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    for his frequent muscle spasms ; BOLT for his passion and love of stormwatching
    — cisgender male, he/him pronouns ; homosexual homoromantic
    — twenty-six moons, ages on the 24th
    ↳ penned by @waluigipinball
    — twitchbolt's short, slight form is tossed with ill-groomed fur, alternating between brown and white. left to struggle against his pelt since an early age, it is clear that the tom needs a little help to make himself look neat- even his kinked tail contributes to his slapdash appearance. frayed claws flaked from damage are often found unsheathed from his paws, raring to strike anything and anyone that dares sneak up upon him- and between these claws, clumps of his own pelt can commonly be seen. struck with a terrible habit of grinding his teeth, twitchbolt often bears a strained expression, jaw tightened and olivine eyes wide. said eyes are seldom seen closed, even in a blink- and their sunkenness contributes to him looking all the more frazzled. an amber spark strikes against his left pupil, an oddity that is one of the few things he likes about his appearance.
    ↳ has tremors- is constantly trembling in some way.
    ↳ his eyelid and neck muscles tend to seldom spasm, which is where he got his rather insensitive name.​
    ( + ) studious, passionate, genuine, empathetic, selfless, supportive
    ( / ) sentimental, neat, emotional
    ( - ) paranoid, scatterbrained, sensitive, unforgiving
    has a habit of calling everyone 'dude' regardless of gender, and prone to panic-swearing
    once worked up, he is near-impossible to calm down if crowded.
    absolutely loves climbing- he enjoys viewing the world from a height, and loves to watch storms.
    neat in the upkeep of everything except his pelt.​
  • TIDESPIN x RAVENCALL ; only child | mentoring candorpaw, mentored pollenclaw, doompaw | mentored by DAISYFLIGHT
    mate to QUILLSTRIKE | father to no one
    — admires daisyflight, blazestar
    — close with quillstrike, butterflytuft, edenberry
    — friends with figfeather, greeneyes, dogbite, drizzlepelt, blazestar, bobbie
    — likes sheepcurl, orangestar, johnnyflame, chalk
    — stressed out by dawnglare
    — dislikes windclan
  • strength ●●●●●●●○○○
    stamina ●●●●●●●●○○
    agility ●●●●●●●●●○
    hunting ●●●●●●○○○○
    swimming ●○○○○○○○○○
    climbing ●●●●●●●●●●
    grace ●●●○○○○○○○
    taken ; monogamous / devoted to quillstrike
    has problems forming attachments and often gets irate even at people he likes
    — will not start fights | will flee | will show mercy
    excels at climbing, tracking
    poor at swimming, fishing
    — raspy, high-pitched voice that is prone to screeching / voice claim
    smells like pine, night air and rain
    — healing & peaceful powerplay allowed.
    — speech is "#D24C63"
    tide and raven were very much in love; raven's twisting narratives and strange way of speaking entranced the spacey and pleasant tide. they became mates and eventually their love resulted in a child, just a single one. this small kit was oh-so funny to them, with strange fur and strange eyes and as he grew, a dithering quality and a tendency to twitch. he went unnamed until the 'kit' suffix was established by the clans- when tidespin and ravencall were given their warrior names, they called their child twitchkit after his three moons of namelessness. they treated their son like a personal assistant, implying he should repay them for giving him life.

    ( ☆ ) Interaction ( ★ ) Development
    ★ OH, WHAT A PICTURE PERFECT CHILD ; twitchkit runs an ill-natured errant.
    ☆ WE HELD THE MOON IN OUR ARMS ; twitchkit meets some other kittens.
    ★ BEING ON FIRE WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE ; after a nightmare, twitchkit goes uncomforted by his mother.
    ★ IT'S COLD BEYOND THE SUN ; twitchkit is named an apprentice, with daisyflight as his mentor.

    ☆ TO SEE THE SUN PAINT THE SKY ; first training session with daisyflight.
    ☆ CALL IT NEVERLAND CUZ WE'RE LOST, BOYS ; twitchpaw is forced to spend some time with quillpaw.
    ★ SUPERORGANISM twitchpaw witnesses blazestar lose his first life.
    ★ TELL IT TO THE VOLCANO ; twitchpaw throws a squirrel in frustration after his parents refuse a gift from him.
    ☆ BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE figpaw asks why twitchpaw twitches.
    ★ INTO THE LIGHT OF A BRIDGE THAT BURNS ; discovering his love for storm-watching.
    ☆ JUST MY LUCK ; twitch and quill's relationship teeters into banter.
    ☆ LET'S GO, JUST ME AND YOU ; defending butterflypaw
    ☆ WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT ; quillpaw helps twitchpaw learn how to catch birds.
    ★ THE OLDER I GET ; twitchpaw helps find figpaw seriously injured.
    ★ DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS ; quillpaw gets into a violent fight, deeply disturbing twitchpaw.
    ★ I'M RUNNIN' ON EMPTY ; quillpaw apologises to twitchpaw, promising not to fight like that again.
    ★ WORKING FOR THE KNIFE ; twitchpaw finally catches a bird, but his parents still don't pay him mind.
    ☆ I COULD LEARN SOMETHING FROM YOU ; twitch and quill play in the snow.
    ★ OFF TO WAR ; helps defend skyclan's camp against windclan's herb raiders.
    ☆ I THOUGHT THAT FIGHTING WITH MEANT FIGHTING FOR ; quillpaw is seriously injured, and twitchpaw urges him to the medicine den.
    ☆ I LIKE ME BETTER WHEN I'M WITH YOU ; twitchpaw helps quillpaw accept aid.
    ★ THE GLASS MENAGERIE ; twitchpaw finally gives his parents what for.
    ★ LAUREL HELL ; the next day, tidespin and ravencall are killed by a hungry fox.
    ★ IN THE MIRROR ; tidespin and ravencall's vigils.
    ☆ I USED TO HEAR A SIMPLE SONG ; quillpaw makes twitchpaw rest.
    ☆ BETTER THAN THE REST ; quillpaw admits twitchpaw is his best friend.
    ★ FETCHING FABLES & FROSTY FRIENDS ; twitchpaw's warrior assessment.
    ★ ACID TUNNEL OF LOVE ; the night before his ceremony- realising a bit of a crush.
    ★ FALLING STARS ; twitchpaw is given the warrior name twitchbolt.

    ☆ SWAY ; newly named twitchbolt and quillstrike share tongues.
    ☆ VANISHING GRACE ; howlpaw vanishes.
    ☆ LOST LITTLE LAMB ; howlpaw's search party
    ☆ I BELIEVE THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL ; twitchbolt watches thistleback execute a rogue, and takes comfort in quillstrike.
    ☆ MADE YOU LOOK ; ashenclaw vanishes- twitchbolt grows more nervous.
    ★ LONESOME LOVE ; twitchbolt and quillstrike are captured by twolegs.
    ☆ I CAN'T ESCAPE THIS HELL ; anger builds in the shelter.
    ☆ LOST AND FOUND ; daisyflight, butterflytuft and snowpaw are taken to the shelter.
    ★ SUREFIRE, YEAH, THE SETTING SUN'S GONNA SET ON ME ; daisyflight is euthanised- twitchbolt watches as she is taken away.
    ★ IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND ; quillstrike attempts to escape his cage, leading to complicated feelings.
    ★ SURFACE PRESSURE ; skyclan comes to the rescue.
    ★ DON'T YOU CRY NO MORE ; the captured cats return home.
    ★ TO THE RIVER ; daisyflight's vigil.
    ☆ THE FAULT IS OUR OWN ; twitchbolt talks to bananasplash about her odd behaviour towards him.
    ☆ PERFECT PORCELAIN ; twitchbolt supremely fumbles the bag.
    ★ WALKING ON SUNSHINE ; twitchbolt realises the true depth of his feelings for quillstrike far, far too late.
    ☆ A GREEN EYED MONSTER WHICH DOTH MOCK ; twitchbolt berates quillstrike for blindsiding him.
    ☆ SILVER LININGS ; weather admiration with friends.
    ★ SETTING FIRE TO OUR LUNGS ; snowpaw is named snowpath before he dies.
    ★ SOMETHING DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT ; bananasplash- recently renamed honeysplash- goes missing.
    ★ TELL ME IT'S NOT MY FAULT ; figfeather, twitchbolt and quillstrike track honeysplash's last movements, and conclude she has left the clan.
    ★ FAR OVER THE MISTY MOUNTAINS COLD ; helping to drive off a dog.
    ☆ AFTER THE STORM ; sheepcurl returns.
    ☆ BURY THIS BENEATH MY BED ; the one good thing his parents ever did.
    ☆ EYES WITHOUT A FACE ; makes a good first impression for once.
    ★ TOO OLD FOR A SWEET SONG ; to twitchbolt's extreme surprise, he is asked to join blazestar's council.


    ★☆ THREAD NAME ; description
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