LEMONTONGUE, Moor Runner of WindClan

Lemon, for his sour appearance.
Tongue, for his loyalty and resilience.
‣ Born 08.02.2022 and introed at four moons.
‣ Ages on the second of each month.

  • A CINNAMON AND WHITE TABBY TOM WITH YELLOW EYES. Despite being the smallest of the litter when born, Lemonpaw eventually experiences a growth spurt that leaves him nearly towering over his siblings. His fur his cinnamon in color, with tabby stripes swirling through it. White adorns his muzzle, chest, stomach, paws, and tip of his tail, as well as locates itself in a small splotch on his forehead. His appearance is mainly that of an oriental longhair - save for his muzzle, shortened and almost flat in nature, as inherited from his father. Such a muzzle gives Lemonpaw a permanent, sour-faced look of disdain, a look not helped by his large, yellow eyes. [ TOYHOUSE ]
  • PERSONALITY: With an appearance as intimidating as his comes a personality to match. Outwardly, Lemonpaw is fairly picky - he knows what he likes, and what he doesn't, and isn't afraid to say such. Along with his muzzle shape, he inherits his father's sharp-tongue - a key tool in his picky nature. However, his snarky tone isn't difficult to break down, revealing a soft, kind-hearted feline who enjoys collecting things to give to those he cares about in his free time. He once liked to spend time with his mother, helping her out with finding and collecting herbs when needed. He prefers fighting with words than with claws - wanting to opt for a more peaceful option when possible - but would unsheathe his claws if anyone he cares about were to be in harm's way.

    After his mother's exile, Lemonpaw takes it upon himself to be more protective of his remaining family members - doing everything in his power to protect them, out of fear that Sootstar will exile them too. He becomes more reserved, yet quicker to snap, often sticking close to Bumblebreeze and Melonpaw. He stops speaking in his mother's tongue, fearing Sootstar will exile him for such.
    ‣ Adoptive sibling to Bumblebreeze / Littermate to Melonpaw
    ‣ Retconned siblings: Thunderpaw, Marigoldpaw, Applekit, Cherrykit, Rosekit
    ‣ Mentored by Flaxenjump
  • LEMONKIT, Kit of WindClan — [AUGUST 2022]
    MON BÉBÉ ╱ Lemonkit is born.
    TOOK ME BY SURPRISE ╱ Lemonkit complains about the thunderstorm.
    FOOTSTEPS DOWN FAMILIAR SIDEWALK ╱ Lemonkit attends the gathering with Honeytwist.

    LEMONPAW, Apprentice of WindClan — [AUGUST 2022 - JANUARY 2023]
    FREE LIKE KINGS ╱ Lemonkit becomes Lemonpaw, as named by Sootstar.
    THE DEVIL'S HANDS ARE IDLE ╱ Lemonpaw reacts to Mallowlark's art project.
    JUST LIKE YOU DID BEFORE THE ACCIDENT ╱ Lemonpaw tries to aid with Bumblekit's injuries.
    LOST BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY ╱ Lemonpaw reacts to Dandelionpaw as Honeytwist's apprentice.
    FREE MY SOUL ╱ Lemonpaw greets Bumblekit after he leaves the medicine den.
    I HEARD A RUMOR ╱ Lemonpaw reacts to Marigoldpaw's rumor about Moonshadow.
    CAT STEPS ╱ Lemonpaw reacts to Honeytwist's dream.
    IDYLLS OF THE KING ╱ Lemonpaw attends the gathering.
    SHE TEARS ME TO PIECES ╱ Lemonpaw teases Honeytwist and Pollenfur.
    I CRUMBLE COMPLETELY ╱ Lemonpaw reacts to Honeytwist stepping down as medicine cat.
    PINK CARNATION ╱ Lemonpaw is asked if he has any crushes.
    MY FATE IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE ╱ Lemonpaw watches Emberfang's rebellion and exile.
    THE WORLD WEEPS ╱ Lemonpaw interacts with Bumblepaw.
    BE OUR GUEST ╱ Lemonpaw attends WindClan and ShadowClan's feast.
    HIGH WINDS ╱ Lemonpaw greets a former SkyClan apprentice.
    RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES ╱ Lemonpaw is subjected to Juniperfrost's training.
    AU CLAIR DE LA LUNE ╱ Lemonpaw reunites with his mother.
    MAJOR PLAYER IN THE COWBOY SCENE ╱ Lemonpaw tries to comfort Dandelionwish.
    IS FORTNITE OVERRATED? ╱ Lemonpaw listens to the discussion on Dandelionwish's exile.

    LEMONTONGUE, Moor Runner of WindClan — [JANUARY 2023 - PRESENT]
    MODERN ART ╱ Lemonpaw becomes Lemontongue, as named by Sootstar.
    NO MORE HEROES ╱ Lemontongue reacts to Snailpaw's gift to Elkskull.
    FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT ╱ Lemontongue reacts to Coyotepaw's disappearance.
    MY MATERIALS IN PYRE ╱ Lemontongue reacts to the death of Scorchstreak's son.
    START THE FIRE ╱ Lemontongue and Vulturemask are set up by Wolfsong.
    STRETCHING BACK INTO TIME ╱ Lemontongue encounters a sandhill crane.
    OH SIMPLE THING ╱ Lemontongue takes shelter from a thunderstorm.
    ON MY SOUL ╱ Lemontongue attends the burial of Ferretswipe.
    STICKS AND STONES ╱ Lemontongue observes a hawk's nest.
    THE GHOST NEXT DOOR ╱ Lemontongue prepares to defend the camp against a hawk.
    MEET YOU THERE ╱ Lemontongue patrols the ThunderClan border.
    FOR THE WANT OF A NAIL ╱ Lemontongue reacts to Cottonpaw's promotion.
    OH I'VE LEFT YOU BEHIND ╱ Lemontongue speaks on WindClan's age.
    BLACK ROSES AND HAIL MARY'S ╱ Lemontongue learns of his mother's passing.
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