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    VALENTINE DAWNGLARE; while still fond of his old title, this one proves satisfactory.
    Unsettling and strange, Dawnglare bears a unique perception to the world and stars above on top of a generally unpleasant disposition. He holds others to uniquely impossible standards and himself undeniably above the rest. " the quirked up, one intrusive thought away from murder dude "
    ↳ a name bestowed to him by starclan, representative of dawn-frosted fur and a piercing blue stare
    ♡ cisgender male; familiar with he / him pronouns. confused by, but not opposed to the use of others
    ♡ medicine cat of skyclan, complicated relationship with clan life; formerly a daylight warrior, kittypet
    ♡ created 1.1.22 at 36 moons / ages every 1st
    ↳ penned by floppie; HEARTCHART

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    a large tom whose form is further exaggerated by layers of gossamer fur, thick and willowy draped across his form. He may come across as frightening upon first impressions with his size and harsh slant of his eyes (though he's more or less harmless). Dawn-toned fur manifests in a stripe atop his body, running from his nose all the way down to the tip of his tail, brightening with warmth the farther down you go. Dons a prominent heart-shaped mark between his eyes, those of which are a cool blue, standing out in contrast with his warm complexion.
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    creative, idiosyncratic, superstitious, whimsical, irrational, nonsensical, thoughtless, volatile.
    His mind works almost exclusively from associations, there are very few who he truly acknowledges by name, instead, many are simply noted in his mind based on anecdotes and emotion. His moral compass is based off of completely random or irrelevant things (what something smells like, what dream he had the night before, etc) and he will regularly make decisions based on them. His life revolves around an odd form of superstition with only minute amounts of consistency between what he chooses to believe and what he doesn't. Extremely volatile and easy to irritate, how he reacts to any given thing is more or less a coin flip.

    There is very little he does in any conventional sort of way. Trees will not be climbed, but rather conquered, subjected to the body practically flung at it and the cruel curling of claws. He is prone to jerks and twitches at any time, but especially when feeling strong emotions. His expressions are grossly exaggerated. Any positive feelings will result in a too-wide smile, while any negative feelings will result a comical frown. Either that or such an expression of pure, unadulterated anger that it would likely make a kitten cry (though it's wiped from his face in a few moments) in contrast to this, his face will turn completely blank while in the middle of thinking. No matter what his face may be doing though, his eyes are near constantly wide in an unsettling stare, gazing at everything and nothing at the same time. Very expressive with his tail
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    unclear how to win his trust, deeply fond of those who share his ideals & offer him attention
    SOUNDS LIKE: a smooth, melodious tone that may lift into a song at any point in time / silly voice claim
    SMELLS LIKE: sweet strawberry, columbine, and sun-warmed pavement
    speech is #D4265F

    Lovebug (NPC) xx Cassanova (NPC) brother to unknown | mentoring Fireflypaw
    Mated to Mallowlark | father to none
    NOTABLE FRIENDS: Blazestar
    NOTABLE ENEMIES: Daisyflight, Cinderfrost, WindClan, Bobbie, Blazingkit, Pumpkinkit
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    ► "MOON WALTZ" - cojum dip
    REDMAGEDDON - sodikken
    RULER OF EVERYTHING - tally hall
    GOD RACE - metaroom
    CELL - cojum dip
    THE PIMP AND THE PRIEST - the dear hunter
    134340 PLUTO - cojum dip
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    IMPORTANT THREADS / ( ♡ ) Interaction ( ❤ ) Development
    ♡ 6.14.22 DREAMWALKING AGAIN chatting with blaise about the forest
    ❤ 7.27.22 LACKING APPEAL "joining" Skyclan
    ❤ 7.29.22 WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW journey to the moonstone
    ❤ 8.3.22 DON'T CARE, DIDN'T ASK medicine cat ceremony, informed of his destiny, given his name
    ♡ 8.14.22 CONGRESS OF THE DAMNED Skyclan high-position meeting
    ❤ 9.3.22 SEEING STARS Twolegplace prophecy
    ♡ 9.8.22 MISERY LOVES COMPANY gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people
    ♡ 9.10.2 CITY OF STARS twolegplace patrol, lost
    ♡ 9.15.22 SUPERORGANISM regrouping in twolegplace
    ❤ 9.22.22 LINGERING THING reminiscing on the gathering. He doesn't understand
    ♡ THE NIGHT IT BEGINS first medicine cat gathering
    ♡ 10.2.22 REGRET IN YOUR EYES thunderclan visit
    ♡ 10.5.22 DIG UP THE GARDEN immobilized by bugs LOLOL
    ♡ 10.6.22 THAT HEAVENLY MELODY gay people gay people ga people gaay people gay people gay peopel
    ♡ 10.14.22 CURE ALL fixing up deersong
    ♡ 10.17.22 I GRIP THE WHEEL BUT IT WONT TURN FOR ME birth of blazestar's litter <3
    ♡ 11.1.2022 THE BACKYARD'S FULL OF BONES second medicine cat gathering
    ♡ 11.1.2022 APEX PREDATOR being stalked
    ♡ 11.2.2022 OH THE DARKNESS GOT A HOLD ON ME smart cookie learns about infection
    ♡ 11.4.2022 NOW I'LL STRIKE BACK Skyclan council, discussion of Vermillionsun
    ♡ 11.1.2022 SET IN STONE agreement made with Berryheart
    ♡ 12.1.2022 IT'S HAPPENING Deersong gives birth. Dawnglare is less than enthused
    ♡ 12.3.2022 RAGING SICKNESS Crimsonbite is ugly LMAO
    ♡ 12.6.2022 GOD SENT ME RIGHT TO VOICEMAIL First medicine cat gathering at the moonstone
    ♡ 12.9.2022 BANDAID ON A BULLET HOLE tending to Mushroomkit
    ♡ 12.9.2022 IT'S ALL TOO SOON Dawnglare laughs at a crying child ermmm
    ❤ 12.11.2022 TREAD LIGHTLY ON MY GROUND Dawnglare becomes mates with Mallowlark <3333333
    ❤ 12.13.2022 SHINE, BRIGHT MORNING LIGHT Morningpaw's death.
    Thread Name description
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    [box=60%][JUSTIFY][color=#c4c4c4]TEXT TEXT TEXT/ [color=#D4265F][b]" SPEECH. "[/b][/color]
    [TABS][TAB=A WISE WOMAN SAID I'M ALIVE][img]https://i.imgur.com/geLHt4I.png[/img]
    [TAB=NOBODY'S EVER TOLD HER SHE'S WRONG][QUOTE][COLOR=#D4265F]( [b]I'M AS ALIVE AS HER BEARD IS LONG[/b] )[/COLOR] [color=#C699AF][b]DAWNGLARE[/B][/COLOR] Medicine Cat of SkyClan. Mentoring [abbr='penned by Saeyoung']Fireflypaw[/abbr]
    𓆩♡𓆪 He / him , deeply confused by the use of other pronouns
    𓆩♡𓆪 Currently 63 moons old as of 4.8.24. Mated to [abbr='penned by waluigipinball']Mallowlark[/abbr]
    Unsettling and strange, Dawnglare bears a unique perception to the world and stars above on top of a generally unpleasant disposition. Holds others to uniquely impossible standards and himself undeniably above the rest. Delusional and very much stuck in his ways. The death of his closest friend has helped him none, in this
    [u]Mood is decided by dice - rolls per thread, with the exception of some important threads[/u][/QUOTE][/tab][/tabs][/color][/justify][/box]
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    ♡ the forest lives and breathes, thank her for all that she offers; refers to her as "mother"
    ♡ dreams are powerful moral compasses/ judges of character
    ♡ things that smell good/bad smell that way for a reason
    ♡ everything feels, inanimate or no
    ♡ bugs are god's mistake, feel no guilt for crushing them
    ♡ that and the color green
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