick easily.
  • Sunfreckle was born with a malformed leg that was amputated at a shelter as a kit but despite this we would prefer the kits not be born with any physical disabilities. Things that develop as they grow, however, are fine but be respectful please.
  • The kits will be playable at 2-3 moons old after birth date (to be determined.)
    • Aging will be discussed based on the player's preferences! They will probably not be apprentices for at least two IRL months at the minimum.
  • Please keep your kit semi-active! Casual characters are fine so long as they aren’t fully abandoned without discussing with us your dropping them!
    • (Dropped kittens will not be rehomed but instead ‘written’ out.)

Litter Genetics:
Sire: LH blue w/ high white and vitiligo Dam: LH red tabby w/ low white (masking black tabby; carrying dilute) Toms can be red tabby or cream tabby She-cats can be tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, torbie, or blue torbie - kits will be longhaired - kits can have low white or high white - kits can have any realistic eye color - kits may or may not have vitiligo, which will develop in adulthood - red tabbies will mask black or black tabby; cream tabbies will mask blue or blue tabby - non-dilute kits will carry dilute

Names the two would choose for their kits:
  • Flower names in general but especially: Daisykit, Lilykit, Lilackit, Wisteriakit, Asterkit, Peonykit, Rosekit.
  • Comforting/Soft things: Pigeonkit, Robinkit, Jaykit, Thrushkit, Joykit, Songkit, Softkit, Sweetkit, Cloudkit, Mosskit, Dewkit, Honeykit, Beekit
  • After/About Rabbitnose: Bunnykit, Harekit, Cloudkit, Stormkit, Dapplekit, Specklekit, Spottedkit, Snailkit, Mushroomkit, Morelkit
  • After/About Sunfreckle: Frecklekit, Dawnkit, Morningkit, Eveningkit, Lightkit, Fireflykit, Barkkit, Oakkit, Cedarkit, Birchkit, Brackenkit
Notes: Feel free to be creative and pick names with similar ‘vibes’ as the above if none of them suit you but keep in mind neither parent would choose any dark or depressing names.

  1. Dovekit - solid white she-kit with blue eyes. runt of the litter. (Rai)
  2. Sparkkit - red and white tabby tom with blue eyes. (Tanz)
  3. Dewkit - tortie w/amber eyes (toska)
  4. Flickerkit - tortie w/gold eyes (Taru)
  5. Mosskit - Cinnamon tortie & blue torbie chimera w/green eyes (Lavs)
Forms are a Free-For-All as long as you include the basics: Name, personality, appearance, possible plotlines etc...
I will be drawing all of these kits at some point so make sure you have some kind of reference available for them if you can!

HYPOKIT OPTIONS YOU CAN USE IF YOU LIKE (please make a note if you are in your app!)
Cream Tabby w/ low white & blue eyes name suggestions: Sweetkit, Creamkit, Softkit, , Daisykit, Honeykit, Morningkit, Oakkit
Blue Tabby w/ high white & sea green eyes name suggestions: Dewkit, Dapplekit, Stormkit, Harekit, Cloudkit, Mosskit

Tortie w/low white & golden eyes name suggestions: Fireflykit, Lightkit, Eveningkit, Cedarkit, Wisteriakit
Cinnamon Tortie & Blue Torbie Chimera w/low white & green eyes name suggestions:
Dawnkit, Specklekit, Spottedkit, Frecklekit, Lilykit

Base Credit: LINK (with line edits by me to make them longhair)
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✧ mosskit
✧ cis female, she/her
✧ 2 moons, ageing rate tbd
✧ thunderclan, kit
✧ any extra info!

✧ single
✧ no offspring
✧ lesbian
✧ sunfreckle x rabbitnose? siblings tbd
✧ friends tbd
✧ other?

✧ this is a mysterious girl by all accounts. all feather furred and light paws, she carries herself with a delicate grace that is well practiced. storm, russet, and earthen tones dapple her tortoiseshell body, swirling elegantly together among puffs of snow white. her face is sharp and pointed, a freckled nose and fern hued eyes completing her look.
✧ ref

( + ) cheerful, curious, eager
( / ) mysterious, defensive, competitive
( - ) self-preserving, sarcastic, hard to understand
✧ in depth description of personality here if u want! wip
✧ hobbies??

✧ what are they like in battle? will they run, or start a fight? will they finish fights? will they kill if necessary?
✧ do you allow any sort of powerplay? ( healing, peaceful etc )
✧ ❝ #87778F
✧ penned by lavs
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  • GENERALlyrics
    ↪ named for the small drops of water that occurred in the nursery on the date of her birth
    cisgender female, feminine pronouns
    ↪ unknown sexuality - not crushing; single
    tbd, likely either 2-3 moons; ages realistically on tbd
    kit of thunderclan
    loyal to thunderclan but curious about the other clans

  • APPEARANCElyrics
    dewkit is a small tortoiseshell female with amber eyes (reference)
    ↪ lonnnnnnng description here
    smells like ??
    sounds like voiceclaim
    currently no physical illnesses

    ↪ link to toyhouse!

    ↪ longer description of personality
    currently does not suffer from any mental illnesses
    ↪ list MBTI type here...

    ↪ or hogwarts houses. or pokemon types, whatever you're into
    WHO x WHO
    ↪ siblings tbd
    mates with none
    ↪ any offspring???
    mentored by ??
    ↪ currently mentoring...

    ↪ mentored...

    what are they like in battle? difficulty level
    will they start fights? end fights? run away?

    ↪ STRENGTH: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ DEXTERITY: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ SPEED: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ STEALTH: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ SWIMMING: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ HUNTING: ★☆☆☆☆
    what are they like mentally when interacting?
    a conversationalist? a grump? easy to talk to or not?
    ↪ STRATEGY: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ PERCEPTION: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ MEMORY: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ HEALING: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ WISDOM: ★☆☆☆☆

    ↪ MOTIVATION: ★☆☆☆☆

* other notes for myself:
- potentially the smallest/runt of the litter? last to be born?
- develop personality through rp? due to being awful at pre-decided personalities
- likely to remain close to family ; will be very loyal to thunderclan
- likely to avoid doing things that will cause her to be punished
- sick often due to being born in winter like siblings
- may develop interest in med cats and their jobs
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Reposting for the notification!
I will also be putting in for the Fire-Themed Tortie Hypokit!

Some random facts, thoughts, plots!
- TALL GIRL like Rabbit!
- Possibly one of the biggest of the litter
- Protective of siblings, will fight ANYONE if someone hurts family
- hates getting sick but is a bit immunocompromised from being born in winter
- Always fights with the med cats to continue to help even if they need REST
- LOVES TO CLIMB! Probably gets into a lot of trouble as a kit being too high up
- Very interested in the lay of the land
- Might end up wandering over borders because she likes to sightsee
- As an Adult, will be a great tracker/will know the territory like the back of her paw
- May even know neighboring clan Territories depending on amount trespassed

Placeholder Bio!


ϟ Up to Parents! Narrowed down to - Flame, Flicker, Flare, Blaze, Light, Evening, Dusk, Dapple
ϟ Female, She/Her
ϟ 2-3 Moons, ages 1 Moon every ___
ϟ Thunderclan Kitten

ϟ N/A for Relationships (Kitten)
ϟ N/A for Offspring (Kitten)
ϟ Unsure on Sexuality (Kitten)
ϟ SUNFRECKLE x RABBITNOSE, Sister to Dovekit, Sparkkit, ___, and ___,
ϟ Loves her family with all her heart
ϟ dislikes? None so far

ϟ description of appearance goes here- talk about how ur character has rainbow fur and unique eyes that can change colour when she is angry!

ϟ in depth description of personality here if u want!
ϟ hobbies??

ϟ what are they like in battle? will they run, or start a fight? will they finish fights? will they kill if necessary?
ϟ Healing and Peaceful Powerplay allowed
ϟ ❝ speech ❞ ✧ penned by Taru
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ty for your apps :3 The kits are Mosskit, Flickerkit and Dewkit!
@Taru @toska. @lavs !!! here is their birth thread!
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