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    BLAISE BLAZESTAR ; honored by a name given by his housefolk and StarClan
    A noble leader with a soft spot for his children; a gentle giant with a trusting heart that has been trodden-on too many times.
    blaze for his flame point coloring and for his kittypet name; star for his rank
    — amab; he/him, masc terms; pansexual monogamous
    — leader of skyclan / friendly to thunderclan, neutral to riverclan, wary of shadowclan, distrustful of windclan; formerly a kittypet
    — created 01.01.2022 at 36 moons / currently 60 moons / ages every 1st
    — died 01.29.2024 at 60 moons
    — penned by Marquette; HEARTCHART ; PINTEREST ; PLAYLIST
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    As a purebred Ragdoll, Blazestar stands taller and broader than most of his moggy counterparts. Though closer to 20 lbs initially as a kittypet with a constantly full food dish, he still manages to maintain a firm 16-17 lbs in the warmer months in the forest. His paws are enormous, but they match his frame, and the tail he uses so expressively is thick as a velvet scarf. Blazestar has a short neck, broad shoulders, and a long, thick pelt. His fur is silken to the touch and tinged with the warm cream of a cashmere sweater. His paws, tail and face wear flame point markings, though they are more golden than red in color. He has enormous round eyes, the color deep and intense blue. Blazestar has a thick ruff of dense fur around his neck, almost fluffy enough to mimic a lion's mane.
    ⤷ gen one / masking chocolate tabby, carrying solid
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    As a kittypet and newcomer to the forest, Blazestar had been naive and trusting, welcoming to even the most hostile-seeming of cats. Time and experience has worn this innate friendliness away, leaving a wariness that drapes over his psyche like gray shadow. He knows the pain of loss, the importance of loyalty, and the consequences his actions have cost SkyClan and himself in the past. Blazestar still approaches most situations with other Clan leaders or outsiders with utmost diplomacy, still afraid of launching his Clan into a war they do not need to fight. He will rarely, if ever, be the first to suggest violence against another. Blazestar has moments where his passion overcomes his logic, but for the most part the SkyClan leader is level-headed when it comes to his decision-making. He is likely to give most cats a chance to prove their loyalties to him, even if he is suspicious of their motives at first. Blazestar will choose his Clan's well-being over his own nearly every time, but he is loathe to involve himself or SkyClan in affairs that would not benefit them. He does not typically hold grudges, though there are certainly exceptions to this rule. Blazestar is more likely to put the blame many would cast on others on his own shoulders. He despises making monumental decisions and often defects to his deputy's opinion or holds council meetings to gauge public opinion before making them. Blazestar is prone to lapses of depression, often triggered by events or resurfacing memories. He struggles to come through these spells on his own. Blazestar is quick to self-deprecate and has little to no confidence in his ability to lead his Clan, which his Clanmates often pick up on. He is very resentful of those who openly challenge his authority and will not hesitate to put cats who oppose him in their place to regain some semblance of control.

    speaks from the belly; bad at concealing emotions.
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    Trusts too easily, but once he is burned, he is prone to holding grudges.
    SOUNDS LIKE: Van Hohenheim, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    SMELLS LIKE: elderberry, juniper, pine sap.
    speech is #f5e5cc

    MAXIMILLIAN (NPC} xx WANDA {NPC} sibling to N/A | mentoring N/A, mentored by N/A
    Mate to Bobbie | Former mate to Little Wolf | Family Tree
    NOTABLE FRIENDS: Daisyflight†, Thistleback, Sheepcurl†, Bobbie, Twitchbolt
    NOTABLE ENEMIES: Sootstar, Kuiper†
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    IMPORTANT THREADS / ( ☆ ) Interaction ( ★ ) Development
    * this is a WIP ; most of Blazestar's political history can be seen here.

    IN CASE OF FIRE, BREAK THE GLASS / meeting Little Wolf
    DREAMWALKING AGAIN / discussing feral life with Valentine
    SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY / joining the pine colony
    IT'S BETTER YOU'RE NOT MINE / watching fireflies with Haku
    HERE WE ARE NOW, DON'T TURN AWAY / Briar declares war on Rain
    GATHER WHAT'S LEFT / what remains of the colony returns
    THE FIVE GIANTS / creating SkyClan

    ALL I NEVER MEANT TO BE / first Gathering
    LACKING APPEAL / Valentine joins SkyClan
    EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW WILL FALL APART / Honeybee is called away by StarClan
    WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW / Blaise and Valentine find the Moonstone
    A HEART MADE FULLMETAL / Blazestar's leader ceremony
    YOU AND ME, TOGETHER WE'LL BE / bringing in Gaia
    MARY, DID YOU KNOW? / giving Gaia to Daisy Flight
    DUCK AND RUN / naming Daisy Flight deputy
    TRUTH WILL BE SPOKEN / Squall returns with Haze, killed by Sootstar
    I AM NO KING, I HAVE NO THRONE / confronting Sootstar about Haze
    IT'S COLD BEYOND THE SUN / announcing expedition to Twolegplace
    SUPERORGANISM / losing first life
    NORTHERN DOWNPOUR SENDS ITS LOVE / Little Wolf is pregnant
    WELCOME HOME / bringing Little Wolf to meet SkyClan
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    BATTLE STYLE. Blazestar is massive by feral cat standards due to his breed, but he is slow and uncoordinated. Blazestar utilizes the trees when possible, but if he is wounded or in terrain without sufficient tree coverage, Blazestar will fight on the ground and stay mostly stationary. He does not move around a lot due to his low speed, and he will not dodge many hits; he will be a sufficient tank because of a thick pelt and bulky body, but he will tire quickly when faced with a quick opponent with a lot of skill. Often forgets to guard sensitive spots like his belly.
    strengths \ if he lands a blow, it will do massive damage
    weaknesses \ slow; uncoordinated; not great at dodging; not great at defending

    EXPERIENCE PRE-ROLEPLAY. None. Blazestar arrived too late to the Great Battle to fight and was a pampered kittypet before entering the forest.


    MENTORED BY no one; Blazestar was a kittypet before he came to the forest.

    HAS MENTORED @COSMOSBLOOM [shared with @VERMILIONSUN] ; @butterflytuft ; @Coyotecrest [shared with @SOOTSTAR, @ThistleBack]

    SPECIALTIES AND FOCUSES are Clan culture and diplomacy. The benefit to being Blazestar's apprentice is that he will take you on all political excursions, whether it's to meet with another leader, launch an attack on another Clan, or meet cats at SkyClan's border. Blazestar is a mediocre hunter and a worse fighter, but he will teach basics and focus on what he is good at, which is strength and exhibiting patience while hunting creatures who stir from the earth. Blazestar will often defer to his deputy or lead warriors when it comes to perfecting his apprentices' lacking skills. As the SkyClan leader, Blazestar is choosy about who he mentors and often will not take an apprentice without a specific reason.