see the stars with my morning eyes | daisy flight

From death fodder to deputy lead warrior!
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    Daisy Flight; Daisyflight name chosen for her delicate appearance and knack for climbing
    queen; deputy; lead warrior; born stray of the twoleg place
    — cisfemale, she/her; heterosexual, bicurious, monogamist
    — created 06.08.22 / ages every 27th
    — 50 moons (up to date: Jan 2023)

    APPEARANCE || a short, dilute calico with a distinct half grey face and greengage eyes
    / aesthetics/pinterest

    short, dilute calico with thick, voluminous fur/ great swathes of muted colour mesh together to create her patchwork pelt/ a charcoal grey section covers much of the left of her face, crossing the bridge of her nose / pale orange makes up the base of her coat, gentle ginger tabby patterns sparingly brushed across her cheeks and flank/ a white chin begins the wide length of her white front and belly/ spring green eyes / both back paws dipped in grey, front right a tall white sock, front left a short white sock
    ↳ DAM: LH blue tortoiseshell with low white
    ↳ INJURIES: barely visible scars around her back paws, a myriad hidden beneath her thick fur, a clear scar on her left shoulder, a deep knick right her right grey ear, a small cleft to her muzzle.​

    MENTALITY || lawful good
    (+) positive traits- capable, compassionate, meticulous, actions>words
    (/) neutral traits- stubborn, nosy, authoritative, not one to take insults lightly
    (-) negative traits- vain, afraid of starclan, overbearing mother, trusts her own judgement over others often

    ↳ mannerisms always well groomed, keeps her chin aloft
    - eating twoleg prey boosts immunity
    - standing beside running monsters clears the lungs
    - grooming can wash off sickness (views those who actually get sick as lazy/unhygienic- still sympathises but judges them)
    - bathing in rain puddles will make a cats pelt more resistant - follow up with grooming for best effect
    - dried flowers are healthy for your nest
    - sleeping on cardboard makes for better sleep
    While growing up on the streets, Daisyflight picked up many (unhelpful) treatments for sickness. She wholeheartedly believes in their effectiveness and will exhaust these options before seeking help in the medicine den

    RELATIONSHIPS || PIZZA SNATCH (npc stray) x KETTLE CHIP (npc stray)
    sibling to none (known) | mentored Twitchbolt, mentored by stray alley cats
    Mate to none | Parent to Butterflytuft (adopted), Figfeather, Greeneyes, Violetnose, Snowpath | Other kin X
    — Admires: Blazestar, Orangeblossom
    — Friends with: Blazestar
    — Cares for: Her family, Twitchbolt
    — Likes: Orangeblossom, Sheepcurl, Thistleback, Huckleberry, Tallulahwing
    — Dislikes: Dawnglare, Lionsnarl, Winterwink, Mallowlark
    — Loathes: Raven Ramble

    INFORMATION || single; heterosexual, bi-curious, monogamous / crushing on no one, not actively looking, but not opposed
    — will not start fights | will end fights | will not flee | will show mercy
    excels at climbing, underhanded combat, traversing the twolegplace
    poor at swimming, dealing with Dawnglare
    sounds like posh bri'ish lass / Carey Mulligan
    smells like daisies and sun-softened grass
    — healing & peaceful powerplay allowed.
    — speech is

    Rai's professional eeveelution opinion: "sylveon - maybe the pattern is a calico mismatch of the pink and blue of the shiny and non shiny or she can keep her usual colors cause then its reeses pieces sylveon, bow-shape is a daisy, extra ribbons to wrangle the kids"
  • Backstory
    Born a stray to inattentive parents, Daisy Flight spent many of her early moons fighting for survival on the streets. Once old enough to hold her own, she staked out a reputation fierce enough to be left alone by many of the other alley cats. Now seeking like-minded felines, she came across a smaller, more peaceful colony. There, she met Raven Ramble- a charismatic, confident black tom. Swept up in his compliments and lust for life, she fell head over heels for him. Having spent almost 2 years with the tom, she grew to notice his selfish and narcissistic tendencies. Losing her trust in their relationship she decided to leave for a while, striking out to join Rain's pine colony (Skyclan)

    Important Threads / Onsite Story
    ( ☆ ) Interaction ( ★ ) Development

    ☆ IT'S HUMID IN THE MIDWEST | checking in
    ──── Intro
    ☆ feel nothing at all (open, lounging by twoleg bridge)
    ──── Daisyflight and Mudpelt chat beside the river (while stalked by Houndsnarl)
    ──── The Great Battle. Daisyflight fights Pumpkin, ultimately withdrawing the victor.
    ──── Starclan descends upon the battle with a warning, and a prophecy. Seeing the dead reappear terrifies her.
    ──── Fleeing the scene of the Great Battle, Daisyflight seeks comfort with her old flame - Raven Ramble. In the end, her reasons for leaving moons past are reinforced and she resolves to never return to him.
    ★ maybe this is the start of a bon voyage | mystery symptoms
    ──── Upon prompting, Daisyflight comes to realise her recent sickness might be caused by pregnancy.
    ☆ Only forever after {camp decorating}
    ──── Cute thread. I used the phrase "sun-soup" and I think that's funny
    ★ mary, did you know? / first child
    ──── A small, monach-pelted kit is brought into camp. Daisyflight, the only queen available to nurse in the nursery, takes her in. (Gaia/Butterflytuft is adopted into Skyclan)
    ☆ Looking 'round like it's storming | Gaia

    ──── Sheltering from a raging storm, talking to Gaia, Daisyflight begins to understand motherhood a little better
    ★ DUCK AND RUN | | deputy announcement 8.10.22
    ──── Blazestar announces that Daisyflight is to be his second in command, much to her irritation.
    ☆ CONGRESS OF THE DAMNED || daisy, dawn
    ──── Skyclan's head trio discuss her induction. Heavily pregnant, she lays her frustration bare.
    ──── Daisyflight leads her clan to the gathering alongside Blazestar (first gathering chatter thread onsite)
    ☆ OH, WHAT A PICTURE PERFECT CHILD \ nest-weaving, intro
    ──── Twitchkit's intro, her to-be first apprentice
    // INCOMPLETE //


    I can feel it the future, I can see it in the culture, I see the moon as the sunrise, See the stars with my morning eyes, Like a bear in the forest, Like the heat in the conscience, I take a walk through the tree line, Getting on with father time, When do I begin?

    "wimbywomby" Oh my, oh my, Surefire, yeah, the setting sun is going to set on me, I've been waiting for a long time, I've been waiting in the sunshine, Looking 'round like it's storming, Drying out like a histamine, I'm the warden on the front line, A yellow soldier on a dead mine, Listen, honey, won't you call me? I'm a sucker for some harmony


    someone bring me a glass of wine ✿ im tipsy ✿ im drunk ✿ wine-wizened
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◁◁ ▐ ▌ ▷▷ 0:30 ───ㅇ───────────────── 3:33

► TEMPTER - Vera Blue
ERASE ME - Lizzy McAlpine, Jacob Collier
SUREFIRE - Wilderado
LIGHT - Wave to Earth
DAISY - pinkpirate
NEVER GOING HOME - Hazel English
OLDER - Sasha Alex Sloan
ORIGAMI - The Rare Occassions


Temper / Vera Blue
" and you think its charming how, how rapidly im seeing red "
~ raven ramble got under her skin a lot of the time, and successfully dismissed her feelings for a long time
Regular Touch / Vera Blue
beat your own drum, feel secure in your own skin
~ for a long time daisy leant on the attention her ex gave her, as it was the first she had ever truly gotten. coming to the realisation that affection was harming her was incredibly difficult, but also very freeing once she left.
Erase Me / Lizzy McAlpine
" don't answer me, I'm calling just to hear you scream "
~ the breakup wasn't clean, and she returned to him several times before breaking it off completely. it brought her quite a lot of shame to commit to leaving only to go back, having her kits has softened that a lot nowadays.
Fuck Your Sunshine / Laszewo
" fuck your sunshine, dont hit me on your love line no more "
~ her boss babe song, all my homies hate ravens
Surefire / The Wilderados
" surefire, yeah, the setting sun is going to set on me "
~ theme song! a nod to the fact that she was supposed to die. a good representation of her awareness of her own mortality though, as she faced a lot of death on the streets
Light / Wave to Earth
" you are my sea, you are my sunshine "
~ feel good song about her love for her family
Daisy / pinkpirate
" we, we could pick flowers in the spring, daisies "
~ vibe. a nod to her fresh start + increased patience with herself
Never Going Home / Hazel English
" dont wait up for me, im not leaving "
~ she'll never leave the clan if she can't help it. also human au daisy would for sure listen to Hazel English, daisycore music
Older / Sasha Sloan
" i used to be mad but now i know, sometimes it’s better to let someone go "
~ her absent parents definitely left their mark, and if you were to poke her about it she'd likely remain bitter. her experience spurred had her presence in her kids' lives
Origami / The Rare Occassion
" I’ll face the night deep in starlight "
~ her deep fear, distrust and denial of starclan is rooted in her fear of the dead. she doesnt want face those who have passed, or consider that what is dead and gone can stir. it tampers with the finality she is comfortable with

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