FULL NAME: Tybalt/ Stagstrike
Stagstrike is his clan name, Tybalt is the name given to him by his parents. He tolerates his clan name as a formality only and does not refer to himself as such.
↳ nicknames:
GENDER: cis male
↳ pronouns: he/him
AGE: 32 moons (updated 5/23/24)
↳ aging rate: realistically, started at 10 moons
↳ birth date: 7/23/22
GROUP & RANK: ThunderClan warrior
↳ previous group & rank: Loner
ORIENTATION: heterosexual
↳ monogamist/polyamorous: monogamist

[chocolate somali cross x black and white bicolor laperm, both carrying cinnamon]
APPEARANCE: Tybalt is a light brown tom with medium length, wavy fur and dark amber eyes. He has a large, lithe build and is well-muscled beneath his thick coat. He has large paws with long claws.
↳ illnesses/injuries: here
↳ disorders: here
↳ accessories: here
↳ smells like: smoke, ash
AESTHETICS: fire, smoke, broken glass, swords


POSITIVE: Brave, Loyal, Confident, Hardworking | NEUTRAL: Ambitious, Independent, Protective | NEGATIVE: Brash, Aggressive, Hot-Headed, Reckless
↳ PERSONALITY: Tybalt is hot-headed and rash, as well as very cocky and self-assured. He is extremely loyal to those few he cares about, often to the point of undue violence. His close relationship with his parents caused him to grow into a family-oriented cat, and the sudden loss of his family caused him to grow bitter and snippy. He reacts strongly to perceived slights and can be disrespectful to authority figures if he disagrees with them, and would rather lose a battle than show cowardice or weakness by fleeing it. He will fight dirty if he feels it will benefit his clan or those he cares about. He cares most for the good of his own group, and is rarely concerned with the well-being of those outside of it. He shows respect and honor to those he feels give it back to him, and will only offer aid to those who would give it back to him. He holds little regard for those who would do him harm, and is not above attacking first to avoid being taken advantage of. He is bold and not one to show weakness, though he will offer a softer side to those who take the time to really get to know him and work past his tough exterior.
His soft side shows around ThunderClan's kits, who he is unusally patient with. His anger masks loneliness and fear of loss, though he'd never admit it.

Violetta (NPC) x Iago (NPC)
↳ generation #1
↳ half siblings: none
↳ step siblings: none
↳ adopted siblings: none
↳ step children: here
↳ adopted children: marigoldpaw (unofficially)
STATUS: single, always looking lol
↳ partner(s): here
↳ crush(es):
↳ ex-partner(s): here
FRIENDS: dewkit, ariella marigoldpaw, cherrypaw, boldkit
↳ likes: emberstar, wrenflutter
ENEMIES: graystorm
↳ wary of: howlingstar

Tybalt grew up with his parents, who were members of a small band of city cats. He was taught early on how to be self sufficient and that it was better to fight dirty and survive than to play nice and risk failure for a sense of honor. He grew up often hungry and sick due to lack of food and unsanitary city conditions. He was hardened to the reality of life early on, and simply accepts such matters as fact rather than considering them fair or unfair. His turbulent childhood allowed him to grow into a talented fighter, and he frequently fought alongside his parents for food and territory. His mother died in his sixth moon after eating a poisoned rat, and Tybalt and his father fled to the forest, where they lived on unclaimed territory and grew stronger than they had ever been in the city. It was not peaceful for long, and a few moons later Tybalt lost his father to a fox attack. He lived alone after that, until the ThunderClan cats began to move into his space. He joined the group somewhat reluctantly, and found it hard to settle in. Emberstar changed his name to Stagpaw shortly after that, something that enraged the young tom. Though his clanmates call him his new name, he regards it with annoyance and for the most part chooses to continue with the name his parents gave him.

↳ important events:
- joining thread
- training thread

- grieving his parents
finding honey and wet moss
- panicking over rotten food
- overworked
- freezing during fox attack
- recovering, apologizing to cherrypaw
- lonely, dream oneshot
- finding marigoldkit
- visiting marigoldkit
- talking with marigoldpaw
- wolf baiting strategy talk
- wolf baiting
- wolf baiting return
- meeting boldkit
- casually defending stealing from skyclan, disregarding the code to keep kits fed

↳ future plots:
- romance and litters, possibly tempering his grouchiness somewhat

↳ open to: most things lol
↳ closed to: serious injury
EASY TO: anger, annoy
HARD TO: earn trust, trick, calm
↳ will.. end fights, start fights
↳ won't.. flee
↳ may.. kill

VOICE CLAIM: here (dominoclaw)
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