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leader of shadowclan // formerly deputy. warrior.
agender // uses they/them pronouns only.
47 moons // ages on the third of each month.
played by @scar //
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  • black feline with low white markings, a scarred face, and a single blue eye

    ⋆⁺₊ chilledstar is a slightly above average height black feline with a white marking streaking across their face from top right to bottom left, a white chin, and a single white front right paw. they are littered in scars, by many battles. the most prominent of scars are the ones across their throat, across their face and the jagged one across their left, and missing, eye. they also possess a tear on their left ear.
    ( genetics ) black feline with low white and blue eyes.
    chilledstar is not a smiler. often can be found with a straightened face or a scowl.
    their voice is rather neutral. not too deep, but not high in pitch either. the closest thing to their voice would be marceline from adventure time, but with a deeper and more raspy pitch to it.
    smells of pine needles, tree sap, pine cones, and undertones of mud

  • ( + ) loyal, headstrong, dedicated.
    ( = ) protective, blunt, possessive.
    ( - ) abrasive, bitter, self-loathing, angry.

    ⋆⁺₊ chilledstar is not an easy cat to get along with. they come off as cold and uncaring in many instances, as somewhat of a surface level brick wall to keep themself from getting too close to others. they do not like any cat that is considered to be an outsider or not within their own clan. they do not make sttempts to get closer to these cats, but they do make more of an effort with their own clan.

    they can be seen very kind and caring with kits, or the younger cats within the clan, as they want them to feel at home within shadowclan. most other cats get a sense of neutrality, unless they are lucky enough to get on chilledstar's good side. after losing their mother, best friend, many apprentices, and their mate, they are very hard to get to know. they don't enjoy getting close to others, especially since they know that they are on borrowed time.

    they can be a bit cold after losing a life. recently, having lost two, makes them a little more cold than normal. theyre hardly listening and can often be seen spacing out as if theyre not fully present. the only way they can describe it is that theyre not actually sure if theyre truly alive.
    istj ' the logisticitian ' // chaotic good // etc.
    the unwilling hero.

  • jagged X raven ⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊ older sibling to serpentspine. older half-sibling to rook, ripplestream, shrike, and lotus
    former mate to geckoscreech // crushing on ( someone ).
    mentored by npc rogue
    ⋆⁺₊ mentoring basilpaw // formerly mentored forestshade, tornadopaw, applejaw, screechstorm.
    friends with pitchstar forestshade, duckshimmer, scalejaw, most of shadowclan //
    enemies with most of windclan, granitepelt. anyone who followed sootstar. sootstar. //


    ⋆⁺₊ skilled fighter. unpredictable and fights best in the dark, or uneven terrain. not too terribly agile, but quick enough to hit hard.
    excels at fighting, hunting, running //
    poor at swimming, climbing //
    aromantic lesbian. difficult to befriend. difficult to romance.
    ⋆⁺₊ most of their interactions start off cold, unless preestablished that chilledstar would be kinder. hard to befriend due to the walls they put up.

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    [center][s][color=transparent]———————---[/color][/s][color=transparent]***[/color][size=20px][font=alienleague][color=#000][glow=#fff][b]i try to live in black and white[/b][/glow][/color][/font][/size][color=transparent]***[/color][s][color=transparent]———————---[/color][/s][/center]
    [tabs][tab=but i'm so blue✧][/tab][tab=i'd like to mean it when i say i'm over you][color=#000]—[/color] black feline with a white marking across their face, a white chin, a white right front paw, and blue eyes. chilledstar is covered in scars, the most prominent ones being the one across their face, and the one across their neck.
    [color=#000]—[/color] 47 moons old; ages the 3rd every month
    [color=#000]—[/color] they / them pronouns
    [color=#000]—[/color] aromantic / homosexual ; currently not looking
    [color=#000]—[/color] child of [abbr='NPC']JAGGED[/abbr] and [abbr='NPC'][s]RAVEN[/s][/abbr]
    [color=#000]—[/color] shadowclan ; loyal to shadowclan ; other info if applicable
    [color=#000]—[/color] mildly difficult to befriend ; trusts barely anyone; trusts no one outside of shadowclan
    [color=#000]—[/color] "[color=#000]speech[/color]", [color=#fff][i]thoughts[/i][/color], [u]attacking[/u]
    [color=#000]—[/color] peaceful powerplay allowed[/tab][/tabs][/justify][/box][/SIZE][/JUSTIFY]

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ShadowClan Leaf-Fall Prompts

The seasons change and so does ShadowClan, after many struggles and the Yellowcough plague still lingering in their midst the clan at least has the knowledge and understanding that they have survived once more through another shift. Together they have managed this long through trial and tribulation but will they be able to continue working together or will their unity crumble like the now fragile orange leaves that fall from the trees?


A lot of odd mushrooms begin to grow on the territory in circular formations, what do these odd rings mean and what should be done about them?
Several apprentices have claimed to have seen a strange billowing thing drifting through the trees and howling like the wind, who is brave enough to venture out and see what this creature truly is?
Two-legs were spotted on the territory and once gone the clan finds the area they were in is littered in smashed and destroyed pumpkins, the entire section of land covered in orange gunk and pieces of gourd.
The are always odd things found in carrionplace, but lately some unique bones have been discovered in the shape of...a tree? A spider? A snail? Do snails have bones usually? What is going on and why do they feel more like two-leg trash than actual bones?
An odd plastic bowl of sorts is found near camp, filled with crinkling and shining leaves that smell oddly sweet: what could this be?
A strange bird has been sighted on the territory, loud and round and making a horrible gobbling noise - are you up to the task of hunting it down?
Lately it seems the spiders have been a little too enthusiastic in their web making and have covered most of the camp in them! While the medicine cats will enjoy having the extra cobweb, they are not fun to get out of fur!
Someone has said they've seen flickering lights in the marsh at night. Legends say to follow these lights will lead you to your death.
A competition has begun suddenly among the apprentices (and even some warriors) of who can scare the most of their clanmates, prepare to have cats jumping out at you around every corner until a winner is finally crowned.
A new type of prey has begun to flutter and dart about the skies, bats seem to have started flocking into the area more often and even getting into the camp itself!

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apprentice of thunderclan // formerly kit.
amab transgender molly // uses they/she pronouns.
age // ages on the twentieth of each month.
played by @scar // PINTEREST, any other important links.

  • solid black and orange tabby chimera with low white. she has green and blue heterochromatic eyes. ⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊ stagpaw is a chimera molly. the left side of their face is black with a singular blue eye. the right side of her face is orange tabby with a green eye. she has a white patch on their chest, chin, and a singular white spot on their left paw. they have a naturally bigger and more bulky build from being amab and uses it to their advantage.
    ( genetics ) genetic info.

    no notable scars.
    raspy but purposefully trains for a higher pitch. notably agitated and annoyed.
    smells of faint mint, tree sap, and cinnamon

  • ( + ) loyal, honest, protective.
    ( = ) quick witted, brutally honest
    ( - ) rude, abrasive, brash.

    ⋆⁺₊ stagpaw is notably a very abrasive cat. she snaps and growls at anyone who stares at her the wrong way. they are very quick witted and will speak.their mind no matter who it hurts in the long run. they often do not apologize for such things at they do not say anything that they dont actually mean at the time. if they apologize, then you mean something to her.

    she respects authority figures in the sense of thats what shes been taught, but it is unsure if she actually respects them or simply does it because she has to. they have a superiority complex. but it is because theyre so insecure about being better. their parents push them to be better anf thus they force themself to be better and make sure everyone knoes that they are indeed better. the only cat who csn get under their skin and make them feel more inferior than themself is houndpaw.

    istj ' the logisticitian ' // lawful neutral // etc.
    can't take criticism.

  • doefeather X oakbite ⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊npc siblings.

    mate to none // unknowingly crushing on houndpaw
    mentored by npc
    ⋆⁺₊ mentoring none // formerly mentored none

    notable friendships // no notable friends
    notable enemies // rivals with houndpaw

    ⋆⁺₊ difficulty in battle, some insight on fighting style and/or strengths and weaknesses.

    excels at // fighting, climbing
    poor at // swimming, hunting

    ⋆⁺₊ do not easily trust others. keeps most cats at arms length. purposefully rude to keep others away.

  • Code:
    [BOX=70%][center][font=georgia][size=3][color=#0047AB]YOU ALWAYS SAID HOW YOU LIKE DOGS[/color][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER] [hr][/hr] [justify][font=tahoma]text 
    [/font][/justify] [/BOX]

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[bimg]img here[/bimg]

kit of windclan // no former rank.
amab tom kit // uses he/him pronouns. // will later discover being non-binary and change to strictly they/them
age // ages on ???
played by @scar // PINTEREST, any other important links.

  • TEXT HERE ⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊ TEXT HERE
    ( genetics ) genetic info.

    no scars.
    very soft and quiet
    smells of wheat grass, and milk

  • ( + ) soft, kindhearted
    ( = ) curious, shy
    ( - ) quiet, somewhat easily manipulated

    ⋆⁺₊ splinterkit is a cat of very few words. he does not speak unless he is spoken to, and often finds himself trailing after his littermates and his parents. he does not go out of his way to talk to anyone outside of his family, but if he is talked to he will give indications that he is
    indeed listening. hes very shy, and will hide behind cats he's comfortable around.

    mbti ' persona ' // lawful good // etc.

  • venomstrike X rattleheart ⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊thistlekit, vinekit, crunchykit, breezekit

    mate to none // crush on none
    mentored by none
    ⋆⁺₊ mentoring none // formerly mentored none

    notable friendships // friends with littermates
    notable enemies // no notable enemies

    ⋆⁺₊ difficulty in battle, some insight on fighting style and/or strengths and weaknesses.

    excels at // none yet
    poor at // none yet

    no notable sexuality. to be discovered. SEMI-EASY TO BEFRIEND. NOT AVAILABLE TO ROMANCE AT THE MOMENT.⋆⁺₊✧
    ⋆⁺₊ somewhat easily trust others. doesn't talk to others openly.

  • Code:
    [BOX=70%][center][font=georgia][size=3][color=#702963]SURE IT'S A CALMING NOTION[/color][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER] [hr][/hr] [justify][font=tahoma]text 
    [/font][/justify] [/BOX]

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no past names
BUZZARDKIT ;; named for their wide eyed stare
--- AFAB: identifies as agender // any pronouns; including it pronouns // no known sexuality / to be discovered
--- KIT of SHADOWCLAN ;; loyal to shadowclan strictly; will grow disdain for other clans
--- created on 06.11.2024 at 0.5 moons old // ages every ??
--- posting goal: 5-8 per month
--- penned by @scar

  • toyhouse
  • lh cinnamon tabby with low white and yellow eyes
    carries ...​
    buzzardkit is an oddly skrunkly young cat. pelt of cinnamon, ticked in tabby markings, and very few white markings, notable on it's back toes upon left foot, muzzle and ear furs. she is notably lanky when she stands, and often can be seen with her head tilted off to one side, not because of any medical condition but simply because she is curious. rarely ever is he not staring, and can keep his eyes open for a long time as a result which makes him very observant. their tail almost always hangs in a question mark like fashion due to two breaks within them making it an odd shape. this does not affect their balance all too much as they have known nothing else from birth.
    ↳ always found with sticks, pine needles, leaves and miscellaneous "dirty" things within it's fur, due to lack of personal grooming.
    ↳ notably does not groom her own fur. this is the one thing that she has no interest in learning how to do properly on herself. can clean/share tongues with others fairly well, espeicslly when told exactly what to do, but never does her own. can find tangles in her fur. smells of plant rot and mud.

    curious beyond reason, they can always be found studying something by simply staring. there is nothing more they want in this world than to know. knowledge in a sense is power, but to them it is simply what motivates them. to know. to learn. to be smart. they have no intention of using it as a means of power. they're not and likely never will be motivated by power. they simply like facts. seeing is believing, and to know is even better. will always ask questions. even asks themself if no one else knows. can even be seen talking to themself to try and get a better understanding of something they dont get. due to all of this; they don't actually believe in starclan and will not unless they see something that proves their existence.
    ↳ in spite of its curious nature, somehow it holds the air of being rather mysterious itself. it will not lie about who it is or it's intentions, but it does not go out of it's way to make itself known. in spite of its need to know, it knows not of who it wants to be and who it is.

    naturally, she is pretty blunt in her words. whether or not she means to be or if this is simply because she believes in the fact of the matter is not known. she does not lie, nor does she ever say anything she does not mean right in the moment. if she apologizes, it is simply because she truly believes she got the fact wrong and is sorry for thinking that way about someone. her blunt attitude certain is bound to get her in trouble, as it makes her tongue rather unintentionally sharp.

    he is protective of his family and friends without hesitation. his first reaction to cats trying to bother or mess with his family, is to bite quite literally. he never apologies or even feels remorse for the things that he does when it comes to protecting loved ones. one may even say he is overprotective but he cares not what they think. he will do any and everything to ensure their survival over all. his loyalty to his family is unmatched. clan is second. those he deems as family will always come first and he can and will injury himself for their sake without a single bit of regret. he never wants his family to feel bad for injuries he may sustain to keep them safe, and he will say it, too.
  • NPC x NPC;; adopted by moltface // sibling to nightkit, tbd
    FRIENDS: no known friends
    ENEMIES: no known enemies

    somewhat easy to befriend depending on personal perspective of cat. tends to flock towards nicer cats versus rude cats. they dont like when cats lie. if found lying to them, you become an enemy. there is a diffeerence, to her, between lying by omission ( this is okay ) and full on lying to her face ( this is not ). normally easy to gain his trust, but lying makes it practically impossible to get it back.​

    HUNTING: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
    FIGHTING: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
    CLIMBING: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
    SWIMMING: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
    MEDICINE: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
    LEADERSHIP: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

  • ╰┈➤[ KITTEN ]
    no known history other than being abandoned and left with siblings

    ╰┈➤[ APPRENTICE ]

    ╰┈➤[ WARRIOR ]
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