a cruel angel's thesis / granitepelt


Rogue — Leader
Rogue — "DuskClan"
He / Him
Heterosexual, Monogamist
    HANDSOME GRAY AND WHITE TOM WITH NARROW DARK GREEN EYES Granitepelt is a tom of average size. Like his father, he is not built for strength, but he is not as compact and agile as Flint's build once was. His shoulders are narrow and turned slightly inward from perpetual ongoing slouching. His fur is short and the color of woodsmoke, but for the lower portion of his face, his throat and chest, and his belly. Granitepelt's eyes are long but narrow and slender; they are a dark, shadowed green and reminiscent of an adder's. He wears a perpetual scowl; when he does smile, it's small and almost sinister-looking.
    ⤷ gen two / carrying cinnamon TOYHOUSE

    OBSERVANT; PERCEPTIVE; CUNNING; CAREFUL; SNEAKY; IRRITABLE; SPITEFUL; POSSESSIVE; ENVIOUS. Granitepelt is a watchful and observant cat, taking in subtle cues like facial expressions, body language, and tone as easily as one might breathe. It's a way to perceive weaknesses to exploit, but it's also a way to guard himself. Granitepelt does not open up to others easily, if at all. His true feelings are perpetually masked by an ever-present miasma of anger. His temper is easily triggered, though he now knows how to contain it just long enough to use it elsewhere. He has learned over the moons to choose his words carefully to suit the situation; though he may never show a cat he despises outright respect, and he is far from charming, Granitepelt can now at least pretend to be cordial or obedient. Any cat he has developed affection for is the unfortunate target of blatant jealousy. Granitepelt fears losing them, and so he attempts to control their every interaction with other cats who he perceives want to steal them away. Granitepelt holds grudges from his kithood to this day, and they can manifest into something deadly.​

    MENTORED Applepaw
    MENTORED BY Pitchstar†, Dogfur
    ADMIRES Sootstar
    NOTABLE ENEMIES Pitchstar†, Ghostpaw†, Poppypaw†


    Very hard to earn trust.
    SMELLS OF damp leaves and bitter berries
    SOUNDS LIKE Unknown VC
    speech is #59834E

    * this is a WIP

    as a Kit
    YOU'LL BE A LEGACY / birth
    NURSERY RHYME / Ghostkit's story
    SNOT AND BUBBLES / Granitekit's sibling is sick
    A HEART BROKEN AND TORN / Spark-kit has died
    WATCH THE SKY CHANGE / Granitekit mourns
    WE'RE PAINTING THE ROSES RED / Granitekit helps Starlingkit
    THE RECKONING / apprenticed with Starlingpaw to Pitchstar

    as an Apprentice
    ANOTHER DAY I WISHED AWAY / first training session
    DANDELION BREEZE / Pitchstar lets kits into ShadowClan
    OH THE MISERY / Bonejaw is injured
    ALL THAT I AM / Granitepaw is challenged to a spar
    WE CROSS OUR BONES FOR MIRACLES / Carrionplace adventure with Starlingpaw
    MOVING ALONG, FRESH AND NEW / Starlingpaw is named medicine cat apprentice
    WHO COULD I BE INSTEAD? / Granitepaw observes inner fighting
    WHEN TIME STOPS / Bonejaw leaves ShadowClan
    OUT OF YOUR HEAD, INTO YOUR HEART / Starlingheart returns from the Moonstone
    ALL THE KIDS ARE DEPRESSED / Granitepaw moves into Starlingheart's den
    BECOME THE HUNTED / Carrionplace patrol
    DELIRIUM TRIGGER / Granitepaw kills Pitchstar
    WILL YOU HELP ME HIDE A BODY? / Siltpaw covers for Granitepaw
    WASH MY MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP / Chilledstar returns with nine lives
    UNRAVEL / Tornadopaw fights Granitepaw
    DEMON PLAY, DEMON OUT / Granitepaw confesses to Starlingheart
    CROSSFIRE SEQUENCE / Granitepaw is paranoid
    FATAL FLAW / Granitepaw kills Ghostpaw
    OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU / Granitepaw becomes Granitepelt
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    [box=56%][justify][font=Verdana][size=3][color=#c4c4c4]TEXT TEXT TEXT. "[color=#59834E][b][outline=black]SPEECH.[/outline][/b][/color]”
    [slide=『 out of character. 』][b]ooc:[/b] —[/slide]
    [slide=✧・゚:*][img width=350px][/img][/slide]
    [slide=『 about. 』][s]Granitekit[/s] . [s]Granitepaw[/s] . [b][color=#59834E]Granitepelt[/b][/color], he/him w/ masculine terms.
    — “[color=#59834E][b][outline=black]speech[/outline][/b][/color]”, [color=#59834E][i][outline=black]thoughts[/outline][/i][/color], [u]attack[/u]
    — 23 moons old, ages realistically on the 10th.
    — mentored by [abbr=penned by Nico]Pitchstar[/abbr] and [abbr=penned by Felicitas]Dogfur[/abbr] ; mentoring n/a ; previously mentored [abbr=penned by Floppie]Applepaw[/abbr]
    — "duskclan" leader. [s]flint[/s] x sandra, gen 2.
    — formerly mated to [abbr=penned by Jay]Starlingheart[/abbr], currently mated to n/a.
    — penned by [url=https://tabbytales.net/threads/i-wish-i-wish-%E2%9C%A7%EF%BD%A5%EF%BE%9F-storage.151/][b]Marquette[/b][/url].
    [subquote=#59834E]sh blue and white tom with dark green eyes. arrogant, stealthy, sneaky, observant, perceptive, cunning, spiteful, envious.[/subquote]
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    BATTLE STYLE. Granitepelt is not an especially large or well-muscled cat, and though he's sufficiently quick, his battling skills were neglected as an apprentice. Granitepelt has never been in a battle against another cat, but he is very observant; this serves him well. He's able to evade blows as a result of his perception rather than skill. Granitepelt will do anything necessary to win. He will pull every dirty, dishonorable move he can on your character; he's above nothing. Whether it's being shoved somewhere dangerous, getting sand or blood in the eyes, etc, he will do it to get out of a sticky situation. Very stealthy and will use surprise and darkness to his advantage when able.
    strengths \ sneaky, stealthy, will play dirty tricks, observant
    weaknesses \ not a lot of brute strength; not a lot of practiced speed; low experience

    EXPERIENCE PRE-ROLEPLAY. None. Granitepelt has never fought another cat, despite having killed three of them. All were killed using nefarious, secretive methods.

    EXPERIENCE IN-GAME. None. See above.

    MENTORED BY @/Pitchstar and @/Dogfur. Pitchstar was his mentor until Granitepelt killed him around nine moons old. Pitchstar did not spend a lot of time with Granitepelt, and Dogfur picked up too late to make any real difference in his skillset.

    HAS MENTORED no one yet.

    SPECIALTIES AND FOCUSES are stealth and observation. Granitepelt will force your apprentice to be perceptive, challenging them to read facial cues, body language, and to think like their opponent. Granitepelt will encourage night training, as many ShadowClanners do. He will ask his apprentice to study how other Clans hunt and fight in order to gain and advantage over them. He will also likely disappear quite often, leaving his apprentice in the care of others... where could he be going? Your apprentice may feel frustrated by all the secrets their mentor seems to hold, and challenging Granitepelt to his face may have other unintended consequences...