• ember; emberstar her mother named her ember because she was the little light of her life, rain gave the suffix star when she became leader of thunderclan
    leader of thunderclan
    cisfemale, she/her ──── lesbian | monogamist
    created 06.07.22 at 16 moons ──── ages every 1st
    ↳ penned by @empyrean

    ↳ ( Appearance ) ╭──╯ . . . .

    short-haired she cat with a flame point pattern and grey eyes
    a small she-cat with short fur, though with fairly toned muscles for her size. has a number of small scars from a life lived out in the wild, with a few larger ones from the great battle and the thunderclan wildfire. has two soft grey eyes that are friendly and inviting.
    ↳ large burn scar wrapping around her back, another massive scar on her right shoulder, and smaller claw marks on her right cheek and forehead​
    ↳ genetics stuff. gen / carrying / whatever​

    ↳ ( Personality ) ╭──╯ . . . .
    Intelligence ●●●○○○○○○○
    Confidence ●●●●●●●●●○
    Charisma ●●●●●●○○○○
    Creativity ●●●●●○○○○○
    Empathy ●●●●●●●●●○
    Grace ●●○○○○○○○○

    neutral good, enfp

    (+) kind, courageous (/) optimistic, trusting (-) oblivious, nosy, reckless. After having spent so much of her life alone, Ember has a lot of love to share and is eager to share it. This leads her to be very kind and trusting, always trying to make new friends, but often coming off as kind of nosy. It takes her a while to pick up on social ques, and will often miss them entirely if they aren't pointed out to her explicitly. Her success in living on her own has given her an easy confidence, a self-assurance that allows her to throw herself in dangers way without a second thought. Always assuming she will have what it takes to face it.
    ↳ mannerisms Always has a bounce in her step, and moves very quickly. Is remarkably coordinated for how recklessly she seems to bound about. Is quick to get physically affectionate with others, even if she barely knows them. Laughs easily and often, sometimes laughing more than she speaks. When she's scared or angry all her excess movement will stop, her body tensing to prepare to spring into action.​

    ↳ ( Relationships ) ╭──╯ . . . .
    TWIG (NPC) x FLINT (NPC) sibling to none | mentoring no one, mentored by Twig
    Mate to none | Parent to none | no other kin
    Admires: Rain
    Friends with: Howling Wind, Flycatcher, Finchcatcher, Berryheart
    Likes: Flickerfire, Crimsonbite, Blazestar, Sunnyday, Flamewhisker
    Dislikes: Cinderfrost, Pitchstar

    ↳ ( Interaction ) ╭──╯ . . . .
    strength ●●●●○○○○○○
    stamina ●●●○○○○○○○
    agility ●●●●●●●●●●
    hunting ●●●●●●●●○○
    swimming ●○○○○○○○○○
    climbing ●●●●●●●○○○
    speed ●●●●●●●●○○
    physical health: 90% | mental health: 70%
    will not start fights | will not end fights | will not flee | will show mercy
    excels at agility and hunting ──── poor at stamina and swimming
    healing & peaceful powerplay allowed, etc.
    sounds like: voice is bright and high pitched, you can practically hear the smile in every word
    speech is #F8DE7E
  • ( Backstory / simplified history )
    was raised alone by her mother, who died from sickness when she was still young. she survived entirely on her own using what her mother had taught her, having few interactions with other cats. until, finally, she was introduced to the group of cats living in the pine group.

    ( Important Threads )
    ( ) Interaction ( ) Development

    the loner ember happens upon a group of cats in the pine forest, and joins their ranks. learning all about them and their rivals in the marsh.

    la vie en rose ──── ember greets flicker, a fellow new joiner to the pine group who appears lonely.
    hunting party ──── while out on a hunt with her groupmates, ember has her first run in with the marsh group, ending in hostility.
    of what i once believed ──── ember questions tugger on what it was like being a kittypet.
    in this neck of the forest ──── big guy gives ember a mouse as a gift.
    every raven trees ──── a bird poops on haku and ember cant help but laugh.
    am i strong enough ──── ember spars with blinding star.
    he shoots, he scores ──── huckleberry proposes a game and ember eagerly joins in.
    the food chain ──── ember meets a swamp cat named flicker, they get along better than expected.
    back in town ──── ember seeks shelter from a storm.
    make a splash ──── as other cats play in the river, ember looks on apprehensively.
    somewhere along the way ──── a new joiner is greeted enthusiastically by ember.
    that burns from within ──── with tensions rising, ember hosts self defense training so her friends can better protect themselves.

    the marsh group attempts to drive the pine group off what they consider their territory. ember fights with everything she has to protect her home, but only achieves pyrrhic victories.

    redrum ──── as the pine cats come under attack, ember jumps into the fray.
    i've been sacrificed ──── with the battle waging on, flicker and ember meet once more.
    patient lips ──── on her way back to camp ember encounters a lost kit.
    i am the fire ──── though exhaustion and despair threaten her, ember finds another fight in a warrior named howling wind.
    belief from longing ──── the battle finally draws to a close as starclan intervenes.
    gather what's left ──── ember reconvenes with the pine group in the wake of the battle.

    ember appoints herself the leader of a new clan, naming it thunderclan. spirits high, she eagerly builds a home for herself and her new friends.

    the five giants ──── both pine and marsh groups to discuss what starclan's message meant.
    we come from different places, but have the same name ──── ember leads thunderclan to their new home.
    wait for it ──── in the new camp, former foes become friends.
    my heart is racing ──── a friendly loner gives ember a tour of the territory.
    my teas gone cold ──── a young joiner finds her way to thunderclan.
    it's not his fault he can't behave ──── ember turns an abrasive young tom into a new clanmate.
    we can write our story ──── ember gets to know the friendly former-loner better.
    wayward son ──── a mother and her kits become thunderclan's newest members.
    i just need time ──── another member joins thunderclan's ranks.
    just a side character ──── a very young kit leaves the marshes behind for thunderclan.
    i will never lose my voice ──── ember becomes emberstar, getting her nine lives.
    ive got a list of names and yours is in red underlined ──── emberstar's new medicine cat takes revenge upon her.

    as her responsibilities and worries pile up, emberstar attempts to hold it all together the only way she knows how. all on her own.

    if i cut out all the noise ──── in the wake of losing her first life, emberstar and starling have a chat.
    willow tree march ──── leader and medicine cat put their differences aside to help a injured kit.
    you're strength turns to weakness ──── blinding star rips into ember's decision to let her killer stay.
    a walk to warmer welcomes ──── a strange old man joins thunderclan.
    walking through the fire, running through the embers ──── emberstar has a much needed heart to heart with her medicine cat, cinderfrost.
    a force they cant stop ──── attempting to teach her clan to fight, emberstar learns her old methods might not suffice.
    i showed up to the alley with my tin pan' ──── another stranger joins the clan.
    decretum ──── enemies on the battlefield become something else off it.
    down to clown ──── a very strange kittypet arrives in the clan.
    we can be an army ──── emberstar implements a new idea to train her clan.
    moonrise, moonrise ──── the clans hold their first gathering.
    to know youre not alone ──── emberstar implements some of the ideas from the gathering.
    my eyes are shining bright ──── emberstar greets a molly saved by her medicine cat.
    stop and stare ──── a thunderclan and windclan patrol encounter each other.
    dont care for the critics ──── the strain of leading a clan is beginning to show on emberstar.
    broken boy ──── emberstar talks to an abrasive young tom who took issue with the new clan names.
    everybody talks ──── emberstar and cicadastar discuss cinderfrost.
    my hunger is not mild ──── another windclan and thunderclan patrol cross paths, this time with both leaders in tow.
    spaceship brigade ──── emberstar has a chat with two apprentices while on patrol.
    miasma in my lungs ──── another new joiner arrives.
    all i need is just a pen ──── despite being overworked and rushed, emberstar attempts to organize patrols.
    youll hear me howlin ──── emberstar accepts two new joiners.
    oh honey honey ──── as smoke chokes the camp, leader and medicine cat are forced to work together once more.
    ebony sky ──── an abrasive youth helps to gather resources to fight the smoke.
    now pick me up with golden hand ──── emberstar and flycatcher go hunting together.
    lonely shadow dances ──── an old friend comes to thunderclan, reigniting the tension between emberstar and cinderfrost.
    im checking my vital signs ──── emberstar orders an evacuation as smoke and fire threaten the camp.
    you always knew the way to wow me ──── an injured warrior gets back on her paws.

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Emberstar perks up at the name. "Oh, yeah! Flickerfire is the best! We had some issues, but we're great friends now! She's so funny!" At some point, amidst her words, she began smiling brightly and now she can't seem to stop. It's like she's her old self again, before the weight of leadership wore her down. She giggles softly. "I just wish we were in the same clan so we could spend more time together. Y'know, last time we saw each other-" She begins to ramble, and you get the feeling you may be here a while.

"Blazestar is a good leader and a good father." Emberstar punctuates the statements with a confident nod. "And both are very hard jobs! I don't know how he manages the both of them. His clan and his kids are lucky to have him. I'm just glad I have a friend like him amongst the other leaders!"

"I am lucky to have Howling Wind." Emberstar states simply. Her smile is soft, and her eyes are filled with gratitude. "I couldn't run Thunderlan without her, at least, nowhere near as well. She is good at all the things I have trouble with. Organizing and ordering and all that, and she can be a bit too strict about it, sure, but she has the clan's best interests at heart." She nods in affirmation of her own words. "We make a good team."

"Little Wolf is a lot like her mother! She's strong and capable and she has some good kids she should be very proud of!" Emberstar's smile is bright. "We're lucky to have her and her kids in Thunderclan."

Emberstar's eyes shine with pride. "Sunnyday is a good warrior." She states confidently, smiling brilliantly. "One of Thunderclan's best. He doesn't always follow the rules, but he does what he thinks is right, and he's got a good heart. The clan needs more cats like him."

"Flycatcher is a warrior I can rely on." Emberstar claims with a smile. "I was right to promote him, he's capable and kind and everything I want in a Thunderclan warrior. With him helping out the clan runs smoother, and he sets a good example for everyone else too!" She pauses for a moment, then adds. "Did you know he's an uncle?!"

Emberstar beams. "I still remember the day when Flamewhisker got brought back to Thunderclan, terribly injured on on deaths door. She's come a long way since then and I'm proud of her. Her story is the embodiment of what I want this clan to be, really. I want us to help cats, and give them a place they can call home."

Emberstar's ear flicks, and her expression looks as though she has just tasted something vile. "Shadowclan's new leader is. Interesting." She states, unusually diplomatic. The way her tail lashes behind her though, it's not hard to figure out how she really feels. It doesn't seem polite to question her further though, as she seems to be trying very hard not to say anything more.
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