• GENERALStaring into open flame
    howlfire + howlpaw, howlkit
    ↪ HOWL for her grandmother Howlingstar; FIRE for her courage and spirit​
    AFAB; she/her
    ↪ demisexual - mated with coyotecrest​
    18 moons, ages on the 15th
    warrior of skyclan; formerly lived in thunderclan
  • APPEARANCESomething in it had a power
    shorthaired chocolate torbie she-cat with amber eyes
    ↪ Her pelt mostly comprises of a light brown base colour with darker tabby markings lining her body. Her chocolate colouring is broken up by patches of creamy ginger. Her eyes are large and round and hazel in colour. In her youth, Howl appeared to take more after her mother, but as she has grown, the Ragdoll features inherited from her father have become more prominent. Howl has a long, sturdy body though she remains shorter than her father and brothers. Despite her long body, her neck is notably short. Howl's fur is silky to the touch and she maintains it frequently. Although she is a shorthaired cat, her tail has become quite feathery with age.​
    smells like
    sounds like
    any physical illnesses??
    ↪ link to toyhouse!​
  • PERSONALITYCould barely tear my eyes away
    POSITIVE TRAITS: bold, honest, passionate
    NEUTRAL TRAITS: loyal, curious
    NEGATIVE TRAITS: insecure, opinionated, hot-headed
    ↪ Howl is a passionate, spirited young cat. She has gone through many changes in her life, but in this, she has always remained the same. She tries to show enthusiasm and passion in everything she says and does, to the point where it can come across as overbearing at times. She is very devoted and loyal to her friends, family, and clan...the latter of which causes some internal conflict for her due to her cross-clan ancestry. With her spitfire attitude, she sometimes seems as though she's ready to take on the whole world single-handed. Howl can be snarky at times and likes making stupid comments, though usually in a playful manner. She gives respect where respect is due and knows how and when to be polite. Whilst she might speak up about things she disagrees with, she knows when to show deference to authority figures and senior members of the clan.

    Howl is highly curious about the world and loves learning new skills/honing existing ones. Due to her passionate nature, she will put her whole heart into her training and won't really take it well when suffering setbacks. In her youth, she had a tendency to ask any and all questions, not seeming to care about how appropriate they may or may not be.
    suffers from any mental illnesses? n/a
    ↪ ESFP-T ‘The Entertainer’, Chaotic Good​
  • RELATIONSHIPSAll you have is your fire
    ↪ Fireflypaw, Burnstorm, Morningpaw, Moonwhisper, Duskbird, Skyclaw​
    mates with Coyotecrest
    ↪ Mother to: Hawkpaw, Blazingpaw, and Wolfpaw (by Coyotecrest)​
    mentored by Little Wolf (formerly/when in ThunderClan), Redstorm (formerly), Slate
    ↪ currently mentoring Hawkpaw
    ↪ mentored...​
    FRIENDS: Figfeather, Termitehum, Chrsyaliswing, Coyotecrest
    LIKES: Greeneyes, Sheepcurl, Orangestar, Drizzlepelt, Slate, Dogbite, Bobbie
    DISLIKES: Raccoonstripe, Bluefrost, Moonwhisper
    HATES: Sootstar, WindClan
  • INTERACTIONAnd the place you need to reach
    Very offensive battler, tends to use her weight or speed to her advantage depending on the situation
    Might start fights | Might end fights (both situational)
    ↪ STRENGTH: ★★★★☆
    ↪ DEXTERITY: ★★☆☆☆
    ↪ SPEED: ★★★☆☆
    ↪ STEALTH: ★★☆☆☆
    ↪ SWIMMING: ★☆☆☆☆
    ↪ HUNTING: ★★★☆☆​
    Very expressive, easy to read
    Will start conversations with friendly cats, might be snarky with enemies/opponents
    ↪ STRATEGY: ★★★☆☆
    ↪ PERCEPTION: ★★★★☆
    ↪ MEMORY: ★★★☆☆
    ↪ HEALING: ★☆☆☆☆
    ↪ WISDOM: ★★☆☆☆
    ↪ MOTIVATION: ★★★★☆​
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