✧ little wolf, named after her father
✧ female, she - her
✧ 45 moons, ages the 1st of every month
✧ warrior of thunder clan
✧ mentoring no one
✧ previously mentored howlfire & ragwortpaw

✧ single
✧ ex mate to blazestar
✧ mother to fireflypaw, burstorm, moonwhisper, howlfire, morningpaw, skypaw and duskpaw
✧ heterosexual
✧ sister to hollow tree
✧ older sister to lily pad, cobwebtail, graystorm, raccoonstripe, jackdawflight, and berryheart
✧ friends with orangeblossom, sunfreckle, flamewhisker, hailstorm
✧ dislikes cinderfrost, sunnyday, and trufflepelt

✧ little wolf is a rather small she cat in build. weighing only 8lbs, she stands far below most of her clan mates. despite her small size however, she is lean and muscular, a result of many seasons of hard work and evidence of her tough life in the marshes. covering her lithe body is a ebony black pelt, broken only by the scars along her back and on her chest. her eyes match the forest that she surrounds herself with and are a deep, vibrant, green and almond in shape. as a testament to her multiple litters, her belly hangs down a little bit.

✧ it is often said that little wolf is the kind cat who loves deeply and freely. if you are a close friend, family, or someone she trusts, it is likely that you have heard her express a sentiment of her love. she uses the word often, for she believes if it is felt that it should be said. life has proven to be something that can be taken away in a moments notice and so she doesn't like to waste the precious moments that she has. That being said, she has always been a cat that wants to live life to the fullest, see and experience as much as possible so that when one day, if she makes it to the elders den, she will have plenty of stories to pass down to the younger generations.

Kits and family is always something Little Wolf has coveted above all else. She loves her family and her children and is deeply protective over all of them, especially the younger members and especially after her daughters passing. When she was younger, her mother told her stories of the great clans and she will never pass up on an opportunity to pass along those stories for others to hear.

As loyal as Little Wolf is to her loved ones, she can also be passionate in her hate for someone as well. Once you have wronged her or someone she cares about she can tend to hold a grudge, never forgetting and rarely ever forgiving if the crime is severe.

✧ will not start a fight but will finish it, would not kill unless absolutely necessary
✧ healing and peaceful power play allowed
✧ ❝ speech
✧ penned by jay
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IN CASE OF FIRE BREAK THE GLASS - meeting blaise for the first time
FOR ONCE IM GLAD IM HEARTLESS - little wolf remains neutral in an argument
WHAT I'VE GIVEN UP - little wolf learns blaise has joined sky clan
NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO - family discusses where to move and decides to go to thunder clan

SHATTER MY PERSPECTIVE - little wolf aids an injured clan mate
HOW THINGS USED TO BE - reminiscing about childhood
I HOPE YOU'RE MISSING ME - meets up with blaise again, he reveals he is now leader of sky clan
TO KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALONE - little wolf's mother is named deputy
LIKE NOTHING I'VE EVER SEEN - blazestar and little wolf act a little too familiar in front of clanmates
SO WEAK WHEN YOU'RE AROUND ME - little wolf tells Blazestar she loves him, Blazestar reveals he is going on a journey to twolegplace
I FORGOT HOW TO BE ALONE - howling wind realizes that her daughter is in love with a cat from another clan
I'M CHECKING MY VITAL SIGNS - little wolf realizes she is pregnant while a fire sweeps through camp. her and her mother are trapped.
NORTHERN DOWNPOUR SENDS ITS LOVE - seeing blazestar again for the first time since he left, howling wind tells blazestar that little wolf is pregnant
SHE TOLD ME BABY ITS NOW OR NEVER - moving to the nursery
WELCOME HOME - meeting sky clan
KNOW MY LONELINESS - telling emberstar who the father of her kits are
MARY ON A CROSS - a kit in the nursery dies, little wolf worries about her own kits
BITE BACK - little wolf steps in between two angry clan-mates and prevents an angry queen from attacking an arrogant apprentice
I GRIP THE WHEEL BUT IT WON'T TURN FOR ME - the kits are born on the border of thunder and sky clan because little wolf doesn't trust cinderfrost. dawnglare helps deliver them instead.
OUT OF THE BLUE - introducing the kits to thunder clan
ROARING 20'S - a stranger is brought into the camp, little wolf gets upset
THERE WERE NIGHTS FULL OF NIGHTMARES - cinderfrost is banished from the clan, little wolf's brother, berryheart, is named as the new medicine cat in her place
BOY, I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY - little wolf spends time with blazestar and their kits in sky clan
A DOWNPOUR TO DROWN ME ALIVE - the kits become apprentices, howlpaw is assigned to train under her
IM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU - showing howlpaw thunder clan territory
AS LONG AS IM HERE WITH YOU - blazestar and little wolf spend a peaceful day together
YOU COULD LET IT ALL GO - roepaw returns from the skirmish with news that morningpaw has been gravely injured
BURY ME IN SATIN - flamewhisker delivers the news that morningpaw has passed away. little wolf leaves for sky clan with her mother.
A THOUSAND FLOWERS A HUNDRED CARDS - grieving morningpaws death in sky clans camp
THREE KINGS - emberstar proposes the first code, that cross clan relationships are no longer allowed to prevent what happened to little wolfs family from happening again. the other leaders agree.

POST CODE ————・゚✧
MAYBE WE’RE MEANT TO BE ALONE - the kits say their goodbyes. burnpaw and crescentpaw choose to remain in thunder clan with their mother while fireflypaw and howlpaw choose to go to sky clan with their father. the kits leave for thunder clan with howling wind to say goodbye there as well while little wolf stays behind to say goodbye to blazestar privately
THE SUN WILL ONLY BURN FOR YOU & I - little wolf and blazestar say goodbye.
MY GOD WHAT A MESS IVE MADE - howling wind is attacked by truffle pelt who believes he is acting on the wills of star clan and is left to die. little wolf discovers her laying injured in the snow and calls for help
AND IGNITE, IGNITE, IGNITE - little wolf is assigned ragwortpaw as a apprentice
IT FEELS LIKE JANUARY NEVER ENDS - little wolf tells her mother that she is expecting kits again
PRESS REWIND - reconciling with her sister, Hollow Tree
I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPIER - telling blazestar that he is going to be a father again
LOVE; NOT WRONG (BRAVE) - moving into the nursery
IF YOU'VE LEFT ME SOME HOPE - comforting her daughter, moonpaw
TIME TO BE ALIVE - her mother, now named howlingstar, returns from the moonstone where she has received her nine lives and new name.
WAITING ON THE SKY TO CHANGE - little wolf gives birth to her two kits, duskkit and skykit
IM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU - introducing the kits to the rest of the clan
HE USED TO MEET ME ON THE EAST SIDE - little wolf tells a story in the nursery
IM FAR AWAY BUT I AM RIGHT HERE - little wolf has a dream about blazestar and in the dream, morningpaw is alive and little wolf is living with her kits and mate in sky clan
MY HEART IS PARALYZED - flamewhisker returns with news that little wolf's daughter, who lives in sky clan, has gone missing.
WRITTEN IN THE STARS - skykit and duskkit are renamed skypaw and duskpaw as they are promoted to apprentices
JUST WANNA KEEP CALLING YOUR NAME - her first time going out on a patrol after being in the nursery, also reassuming her duties as ragwortpaw's mentor
PAR-DELA LE CIEL - introducing her kits to blazestar at the gathering, they do not know he is their father
SWAY WITH ME - at the gathering, blazestar reveals that a rogue had come to sky clan claiming that he had taken their daughter, howlpaw's life. little wolf is absolutely devastated and is comforted by her family
WHERE THE RIVERS USED TO RUN - while out on a hunting patrol, the cats scent river clan on their newly won territory.
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