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Jun 7, 2022
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    Written by Marquette & Floppie, Revised by Floppie & Regina. Art by Walluigipinball.
    So, you’ve snooped around our site and have decided to take the leap and join the community, have you? Welcome! This guide is meant to simplify that process for anyone who may need it, whether you're new to forum roleplay altogether, or simply new to TabbyTales!

    At this time and for the foreseeable future, Tabby Tales hosts a traditional Warriors roleplaying game. In order to be successful roleplaying on-site, it is highly recommended you read and understand the Traditional Roleplaying Rules and Roleplaying Etiquette Guide!

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    On Tabby Tales, you will have one main account you can use to peruse the community and OOC boards. Once your main account has been set up, feel free to post in the Arrivals and Departure Board to introduce yourself!

    SUBACCOUNTS for your characters, as of now, are required to be separate from your main account. Some may not see a point in setting your character's account apart from your main one, but it helps to separate the character and the player, more easily assess post counts for certain quotas, organize badges, as well as establish a presence both ICly and OOCly without confusion. It is typical for Tabby Tales users to have one subaccount per character.


    1. Click on the link (or paperclip) icon in the top right and click "Create New Sub Account". This where you can create your subaccount. From here, this dropdown menu will be the home of all your subaccounts, and where you go to easily swap between them 1712887995341.png 1712888000075.png

    2. Scroll down to the "Create New Account" section. Here, you can put in the name for your character (you can always change this later), and optionally, an email or password. WE HEAVILY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ADD A PASSWORD TO YOUR SUBACCOUNTS, this will allow you to easily transfer subaccounts without staff intervention.
    After following these steps, your subaccount will have officially been created! Customize it with username styles, a picture, titles, and more!

    • Gradients and glow are often not compatible!
    • "Post styles" under style settings are unfortunately broken at the moment.
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    If you’re interested in bringing a character to traditional, there are multiple ways you can introduce them!

    Want to start your character out with relations? Our Character Connections Board is where you will find all sorts of relations to other characters, such as parents, siblings, other kin, or simply unique plot opportunities up for adoption, and open to anyone to apply for! Please carefully read the rules of any litter you apply for. These applications typically have no set form, but request basic information such as name, appearance, personality, etc. There are several F2U litter applications floating around in the Coding Center !

    If you simply want to make a fresh, gen 1 character, you absolutely can! You are not required to have your character formally join a Clan unless you want that to be part of their story. You are also not required to write a formal introductory thread. If you’d prefer to simply backwrite that character into the clan, you’re free to start jumping into threads right away! By default, everyone will play along as if they’ve always been there.

    If you’d prefer for them to formally join, all you have to do is include the word “Joining” in the title of your thread, and the Clan Leader, deputy (or potentially Lead Warriors, depending on the Clan's policy) will poke their head in, but it is important to note that the majority of clans will not allow entry without extensive plotting with the clan's leader. As of 4/11/2024, SkyClan is the only clan with a non-strict joiner policy. In the case that you are accepted, most leaders/deputies will include an ooc note that you’re free to begin roleplaying within the clan with their first reply, even if you aren’t ‘officially’ accepted yet.


    Whether you want to play out your character's joining or not, you may want to head over to Character Creation to type up their information for other users to see! This is not required to begin roleplaying, but many find it a helpful starting point. It also gives others something to reference when responding to your character’s posts or considering plotting with them!

    Please consider our Traditional Roleplaying Rules when creating a character. As a trad website, we have guidelines in place for character heights, coat patterns, and genetics. If you are unsure about your characters genetics, or if their design is usable, please pm @Blitz Krieg @Floppie or @revelations, or find us within the #adoption-genetics channel in our discord.

    If you're unsure about backstory specifics, we suggest that you take a peak at the Site History! Tabby Tales was started in a Dawn of the Clans type era, and here, you'll be able to read about the plot that lead up to the clans' creation, as well as each clan's individual histories! Not all of these guides are completed just yet, but they are being worked on!

    You do not need to wait for your character to be approved. A character’s tags are for fun, if anything! If you have questions about anything character creation related, please feel free to reach out to any staff member!

    Once you have your character and an idea of what Clan you’re interested in having them be a part of, you can head to the relevant Clan boards!


    Around the site, you may see others using fancy codes for their own bios, posting templates, and signatures. If you’d like one for yourself, take a look at the Coding Center and keep your eyes peeled for any F2U templates! Please make sure you have permission to use the codes you use.

    A signature is something you can set by clicking your profile picture on the top right and then clicking on 'signature'. These are the things you have likely seen under most users posts, a little pre-set template you can make that will appear at the bottom of every post you make. Here is typically where people will link to their character's tags (aka bios), along with small tidbits of quick-info if desired! Please keep in mind as per site rules that any images within signatures and posting templates should be a reasonable size, as to not be disruptive to the user experience.
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    of every guide as of 4/11/2024 along with what they're for

    Sitewide and Traditional Roleplaying Rules, both guides you should do a thorough once-over before roleplaying on Tabby Tales! Contains both general rules for on site, and rules within roleplay.

    You can find the Official Site Maps made by the lovely Blitz Krieg here to properly grasp what your and your neighbors' territories look like!

    The Roleplaying Etiquette Guide is a guide we heavily recommend everyone reads before they begin, detailing common roleplay etiquette on Tabby Tales.

    We do in fact have a BBCode Guide for all of your coding needs on Tabby Tales!

    The Leadership Guide is a must read for any leader, or even to-be leader on Tabby Tales! Here you can find extensive information on the expectations as a leader, as well as general advice for keeping things orderly and fun for your clan. The Rank Guide contains both the IC and OOC expectations lined out for every rank, including HPs.

    The Traditional Naming Guide outlines some general rules for determining if a character's name is traditional or not!

    Here you can read about Tabby Tales' History, including the creation plot outlined in the pinned thread, as well as individual threads for every clan's separate history!

    Our StarClan FAQ seeks to answer common questions we get regarding how StarClan works on TabbyTales, including how to know where your character goes after death!

    The Warrior Code So Far has a comprehensive list of ever Warrior Code to be enacted so far, as well as the ic buildup to their implementation. This guide will be updated as more warrior codes are created.
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    The majority of community activity and in-character plotting happens on our Discord server. While not required, it’s highly encouraged that you join! The Discord server provides the easiest way to connect with your fellow community members, receive quicker replies to any questions you may have, and be quickly updated on events and rule changes

    The respective Clan Discords are slightly more intimate forms of the main TT Discord. Here, you can receive your own plotting channel where people are free to message you for plots. It’s essentially a ramble center, a center stage for you to take and infodump about your characters. No one will stop you!

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for those who may be unfamiliar with some commonly used terms on-site!

BACKWRITETypically used OOCly to signify that a thread takes place in the past
BUMPSomething you may see replied to at the end of the post, typically used for the sake of moving the thread to the front page and garnering more attention.
ICStands for "In Character"
OOCStands for "Out of Character"
OPENAt times added to threads to signify that anyone can reply to it.
PAFPUnlike other sites, this means "Public after first post," on Tabby Tales!
PRIVATEA thread that takes place between a select group of characters. Typically consists of a back and forth between two characters, but can include more.
STORAGESometimes used interchangeably with Tags, at other times refers to a users storage rather than that of an individual character, typically used to dump useful links, code, act as a hub for all of the player's characters, or store anything else the player may want to.
TAGSRefers to another thread in which that character's information is stored, essentially a bio. Sometimes used interchangeably with Storage
TRACKSaid by someone who wants to receive notifications for thread updates (Note that this is common for litter applications, and frowned upon in actual roleplay.)
RTAStands for "Return to Activity"
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