Name: Lily Pad
Activity level: Very casual (just came back after hiatus, currently aiming for 5 posts a month but might do more)
What kind of mentor would they be?: Lily would be an encouraging mentor. She wouldn't be too strict, but wouldn't be laid back either. She knows she needs to make sure her apprentice is prepared to be a good warrior and she takes that job seriously. She is a firm believer in learning by doing, so she will only demonstrate a skill once, maybe twice, before expecting her apprentice to attempt it. She won't expect that attempt to be perfect, but will expect that they give it their best. Hunting is her best skill, combat is her weakest skill.
name: deerkit(/paw)
activity level: casual (5 per month, aiming to be semi-casual!)
what kind of mentor would you like for them?: cracks kunckles someone who would bring him out of his anxious shell and bring out the best in him! being able to talk to others without shutting down and cowarding in dark spaces. deerpaw IS going to be a bit unmotivated and clumsy in his early apprenticeship, but he'll try his best! (´▽`)
For the August meeting
name: @Meadowkit
activity level: casual (aiming for this to change hopefully)
what kind of mentor would you like for them?: I'm flexible and able to work with any dynamic! Meadowkit will be a challenge though. She is a little rule follower but she thinks that she is much older than she actually is and that she knows best in nearly every situation. She is incredibly stubborn and will always insist that her way is better until she tries it and it's an utter failure. She is loud and impatient and as a result she will struggle with hunting but fighting is something that will come easily to her.
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Name: Ivytwist
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would they be?: They would be very laid-back and encouraging. She would encourage "trying again" and "failing is learning". She would see herself as a cool big sister/aunt to whatever apprentice she takes on. Probably the best match for timid/soft apprentices. Even though she's a goof about her usual warrior duties sometimes, she would take her mentorship dead serious.
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Name: Squirrelkit
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: Squirrel is going to be very energetic and unfocused in her early apprentice days, very willing to cause trouble and not likely to follow much instruction. She'll need someone tough but fair to shape her mischievous personality into a hard-working and dedicated warrior. I'd like for her mentor to be patient enough to teach her grace and responsibility but stern enough to whip her into shape and rid her of her childish mentality.
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Name: Sunkit
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: Anyone would work: preferably someone loose with rules that could lead Sunkit in to falling behind and / or getting in trouble :-) Someone incredibly stern could also work as i’d loooove to have plots with that too
Name: Skyclaw
Activity level: Active/primary, 10-15 posts a month
What kind of mentor would they be?: Stern by means of rule following, would dedicate ample time to learning the warrior code before memorizing the territory or learning to hunt/fight. Would put more emphasis into battle training than hunting or tracking, very kill-or-be-killed mentally oriented. Chores are a part of apprenticehood but would casually bail his apprentice out of them for other, "more meaningful" tasks. Is very anti-kittypet and will teach his apprentice to have that mindset.
since he's open again ^ :3
Name: Morningcloud
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would they be?: authoritative without being overly strict, Morningcloud will follow a “give what is received” guideline for her teaching style. Dedication and effort will be met with more trust and freedom, while an unruly apprentice will be worked down to the bone. Morningcloud likes to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, her apprentice is likely to learn decent climbing skills. Morningcloud is a generally patient and understanding cat, but isn’t afraid to enforce stern discipline when she feels it is called for.
For the July meeting

Name: Dwindlingkit

Activity level: casual

What kind of mentor would you like for them?: maybe someone who would be able to nurture her perfectionist personality while making a good distinction between overworking and wanting to improve. And potentially match her big mouth if possible as I see her getting frustrated often.
Name: Shroudedkit
Activity level: Aiming for active; 15+ posts a month.
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: open to any dynamic or mentor that you think will suit him! shroudedkit is (at the moment of posting this) abrasive, ambitious, blunt and aloof.
For the July meeting -
Name: Glowingkit
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: open to anything! for reference though, glow' is extremely introverted, anxious, and desperately wants to fit in. she's the kind of kid to put her own wants/needs/feelings on hold for others - something that could either be worked on or get worse depending on her dynamic with her mentor.
Name: Fadingkit
Activity level: Casual (for now)
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: someone who isn't afraid to push her past her limits but also can be very patient with her, if not I'm down for a little chaos if she gets a mentor who won't have a lot of patience with her <33
for August or September, idk since he ages on the 5th

Name: Hopekit
Activity level: Active
What kind of mentor would you like for them?: As eager as Hope is to learn about fighting and leap into battle the first chance he gets, I think it would be fun to stick him with a more laid-back, kind mentor who would want to move at a slower pace, or who would want to teach other things before fighting. A mentor who would be dependable, accepting, and overall a good role model with a solid moral code. If there’s none available who fit the bill, I’m ok with a slightly more harsh or strict mentor, but the big points are that I want Hope to get along well with his mentor and kind of take on their moral code as his own.
Activity level: Casual
What kind of mentor would they be?: Strict and dedicated, Doespring would not give her apprentice too much downtime. She would focus on well-rounded training, though she is more skilled at combat in general. Anyone she mentors would often find themselves collapsing into their nest at the end of the day, too tired to stay awake... although it must be noted that she is not an unfair mentor; compliments and encouragements would be given, and she would protect her apprentice at all costs.
Name: @lovelight
Activity level: Aiming for active/primary
What kind of mentor would they be?: Definitely a more gentle mentor rather than a harsh one. He prefers to teach through positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment, would rather encourage than put down. She would likely focus on fighting, as it's what she is better at since her injury, but of course would teach what she can in regards to hunting, though she wouldn't be able to demonstrate as well as some others. He would likely spend a lot of time with the apprentice in order to teach them as much as possible, likely treating them more as a younger sibling he is teaching than just a student he is in charge of.
Name: Rowanthorn
Activity level: Casual (aiming for 10ish posts monthly)
What kind of mentor would they be?: He's very stern and strict, wanting his apprentices to provide the best of results. He can be kind and patient, but he doesn't take lightly to disrespect. Shows blunt honesty which could be seen as harsh, and is not beyond putting apprentices on "house arrest" should they misbehave. Focuses on combat and tracking.