Sep 7, 2022

THYMEROOT, Exile of WindClan

Thyme, after the small, purple flowers of a thyme plant.
Root, for his strength and determination.
‣ Created 09.07.2022 at seven moons.
‣ Ages on the first of each month.

  • A FAWN AND WHITE SEPIA TOM WITH BLUE EYES. Thymeroot is a long-haired tom. His fur is fawn in color, with sepia-pointed markings across his face, paws, ears, and tail. White inhabits his chin, chest, and tail tip. He is often seen with flowers in his fur. [ TOYHOUSE ]

    ‣ An array of flowers woven into his fur.

    ‣ Multiple scars along muzzle. (From Tigerfrost and Gravelsnap, during Dandelionwish's escape.)
  • PERSONALITY: A shy lad who tends to stick close to his family, it often takes a moment for Thymeroot to warm up to others. But, when he eventually does, he'll consider them just as much of family as his siblings and parents, and everyone else he cares about. Thymeroot loves helping others and has a tendency to overwork himself, in which he never seems to learn from. He enjoys collecting flowers in his free time, and is often seen wearing a few in his fur. Though his shyness is ever-present, Thymeroot tries his best to push past it to stick up for what he thinks is right.
    ‣ Littermate to Dandelionwish and Shrewtuft
  • THYMEPAW, Apprentice of WindClan — [SEPTEMBER 2022 - NOVEMBER 2022]
    NATIONAL MOSSBALL LEAGUE ╱ Thymepaw takes part in Dandelionpaw's game of mossball.
    LEAPING FROGS ╱ Thymepaw sits at the sun-warmed pool.
    BE OUR GUEST ╱ Thymepaw takes part in the rabbit feast.
    EVERGREEN ╱ Thymepaw offers to help Inkylotus and Echolight with their heather crowns.
    FIRES HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY ╱ Thymepaw checks in on the medicine den after the hawk attack.
    I CRUMBLE COMPLETELY ╱ Thymepaw reacts to Honeytwist stepping down as medicine cat.
    INHALE, EXHALE ╱ Thymepaw watches as smoke rises in the distance.
    THIS FEELING'S GOING TO MY HEAD ╱ Thymepaw asks to join Blackpaw in collecting moss.
    THE CITY MOVED ME ╱ Thymepaw joins Dandelionpaw in collecting herbs.
    I'M COMIN' BACK FOR YOU, BABY ╱ Thymepaw attends the meeting.
    PINK CARNATION ╱ Thymepaw is asked if he has a crush on anyone.
    MY SHIELD, MY STEADY HAND ╱ Thymepaw greets Dandelionwish after his ceremony.
    SPARKLE IN YOUR EYES ╱ Thymepaw gets overwhelmed.
    WE MADE IT ╱ Thymepaw compliments Sunsetbreeze and Galeforce's warrior names.

    THYMEROOT, Warrior of WindClan — [NOVEMBER 2022 - FEBRUARY 2023]
    FALSE GOD ╱ Thymepaw becomes Thymeroot, as named by Sootstar.
    EVERYONE IS THE SAME TOO ╱ Thymeroot reacts to a kit's 'artwork.'
    GOTTA GO, GO, GO! ╱ Thymeroot watches Daisykit dig a tunnel.
    GOD IF I HAVE TO DIE ╱ Thymeroot joins the discussion about SkyClan's catmint refusal.
    ALL MY FAITH ╱ Thymeroot takes part in Sootstar's prayer circle for the patrols sent to battle.
    MY THOUGHTS WERE SO LOUD ╱ Thymeroot speaks with Shrewtuft.
    ANOTHER WAY OUT ╱ Thymeroot attempts to help Dandelionwish escape, before running from WindClan too.

    THYMEROOT, Exile of WindClan — [FEBRUARY 2023 - PRESENT]
    YOU'LL WANT TO CATCH THIS SMILE ╱ Thymeroot runs into Dandelionwish.
    SINNERS & SAINTS ╱ Thymeroot reacts to an exiled Hyacinthbreath.
    TABLE FOR HOW MANY? ╱ Thymeroot reunites with Pollenfur and Hyacinthbreath.
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