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    MALLOW, his mother's favourite flower ; LARK for his cheery, bright (and irritating) voice
    — cisgender male, he/him pronouns ; homoromantic homosexual
    — forty-three moons, ages on the 1st
    ↳ penned by @waluigipinball
    — mallowlark's appearance is that of a rather atypical cat; his fur is purely ivory, save for black paws which appear as if he is wearing ink-dipped mittens, and stray ebony hairs. it is rare not to find a saccharine and almost empty smile comfortably set upon his lips, and his bouncy walk and general demeanour suggest a staunch optimist. his grin is decorated with teeth as sharp as dogs', both threatening and bright- the ultimate oxymoron. silver eyes occupy his features- though they do not crease with his smile, remaining owlishly wide, and seldom show life behind them. it is rare that he breaks eye-contact, and his attention moves unnervingly quickly. he is bulky and muscular, and often makes motions with his half-tail, forgetting it is not the length it once was.
    ↳ suffers with psuedobulbar affect, commonly resulting in bouts of inappropriate hysterical laughter.​
    ↳ his smile never, ever flinches- and his eyes are almost always perfectly round and unblinking.​
    ( + ) friendly, vivacious, earnest, entertaining, bold, sociable, agreeable
    ( / ) direct, comically blunt, overly optimistic, stares a lot
    ( - ) oblivious, insensitive, unpredictable, impatient, risk-prone, unstructured
    fascinated by blood, gore and all things anatomical and creepy, though does not wish to kill cats- only to examine the already-dead ones
    often finds humour in the most horrifically morbid, and makes these comments at achingly inappropriate times
    finds fascination in make-believe, especially when comically violent or involving death
    has an incredibly distinctive laugh- a mewling "nyahahaha!"
  • BRIGHTSHINE x ARCHIE ; FAMILY TREE | mentoring no one, mentored by no one
    mate to DAWNGLARE | father to no one
    — admires dawnglare, brightshine, ember, echolight
    — close friends with family, heavy snow
    — friends with flycatcher, lambcurl, dandelionwish
    — likes most cats he has met
    — believes sootstar & most of windclan is doomed to destruction
  • strength ●●●●●●●●●●
    stamina ●●●●●●●●●○
    agility ●●●●○○○○○○
    hunting ●●●●●●●○○○
    swimming ●○○○○○○○○○
    climbing ●○○○○○○○○○
    grace ●●●●○○○○○○
    taken ; monogamist / entirely devoted to dawnglare
    easy to earn the trust of, looks for the good in everyone
    — will not start fights | will not end fights | will flee | will show mercy
    excels at hunting, balance, stamina
    poor speed, swimming, climbing
    — bright, chirpy voice that does not quite match his size
    smells like pine, an assortment of herbs and blood
    — healing & peaceful powerplay allowed.
    — speech is CRIMSON
    mallow and his sister echo were born to sunshine on the moorland. their father was a fickle kittypet who refused to be a part of their life, and thus mallow and echo were raised by sunshine, her three sisters and her friend heavy snow. learning the moorland like the back of his paw, mallow formed a heavy attachment to his home and could not imagine leaving it, even when he lost half his tail to a fox attack. living far from the conflict between the marsh and pine groups, though unaware of the clans forming right under their noses, it was quite a surprise when the family heard of a group named 'windclan' taking permanent residence in their home.

    in order to avoid conflict and (perceptively) keep control of their home, mallow voted in favour to join windclan, believing there were plenty of new friends in the midst.

    ( ☆ ) Interaction ( ★ ) Development
    ★ OH LAWD THEY COMIN' ; mallow and his family join windclan.
    ☆ VULTURE CULTURE ; bonding with aunt ember
    ☆ DEATH IN BLOOM ; visiting an important grave.
    ☆ FOOTSTEPS DOWN FAMILIAR SIDEWALK ; mallow meets fly, a thunderclanner.
    ★ FREE LIKE KINGS mallow is named mallowlark, warrior of windclan.
    ☆ MISERY LOVES COMPANY ; mallowlark meets dawnglare by chance at fourtrees, and they make a promise.
    ★ OH, MY DEAR ; dealing with a complicated feeling- distaste.
    ★ FEED THE FLAMES skyclan and windclan become enemies, and mallowlark discovers that his new friend dawnglare is skyclan's medicine cat.
    ★ WHEN THE SKY FALLS ; hawks attack the patrol mallowlark is on.
    ☆ THAT HEAVENLY MELODY ; meeting with dawnglare again- his injury is examined.
    ★ MY FATE IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE ; aunt ember is exiled for rebellion- the loyalty mallowlark feels to the moor and now to dawnglare stops him from following her.
    ☆ HARMONY, INDEED ; mallowlark and dawnglare flirt under the blood moon.
    ☆ I'VE COME ALIVE ; catching up with echolight.
    ☆ BLACK OUT DAYS ; echolight informs her family she is pregnant with cross-clan kits.
    ★ STAY SOFT, GET EATEN ; mallowlark catches a bad cold.
    ★ TREAD LIGHTLY ON MY GROUND ; mallowlark and dawnglare confess their love for each other and become mates.
    ★ THE ONE WITH THE BLEEDING HEART ; echolight gives birth.
    ☆ PRIDE IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF YOU ; mallowlark and dawnglare 'sneak' away during the gathering.
    ★ MOONWALKER ; dawnglare gives mallowlark catmint for his greencough.
    ★ CAN'T FIGHT TEARS THAT AIN'T COMING ; mallowlark still believes the moors are his, and vows loyalty to sootstar again.
    ☆ TEA WITH CTHULHU ; dandelionwish asks how mallowlark healed.
    ★ ALL MY FAITH ; mallowlark's 'loyalty' to windclan first begins to waver.
    ☆ STRONGER MONSTERS ; pda at the gathering is noticed by wolfsong
    ☆ HARVEST MOON ; befriends lambcurl
    ★ ANOTHER WAY OUT ; witnesses dandelionwish's escape, and silently roots for him.
    ★ BACK UP EVERY WORD YOU SAY ; stays at fourtrees with dawnglare for the night, and decides to move to skyclan
    ★ A ROAD TO SOMEWHERE ; tells only his mother and sister where he will go.
    ★ PARADISE LOST ; disappears from windclan in the dead of night.

    ★ OVER THE GARDEN WALL TO YOU ; joins skyclan under much derision- dawnglare makes a choice.
    ☆ LOVE IS A SONG ; attempts climbing for the first time
    ☆ HOLOGRAM ; reunites with his aunt pollenfur

    ★☆ THREAD TITLE ; significance
    this is basically how he sees the world- just brilliant all the time no matter what happens.
    ► POLLYANNA earthbound ;
    mallow is shockingly naive to negative emotions. but he doesn't care. he loves being an optimist- revels in it.
    ► I'M A PRINCESS bill wurtz ;
    the moors are his ancestral home, and are poisoned. he believes that one day, windclan will destroy itself. it made leaving a little bit easier- he'd already come to terms with everyone there dying anyway. karma will come.
    ► RULER OF EVERYTHING tally hall ;
    mallow believes that time and death are to be revered- he respects them greatly. adores them, even. maybe a bit too much.
    ► BLACK MIRROR arcade fire ;
    it’s no secret mallow has some gory interests. bones are fascinating, remains are to be creatively used and imagining extreme and almost cartoonish violence is funny.
    ► WELL RESTED kero kero bonito ;
    from dawnglare's wisdom, his beliefs in the natural order have been bolstered- nature personified is to be cared for as the ruler of all.

    ► MARZ john grant ;
    a dreamy song about something very normal. mallowlark and dawnglare's meetings beneath the moon were sacred, his head full of a million metaphor- and now he gets to live a dream every day.

    ► SMILE nat king cole ;
    mallowlark always smiles because of his mother. everyone likes her- she's friendly and kind and sweet, so if he mimics her expression tenfold, people will like him, right? he is genuinely happy most of the time, but even when he isn't he smiles anyway, because he knows he'll always be happy again.

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