I'LL CARRY YOU HOME —— clearsight

Aug 1, 2022
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quick tags:
- 38 moon old riverclan warrior (as of 3/23)
- longhair blue classic tabby with white paws and stylized white spotting
- riverborn, but joined the marsh group when it formed, and followed cicadastar back to the river after the Great Battle
- deeply loyal to his clan
- excellent at swimming, fishing, weaving, and similar river-based survival skills
- patient teacher; has helped many cats learn/refine their fishing skills

- gay as hell for clayfur (mates 2/4/23)
- mentor to gillpaw

- dead :(
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full history.

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°•* backwritten

— loses his mother at an early age; lives most of his life a loner.
— wanders, but sticks close to the river territory; crosses paths with other river loners — namely buck (to become buckgait) and caraway (to become willowroot) — from time to time.
— joins the marsh group soon after it forms, after a bout of sickness that nearly starves him; intrigued by the idea of community.
— follows cicada (to become cicadastar) back to the river, part of the formation of riverclan.
— receives his warrior name, clearsight, from cicadastar.

°•* august 2022

first ic post 8/22, 32 moons old. windclan border patrol.
reflection on the meaning of his name.
— leads a fishing lesson for those new to the river. teaches otterpop and smogbreath; befriends lilybloom.
— beginning of the white stag plot.
offers a supportive shoulder to cicadastar after they're both awoken by gunshots; closer friendship established.
— starts to flirt with clayfur; thinks he's cute when he's flustered.
teaches clayfur to fish. more flirting.

°•* september 2022

— clearsight is assigned to mentor 4-month-old gillpaw.
first training thread. becomes very attached to his little apprentice; protective to the point that some might say he coddles.
sees a butterfly land on clayfur's nose and falls all the way in love.
witnesses cicadastar shot dead by twoleg hunters. rescues cicada's apprentice, foxpaw.
— briefly thinks he's lost clayfur as well when their patrol returns without him. has a breakdown.
attempts to bond with smokethroat.
says goodbye to clayfur before a patrol into the heart of the twoleg camp.
clearclay pda thread.
bonds with willowroot over how it feels to be in love; close friendship established.
gifts cicadastar a stone for his nest.
attacked and severely wounded by the twoleg hunters' hound.

°•* october 2022

confined to the medicine den by his injuries. no posts.

°•* november 2022

released from the medicine den. return to ic activity.
returns to training gillpaw.

°•* december 2022

border skirmish with windclan that nearly kills smokethroat. hatred for windclan thoroughly established.
— realizing how much gillpaw has grown in the aftermath of battle.
visits smokethroat in the medicine den shortly after the skirmish. bonds more successfully this time.
dives into the frozen river in an attempt to rescue greypool. nearly loses gillpaw when the boy falls in as well.
happy clearclay thread. at this point clearsight (along with the rest of riverclan) believes that they're mates. clayfur does not know this.
— windclan refugee hyacinthbreath seeks asylum in riverclan and receives it. clearsight is skeptical of cicadastar's kindness.
— walks in on clayfur's moss-eating competition.

°•* january 2023

defends skyclan from a windclan raid alongside his clanmates.

°•* february 2023

— apprentices' den collapses in a flood; clearsight helps to rescue mudpelt's children and his own gillpaw from the rubble.
helps to rescue cicadastar from the floodwater during their passage to a temporary camp.
officially becomes clayfur's mate after several months of miscommunication. despite the cruelty of the season, clearsight is the happiest he's ever been.
more injured windclanners seek refuge with riverclan; hyacinthbreath begs on their behalf, and clearsight is among those who question her allegiance. he urges her to affirm her loyalty by reminding her that riverclan cats might die for her choices.

°•* march 2023

training with gillpaw; clearsight helps him readjust to the water after a traumatic leaf-bare.
catching up with willowroot after some time estranged.
— windclan launches a two-part raid on their camp as revenge for hyacinthbreath killing juniperfrost, and clearsight is killed. final ic post 3/17.
clanmates sit vigil.