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    Born into SkyClan's first litter, Greeneyes is a bright tom with an affinity for the world around him. Despite always seeking to be kind to others, the warrior believes he is cursed - as brought on by the rhetoric that green is a deadly color.

    GREEN for his mother's love of bright colors; EYES after his bright gaze; for his speed and forethought.
    — AMAB; He / Him
    — Lead Warrior of SkyClan
    — 25 moons | Born 08.22.2022 and introed at 4 moons | Ages every 22nd
    — Penned by ABRI
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    Despite his name, Greeneyes is hardly green. His stout, smaller-than-average stature adorns ginger hues within long, thick, and often unkempt fur. A splash of white lays unevenly across his face, moving down his chest. The snowy shade also locates itself on his front paws, as well as the tip of his tail - an appendage of which has a permanent bend to the middle of it - and in the form of freckle-like spots across his face. Though not initially named for it, his eyes are a bright shade of green, striking enough within his appearance to make anyone assume it to be his namesake.

    — Clover behind ear. (Gifted to him by Fireflypaw)
    — Macaw feather at the base of his tail. (Gifted to him by Sheepcurl)
    — A green flower placed beside the clover. (Gifted to him by Sheepcurl, only worn on special occasions)

    — Scar at the base of his neck. (From dogs, during the Great Journey)

    Greeneyes is a bright young tom who has an affinity for the pine forest around him and its inhabitants. He often takes charge in group activities in such a way that can often appear as bossy to others, whether he truly means to be or not. He takes great pride in the home he lives in, sometimes harboring judgment towards the thought of other clans amidst his curiosity for them. As he grows, he develops a bit of a mischievous streak to him. Greeneyes loves shiny objects, and has a slow-growing collection of them within his nest.

    His loved ones are important to him, and he often puts them and the rest of his clanmates' wellbeing first before his own.

    As tragedy strikes SkyClan, Greeneyes begins to think he's cursed - a thought brought on by Dawnglare's belief that green is a deadly color. He begins to struggle with the idea of contaminating others with said curse, and can be found isolating himself within the grieving clan in the worst of days for his headspace. He has a tendency to have nightmares, and can be often found awake in the middle of the night.

    — A brightened gaze, a smile on his face.
    — Idle thumping of his tail against the ground as he sits.

    Greeneyes is typically eager to make friends within the clan, however finds himself wary of those who originated from the shelter. Across the clans, the tom tends to feel the most comfortable around RiverClan and ThunderClan's cats.

    SOUNDS LIKE: To be determined. Bright, chirping tones.
    SMELLS LIKE: Pine needles and clover; Fresh snow, lungwort, and mountain tops
    Speech is #0BDA51; Secondary color is #008401

    DAISYFLIGHT† xx RAVEN RAMBLE Adoptive sibling to Butterflytuft; Littermate to Figfeather, Violetnose, Snowpath† | Brother-in-law to Dandelionwish (via Butterflytuft) and Fantastream (via Figfeather)
    Mentoring Falconpaw | Mentored by Sheepcurl
    ADMIRES: Sheepcurl†, Figfeather, Fireflypaw
    NOTABLE FRIENDSHIPS: Fireflypaw, Twitchbolt, Honeysplash†, Sparrowsong, Periwinklebreeze
    NOTABLE ENEMIES: Dawnglare, Chrysaliswing
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    HUNTING: ●●●●●●●●○○
    Excels in catching birds.
    CLIMBING: ●●●●●●○○○○
    A climbing style with little grace.

    TRACKING: ●●●●●●●●●○
    Tracks prey with ease.
    COMBAT: ●●●●●○○○○○
    Has minimal battle experience.
  • Greeneyes holds a love of shiny objects. Glinting objects leave the tom to stop in his track and investigate its shimmer. The warrior is very sentimental towards gifts and keeps any he receives, opting to wear some as reminders of his loved ones. ​

    CICADA SHELL — A once shiny object, its shimmer has dulled with age. Greeneyes was gifted the item as a kit from his brother, Snowpath. It is among one of his most treasured possessions and kick-started his love of shiny things.
    CANDY WRAPPER — A shiny bit of crinkly material, Greeneyes took the twoleg item from Coyotecrest upon its discovery.
    RIBBON — A small bit of ribbon. Greeneyes pulled this off of another twoleg object, as it reminded him of the accessories Sheepcurl once wore around her neck.
    FEATHER — A colorful feather, wrapped in hues of red, blue, and yellow. Greeneyes received the feather from his mentor, Sheepcurl, and he wears it at the base of his tail.
    FLOWER — A green flower. Another gift from Sheepcurl, Greeneyes wears it for special occasions only. When he's not wearing it, the flower sits safely in his nest.
    CLOVER — A small, three-leafed clover. A gift from Fireflypaw, Greeneyes wears it / similar iterations behind his ear.
    ROCK — A dark stone, speckled with white. A gift from Sparrowsong, Greeneyes keeps it safe in his nest.
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    I FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE ╱ Greenkit is born and arrives to SkyClan on a fern leaf.
    WE HELD THE MOON IN OUR ARMS ╱ Greenkit shares his discoveries with his family.
    DOOR & A STRING ╱ Greenkit reacts to Figkit's loose tooth.
    IN OVER MY HEAD ╱ Greenkit meets Beesong, RiverClan's medicine cat.
    LITTLE BUG ╱ Greenkit complains about having to get a check-up from Dawnglare.
    RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY ╱ Greenkit joins Figkit's leaf race.
    THE FIRE BURNS THE NIGHT SKY ╱ Greenkit defends the nursery from dogs.

    THE LIGHTS THAT STOP ME ╱ Greenkit becomes Greenpaw, as named by Blazestar.
    YOU'D MAKE A BEAUTIFUL BIRD ON A LINE ╱ Greenpaw greets the Sheriff.
    I FOUND A PLACE ╱ Greenpaw greets Flan.
    WELCOME HOME ╱ Greenpaw meets Little Wolf.
    FIELD OF HOPES AND DREAMS ╱ Greenpaw greets a ThunderClan patrol.
    IN THIS GLOOM ╱ Greenpaw observes bats in the sky.
    MONSTER UNDER THE BED ╱ Greenpaw is awoken by Figpaw's screams.
    PASS THE CANDY CORN ╱ Greenpaw wants Coyotekit's candy wrapper.
    TURN THE PAGES, TURN TO STONE ╱ Greenpaw meets Blazestar and Little Wolf's kits.
    SUNSHINE EYES ╱ Greenpaw reacts to Burnkit's rock, as well as Dawnglare's aversion to green.
    UNDER THE ICE ╱ Greenpaw listens to Pantherpelt's story.
    LIES OF P ╱ Greenpaw watches Watson collect cobwebs.
    TURN THE LIGHTS OFF, TURN THE LIGHTS ╱ Greenpaw observes glowing pumpkins.
    MONSTER MASH ╱ Greenpaw pranks Figpaw.
    GRAVEYARD SMASH ╱ Greenpaw discovers halloween lights.
    OH THE DARKNESS GOT A HOLD ON ME ╱ Greenpaw reacts to Burr's infection.
    BUGS LIFE ╱ Greenpaw reacts to a leaf bug.
    FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB ╱ Greenpaw takes part in a competition.
    SHAKE MY LITTLE SOUL FOR YOU ╱ Greenpaw reacts to Churrodream's injuries.
    ALL MY GHOSTS ARE WITH ME ╱ Greenpaw and his family go to the twolegplace.
    PICTURE PERFECT PERSON ╱ Greenpaw asks to join in on a game with Subarupaw.
    IT'S ALL TOO SOON ╱ Greenpaw reacts to Figpaw's return and her injuries.
    SHINE, BRIGHT MORNING LIGHT ╱ Greenpaw hides in the apprentice den as Morningpaw dies.
    THERE'S SOMETHING OFF WITH ME ╱ Greenpaw tries to comfort Snowpaw.
    SICK WITH SADNESS ╱ Greenpaw reflects on his curse.
    IT'S QUIET UPTOWN ╱ Greenpaw and Fireflypaw comfort one another.
    POLITICS & VIOLENCE ╱ Greenpaw speaks with Sheepcurl.
    LIFE SENTENCE ╱ Greenpaw catches nothing on a hunting patrol.
    OF WIND AND SEA ╱ Greenpaw greets a new face.
    LEAVE ME, I'll SHED MY SKIN ╱ Greenpaw celebrates Sheepcurl's promotion to lead warrior.
    SUNNY SUNDAY ╱ Greenpaw reacts to a soccer ball found on SkyClan's territory.
    SAY IT ONCE, SAY IT TWICE ╱ Greenpaw has his first successful catch - a bird.
    OH SWEET PROVIDENCE ╱ Greenpaw trains in tree combat with Thistleback.
    BUT TODAY IT AINT THE SAME ╱ Greenpaw takes part in a RiverClan patrol.
    OFF TO WAR ╱ Greenpaw escapes to get help as WindClan invades.
    RUN BOY RUN ╱ Greenpaw crosses into RiverClan territory for help.
    GOD SAVE THE ANIMALS ╱ Greenpaw is taken to RiverClan's camp.
    IN THIS CITY'S BARREN COLD ╱ Greenpaw reacts to the first RiverClan patrol's return.
    DULL KNIVES ╱ Greenpaw reacts to the second RiverClan patrol's return.
    COME BACK HOME ╱ Greenpaw returns to SkyClan.
    ANTHEM ╱ Greenpaw is honored by SkyClan for retrieving help from RiverClan.
    GOD'S WHISPER ╱ Greenpaw reacts to Fireflypaw becoming Dawnglare's apprentice.
    STRONGER MONSTERS ╱ Greenpaw attends the gathering.
    DETENTION ╱ Greenpaw tries to help Fireflypaw.
    TRYNA KEEP IT COOL BUT I'M FAILING ╱ Greenpaw takes part in Daisyflight's remedy.
    WINTER'S BONE ╱ Greenpaw watches Fireflypaw and Howlpaw hang from branches.
    THE CITY IS A JUNGLE ╱ Greenpaw listens to Butterflypaw's story.
    STARS ALIGNED ╱ Greenpaw celebrates Butterflytuft's graduation.
    BLACK HOLE IN MY CHEST ╱ Greenpaw teases Chrysalispaw.
    GREAT GIG IN THE SKY ╱ Greenpaw partakes in a fox patrol.
    OUTTA MY MIND ╱ Greenpaw returns from the fox patrol.
    VENTURE OUT ╱ Greenpaw greets a RiverClan patrol.
    TURN THE WHOLE THING UPSIDE DOWN ╱ Greenpaw attempts to hang from a tree branch.
    SECRET OF MY HEART ╱ Greenpaw observes new-leaf's first flowers.
    PAINT DRIES QUICKER THAN THIS ╱ Greenpaw joins SkyClan's discussion.
    RIGHTEOUS HAND OF GOD ╱ Greenpaw sneaks into the medicine den and meets Dandelionwish.
    SHE EYES ME LIKE A PISCES ╱ Greenpaw investigates a twoleg object.
    ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING ╱ Greenpaw is assigned to Butterflytuft's first led patrol.
    DON'T YOU KNOW I NEVER LOSE ╱ Greenpaw joins Figpaw's stretching group.
    TIME IS ALWAYS IN LIMITED SUPPLY ╱ Greenpaw watches the fireflies.
    FOLLOW THE LEADER ╱ Greenpaw collects moss with Butterflytuft.
    FALLING STARS ╱ Greenpaw attends the meeting.
    ACROSS THE STARS ╱ Greenpaw receives gifts from Sheepcurl.
    WHAT'S LEFT BEHIND ╱ Greenpaw interacts with Mushroompaw.
    C'MON DOWN ╱ Greenpaw watches Dandelionwish's attempts to climb.
    SPRINGTIME BLESSINGS ╱ Greenpaw listens to clan gossip.
    SPRINGTIME ADORATION ╱ Greenpaw interacts with Fireflypaw.
    HAVING A TREE-MENDOUS TIME ╱ Greenpaw goes on an adventure with Bananapaw.
    FIGHTING WORDS ╱ Greenpaw watches Fireflypaw train with Chrysalispaw.
    THE MEASURE OF MY DAYS ╱ Greenpaw attends a stormy gathering.
    A NOT SO NEW FACE ╱ Greenpaw meets Johnny.
    ESSENTIALS ╱ Greenpaw asks Coyotepaw about WindClan nests.
    SUCH FUN TO HUM ╱ Greenpaw offers to help Butterflytuft clean the camp.
    LET ME IN LET ME IN ╱ Greenpaw meets Benzodiazepine.
    VANISHING GRACE ╱ Greenpaw learns of Howlpaw's disappearance.
    BAITED BREATH ╱ Greenpaw attends the search party to ThunderClan.
    SEND MY BLUES OUT TO THE SEA ╱ Greenpaw offers to help RiverClan after their battle.
    AS THE BIRDSONG QUIETS ╱ Greenpaw approaches Figpaw and an injured newcomer.
    PITILESS BEING ╱ Greenpaw volunteers for his fortune to be read by Fireflypaw.
    HEY GAL, SLOW DOWN ╱ Greenpaw checks in on Heatherpaw after she slips in mud.
    FEEL IT IN THE FUTURE, SEE IT IN THE CULTURE ╱ Greenpaw ponders future warrior names.
    HEADFIRST INTO SHALLOW POOLS ╱ Greenpaw meets Pebble.
    CRUSHING THIRTIES ╱ Greenpaw greets Earthsoul upon his return.
    LET'S SING A GAY LITTLE SPRING SONG ╱ Greenpaw asks Sweetybee to make him a flower crown.
    IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE ╱ Greenpaw properly introduces himself to Sparrowpaw.
    LULLABY ╱ Greenpaw offers to help clean the nursery.
    LIVE FOREVER ╱ Greenpaw joins in on the apprentices' attempt at a forest walk.
    DAFFODILS AND LIMITED THRILLS ╱ Greenpaw interacts with Bananapaw.
    SHIMMERING IN THE SUN ╱ Greenpaw gives out gifts.
    PAR-DELÀ LE CIEL ╱ Greenpaw attends the gathering.
    FLY AWAY WITH ME TONIGHT ╱ Greenpaw sits in on Momowhisker's story.
    LITTLE FAIRYTALE PRINCESS ╱ Greenpaw praises Sparrowpaw's singing.
    OH THE HABITS OF MY HEART ╱ Greenpaw approaches Figpaw and another new face.
    NAILS ON THE FLOOR AND SOOT ON MY TONGUE ╱ Greenpaw witnesses his family being captured.
    DON'T STRAY FAR FROM ME ╱ Greenpaw tries to help Fireflypaw escape from a rogue attack.
    TALLPINES HUNTING PATROL ╱ Greenpaw goes on a hunting patrol.

    WILL YOU CALL MY NAME ╱ Greenpaw becomes Greeneyes, as named by Blazestar.
    FELT LIKE BLISS ╱ Greeneyes takes his first steps into the warrior den.
    MY HEART CAN REST ╱ Greeneyes offers to help Orangeblossom move into the nursery.
    LOVE IS A SONG ╱ Greeneyes tries to encourage Mallowlark in his tree climbing.
    THIS TOO SHALL PASS ╱ Greeneyes finds out Sheepcurl was taken by twolegs.
    THE ASK AND THE ANSWER ╱ Greeneyes greets Berryheart at the border.
    TEMPTING FATE AGAIN ╱ Greeneyes attempts to help make nests.
    WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME ╱ Greeneyes responds to the gossip.
    DON'T YOU CRY NO MORE ╱ Greeneyes reacts to the return of his siblings, and the death of his mother.
    I WON'T SAY THAT I DESIRE WINGS ╱ Greeneyes attends the meeting.
    TO THE RIVER ╱ Greeneyes attends Daisyflight's vigil.
    THAT CONSTANT STING ╱ Greeneyes and his siblings build a memorial for Daisyflight.
    RISE UP ╱ Greeneyes is chosen to attend the gathering.
    TIME IS MOVIN' SO SLOW ╱ Greeneyes attends the gathering.
    STAY BRIGHT 'TIL WE'RE BURNED ╱ Greeneyes interacts with Markiplier.
    THE LITERAL BLUES ╱ Greeneyes reacts to a blue-furred Benzodiazepinepaw.
    WALKIN' ON SUNSHINE ╱ Greeneyes congratulates Bananasplash and Quillstrike.
    A NEW YEAR, A NEW ME ╱ Greeneyes interacts with Sakura.
    GONNA RELAX AND RENEW ╱ Greeneyes talks about the river with Markiplier.
    LET'S DO SOME BUSINESS THEN ╱ Greeneyes offers to trade with Las Plagas.
    BLUE LIGHT ╱ Greeneyes looks to the stars after a nightmare.
    DRIFTING ALONG WITH A TUMBLING TUMBLEWEED ╱ Greeneyes checks in on a rolling Eggkit.
    BURN MY BREAD ╱ Greeneyes discusses the fog.
    SO FINALLY, I'M ON MY WAY ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Johnny and Slate's promotions.
    LEMON DROPS ╱ Greeneyes tries to reassure Eggkit about his orange fur.
    FOR YOU I RISK IT ALL ╱ Greeneyes grows nervous at Fireflypaw's pacing in the wind.
    SETTING FIRE TO OUR LUNGS ╱ Greeneyes bears witness to Snowpath's warrior ceremony.
    THE HOUSE JACK BUILT ╱ Greeneyes aids in rebuilding the nursery.
    PASS JUDGEMENT ╱ Greeneyes reacts to the patrol assignments.
    I'M A BARBIE GIRL IN A BARBIE WORLD ╱ Greeneyes compliments Dandelionwish's new accessory.
    I USED TO HEAR HIM SAY ╱ Greeneyes gets accused by Drowsykit of pushing her.
    YOU'LL BE THE END OF ME ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Thistleback's disappearance.
    ETCH THE FACES ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Coyotecrest's warrior ceremony.
    TIME IS A CONSTRUCT ╱ Greeneyes greets Tiggerbounce.
    BIRDS OF MANY FEATHERS ╱ Greeneyes offers to help Sparrowpaw find their windswept feathers.
    AFTER THE STORM ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Sheepcurl's return.
    LORD OF THE FLIES ╱ Greeneyes helps Soma make a nest.
    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT ╱ Greeneyes hears ThunderClan's warning about WindClan's attack.
    THE STARS WILL BE YOUR EYES ╱ Greeneyes fights in the battle against WindClan.
    WAY DOWN, WOULD YOU SAY I'M WORTHY? ╱ Greeneyes returns from the battle.
    A DUCK WALKED UP TO THE LEMONADE STAND ╱ Greeneyes greets Tiggerbounce.
    WHEN I MET YOU IN THE SUMMER ╱ Greeneyes is assigned to lead his first patrol.
    DOC TOLD ME TO TRAVEL ╱ Greeneyes leads his first patrol.
    TAKE THIS CHANCE TO FLY ╱ Greeneyes talks about the battle with Figfeather.
    COME OF AGE IN OUR YOUNG NATION ╱ Greeneyes brings food to the nursery.
    HAVE YOU EVER LOST HEAVEN ╱ Greeneyes visits Fireflypaw.
    TOO OLD FOR A SWEET SONG ╱ Greeneyes is assigned his first apprentice, Falconpaw.
    THE PIED PIPER'S ASSISTANT ╱ Greeneyes attends the gathering with Falconpaw.
    CRYING LIGHTNING ╱ Greeneyes watches Twitchbolt during a thunderstorm.
    I BURN ╱ Greeneyes witnesses an argument.
    DID I MISTAKE YOU? ╱ Greeneyes and Falconpaw have their first training session.
    EYE OF THE TIGER ╱ Greeneyes volunteers to take part in Howlfire's competition.
    IT'S TIME TO STRAP OUR BOOTS ON ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Sparrowsong's warrior ceremony.
    DREAM A LITTLE DREAM ╱ Greeneyes congratulates Butterflytuft and Dandelionwish.
    BUT YOU'RE ALIVE IN SO MANY PLACES ╱ Greeneyes goes running.
    EXHALE ╱ Greeneyes learns of Tallulahwing's death.
    ALWAYS FOREVER ╱ Greeneyes learns that Sheepcurl is sick.
    THE SPACE BETWEEN THE STARS AND SKY ╱ Greeneyes greets Sootspritespark's kits.
    TURN TO THE SUN ╱ Greeneyes joins Bobbie's discussion.
    DISSOLVE ╱ Greeneyes takes Falconpaw to sparring lessons.
    GIVE ME CLARITY ╱ Greeneyes greets a ThunderClan patrol.
    PAY YOUR DAYCARE WORKERS ╱ Greeneyes witnesses an argument.
    HOTTER THAN HELL ╱ Greeneyes tries to cool off from the warm weather.
    WHEN ROME'S IN RUIN ╱ Greeneyes watches Aspenkit follow Twitchbolt.
    GOOD IN THE END ╱ Greeneyes takes part in a hunting patrol.
    COMA UNA OLA ╱ Greeneyes finds out about Sheepcurl's death.
    YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON LEFT ╱ Greeneyes speaks to Fireflypaw in the middle of the night.
    DID I KNOW THAT I MISS YOU ╱ Greeneyes reacts to Fireflypaw's omen.
    PLAYTIME IN TOYLAND ╱ Greeneyes cheers Cinderkit on.
    WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK ╱ Greeneyes attends Butterflytuft's den repair lesson.
    OVER AND UP ╱ Greeneyes attends the meeting.
    ALWAYS TO NEW HORIZONS ╱ Greeneyes talks about mentorship with Drizzlepelt.
    AGATA FOREST ╱ Greeneyes asks Sporecloud about nature spirits.
    HOMAGE ╱ Greeneyes attends the vigil for Tallulahwing, Sheepcurl, and Mountainheart.
    BURNING UP ╱ Greeneyes is assigned to take part in Twitchbolt's patrol.
    DOWN AN OCTAVE ╱ Greeneyes patrols the twolegplace border.
    TEMPUS EDAX RERUM ╱ Greeneyes greets Thistleback upon his return.
    AND NOW MY WATCH BEGINS ╱ Greeneyes volunteers for the journey to the mountains.
    CLICKETY CLACK ╱ Greeneyes receives a gift from Sparrowsong.
    IT FEELS SO DANGEROUS ╱ Greeneyes tries to help Falconpaw flee from a falcon.
    DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE ╱ Greeneyes congratulates Howlfire and Coyotecrest.
    UNDERACHIEVER ╱ Greeneyes greets a cured Dandelionwish.
    THE BIRDS STILL SING ╱ Greeneyes says goodbye to Butterflywish.
    IT SLIPS THROUGH YOUR FINGERS ╱ Greeneyes visits the graves of his loved ones.
    FOOTNOTE ╱ Greeneyes prepares to leave for the journey.
    PUSHING THE TIDES ╱ Greeneyes attends the gathering and leaves for the journey.
    I HOPE YOU DANCE ╱ Greeneyes says goodbye to Fireflypaw and is oblivious while doing so.

    MARCHING AWAY FROM THE STREAM ╱ Greeneyes introduces himself to other journey cats.
    MEMPHIS NIGHTS ╱ Greeneyes crosses a thunderpath.
    CAN YOU HEAR THE BIRDS ╱ Greeneyes tries to get Stormywing to stay away from a trap.
    WROTE THIS VERSE TO TELL HER ╱ Greeneyes speaks with Figfeather.
    THERE'S A PLACE OFF OCEAN AVENUE ╱ Greeneyes crosses a river with RiverClan's help.
    ABSEILING ╱ Greeneyes climbs a big tree with Orangeblossom and Bobbie.
    THE ELEVENTH HOUR ╱ Greeneyes and the rest of the journey-goers are trapped in a rockslide.
    THE CHAOS AWAITS ╱ Greeneyes touches base with those he's trapped under the rubble with.
    YOU'LL SEE THE DAWN AGAIN ╱ Greeneyes muses over prey with his cave-mates.
    LET ME LIVE LET ME DIE ╱ Greeneyes refuses to leave Duskpool behind.
    GET STRONG ╱ Greeneyes and his cave group reunite with the rest of the journey cats.
    PLAY THE GAME ╱ Greeneyes goes hunting with others; catches nothing.
    BUT HEAVEN NO HEAVEN DON'T HEAR ME ╱ Greeneyes aids in climbing a cliff.
    COLORED INDIGO ╱ Greeneyes observes some wildflowers.
    WHITE RABBIT ╱ Greeneyes plays in the snow.
    MUSING THROUGH MEMORIES ╱ Greeneyes speaks about collections with Periwinklebreeze.
    BUT TONIGHT WE DANCE ╱ Greeneyes helps collect newly discovered lungwort.
    IT MAKES ME QUESTION ╱ Greeneyes speaks on his reasoning for joining the journey.
    ROLLED A ONE ╱ Greeneyes observes a thunderstorm.
    DRESS UP IN YOUR BEST ╱ Greeneyes talks to Iciclefang about their apprentices.
    TOO BOLD AND BRIGHT A THING ╱ Greeneyes is witness to Little Wolf's death.
    DUST TO DUST ╱ Greeneyes takes part in Little Wolf's vigil.
    WHAT WE LIVE FOR ╱ Greeneyes observes the ocean.
    IT'S ALL GRAND AND IT'S ALL GREEN ╱ Greeneyes and the journey cats enter a forest.
    WHATEVER YOU BECAME ╱ Greeneyes reminisces on past gatherings.
    BY THE MOONLIGHT ╱ Greeneyes listens to the wind.
    ESCAPE FROM BABYLON ╱ Greeneyes helps free Honeyjaw.
    DIRTY KNIFE ╱ Greeneyes listens to Scorchpaw's story.
    USED TO THE DARKNESS ╱ Greeneyes observes fireflies; thinks of Fireflypaw's omen.
    WE COULD BE HEROES ╱ Greeneyes discovers Stormywing's kittypet background.
    WE ALL MAY DIE ╱ Greeneyes runs from dogs; earns his first scar.
    FRONT ROW SEATS ╱ Greeneyes greets Periwinklebreeze upon his return.
    DON'T LET ME DOWN ╱ Greeneyes volunteers to stay behind to help Stormpaw.
    REPEATING, REPEATING ╱ Greeneyes cuddles with Periwinklebreeze.
    SUMMERTIME SADNESS ╱ Greeneyes says his farewells to Figfeather and the advancing patrol.
    A NEW DAWN ╱ Greeneyes and the delayed group begin their departure.
    BLAME THE STARS ╱ Greeneyes speaks with Periwinklebreeze.
    JUST DON'T WANNA HATE MYSELF ╱ Greeneyes thanks Periwinklebreeze.
    AS IT WAS ╱ Greeneyes spots the Highstones.
    RESOLUTION ╱ Greeneyes and the delayed journey cats arrive to Highstones.
    A HUNDRED ANGELS ╱ Greeneyes returns home.

    AD ASTRA PER ASPERA ╱ Greeneyes is promoted to lead warrior by Blazestar.
    SHUTTING THE DOOR TO NOTHING ╱ Greeneyes and Bobbie discuss their promotions.
    THE TEARS OF YESTERDAY ╱ Greeneyes jokes about Bobbie's moving to the leader den.
    THE ONLY THING I COULD ╱ Greeneyes is assigned to lead a patrol.
    SUNRISE BOULEVARD ╱ Greeneyes leads a patrol to the RiverClan border.
    STAY THIS SIMPLE ╱ Greeneyes speaks to Butterflytuft about her pregnancy.
    I KNOW I DON'T POSSESS YOU ╱ Greeneyes helps Butterflytuft into the nursery for her kitting.
    GO TELL AUNT RHODY ╱ Greeneyes speaks to a ShadowClan patrol about their missing kits.
    CAN'T HOlD US ╱ Greeneyes checks in on Falconpaw.
    SPEED DRIVE ╱ Greeneyes reminisces on salamander meals.
    I LOVE MY BELOVED ╱ Greeneyes meets Fluffykit and Weedkit.
    IN THE BLACKEST OF ROOMS ╱ Greeneyes is thanked by Howlingstar.
    PREMONITION ╱ Greeneyes attends the gathering.
    OVER MY HEAD ╱ Greeneyes runs to get help after Falconpaw has a dizzyspell.
    A TERRIBLE NIGHT FOR A CURSE ╱ Greeneyes greets Boopaw.
    WE SURE ARE IN FOR A SHOW ╱ Greeneyes attends his first council meeting, discusses WindClan's claim on Highstones.
    IN SICKNESS AND IN FLAMES ╱ Greeneyes checks in on Pigeonsong.
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