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    STARLINGKIT, STARLINGPAW STARLINGHEART ; her mothers last gift to her
    ShadowClan's kind hearted and dedicated Medicine Cat. Starlingheart will often go above and beyond for those she loves and cares for and more often than not, she puts the health of others over her own. She speaks in a stutter often, which worsens when she is anxious or in a stressful situation but in a crisis, as long as she doesn't have to talk, one will find that she is quite capable and level headed. Above everything else, despite the tragedy that has been her life thus far, she remains optimistic.
    ⤷ named starling for her chirpy kitten meow at birth; heart for her compassion
    AFAB; she / her confused by other terms; heterosexual
    medicine cat of shadowclan
    created 08.07.2022 at 2 moons / ages every 8th / 20 moons
    — penned by Jay; PINTEREST ; PLAYLIST
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    a small black and white she cat with short fur littered with scars and one green eye / TOYHOUSE
    Life in the marshes has not always been the kindest, many meals being missed in the harsher moons has made Starlingheart a slim she-cat who, even when she is well fed, appears scrawny. Wispy short fur covers a delicate frame. Even at her full height, she stands at a much shorter stature than many of her clanmates. Most of her pelt is a deep ebony much like her mothers, but splashed upon her lower jaw and her chest is bright white. Her feet too are socked with snow, covering the only the tips of her front feet but the majority of her back legs. Similarly capped is her tail. Her eyes, which are round in shape, are a bright emerald green, striking in contrast with her dark colored pelt. On her right side, near where hind leg meets the rest of her body, she bears a long scar, a wound given to her by an opossum when she was much younger.
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    sometimes speaks with a slight stutter to her words
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    no longer trusts easily; withdrawn & wary of strangers
    SOUNDS LIKE: description. voiceclaim if you have one
    SMELLS LIKE: pine needles and medicinal herbs
    speech is #fe9762

    BRIARSTAR xx AMBER sibling to Pitchstar, Skunktail, Nightswarm Chittertongue and Lilacfur | mentoring Magpiepaw , mentored by Bonejaw and Pitchstar
    Mate to none | Parent to Nettlepaw Ghostpaw and Flintpaw
    NOTABLE FRIENDS: Berryheart, Ravensong, Dandelionwish, Frostbite, Halfhsade, Smogmaw, Tornadopaw, and Ghostpaw
    NOTABLE ENEMIES: Bonejaw, Granitepelt
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    ► DON'T CRY - Emarosa
    CRASH - Eden
    CROSS OUR BONES - Crown The Empire
    FORGET YOUR HEART - Silverstein
    ARCHITECTS - Rise Against
    CASTLE OF GLASS - Linkin Park
    SAME OLD WAR - Our Last Night
    FAMILY FIRST - Woe, Is Me
    CHASING GHOSTS - Against The Current
    HOPE FOR MORNING - Icon For Hire

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    IMPORTANT THREADS / ( ☆ ) Interaction ( ★ ) Development
    ★ SNOT AND BUBBLES Witnessing the death of a den-mate
    ☆ WE'RE PAINTING THE ROSES RED Granitekit pulls a thorn from her paw
    ★ I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN MY LOVED ONE Briarstar is hit by a semi-truck while trying to save Starlingkit's littermate, she witnesses it from where she and the rest of the clan shelter from the fire raging through the territory
    ★ THE RECKONING Starlingkit is renamed Starlingpaw and apprenticed to her brother Pitchstar alongside Granitepaw

    ☆ FAMILIAR CREAK IN YOUR FLOORBOARDS While out on a border patrol, a ThunderClan kit runs out onto the Thunderpath
    ☆ ANOTHER DAY I WISHED AWAY Pitchstar makes her and Granitepaw spar against one another with claws out
    ★ LIVING IN THE BLOND HEART OF WHEAT Overhearing the adults concerns of a leaf-bare prey-shortage
    ★ WE CROSS OUR BONES FOR MIRACLES Starlingpaw manages to convince Granitepaw to go with her to carrionplace in order to catch extra prey for the clan, while there they are attacked by an opossum. They manage to get away, but not before Starlingpaw's leg is badly injured.
    ★ THEY SAY IT GETS BETTER returning to camp
    ☆ A NEW DAWN AWAKENS Helping clean the medicine cat's den
    ★ AS TIME FLIES BY Bonejaw asks her to become the medicine cat apprentice of ShadowClan

    ☆ SING TO ME finding a frog in camp
    ★ MOVING ALONG FRESH AND NEW Her new status is announced to the clan
    ☆ WE GET THROUGH THIS Physical therapy
    ☆ CREATURE COMFORT Brookpaw brings her a gift
    ☆ GIRLS CHASE BOYS Contemplating love
    ☆ TALK IS OVERRATED LETS JUST VIBE Granitepaw visits her in the medicine cat's den
    ★ GOD SENT ME RIGHT TO VOICEMAIL Her first medicine cat gathering
    ☆ MY HEART IS HAZERDOUS Poppypaw brings her a gift
    ★ PRESSING ON A BRUISE JUST TO FEEL SOMETHING Training session with her mentor
    ★ WHEN TIME STOPS Bonejaw leaves the clan, effectively making an untrained Starlingpaw ShadowClan's only healer in the thralls of leaf-bare
    ★ THOSE GOSPEL LIPS CAN CHANGE ME Starlingpaw is renamed Starlingheart by Briarstar in a dream with StarClan

    ☆ THIS ONE'S FOR ELISE Her and Pitchstar run into a WindClan patrol on their way home from the moonstone
    ★ ALL THE KIDS ARE DEPRESSED Inviting Granitepaw to move into the medicine cat's den with her
    ★ PRIDE IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF YOU Starlingheart overhears from a RiverClan apprentice that Bonejaw joined their clan
    ★ THREE KINGS At the gathering, Cicadastar defends Bonejaw's actions
    ★ WE DO WHAT WE MUST TO STAY ALIVE Pitchstar reveals that ShadowClan will be hunting in carrionplace, despite the risks
    ★ THE MOTHER WE SHARE Her first medicine cat gathering without Bonejaw, conflict breaks out
    ★ TAKE A CHANCE While experiencing a bellyache, Starlingheart remembers that another medicine cat told her the uses of watermint and uses it to cure herself. She then goes on to use the herb to help those experiencing pain due to hunger.
    ★ I NEVER STOPPED FEELING GUILTY Two queens give birth at the same time. Viridianskies dies during the process, leaving behind only one surviving kit. Snailcurl's kits are delivered safely.
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
    ★ X.XX.XXX THREAD NAME brief description
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    A skinny she cat with short black and white fur littered with scars and one singular green eye.
    [COLOR=#8ab17d]✦[/COLOR] Easy in battle + has little to no formal battle training
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