KINDLEHEART, Warrior of ThunderClan

Kindle, for his brown fur.
Heart, for his kind-hearted nature.
‣ Created 07.16.2022 at nineteen moons.
‣ Ages on the first of each month.

  • A BROWN AND WHITE TABBY TOM WITH OLIVE EYES. Kindleheart is a medium-sized tom with brown tabby fur. White encapsulates most of his body, especially on his legs, stomach, and chest. White also appears in a band on his tail and muzzle, as well as splotches above his right eye. [ TOYHOUSE ]
  • PERSONALITY: A kind-hearted tom who just wants to do his best. Kindleheart isn't a fan of fighting, and tries to avoid it at all costs. He tends to freeze up in emergency situations, and excells at navigating the oak forest.
  • KINDLE, Resident of ThunderClan — [JULY 2022 - AUGUST 2022]
    WE COME FROM DIFFERENT PLACES ╱ Kindle joins ThunderClan.
    MY HEART IS RACING ╱ Kindle takes part in the tour of the oak forest.
    WAYWARD SON ╱ Kindle greets Cotton and her kits.
    KNIGHTS AND PRINCESSES ╱ Kindle listens to Howling Wind's story.
    I GOT A LIST OF NAMES AND YOURS IS IN RED ╱ Kindle reacts to Emberstar's murder.
    A FORCE THAT THEY CAN'T STOP ╱ Kindle joins battle training.

    KINDLEHEART, Warrior of ThunderClan — [AUGUST 2022 - PRESENT]
    TO KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALONE ╱ Kindle becomes Kindleheart, as named by Emberstar.
    ALL I NEED IS JUST A PEN ╱ Kindleheart is assigned to go on patrol.
    CALL ME BACK ╱ Kindleheart takes part in a chaotic hunting patrol.
    I'M CHECKING MY VITAL SIGNS ╱ Kindleheart runs away from the ThunderClan fire.
    THESE WORDS I WRITE ARE FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME ╱ Kindleheart returns home after the fire.
    FIELD OF HOPES AND DREAMS ╱ Kindleheart patrols the SkyClan border.
    SEALED FATE ╱ Kindleheart is assigned to a patrol at WindClan's border.
    THERE WERE NIGHTS FULL OF NIGHTMARES ╱ Kindleheart reacts to Cinderfrost's exile.
    A GENTLE STORM ╱ Kindleheart patrols the ShadowClan border.
    WOLF IN THE STREETS ╱ Kindleheart patrols the WindClan border.
    IN A PLACE THAT WE ONCE KNEW ╱ Kindleheart patrols the ShadowClan border.
    ALL AROUND THE WORLD ╱ Kindleheart patrols the SkyClan border.
    SINS IN OUR WAKE ╱ Kindleheart patrols the ShadowClan border.
    ON AND ON AND ON ╱ Kindleheart has a nightmare.
    IN THE YELLOW AND GREEN ╱ Kindleheart aims to repair ThunderClan's dens.
    TIMES LIKE THESE ╱ Kindleheart fails to catch a squirrel.
    IF I FOLLOW YOU ╱ Kindleheart is reminded of an old route.
    EVERYONE IS DUMB ╱ Kindleheart freezes at a potential fight.
    THINK OF ME WHEN YOU SHUT IT DOWN ╱ Kindleheart patrols the WindClan border.
    WILD WINDS AROUND YOU ╱ Kindleheart is assigned to lead a hunting patrol.
    WHAT'S WHISTLING ANYWAY? ╱ Kindleheart and his hunting patrol encounter wild boars.
    DAY BLEEDS INTO NIGHTFALL ╱ Kindleheart carries Graystorm's fallen form back to camp.

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