The Clans undergo numerous trials as the forest swelters into greenleaf. RiverClan's new leader, Lichenstar, returns to camp with their medicine cat and confirms Smokestar's death. Shortly after, Twolegs infiltrate RiverClan territory and capture their warriors, only to be freed by camping kittypets. A cross-Clan litter is discovered when an apprentice appears in the Clan... just as one happens to disappear from ShadowClan. The marsh-dwelling Clan solves their frog overpopulation and appoints Mirepurr to Chilledstar's council.

In WindClan, Sunstar exiles a former Sootstar-loyalist and appoints Dimmingsun to his council. Meanwhile, devastated after their fire, WindClan seeks prey in ShadowClan and RiverClan territories, the latter skirmish costing them their lead warrior, Bluepool. This isn't the only instance of prey theft in the forest. A ThunderClan patrol hunts in SkyClan territory and is rebuked by the leaders of both Clans. In the pine forest, Orangestar appoints a young new deputy to her council and seeks to solve the murders of two SkyClan warriors near the Twolegplace border.


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